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Pandora’s new Apple Watch app lets you leave your iPhone behind

Support for standalone streaming has come to Pandora’s Apple Watch app. The company today announced the official launch of its new, standalone app for Apple Watch that lets you listen to music and podcasts on the go, even without your iPhone. The launch makes Pandora the first major third-party — meaning, first besides Apple Music — to offer a standalone app for Apple Watch. To be clear, Pandora is not the first non-Apple music service to offer an Apple Watch app. Spotify notably debuted its ...
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London based Marie Dahlstrom Releases Like Sand

Look out for London based artist Marie Dahlstrom. She just released the track Like Sand (feat Beau Diako) which comes off her soon to be released debut album.  She mashes R&B, soul and jazz. I like it because it’s not pop, it’s experimental, with no big hooks, but tons of vibe. Listen to the album in the background and let it do its work. She’s won support from blogs like Complex, Line of Best Fit, EarMilk, and Wonderland – and playlisted on Spotify’s Bedroom Jams, R&B UK, and Spotify and Chil...
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Spotify look to launch in South Korea this year

Melon, Bugs!, and YG are going to have their eyes keenly on Spotify as it looks like they may finally launch in South Korea in 2020. South Korea has become one of the hottest places for music in the world. They have an entire cultural export in K-Pop that is massive the world over, and their own love for music is just as prominent with 1 in 5 South Koreans subscribed to music streaming services. These people mostly use vastly popular services that were born in the country like Melon, Bu...
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Stream Pandora on Apple Watch without an iPhone

Pandora’s upcoming app for Apple Watch gives you unlimited music streaming from your wrist with no extras needed. One of the minor annoyances of streaming music with Apple Watches has been that it still requires a connection to your iPhone to handle it. So other than being able to see what you’re streaming without reaching into your pocket there wasn’t much point. Pandora’s new standalone music app for Apple Watch makes streaming a solely watch-based experience. As long as your Apple Wa...
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How producers are mastering tracks for music streaming services (video)

In the age of music streaming we are hearing music differently. Not just with where it comes from, but quite literally with how it sounds. You might not know, though keen ears will probably have noticed, that streaming services normalise tracks. This means the mix is altered, whether the artist or producer likes it or not, so that all of the music on a service follows a similar level – it’s normalised. This video explains what that means, how streaming services are doing it, and most i...
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How much does a stream on Spotify pay?

As streaming is now the main way people listen to music in a lot of the world, how much is a single stream on one of the world’s biggest services worth? Unfortunately there is no single answer to this question. Streaming rates vary based on a bunch of different things. Streaming payouts differ in every country, so if you have a Spotify fan in India their streams are going to pay differently to a stream in the US. It also depends on what version of Spotify your listeners are using. Premi...
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Sales statistics for December 2019 now available

You can now view your Sales and Streaming Statistics for December 2019 on your account at Log-in to see your earnings, with full breakdowns of your streams and sales across all stores and platforms in your Statistics page. If you have any questions or issues then please create a ticket or send an email to [email protected] and our friendly support team will be happy to help. The post Sales statistics for December 2019 now available appeared first on RouteNote Bl...
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Spotify now credits songwriters with their very own page

Spotify have launched a brand new page for songwriters where all their music contributions can be found. Spotify have launched a new page to bring together all the listed work of the sometimes under represented songwriters. The new beta gives songwriters a way to share the songs they’ve written and reach new audiences with their involvement with other artists. Back in 2018 Spotify added extra credits to music so that all the people involved with making a track got the credit they deserv...
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Is now owned by Spotify?

Yes. Spotify has announced that they have acquired and all of its media – mainly podcasts. Spotify has been focusing on increase their market share across podcasting and it seems like the strategy has been paying off! Increases in podcasts and podcast watch time means they Spotify is able to offset some of the music played across it’s platform, while also being able to make much higher margins and increasing it’s gross profit margin. The post Is now owned by Spo...
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Spotify is giving songwriters their own pages and playlists

Spotify is launching a new feature called songwriter pages, which allows songwriters to showcase a list of the songs they’ve written, alongside their most frequent artist collaborations. The pages will also include a new “Written By” playlist of the songwriter’s songs, allowing listeners to stream their songs, follow their new material, and surface the songwriters’ work through Spotify’s search engine. At launch, Spotify is debuting songwriter pages for top artists, including Meghan Trainor, Fra...
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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ are better and cheaper than Apple AirPods

Samsung’s new TWS earbuds are cheaper than Apple’s AirPods and feature one-tap streaming straight from Spotify. The TWS (True Wireless Sound) market has become massive in recent years with wireless earbuds overtaking sales of all ‘smart personal audio devices’ last year. Samsung are looking to capitalise on that with their newest earbuds, the Galaxy Buds+. They’re enhancing their original Galaxy Buds with advanced speaker and microphone technology which promise to deliver high-quality a...
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Spotify Seduces Songwriters With New Feature

Do you know what I like about Spotify? That it makes an effort to back the artist community. This time they are doing good in trying to help the songwriting community that generally goes unnoticed. What they did was launch a new feature aimed at songwriters, giving them their own profile pages, complete with playlists of recordings of their songs. You’ll be able to seek out songwriters in the search bar just as you would searching for an artist. Moreover, you’ll be able to click on songwriters...
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Koosen, Green Bull & Fets find Spotify success with Lo-Fi Jack Johnson cover

Released by Strange Fruits & Lofi Fruits, Better Together is a super chilled Lo-Fi cover of Jack Johnson. The track has been featured on two of Spotify most followed playlists. Lo-Fi Beats (2.7 million followers) & Impulso Creativo (592k followers), amassing the track almost two million streams on Spotify alone. Most major streaming services online feature curated playlists. This push is exactly what can help independent artists find success in a streaming age. Once uploaded thr...
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How to play Spotify on Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds+, Clock and more

From wireless earbuds to clocks, Samsung have some interesting new devices on the way and you can use them with Spotify. Spotify have announced a new range of products coming this year with the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy Buds+. Spotify partnered with them in 2018 to be their native music service provider so you can bet that Spotify is coming to all of these new products. Here’s how you can use Spotify with each of these upcoming devices from Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Buds+ ...
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Spotify’s Kids app is coming to the UK then all Premium Family subscribers

Spotify are bringing their specially made app for kids to all Family subscribers around the world starting in the UK. Spotify launched the beta of their new child-friendly streaming app in Ireland last November. The app offers a curated package of content from the millions of tracks and artists available to stream on Spotify that has been selected for the peace of mind of parents. The company are bringing the beta to the UK and further so that families with a Premium Family account can ...
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How Pandora stacks up against the competition in 2020

5-10 years ago Pandora was the go to option for those after a unique radio experience. With Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube growing massively in the last five years, is Pandora still a viable options for music listeners? What makes Pandora unique and can they survive in 2020? Pandora has three pricing structures. FreePandora Plus – $4.99 / monthPandora Premium $9.99 / month Free and premium options are very similar in features to most other streaming services. With premium offeri...
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How to distribute music on Melon

One of the largest music stores and streaming services in South Korea, getting your music on Melon will help your online presence grow and take your music to new corners of the globe. Boasting an impressive 28 million users and 5 million subscribers, Melon are a serious player in the K-Pop industry. They offer iOS and Android users stream and download options for music and music videos, and even create custom ringtones. With RouteNote, you can easily send your music to Melon and other t...
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Refer a friend to RouteNote and earn more money

Tell your friends about us and help them sign up to RouteNote and you can make money on every stream they get. Do you have musician friends looking for a way to get their music online? You know a band ready to release their first album and don’t know how to get it out there? How about a producer friend that you’ve finally convinced to release their tracks to the world? Give them a hand and point them in the direction of us with a referral code from your own free RouteNote account and yo...
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Why are pop songs getting sadder than they used to be?

Are popular songs today happier or sadder than they were 50 years ago? In recent years, the availability of large digital datasets online and the relative ease of processing them means that we can now give precise and informed answers to questions such as this. A straightforward way to measure the emotional content of a text is just to count how many emotion words are present. How many times are negative-emotion words – 'pain', 'hate' or 'sorrow' – used? How many times are words associated with ...
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Spotify buying The Ringer podcasts like Bill Simmons, Rewatchables, Ryen Russillo and more

It has come out that Spotify are purchasing The Ringer Podcast Network to add some of the most popular podcasts around to their 700,000+ library. The Ringer Podcast Network is home to some of the biggest podcasts in the US. Covering sports, pop culture, politics and tech content on over 30 popular podcasts, they will now be heading to Spotify. Spotify have entered an agreement to buy The Ringer outright following an expansive year of podcasts on their music streaming platform. Since int...
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Spotify’s 2019 report shows they will soon hit 300 million users

An impressive year for Spotify saw their growth rocket for users across the world with a massive uptake of paying subscribers. Confidently introducing themselves as the “World’s #1 Audio Platform” Spotify have released their results for 2019’s Q4 and the year at large. The report shows a great year for growth and how their service has been expanding beyond music. Spotify ended the year with 271 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) around the world, a 31% year-on-year increase. Their payi...
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Spotify’s Premium subscribers grew by 29% to 124 million in Q4FY19, acquires podcast company The Ringer

Spotify saw a 31% YoY increase in MAUs to 271 million, a 200% YoY growth in podcast hours streamed, and a 29% YoY growth in Premium subscribers to 124 million in Q4 2019. Revenue grew 25% YoY to €1.85 billion, with Premium revenues “slightly better” and subscription revenue slightly weaker than forecast. Premium revenue was […] ...
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Spotify and streaming services are breaking cultural music on a worldwide stage

Music streaming is having a major effect on spreading the music of countries and cultures and making them popular around the globe. Spotify recently published a report on how major Latin music has been on their platform in recent years and the part they’ve been playing in its worldwide reach. It speaks to the wider power of streaming services and the internet at large to make local culture a global phenomenon. Spotify have put nine rising artists in Latin Music to the forefront of their...
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A.ROSE Drops ‘Dancing Alone’

Watch out for the Amsterdam-based electronic pop band A.ROSE – fronted by Anna-Rose Clayton. I like the big hooks especially in the song Dancing Alone. Think Tove-Lo meets MØ. The band will support Carly Rae Jepsen in Paradiso Grote Zaal on 2/12. The debut track Hush Hush landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday NL, Spotify’s Rising, and Fresh Finds.  
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YouTube Premium & YouTube Music hit 20 million paying users

Alphabet CEO (Google’s parent company) Sundar Pichai announce YouTube’s latest milestones regarding their premium services. As of Q4 2019, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music have gained a combined total of 20 million subscribers. Whilst Spotify still lead the party with 113 million paying users, YouTube and Apple Music have made serious gains in the industry in the last five years, with the latter announcing 60 million paying users as of June 2019. YouTube TV has also made great strid...
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What to do when selling your music online

So you’ve finished your album and published it via RouteNote, but now what? With tens of millions of tracks on stores and streaming services, you need to stand out and promote your content to make sure it’s seen and heard. We have some handy tips to making sure your music makes the impact it deserves. Track your tracks – RouteNote makes it easy to keep an eye on your statistics and earnings. Find out which stores and countries are streaming and buying which tracks the most.Customize your S...
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UK’s Firewoodisland Sets Fire With Single Sprinter

Look out for the indie-folk duo Firewoodisland. The UK act just released the catchy Sprinter and have rallied up support from tastemakers like Ear Milk and BBC Radio​. Citing ​Bon Iver​ and Of Monsters and Men​ as influences, they have racked up over 5 million Spotify plays with support from playlists. The indie band market is oversaturated with too many bands trying to do the same thing but something is different with this duo. I don’t know, maybe it’s the songs or visuals, but it’s something...
Tags: Spotify, Music, UK, Playlists, Firewoodisland, Indie Invaders, Firewoodisland Sprinter, BBC Radio Citing Bon Iver

Nick de la Hoyde Drops ‘A Beautiful Mess’

Definitely check out the Sydney based Nick de la Hoyde. He just dropped the album A Beautiful Mess. One of my favorites is High. I don’t know why, maybe it reminds me of P. Malone. Mashing up genres like Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, the singer-songwriter was added to the TikTok playlist on Spotify as well as Spotify’s New Music Friday and Indie Invaders.
Tags: Spotify, Music, Sydney, Nick De La Hoyde, Indie Invaders, Nick de La Hoyde Beautiful Mess, Nick de, Malone Mashing

BMW announce their dashboard music streaming system

BMW are bringing 3 years of in-dashboard music streaming to their high-end cars but some of the biggest streamers aren’t available. BMW are adding Connected Music to their high-end models. It offers unlimited music streaming from some of the top streaming services with no data charges for 3 years. Launching at first in 14 countries across Europe, the Connected Drive enhancement gives drivers access to their Premium Spotify, Napster and Deezer accounts. Notably, some of the major stream...
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BMW announce their data-free dashboard music streaming service

BMW are bringing 3 years of in-dashboard music streaming to their high-end cars but some of the biggest streamers aren’t available. BMW are adding Connected Music to their high-end models. It offers unlimited music streaming from some of the top streaming services with no data charges for 3 years. Launching at first in 14 countries across Europe, the Connected Drive enhancement gives drivers access to their Premium Spotify, Napster and Deezer accounts. Notably, some of the major stream...
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