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Deezer’s new app offers the best in radio across 30,000+ stations

Deezer are putting radio in your pocket in a big way with their brand new app offering more radio stations than you could listen to in a year. Radio by Deezer is a new mobile app from the French music streamer that sit’s standalone to their music service. The app is free to download and features 30,000 radio stations that listeners can tune in to with no sign-up or subscriptions required. Just open the app and start streaming from any of their giant collection of stations all in one place. T...
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It’s a match! Tinder and Spotify deepen partnership to find your musical mate

Music is incredibly personal to a lot of people so when dating you want someone who matches your taste and Spotify are integrating further into Tinder to ensure you find the right match. Tinder and Spotify have made a great match since the music streaming service integrated into the dating app 2 years ago in 2016, allowing people to give a spotlight of their music tastes to any potential suitors. The swipey dating app are now testing even further Spotify integration by letting users share Sp...
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Spotify Updates Preferred Distributor List

UPDATE: Spotify has refreshed it's official list of preferred distributors and renamed its "Other Preferred" designation. In October, Hypebot broke the news that Spotify was publically ranking distributors based primarily on the quality of the metadata that they delivered with tracks. In the new listing (pictured above), Spotify has renamed the"Other Preferred" category as "Recommended" and upgraded CD Baby to a "Preferred Artist Distributor."  DistroKid, which Spotify invested in ...
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Spotify Cuts 2 Of 5 From Preferred Distributor List

Spotify has narrowed its official list of "Preferred" distributors from 5 to 3 and added a slightly lower "Recommended" tier. In October, Hypebot broke the news that Spotify was publically ranking distributors based primarily on the quality of the metadata that they delivered with tracks. Now, Spotify has cut two distributors from it's "Preferred" list. Under Artist Distributors, EmuBands has been dropped from the "Preferred" list to a new lower "Recommended" tier. Only DistroKid, whic...
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Spotify launches Car View on Android to make using its app less dangerous behind the wheel

Spotify is making it easier to use its streaming app in the car, when the phone is connected to the vehicle over Bluetooth. The company today confirmed the launch of a new feature called “Car View,” which is a simplified version of the service’s Now Playing screen that includes larger fonts, bigger buttons, and no distractions from album art. In Car View, you’re only shown the track title and artist, so you can read the screen with just a glance. The site 9to5Google was the first to spot the ...
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Tinder Adds Spotify Song Sharing So You Can Soundtrack Your Hookup Pitch

Tinder is testing the ability to share Spotify songs in chat with potential hookups. Tinder and Spotify first hooked up in 2016 with the ability to share favorite songs in user profile pages. This data also became part of the algorithm used to surface potential partners. If chosen via a new Spotify button, the in chat as a clickable preview, with the receiver able to sample up to 30 seconds of the track. Tinder Tests Sharing Spotify Clips With Matches pic.twi...
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The No.1 album on the US charts only sold 823 records

Digital music is dominating the music industry as less people are going out to buy CDs than ever and this has never been more clear than with the current number 1 album in the US album charts. New York rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has made it to the number one spot of the US album charts without a physical release at all. Whilst it’s been doing the rounds on streaming services big time the actual sales for the record are phenomenally low, with only 823 people purchasing the album in the wee...
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Rapper Tops US Album Chart With Record Low Sales Of 823

Rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie topped the US album chart last week with a record low sales of just 823 albums. With no release on CD or vinyl, the 823 albums sold in the week ending January 10th were all digital downloads. The #1 came mostly from streams, with his album "Hoodie Szn" streamed 83 million times across all platforms.  The record sales low shows just quickly listeners are shifting from the purchase of music to streaming.  Multiple sources have told Hypebot that 2019 is the yea...
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Get Apple Music free with unlimited data on Verizon’s new plans

Verizon are adding Apple Music to their biggest unlimited data plans to give users unlimited music streaming on the go, wherever they are. Last Summer Verizon began offering 6 months of Apple Music free when customers signed up to their Verizon Unlimited plans. Now they’re taking that great offer to the next level by offering a full Apple Music subscription – not just a limited free trial – included with their Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans starting on January 17th. Verizon’s vic...
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You can tell Pandora what to play with your voice now

Pandora, play music for my workout. Pandora, play more music like this song. Pandora, thanks for letting me use my voice to tell you what I want. Tell Pandora what you want it to play and now it will play it with a new Voice Mode making music streaming simpler than ever on their mobile app. Their smart assistant works like many of the voice controlled AI’s we’ve become accustomed to in recent years like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa but entirely based around controlling your music streamin...
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Pandora launches a personalized voice assistant on iOS and Android

Pandora today announced the launch of its own, in-app voice assistant which you can call up at any time by saying “Hey Pandora,” followed by a request to play the music or podcasts you want to hear. The feature will allow you to not only control music playback with commands to play a specific artist, album, radio or playlist, but will also be capable of delivering results customized to you when responding to vague commands or those related to activity or mood. For example, you’ll get personal...
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Criminal Probe Opened Over 320M Fake Streams On Tidal

Official Norwegian criminal justice unit Økokrim has opened an investigation into hundreds of millions of possible fake streams on Tidal that benefited new releases by Kanye West and Beyonce. Økokrim, The National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime, is Norway's central unit for fighting economic and environmental crimes.  Økokrim is both a police unit and a prosecution authority Norwegian news outlet DN broke the story last May that at least ...
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Spotify and India’s T-Series ink a global content deal for over 160,000 songs

Ahead of Spotify’s entry into the Indian market, the streaming service this morning announced a global content deal with a leading Indian film and music company, T-Series, which gives it access to T-Series’ entire Indian song catalog. This includes Bollywood and regional movie soundtracks, plus other non-film albums and emerging artist content, the company says. In total the catalog boasts over 160,000 songs, and is available to Spotify listeners as of today. The deal has been rumored to be i...
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Spotify Passed 200 Million Active Users At End Of 2018

[UPDATED] Spotify passed 200 million monthly active at the end of 2018, Dustee Jenkins, Spotify Head Of Global Communications shared during an interview at CES yesterday. Jenkins promoted the streamer's push into podcasts and shared that podcast listeners also consume more music than average on the platform. Spotify had 191 million users as of it's November 1st report to investors.  I n 2018 ,  the streamer launched in seventeen new markets, including Israel, Romania, South Africa, ...
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Record Labels Evolve To Stay Relevant In Streaming Era [Musonomics Report]

A new report based on almost 50 interviews with top-level executives at major and independent record labels, industry analyst and educator Larry Miller digs into how streaming and the digital age have made record labels an indispensable partner for the most ambitious new, developing and superstar artists. _____________________________   In “Same Heart. New Beat. How Record Labels Amplify Talent in the Modern Music Marketplace,”  Larry Miller, founder of consulting and analytics...
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Spotify want to make 2019 the year of the podcasts

Spotify continue to dominate music streaming worldwide and as they look to the year ahead after a phenomenal year in streaming they’re focusing on areas outside of music. After the most phenomenal year for music streaming yet with more people listening on services around the world Spotify are looking to the year ahead and how to go beyond music. With over 200 million users Spotify are one of the biggest music services in the world but in 2019 they want to put more attention on podcasts as we...
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Spotify Now Has More Than 200 Million Active Users, says Global Communications Head Dustee Jenkins

Spotify passed 200 million monthly active users last week,  revealed during an interview at CES yesterday. Jenkins promoted the streamer's push into podcasts and shared that podcast listeners also consume more music than average on the platform. Spotify had 191 million users as of it's November 1st report to investors. Podcast Push "We believe there is a future - a significant opportunity in podcasts.  It's a game-change," according to Jenkins, who added that p odcasts and content ...
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Amazon Adds 1 Million Reasons Not To Use Your Car Radio

Amazon is bringing Alexa voice control to the car. Announced in September, the Echo Auto is finally shipping to the more than one million drivers that pre-ordered it. To boost sales farther, the Echo Auto is on sale for $24.99, a 50% savings. Add free Spotify and TuneIn accounts and any advantage held by broadcast radio and SiriusXM virtually disappears.   ''“We had over a million [pre-order] requests,”. Amazon Alexa VP Steve Rabuchin said at CES. “Now, we’re just starting to ship....
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Deezer Has 14 Million Users, 7 Million Paid

Deezer has shared that it ended 2018 with 14 million active monthly users, of which 7 million are paying subscribers. About half of its paid users are in the music streamer's home country of France. “Four years ago, 80% of the revenue was telco-driven, of which the majority was coming from France. Now 75% of the revenues are coming from self-pay subscribers, and France is less than 50% of revenues. It’s quite a dramatic shift,” Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht told Music Ally. “We have a...
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Find the hidden gems on Spotify and be found yourself with Forgotify

There are millions and millions of tracks on Spotify, we should know! But for every track that finds listeners new and old and gets it’s spins there are another hundred that don’t get played at all. Forgotify helps you show the forgotten music of Spotify some love. The makers of Forgotify are much like you and I – they love music. Music can have a personality and and identity, whether it be the brightly dressed disco kid moonwalking into the party or the sad, down on their luck person trapped ...
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Do Touch That Dial: In-Car Listening Finally Shifting

While much has changed in the music industry over the past ten years, our listening habits while on the move have, until now, remained much the same. Historically AM/FM listening has dominated in the car but, while this is still somewhat true, traditional radio's grip on drivers seems to be loosening. __________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 Despite the rise of streaming, most recent studies have found that our automobile listening habits have been surp...
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SiriusXM Paid Subscribers Top 34 Million

SiriusXM has added approximately 1.3 million net subscribers to end 2018 with for 34 million total paid subscribers, including those that come with new car sales and from other sources. Shares rose 2.09% in pre-market trading Wednesday. Looking at just self pay subscribers, the satellite broadcaster added 1.4 million self-pay to finish 2018 with approximately 28.9 million self-pay subscribers, exceeding the company's initial 2018 guidance by approximately 40%. The company also announc...
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Apple Music brings song lyrics to France, Germany, Ireland and 4 more countries

Sometimes you want to sing along to the song you’re listening to and Apple are making it easy on Apple Music by bringing lyrics to 7 more countries. When you’re grooving along to music sometimes you just want to belt out the words yourself or just look at the meaning behind what they’re saying. Apple have you covered if you don’t already know the words with lyrics on their streaming service, now available in France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, and Spain as well. Appl...
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Apple Music Expands Song Lyrics To 7 More Countries

Apple has expanded Apple Music lyric support to seven more countries. It is now live in France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and Spain.  Apple Music includes both song lyrics, which appear onscreen while listening, and a search function to find song titles by typing in a phrase or string of words.  Prior to today's expansion, Apple Music lyric support was restricted to Australia, Canada, US and the UK. [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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Spotify want brands to sponsor your Discover Weekly

Everyone’s favourite personalised playlist on Spotify will start featuring personalised adverts with brand sponsorships. Spotify’s Discover Weekly has become one of the most beloved playlists on the music streaming service renowned for offering up an incredible selection of curated and regularly updated playlists. Discover Weekly tailors it’s weekly selection to each listeners tastes based on what they listen to and have saved and has been lauded for it’s incredible ability to present people...
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So You’re Considering Advertising On Spotify?

With such a vast free user base, advertising on Spotify can be tempting prospect for bands and artists looking to promote their music. In this piece we look at the different types of Spotify ads available, and how to go about successfully launching one on the platform. __________________ Guest post by Jordyn Reese, Global On-Platform Advertising Manager of The Orchard fromThe Daily Rind Spotify is based on a "freemium" model — where all users can have free, unlimited access sup...
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Queen Spotify Streams Surge 333%, 70% From Under Age 35

The hit film "Bohemian Rhapsody" has reignited interest in Queen, but not just among original fans, according to new stats from Spotify.  Att last night's Golden Globe Awards. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was the surprise winner for Best Drama and and Rami Malek won best actor for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury. Queen is more popular than ever on Spotify, not only among baby boomers and Gen Xers, but with millennials, as well.  Since the release of the film "Bohemian Rhapsody" streams of Queen son...
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Deezer’s CEO wants to make their mark in 2019

Deezer have held their own whilst rivals like Spotify and Apple Music dominate music streaming and after their best year yet they’re on track to carve their niche this year. French music streaming service Deezer has successfully managed to carve out success, battling against streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music. They didn’t launch in the US until 2016 but have still managed to gain a dedicated user-base and continue expanding around the world despite being, as CEO Hans-Holger Albrec...
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Should I distribute my music in Asia?

You can distribute your music for free to all of the major streaming services in the world. This includes the incredibly popular services in Asia’s emerging markets, here’s why you shouldn’t be keeping your music from the Eastern world. As people ditch CDs the world over and music streaming grows more and more popular Asia is emerging as one of the biggest audiences for digital music in the world with a variety of massively popular services surging throughout the region. It’s a great time fo...
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BTS Member Jimin Breaks Soundcloud Record

The BTS fan army is on the march again, extending their enthusiasm to a solo work by Jimin from K-Pop super group. Jimin dropped his first solo single “Promise” exclusively on SoundCloud on New Year's Eve and almost immediately began breaking records. Jimin's multilingual "Promise" logged the most streams ever in the first 24 hours on SoundCloud with 8.5 million streams. The track held on to the #1 spot on both the SoundCloud Top 50 and New & Hot charts for 48 hours following the d...
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