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Hypebot, MusicThinkTank Join The Bandsintown Family

I'm proud to share that Hypebot and MusicThinkTank have been acquired by Bandsintown. Both sites will still operate as independent publications, which I will continue to edit. What excites me most about this partnership is that its purpose is to further our mutual mission of helping artists at all levels grow and sustain a meaningful career in music. “We believe Indie and emerging artists are a transformative and vibrant component of the music industry” Fabrice Sergent, Managing P...
Tags: D.I.Y, Music Business, Music Tech, Streaming, Bruce Houghton

Spotify Begins Label Licensing Talks Amid Major Disputes

Spotify has begun negotiations to renew its licencees with all three major labels and other rights holders. The talks begin with Spotify on the offensive against the music industry on multiple fronts. The streamer must reach new deals this year with Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Music, which together control about two-thirds of Spotify's catalog. But in just the last three weeks, Spotify has filed an anti-trust complaint against Apple in the EU, lodged an objection to an inc...
Tags: Indie Labels, Major Labels, Music Business, Streaming, Bruce Houghton

Spotify Songwriter Town Hall Charm Offensive: Go Ahead, Make My Day [Op-Ed]

In an effort to combat some of the negative press it's been receiving over its efforts to keep down songwriter royalty rates, Spotify is planning to hold a series of "town halls" where songwriters can air their concerns, a tactic the streaming company tried in 2014, with less than ideal results. ________________________ Op-ed by Chris Castle of Music Tech Solutions If you’ve heard about the high turnover at Spotify, here’s the latest confirmation:  Someone at Spotify evidently thinks...
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Tencent Music [TME] Stock Falls 9.3% After Earnings Report

Tencent Music stock was taking a beating on Wednesday after the streamer's first IPO report to investors. Tencent Music had posted a $127 million loss. As of early afternoon, TME was trading on the New York Stock Exchange at $ 6.86 USD, down $ 1.71 or 9.21%. Investors were not happy, even thought the company had forecast the loss caused by a one time $221 million stock issuance to Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. More details: Tencent Music Posts $127M L...
Tags: Music, Sony, Streaming, New York Stock Exchange, Music Business, Music Tech, Bruce Houghton, Warner Music Group, Startups & Funding, Tencent Music

NMPA, Downtown, Ole, Peer, Others Sue Peloton For $150M In Song Infringement

The National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) has filed a lawsuit against exercise equipment and streaming giant Peloton on behalf of members Downtown Music Publishing, Pulse Music Publishing, ole, peermusic, Ultra Music and others. The lawsuit alleges infringement of more than a thousand musical works and seeks damages of more than $150 million. Music publishers Big Deal Music, Reservoir, Round Hill, TRO Essex Music Group, and The Royalty Network also joined the lawsuit. Whil...
Tags: Music, Gwen Stefani, Streaming, Music Business, Ole, Bruce Houghton, Florida Georgia, Downtown Music Publishing, Royalty Network, Peloton, NMPA, Ultra Music, David Israelite, National Music Publishers ' Association NMPA, Peermusic, Publishing & Songwriting

40% of Indian record labels’ digital revenues come from YouTube

A new report shows just how massive an impact YouTube is having for the digital music industry in India’s up-and-coming market. The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has recently published a report that shows some insights into the fast growing digital music market of India. Digital music in India, boosted by local streaming services like JioSaavn and international streamers. The report shows that digital music accounts for a whopping 83% of labels’ revenue...
Tags: Music, Youtube, India, Streaming, Industry News, Digital Music, FICCI, Online Music, Record Labels, JioSaavn, MusicPlus

The Recording Industry Is Growing, So Why Do We Need Article 13? [Op-Ed]

With Article 13 just weeks away from becoming law both sides are ratcheting up to support or fight the copyright directive.  Mike Masnick sits firmly in the later cap and asks why the restrictive legislation is need at a time of explosive growth in the music industry. ________________________________________ By Mike Masnick from Techdirt A key claim by those who support Article 13 is that it's necessary to get "fair compensation" for artists on the internet. Whenever more specifics ...
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Groove Music finally dies this month, ditching OneDrive streaming

Microsoft’s attempt at getting in on the music streaming hype didn’t go so well and it’s last remnants are now finally being retired. Microsoft’s Groove Music had a storied past that unfortunately never led anywhere. It was released to replace their Xbox Music store and offer a slicker more accessible modern music service. Unfortunately it didn’t have much of an impact and was discontinued at the end of 2017. The service closed down but users were able to access their music in the Groov...
Tags: Cloud, Music, Microsoft, Support, Service, Streaming, Stream, OneDrive, Music Stores, Forza Horizon, Groove Music

Anghami are bringing podcasts to the Middle East and North Africa

Music streaming is becoming bigger in the MENA region and native streamers Anghami are betting on podcasts being the next big thing. Anghami is a music streaming service from Lebanon that wanted to bring the power of unlimited, on-demand music to the Middle East and North Africa. As one of very few streamers local to the region, Anghami has built an impressive audience with a reach of nearly 70 million registered users. They have built a community of over 2 million artists gaining 1 bil...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Podcasts, Digital, Middle East, Dubai, Podcasting, Music Streaming, Streaming, Basel, Lebanon, Snoop Dogg, Deezer, Digital Music News, Mena, North Africa

Digital music is worth more than physical in France for the first time ever

CDs are becoming a thing of the past as more and more each year digital music replaces the way we used to listen. France certainly aren’t strangers to music online, being the homeland of popular music streaming service Deezer. Their love for music streaming and downloads means that digital music is now worth more than their entire physical market of CDs, vinyls and all other music you get in a shop. The latest figures from the SNEP show that for the music industry, digital revenues now ...
Tags: Music, France, Digital, Industry, Streaming, Revenues, Market, Industry News, Digital Music, Physical, Cd's, Alexandre Lasch

Apple Attacks Spotify For 'Trying To Squeeze Musicians, Songwriters' As App Dispute Escalates

UPDATED: Apple has attacked Spotify for "making ever-smaller contributions to the artists, musicians and songwriters - even going so far as to take these creators to court." in an escalating battle that began over app store fees and practices. In a lengthy and strongly worded statement, Apple pushed back after Spotify filed an anti-trust complaint against Apple with the European Commission. "In recent years, Apple has introduced rules to the App Store that purposely limit choice and stif...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Music, Eu, EK, European Commission, Streaming, App Store, Daniel Ek, Apple Music, Music Business, Music Tech, Songwriters, Bruce Houghton, Copyright Royalty Board

Apple Attacks Spotify For 'Tying To Squeeze... Artists Musicians, Songwriters' As App Dispute Escalates

Apple attacked Spotify for "making ever-smaller contributions to the artists, musicians and songwriters - even going so far as to take these creators to court." on Thursday in an escalating battle that began over app store fees and practices. In a lengthy and strongly worded statement, Apple pushed back after Spotify filed an anti-trust complaint against Apple with the European Commission. "In recent years, Apple has introduced rules to the App Store that purposely limit choice and stifl...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Music, Eu, EK, European Commission, Streaming, App Store, Daniel Ek, Apple Music, Music Business, Music Tech, Songwriters, Bruce Houghton, Copyright Royalty Board

Facebook signs music licensing deals with T-Series, Zee Music and Yash Raj Films

Facebook has partnered with T-Series Music, Zee Music Company and Yash Raj Films to let its users share music through videos, messages and stories on Facebook and Instagram, reports Mint. Note that Facebook signed a ‘multi-year’ (unspecified) deal with Universal Music Group to license its recorded... ...
Tags: Travel, Mobile, Facebook, Music, News, Instagram, Internet, Streaming, Universal Music Group, Yash Raj Films, T Series Music Zee Music Company

How to get my music on YouTube Music free

Over a billion people use YouTube and with YouTube Music they’ve created a dedicated platform for all of the great music uploaded and released around the world. Get your music in front of that giant audience for FREE with RouteNote. Getting your music on the top services gives people from all around the world the ability to discover and listen to your music at any time. YouTube Music is the new home for music on YouTube bringing a dedicated music streaming service to the world’s favourite ...
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Spotify’s India launch and the crucial legal battle on music copyright – SpicyIP

By Divij Joshi It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for. Spotify, the Swedish music-streaming service, finally launched in India after months of speculation as to when and how the service would reach Indian consumers. Yet, an as yet unknown number of works in Spotify’s catalogue are in a precarious... ...
Tags: Travel, Spotify, Music, News, Internet, India, Streaming, Copyright Act, SpicyIP, Divij Joshi, Compulsory Licensing

Napster’s new app to expand them into Hispanic music

Napster want to start making an impact in the Hispanic music industry and they’ve partnered with Univision to make it happen. Napster, the re-branded streaming service that was once one of the most prolific illegal music sites, have announced a new partnership. They’re teaming up with Univision, an American Spanish-language media company, to enhance the Hispanic music industry. Napster will be working with Univision’s newly re-designed Uforia app to power the music streaming service as ...
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YouTube Music has launched in India, South Africa, and 12 more markets.

YouTube’s recently launched music streaming service is spreading and is now available in 14 more places around the world. It’s been nearly a year since YouTube launched YouTube Music last May, a new platform that collects all of the music on YouTube in one place and presents it like a traditional streaming service. Launching to quash artists and labels’ gripes with how low paid music was on YouTube they have been growing the platform ever since. They have just announced their launch in ...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Youtube, India, Samsung, Launch, South Africa, Streaming, Mumbai, Bolivia, Youtube Music, Music Stores, India South Africa, Warner Chappell, YouTube Premium, YouTube Beyond India YouTube Music

Spotify's antitrust complaint against Apple is a neat parable about Big Tech's monopoly

Spotify has asked the EU Commission to intervene in its business relationship with Apple, citing the fact that Apple takes a 30% vig on all customer revenues from people who join the service or buy songs through an Iphone app, while Apple's own competing Itunes store does not have to pay this commission. That means that while Apple and Spotify pay the same wholesale rates for the music they sell, Spotify has to give 30% of its revenues to Apple, while either earning 30% less on each of its ...
Tags: Apple, Ios, Spotify, Post, Music, News, Elizabeth Warren, US, Eu, Reagan, Competition, EK, Antitrust, Warren, Streaming, Department Of Justice

CD Baby Adds Low Cost Audio, Banner Ad Placement For Indie Musicians, Labels

CD Baby's marketing platform for independent musicians and labels has added the ability to purchase and run audio ad campaigns on Spotify, iHeart and other music platforms targeting a specific city or region with customized 30-second ads. Users can also target potential fans using banner ads on selected sites, including Rolling Stone, CMT and many niche blogs, sorted by genre with campaigns starting at $50 for audio ads and $20 for banner ads. CD Baby artists get free access to S...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Diy, Marketing, Music Industry, Indie, Musicians, Streaming, Music Business, Cd Baby, Indie Labels, Musician, Bruce Houghton, Kevin Breuner, D.I.Y, iHeart

Spotify Files EU Anti-Trust Complaint Against Apple

Spotify announced Wednesday that it has filed an anti-trust complaint against Apple with the European Commission. The complaint is centered on the 30% that Apple charges for in app purchase and polices that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says,"deliberately disadvantage other app developers."   "In recent years, Apple has introduced rules to the App Store that purposely limit choice and stifle innovation at the expense of the user experience - essentially acting as both a player and referee to...
Tags: Apple, Spotify, Music, US, Eu, EK, Streaming, EC, App Store, Daniel Ek, Music Business, Music Tech, Bruce Houghton, Apple Apple, Siri HomePod, EU Anti Trust Complaint Against Apple

Artists relive their old videos in a new YouTube series

YouTube want to delve into the minds of artists in a unique way, looking at their journey to where they are today. YouTube have partnered up with Genius, the lyrics site that looks behind the lyrics into their meanings and references, for a new series. The series, created for YouTube’s new music streaming service, provides ‘intimate interviews’ with artists and takes a look back at their career through old videos. The video series will expand on YouTube’s Artist on the Rise series, putt...
Tags: Video, Music, Interview, Youtube, Artists, Streaming, Pharrell, Genius, Maggie, Lyor Cohen, Digital Video News, Maggie Rogers, Artist on the Rise

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's Statement EU Anti-Competition Complaint Against Apple [FULL TEXT]

Spotify it has filed an anti-trust complaint against Apple with the European Commission. The complaint centers on the 30% Apple charges for app store subscriptions and purchases and polices that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says,"deliberately disadvantage other app developers." The full text of Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's statement: My goal for Spotify is and has always been to reimagine the audio experience by giving consumers the best creativity and innovation we have to offer. For that to be...
Tags: Apple, Spotify, Music, Streaming, EC, Daniel Ek, Apple Music, Music Business, Music Tech, Apps & Mobile, Bruce Houghton, Apple Apple, European Commission EC, Siri HomePod, EU Anti Trust Complaint Against Apple

YouTube Music joins Spotify in India with more music for less money

Spotify’s launch in India was long-rumoured and talked about and now they’ve finally done it YouTube have stepped in to steal the spotlight. At the end of February, Spotify brought it’s popular music streaming service to India with a potential audience of over 1.3 billion new listeners, gaining over a million of them in less than a week. They aren’t just competing with local favourites like JioSaavn but also have Western rivals like Apple Music already in the region to contend with. Now ju...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Youtube, India, Launch, Streaming, Youtube Music, Music Stores, Lyor Cohen, Warner Music Group, Warner Chappell, YouTube Premium, YouTube YouTube Music, Jay Fowler, JioSaavn, Spotify YouTube Music

YouTube launches Music Premium at Rs 99, YouTube Premium at Rs 129 per month

YouTube has launched YouTube Music, its music and video streaming app in India. YouTube Music will come with songs, albums, playlists (genres, mood, activity and language based) and artist radios, remix catalogs, covers and music videos. This will be personalised according to user usage. YouTube... ...
Tags: Travel, Video, Music, News, Internet, Youtube, India, Streaming, Content, Youtube Music

YouTube Launches In India Priced 20% Under Spotify, With Licences From All 3 Majors

YouTube Music has launched in India just days after Spotify's controversial launch there. YouTube Music Premium subscriptions are priced at 99 rupee, or 20% lower than the 119 rupees / $1.67 per month that Spotify charges for similar Premium subscriptions in India. Add in ad-free YouTube videos and the price rises to 129 rupees. Unlike Spotify, who launched without a licence with WMG's Warner/Chappell publishing arm, a spokesperson confirmed that YouTube has signed deal with all three maj...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Youtube, India, Streaming, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Music Business, Music Tech, Bruce Houghton, Lyor Cohen, WMG, Warner Chappell, YouTube & Video, Jay Fowler, YouTube Launches In India Priced

How Spotify Can Fix Its Songwriter Problem [Mark Mulligan]

While it seems easy to blame Spotify for joining Google, Amazon and Pandora to appeal a 44% increase in streaming royalties paid to songwriters, the issue is not that simple. In fact, it's so complex, writes MIDiA analyst Mark Mulligan. that "both sides are right: songwriters need to be paid more, and streaming services need to increase margin." ____________________________________   By Mark Mulligan of MIDiA and the Music Industry blog Songwriter royalties have always been a pain po...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Spotify, Music, US, Netflix, Pandora, Streaming, Music Business, Songwriters, Bruce Houghton, Mark Mulligan, Google Amazon, Copyright Royalty Board, Spotify Amazon Pandora, Publishing & Songwriting

Watch Hulu and listen to Spotify in one cheap package

Watch your favourite shows and stream unlimited music ad-free all for one sweet price with Spotify Premium which now comes with Hulu included. As of today Spotify Premium subscriptions now include Hulu at no extra cost. This means that customers in the US can stream Hulu’s giant library of TV shows and films as well as stream from Spotify’s catalogue of over 30 million songs for $9.99 a month. If you’re already a Spotify Premium user, it only takes a few seconds to add Hulu’s ad-support...
Tags: Spotify, Music, TV, Film, US, Shows, Streaming, Hulu, Subscription, Package, Digital Music News, Premium, Spotify Premium, Digital Video News

Red Hot Chili Peppers To Livestream From Giza Pyramids

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced a historic first-ever free concert livestream from the Giza Pyramids. While details are scarce, it will take place this Friday, March 15 at 11 am PT / 2pm ET. Commenting on the historic event, RHCP bassist Flea said in a statement: “Before each new place my body tingled with excitement, a yearning for a new mystery to unfold, a fascination with a new culture, the possibility of new friends, tasting new food, smelling new tastes, absorbing...
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All Spotify Premium Subscribers Now Get Free Hulu

Spotify subscribers now get Hulu as part of their $9.99 Premium memberships, expanding their existing partnership.  The promotion, which extends to all U.S. Spotify Premium individual subscribers adds Hulu's ad-supported plan at no additional cost. The ad-supported tier of Hulu usually costs $5.99 a month. Existing Hulu-billed subscribers who have Hulu (ad-supported plan) without add-ons are eligible if billing is switched to Spotify.  “Today is the first time that we’re offering a Hu...
Tags: Apple, Spotify, Music, Streaming, Hulu, Music Business, Music Tech, Bruce Houghton, YouTube & Video, Marc Hazan Spotify

2 Types Of Spotify's Algorithmic Playlists, How To Land Your Music On Them

If you're trying to get your music heard on Spotify, there's no better way than to get it scooped up by some of the platform's top algorithmic playlists. Here we look at some ways you can manipulate the platform to increase your chances of this happening. ______________________________ Guest post by Randi Zimmerman from the Symphonic Blog Trying to gain some real success on Spotify? Landing your music on some of Spotify’s best algorithmic playlists will boost those chances. ...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Guest Post, Streaming, Playlists, Music Business, Indie Labels, D.I.Y, Amelie Bonvalot, Randi Zimmerman, Spotify Codes These

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