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Mechanical Music Radio brings you 24-7 fairground organs and more

You asked for it – you’ve got it. It’s the biggest hits of orchestrions, street organs, fairground music, and mechanical tunes, from the 17th Century, 20th century, and yesterday. Oh, you didn’t ask for that? Well… you get it anyway. “We’ve picked the most iconic instruments of all styles, from 17th century music boxes, to self playing MIDI accordions,” say the broadcasters of 24-hour-a-day Mechanical Music Radio. Here’s the direct stream: The station...
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A peek at legendary architect John Storyk’s design process

John Storyk, the founder of WSDG, an acoustic consulting and A/V integration firm, is a legend in the music world. He’s a world-class architect and acoustic designer whose built recording studios for everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Jay-Z. As someone whose built more than 4,000 audio/video studios, he knows a thing or two about getting a project started, getting over the wall, and seeing a vision come to life. Storyk’s one of those enigmatic and wonderful people with one foot planted firmly in the ...
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Teenage Engineering has a record label and a pocket modular pop music video

Dear young Buster: why do you look so sad and lonely? Don’t you know that having a yellow Teenage Engineering pocket modular is all the love you need? Okay, so Buster is in fact Millenial Swedish pop star up and comer Emil Lennstrand, and he is the first face of a record label (really) from the perpetually-open-to-creative-distraction crew of Teenage Engineering. You see, having done cameras for IKEA and marketing campaigns and various synthesizers and … bicycles and lamps and other things … t...
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A Buchla synth repair turned into an LSD trip, and made the evening news

It seems the legends are true – there really was LSD added to vintage synths. A Bay Area, California Buchla 100 reportedly triggered an acid trip decades later. The equipment in question is a Buchla Model 100, 1960s vintage – the modular that defined what now some people call the “West Coast synthesis” style. I learned on one of these, too, though don’t recall any particular hallucinations. The report comes from a local CBS television affiliate in San Francisco, KPIX, and their broadcast o...
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Bose speakers are getting smarter with Google Assistant

More and more speakers are getting voice control AI as music tech gets interactive and Bose are the latest to get in on the trend. Google and Bose have announced that they are joining forces to bring voice-control power to more home speakers. Starting this week Bose are bringing Google Assistant to their line of smart speakers and soundbars to make them smarter and more interactive. Bose speakers getting the voice-controlled artificial intelligence will be able to tell it to play music,...
Tags: Google, Music, Speakers, Tech, Ai, Voice Control, Bose, Assistant, Soundbar, Smart Speaker, Google Assistant, Bose Home, Google Bose

Gorgeous electro-acoustic instruments mix sculpture and noise

Forget analog pedals or digital boxes – 10cars have made a series of electro-acoustic inventions covered in wires and springs. And they sound wild and strange. “10cars” is a Berlin-based multimedia artist. He presented these works at the mighty trade show Superbooth, but these pieces are something else – part sculpture, part experimental noise instrument. And they’re one of the more compelling inventions to appear this month. The lovingly handcrafted pieces meld collage with wires and spri...
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Turn your iPad or iPhone into a scriptable MIDI tool with Mozaic

Its creator describes it as a “workshop in a plug-in.” Mozaic lets you turn your iOS device into a MIDI filter/controller that does whatever you want – a toolkit for making your own MIDI gadgets. Oh yeah and it’s just US$6.99, which is absurd but awesome. The beauty of this, of course, is that you can have whatever tools you want without having to wait for someone else to make them for you. Developer Bram Bos has been an innovator in music software for years – he created one of the first drum ...
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Pandora’s new native Mac app streams music, not podcasts

Pandora is rolling out new desktop apps for its streaming music listeners, starting with Mac. This morning, the company announced the launch of a native desktop app for Mac, with a Windows version to soon follow. The app supports keyboard controls, on-screen notifications for the music currently playing and a way to control Pandora’s new “Modes” feature for customizing the music you hear on your Pandora stations. Introduced just a couple of months ago, Pandora Modes switches up the classic liste...
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Pandora launches a new native Mac app

Pandora is rolling out new desktop apps for its streaming music listeners, starting with Mac. This morning, the company announced the launch of a native desktop app for Mac, with a Windows version to soon follow. The app supports keyboard controls, on-screen notifications for the music currently playing, and a way to control Pandora’s new “Modes” feature for customizing the music you hear on your Pandora stations. Introduced just a couple of months ago, Pandora Modes switches up the classic list...
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Sister City’s AI-Generated Lobby Score

Recorded by Julianna Barwick, an ambient wave of music is determined by the mood of the city Sister City, a new outpost from the people behind the Ace Hotel properties, feels like a secret, futuristic escape. Guests check themselves in at kiosks just inside the lobby doors, which exist beyond a stone patio and a doorman-equipped gate (with an even more private back entrance on …
Tags: Music, New York, Design, NYC, Hotels, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Accommodation, Ace Hotel, Ai, Julianna Barwick, Sister City, Last Light, Rooftop Bars

The Next Track, Episode #149 – In Which We Discuss the Potential Breakup of iTunes Yet Again Because We Really Didn’t Have Anything Else to Talk About This Week

We discuss the potential breakup of iTunes yet again, because there is some new information about what the future of iTunes will be.
Tags: Podcast, Music, Tech, Blogging, Itunes

KORG’s nutekt NTS-1 is a fun, little kit – and open to ‘logue developers

KORG has already shown that opening up oscillators and effects to developers can expand their minilogue and prologue keyboards. But now they’re doing the same for the nutekt NTS-1 – a cute little volca-ish kit for synths and effects. Build it, make wild sounds, and … run future stuff on it, too. Okay, first – even before you get to any of that, the NTS-1 is stupidly cool. It’s a little DIY kit you can snap together without any soldering. And it’s got a fun analog/digital architecture with os...
Tags: Music, Japan, Diy, Keyboards, Tech, Ukraine, Developers, Code, Gear, Stories, Effects, Analog, Kits, Sdk, Synths, Music Tech

Money Moves: Beyoncé is $300 Million Richer Thanks to a Deal With Uber

Thanks to a very strategic deal Beyoncé made with Uber a number of years ago, Mrs. Carter-Knowles is now $300 million richer after the company went public and filed for one of the biggest tech IPOs in several years.Back in 2015, Beyoncé was offered $6 million to perform for a corporate Uber event in Los Angeles. But instead of taking cash, Queen Bey asked to be paid in equity, and now her Uber stock is worth $300 million.So, in other words, Beyoncé just made $300 million from a 30-60 minute perf...
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The ultra-rare Sequential Prophet T8, reborn as a flagship add-on

It was the stuff of legends – a richly capable polysynth from the mind of Dave Smith, with only 800 units making it into the world. But now as makers chase the same clones on repeat, the T8 finds its way onto another innovative and overlooked flagship, today’s Sequential Prophet X and XL. I wouldn’t normally write about sample packs, let alone add-ons for particular hardware. But Sequential’s Prophet X and XL are already uniquely sophisticated instruments – monster polysynths combining dozens ...
Tags: Music, Hardware, Keyboards, Tech, Dave, Gear, Add-ons, Sequential, Prophet, Bay Area, Music Tech, Samples, 80s, Polysynths, Dave-Smith, MPE

Harder software: Reason Rack Extensions, in actual hardware racks

Once upon a time, Propellerhead ran an ad showing a bunch of hardware synths in a trash bin to make a point. This time, we get the opposite – a KORG Polysix for Reason running back in hardware. By now, these arguments about analog versus digital, software versus hardware are all surely irrelevant to music making. But recent developments go one step further: they produce an environment in which inventors and developers no longer have to care. The vision is, make your cool effects and synthesis co...
Tags: Music, Hardware, Sweden, Trends, Tech, Intel, Analysis, Gear, Linux, ARM, Modular, Cdm, Music Tech, Musicos, Vst, Korg

Polyend puts presets in your modular – plus run on a battery, anywhere

Hey, modulars are great. But you can’t call up presets at will, like on a computer. And you can’t head for a day of patching to the shore of your local lake. Or – can you? The folks at Polish maker Polyend are breaking the rules. I think these are devilishly clever ideas – and there’s certainly some devilishly clever marketing. Centralized encoders, grids for saving and recall, sequenced presets, an LFO, gesture recording – this unit does a lot. Presets on a modular First up: Polyend Pres...
Tags: Mobile, Music, Hardware, Tech, Stories, Poland, CV, Modular, Synths, Music Tech, Presets, Eurorack, Grids, LFO, Patching, Control-voltage

Marshall’s new portable speakers look like little guitar amps

Marshall have expanded their Bluetooth speaker line-up with 2 new awesome-looking additions to the range. Last year the most notorious guitar amp/stack makers went beyond the guitar to launch a portable speaker for playing music on the go. The Kilburn speaker provided a great sound for a Bluetooth speaker than can be taken anywhere at a decent price for a quality build like Marshall. Now it’s getting one bigger and one smaller sibling to turn Marshall’s solo Bluetooth speaker act into ...
Tags: Music, Bluetooth, Tech, Bluetooth Speaker, Guitar, Amps, Marshall, Kilburn, Tufton, Portable Speaker, Zound Industries, Guitar Amp

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Designing an Italian icon, a mirrored hot air ballon, 3D-printed organs and plenty more inspiration and oddities The Impending Death of the Password Thanks to companies like MobileIron, device passwords (believed to date back to the 1960s, thanks to an MIT time-shared computer) may be on their way out once and for all. Since most people use weak passwords for the majority of their logins …
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One big, open standalone grid for playing everything: dadamachines composer pro

Various devices have tried to do what the computer does – letting you play, sequence, and clock other instruments, and arrange and recall ideas. Now, a new grid is in town, and it’s bigger, more capable, truly standalone, and open in every way. composer pro makes its debut today at Superbooth. It comes from what may seem an unexpected source – dadamachines, the small Berlin-based maker known for making a plug-in-play toolkit for robotic percussion and, more recently, a clever developer board...
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I Miss MiniDiscs

In the long history of recorded media, Sony’s MiniDisc format barely registers as a blip on the timeline. In hindsight, it was doomed from the start—forced to compete with immensely popular CDs and an emerging threat called MP3s. But despite now having instant access to millions of songs on my phone, there’s a part of…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Music, Science, Audio, Tech, Sony, Consumer Tech, Minidisc

IK UNO Drum: portable, $249.99 analog-PCM drum machine

Like the UNO synth before it, IK Multimedia’s new drum machine is a collaboration with boutique Italian maker Soundmachines, runs on batteries, takes up very little space, and it looks like a whole lot of fun, for EUR/USD 249.99. As with some of the best-known classic drum machines, the sound engine is a combination of analog circuitry and PCM samples. On the analog side of the sound engine, there are six drum parts: two different kicks, snare, clap, closed high hat, open high hat, and of c...
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Novation’s super synth for Superbooth leaks: 16-voice Summit

What if Novation put everything great about their recent analog and digital synths into one keyboard? That appears to be exactly what Summit is – and it looks like a show stealer. The information is leaking via German media through a couple of print and online outlets (Beat and so far, with the Facebook post of the latter picked up by Gearnews. Oh, and, uh… there’s an image sitting around on Novation’s site. And it’s too good to sit on this time. 16 voices digital/analog hybrid, bi...
Tags: Facebook, Music, UK, Hardware, Keyboards, Digital, Tech, Gear, Analog, Times, Peak, Hybrid, Summit, Music Tech, Polysynths, Novation

Andreas Schneider on the significance of synths, just before Superbooth

Look past the modulars and wires: connecting people who make instruments and those who play them is at the heart of all Andreas Schneider’s endeavors. With Superbooth looming, we check in on Herr Schneider and his vision of what electronic instruments are about. I got a chance to talk to Andreas during this final lead-up to this week’s festival. Superbooth has become trade show-cum-cultural happening, one of those chances to take a community that lives globally and online and make it face to f...
Tags: Europe, Music, Interviews, Germany, Berlin, Tech, History, Gear, Stories, Modular, Synths, Fez, Music Tech, Eurorack, Schneider, Daniel Miller

Sonos Conducted a Study on Audio’s Health Benefits

Referred to as the Brilliant Sound Survey, a comprehensive body of data derived from an online questionnaire highlights much of what many music-lovers believe to be true. Conducted by home audio company Sonos and several research partners, the survey incorporated insights from 12,000 people in 12 countries. Some of the stats astound: 74% of participants said listening to music helped them reduce stress, 58% believe …
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Tech, Research, Data, Sonos, Sound, Linkaboutit, Sound Systems, Musical Taste

Ableton release free CV Tools for integrating with analog gear, made in Max

It’s all about voltage these days. Ableton’s new CV Tools are designed for integrating with modular and semi-modular/desktop gear with CV. And they’re built in Max – meaning builders can learn from these tools and build their own. The basic idea of CV Tools, like any software-CV integration, is to use your computer as an additional source of modulation and control. You route analog signal directly to your audio interface – you’ll need an interface that has DC coupled outputs (more about that s...
Tags: Music, Utilities, Mac, Berlin, Windows, Tech, Freebies, Software, Analog, CV, Modular, Max, Ableton, Ableton-live, Music Tech, Create-analog-music

Remember ACID? It’s back – and ready to split stems for you automatically

It may seem like there’s not much left for music making software to do that it doesn’t do already. But how about magically extracting stems from audio? The first software to do that is one you might not have thought about for a while: ACID Pro. Back in 1998 when it came out, ACID – aka Acid pH1 – was ground-breaking. Drag and drop loops, make a song: more than any other single software release, this was what would change computer music making. Sure, Propellerhead had already established a few ...
Tags: Apple, Music, Remix, Berlin, Windows, US, Tech, Production, Software, Sony, Ai, DSP, Machine-learning, Garageband, Music Tech, Looping

Doepfer, the company that launched Eurorack, adds slim, affordable modules

The company that launched the current modular craze with its Eurorack format continues to be the go-to for inexpensive, bread-and-butter basics. Doepfer’s new Slim Line is compact, capable, and runs 100€ or less – with a complete “miniature synth” voice for just 180€. There’s no shortage of strange, leftfield modules – and pricey, rarified stuff. But modular simply wouldn’t be able to reach practical musicians if not for modules that are affordable. And you need at least some of those modules ...
Tags: Music, Hardware, Berlin, Tech, Gear, Slim, Modular, Filters, Music Tech, Oscillators, Eurorack, VCA, Modules, Doepfer, Andreas Schneider, Superbooth

Pornhub Would Love to Buy Tumblr and Flip the NSFW Switch Back On

Once upon a time, Tumblr was one of the hot, most-wanted platforms in social media.Then Yahoo! acquired it and squeezed the juice and lifeblood from the promising platform. And then Yahoo! got sold to Verizon, and Tumblr along with it, and now it looks like Tumblr is in search of a new home once again.One of the big shifts that hit the platform post-Verizon acquisition was the decision to yank all NSFW or adult content from the platform. Of course, Tumblr had, by then, become an incredibly popul...
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The Next Track, Episode #147 – Kirk’s New Sonos Amp

Kirk bought some new audio equipment: a Sonos Amp. We talk about how this amp works, and how it has allowed Kirk to minimalize the equipment in his home office.
Tags: Podcast, Music, Tech, Blogging, Kirk, Audio Equipment

Facebook Bans Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos & Other “Dangerous Individuals”

Facebook announced Thursday (May 2) that it has banned a number of “dangerous” high-profile figures—including Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, and Milo Yiannopoulos—from using its platform and network of apps and services.Farrakhan leads the Nation of Islam, which is considered a hate group, and he’s notorious for using anti-Semitic language.Facebook is trying to rid its platform of fake news and hate speech, and Farrakhan, a “dangerous individual,” according to Facebook, falls into at least one of ...
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