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What connects Janet Jackson’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ to Shonda Rhimes and John Singleton?

From the Super Bowl to groundbreaking cinema: we jump down the rabbit hole, via a detour to Britney SpearsA new documentary, Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson, has revisited the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” at the 2004 Super Bowl half-time show, when Justin Timberlake exposed one of Janet Jackson’s breasts – and nipple adornment – for about a half a second, causing America to lose its collective mind in a manner that was unfathomable then and remains unfathomable now. Continue r...
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Let’s talk about sex: how Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP sent the world into overdrive

A cultural ‘cancer’, soft porn … or the height of empowerment? A revealing documentary examines the debates around one of the raunchiest – and most talked about – rap records aroundAs winter forces many of us to ditch nights out with friends in favour of nights in on the sofa, Belcalis Alamanzar’s iconic words ring out across the digital ether: “A ho never gets cold!”. In a clip that went viral in 2014, the rapper better known as Cardi B parades up and down a hotel corridor, clad in a plunging, ...
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The Beatles: Get Back review – eight hours of TV so aimless it threatens your sanity

In Peter Jackson’s latest epic, the moments of inspiration and interest are marooned amid acres of meandering chit-chat. What a schlepThe Beatles’ 1970 album Let It Be and its depressing accompanying documentary were always bugbears among the former Fabs. John Lennon dismissed the music as “badly recorded shit”; Paul McCartney was so horrified by the album that he masterminded a new version in 2003, shorn of the additions by Phil Spector, whom Lennon employed as a producer without telling McCart...
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‘I just can’t believe it exists’: Peter Jackson takes us into the Beatles vault locked up for 52 years

Ahead of his epic series Get Back, the director reveals the secrets of 60 hours of intimate, unseen footage of the Fab Four – and why it turns everything we know about their final days upside downWhen the world closed down in March 2020, most of us had to make do with pretending to enjoy video calls with friends or baking bread. Peter Jackson, meanwhile, was busy sifting through a mountain of unseen footage – 60 hours in total – of the Beatles, shot by the director Michael Lindsay-Hogg in 1969.H...
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What can we learn from the Janet Jackson Super Bowl documentary?

The New York Times and FX special Malfunction revisits the ‘Nipplegate’ scandal of 2004 but adds little new understandingIn January, the New York Times documentary team released Framing Britney Spears, a succinct and bruising retrospective on the pop star’s career and the shadowy legal arrangement that governed her affairs. The 75-minute documentary, which included virtually no new information but offered a cohesive, damning portrait of her treatment by the press, launched a grenade in pop cultu...
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‘Annoying snobs was part of the fun’: Paul McCartney and more on the Beatles’ rooftop farewell

As Peter Jackson’s TV series Get Back recasts the Fab Four’s final days in a more positive light, the ex-Beatle remembers the responses to their historic gig above the streets of LondonIt’s lunchtime on a cold Thursday in January 1969. After weeks of sometimes difficult rehearsals and recordings, the Beatles and their new songs finally – and spectacularly – collide with the outside world. The occasion is now fixed in their iconography. On 30 January on the roof of 3 Savile Row, the London HQ of ...
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‘Meeting Barry White took the sex out of his music for me’: Jane Krakowski’s honest playlist

The Ally McBeal and 30 Rock star on her love of Ed Sheeran, singing Lady Marmalade and knowing all the words from GreaseLady Marmalade. “Back in the day”, quote unquote, I would just sing it as it was done by Labelle. Now I quite enjoy doing all three parts of the Moulin Rouge version, and the tricky bits, and adding in the rap by Lil’ Kim. Continue reading...
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Weight loss, deadlifts and divorce: what we learned from Adele’s One Night Only special

In her TV concert special, the singer got personal in an interview with Oprah Winfrey about her dreams of a nuclear family, fixation with her weight loss and how much she can deadliftAdele opened up about the pain of her divorce, losing the dream of a nuclear family, commentary over her weight and her strained relationship with her late father in a candid, ranging interview with Oprah Winfrey.During the sit-down in Winfrey’s rose garden, recorded prior to her first concert in more than four year...
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Weight loss, deadlifts and divorce: what we learned from Adele’s TV special

In her One Night Only concert special, the singer got personal with Oprah Winfrey about her dreams of a nuclear family, fixation with her weight loss and how much she can deadliftAdele opened up about the pain of her divorce, losing the dream of a nuclear family, commentary over her weight and her strained relationship with her late father in a candid, ranging interview with Oprah Winfrey.During the sit-down in Winfrey’s rose garden, recorded prior to her first concert in more than four years fo...
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Adele opens up to Oprah about divorce and being a single parent

London-born singer interviewed in same spot as Harry and Meghan in run-up to release of new albumThe thundering juggernaut that is Adele’s marketing campaign for her new album, 30, pulled in at the Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday, where the record-breaking artist opened up to the Queen of America about the struggles of divorce, becoming a “single parent” and juggling her career.Under the arches of Oprah’s rose garden, Adele discussed the meaning of new songs on her eagerly awaited album, which is s...
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Will Smith: now Hollywood royalty, the star’s rise has been far from painless

From Fresh Prince to King Richard, personal upsets have so far failed to derail his childhood goal to be the world’s biggest film starThere’s a seemingly offhand quality which is central to the appeal of Will Smith: an innate magnetism and loose-limbed, casual coolness. But the career path from teenage rap artist to TV actor to superstar status was anything but effortless; it was the result of a self-described “psychotic” work ethic and meticulous, perhaps even obsessive, planning.For a while, a...
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Dare you take the Guardian’s hideously horrible Halloween culture quiz?

25 questions on literature, film, TV, books and music with a spooky edge – how will you fare?If it is gothic, spooky, scary, haunted or just plain weird, and was in a book, a film, a TV show or some music, you might just be about to get asked about it. How will you fare with these 25 questions about things that go bump in the night? It is just for fun, and there are no prizes, but let us know how you got on – and how you are planning to enjoy this spookiest of evenings – in the comments.The Guar...
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Emma Watkins quits the Wiggles in ‘end of an era’ for children’s group

The first female Wiggle, who had an outsize influence on the group, says she is leaving to focus on her family and PhDGet our free news app; get our morning email briefingThe Great Resignation has claimed another. Emma Watkins has confirmed she will be leaving the Wiggles at the end of the year, spurred by a lockdown epiphany. Continue reading...
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‘I don’t play music when I have sex – maybe I should’: Michelle Visage’s honest playlist

The RuPaul’s Drag Race judge puts together the soundtrack of her lifeAt my 10th birthday party, I got not one but three copies of Andy Gibb’s album Shadow Dancing. He was so hot! So sexy! But since I had three copies, I didn’t need to buy it. The first one that I used my own money to buy was Kenny Rogers’s The Gambler. It was No 1 on the radio, and I wanted that record. Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Culture, Television & radio, Michelle Visage, Rupaul, Kenny Rogers, Andy Gibb

Jason Donovan on Kylie, coolness and cocaine: ‘I’m a survivor and I’ve made mistakes’

Fresh from a run in Joseph, and about to go on tour, the actor and singer reflects on superstardom, drug addiction and the steadying joy of fatherhoodDespite insisting that he likes to look to the future, Jason Donovan is confronted with the past much of the time. He has just started a UK tour – one that has been postponed twice because of the pandemic – singing the songs that turned him into a huge star in the UK in the late 80s and early 90s, after his role in the Australian soap opera Neighbo...
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Britney vs Spears review – Netflix doc is schlocky, trashy and deeply uncomfortable

Certainly not in the pop star’s best interests, this disturbing film gives redemption stories to controversial figures from Britney’s past. Nothing about this feels rightWhat is in Britney Spears’ best interests? It’s a question that has been discussed and dissected by those around the pop star for 13 years, often abstractly, or with feigned concern, in the press or in court documents. It has been that way since she was placed in a controversial conservatorship, presided over by her father, Jami...
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The Activist: reality TV show to be ‘reimagined’ as documentary after backlash

CBS says it will drop X-Factor-style competition from celebrity-fronted show after widespread criticismA reality TV show that planned to pit activists against each other in an X-Factor style contest judged by celebrities is to be drastically “reimagined” after it sparked a backlash from campaigners.The Activist, which had been due to air in the US in late October, prompted incredulity among many campaigners and elsewhere when its format was revealed last week, with many labelling it a “tone-deaf...
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Glory days: what does success mean in 2021?

Our panel of stars – from Brian Cox and Lena Dunham to Edgar Wright and Rina Sawayama – reflect on what creative contentment means to themScreenwriter, It’s a Sin Continue reading...
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Alanis Morissette criticises ‘salacious agenda’ of HBO film about her life

The singer has spoken about about Jagged, premiering at the Toronto film festival, for its ‘reductive take’ on her lifeAlanis Morissette has spoken out against a new HBO documentary about her life and its “salacious agenda” as it premieres at the Toronto film festival.The 47-year-old singer had agreed to be interviewed for the film Jagged but has released a statement to express disappointment in how her story has been told. She said it was “during a very vulnerable time” during her third postpar...
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Hurry up and wait: the joys of slow culture

In the streaming age, sleeper hits such as Schitt’s Creek and The Morning Show have replaced quick successes, confirming culture is a marathon not a sprintModern Toss on the art of the slow burnIf one thing guarantees a TV hit in 2021, it’s a lukewarm reception. Take Ted Lasso, a sitcom about a perky, naive American football coach transplanted on to British soil. Its first season premiered last summer to barely any fanfare – but little by little came mass critical reconsideration. The show ended...
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Sarah Harding, singer with Girls Aloud, dies aged 39 from breast cancer

Bringing charisma to the hugely successful band, Harding was diagnosed in August 2020 and wrote a memoir during her illnessThe pop singer and TV personality Sarah Harding, who had 21 UK Top 10 singles as a member of Girls Aloud, has died aged 39 from breast cancer.In a post on Instagram, Harding’s mother Marie said: “It’s with deep heartbreak that today I’m sharing the news that my beautiful daughter Sarah has sadly passed away. Continue reading...
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China bans reality talent shows to curb behaviours of ‘idol’ fandoms

Broadcasters ordered not to promote ‘sissy’ men in attempt to reshape country’s entertainment industryChina has banned reality talent shows and ordered broadcasters not to promote “sissy” men, in the latest attempt to reshape the culture of the country’s huge entertainment industry that authorities believe is leading young Chinese people astray.“Broadcast and TV institutions must not screen idol development programmes or variety shows and reality shows that feature the children of celebrities,” ...
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‘There’s a lot to unpack’: the dark, difficult life of Rick James

In a new documentary, the defining funk artist’s ups and many downs are examined with a clear eye and a lack of sugar-coatingIn the jarring new music documentary, Bitchin: The Sound and Fury of Rick James, we see a star torn in half. On the one hand, there’s the Rick James who created some of the most popular, distinct and outrageous funk music of the late 70s and early 80s. On the other, there’s a man so lost to his desire for sex, drugs and recognition that his life became an obstacle course l...
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McCartney 3, 2, 1 review – the Fab Four as you’ve never heard them before

This bounteous feast for Beatles fans sees Paul McCartney dive into the back catalogue with producer Rick Rubin – who then does something truly amazingLong before their mop-topped world domination, Paul McCartney and George Harrison went hitchhiking. Paul, being the sensible one, had packed a camping stove and a can of rice pudding. “Ambrosia,” confided McCartney to his interviewer, music producer and Beatles superfan Rick Rubin, who, being American, hid bewilderment at this dismal 63-year-old E...
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Sex Pistols win legal fight against Johnny Rotten over songs

High court judge rules that Paul Cook and Steve Jones are entitled to use material in Pistol TV seriesThe former Sex Pistols frontman, Johnny Rotten, has lost a high court attempt to block the punk band’s songs from being used in a forthcoming drama series.The group’s former drummer, Paul Cook, and guitarist, Steve Jones, sued the band’s ex-singer, whose real name is John Lydon, to allow their songs to feature in Pistol, a TV series directed by Danny Boyle. Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Television, Film, UK News, Culture, Television & radio, Punk, Danny Boyle, Sex Pistols, Steve Jones, Johnny Rotten, Paul Cook, John Lydon

David Duchovny: ‘I wasn’t seeing stuff I was desperate to do’

The actor struggled to find shows and films that excited him so he turned to music but reveals that he’ll never say never to another X-Files rebootIn 2015, deep into an acting career that had kept him busy for the better part of three decades, the then 54-year-old David Duchovny released his first novel and his first album. His hit series Californication had just concluded after seven seasons, and while he was hardly done with acting – another, shorter-lived series, Aquarius, premiered that same...
Tags: Music, Television, Culture, Television & radio, US television, William Shatner, David Duchovny, Duchovny, Leonard Nimoy Continue

The X Factor: Simon Cowell’s show is dead – but it has been for years

ITV is cancelling the TV talent show before it ‘fizzles out with a whimper’. After a decade of plummeting ratings, we remember its highs, lows … and Chico TimeIt’s a no from me: ITV confirms The X Factor will not be back“COWELL WIELDS AXE” roared the front page of The Sun today, as it alleged that Simon Cowell, bored of gazing over a world made in his image, has chosen to cancel The X Factor once and for all after 17 years. The story quotes an insider, who says “Simon remains at the top of his g...
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Idris Elba: ‘I used work to exorcise my demons’

The actor was working as a bouncer when he got a small part in a new show called The Wire. Two decades on, he’s a blockbuster fixture. The Suicide Squad star talks about fighting for his big break, losing his dad, and why acting helped him out of a ‘dark, weird junction’“I appreciate my quiet time, I really do,” Idris Elba tells me, “but I didn’t choose a career in quiet time.” At 48, his life seems relentlessly full of activity, projects, causes, releases. He’s the star of an imminent summer bl...
Tags: Music, Television, Drama, Film, France, Africa, Rap, Culture, Television & radio, Belgium, Suicide Squad, Idris Elba, Luther, The Wire, Elba, TV crime drama

Reclaiming Amy review – the Winehouse family set the record straight

This agonising, intimate programme gives family and friends’ side of the singer’s complicated story, as a riposte to Asif Kapadia’s 2015 documentary AmyIt is now 10 years since Amy Winehouse’s death at the age of 27, and Reclaiming Amy (BBC Two) is a short, sad, sweet film that sees her family and friends give their side of the singer’s complicated story. It is narrated by her mother Janis, and does not attempt to hide its position as a riposte to Asif Kapadia’s 2015 documentary Amy, which, Jani...
Tags: Music, Television, Culture, Television & radio, Amy Winehouse, Michael, Mitch, Amy, Rizzo, Janis, Asif Kapadia, Winehouse, Amy BBC Two

‘I couldn’t talk about her for years’: my godmother, Amy Winehouse

She cooked, watched Countdown and was mentored by the legendary singer. Now, 10 years after her death, Dionne Bromfield has finally addressed the grief she couldn’t deal with aged 15Dionne Bromfield is leaning into the screen as we talk on Zoom, recounting the moment 10 years ago when she received the news that would change her life for ever. On a sunny July day, the 15-year-old singer was waiting to go on stage. She was supporting the boyband The Wanted on tour in Wales, the atmosphere backstag...
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