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Suhr Members Emporium :: RE: WTB CAA OD100se+ or PT100 in the UK

Author: jemfield Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 2:59 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 1 Hi. I've got a caa pt100 like new for sale... PM if interested. Cheers
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Disney’s Queen of Katwe Star Nikita Pearl Waligwa Dies at 15 of Brain Tumor

Nikita Pearl Waligwa, a young actress who starred in Disney’s Queen of Katwe—a film about a chess prodigy from a Ugandan slum—has died at the age of 15 from a brain tumor. According to Ugandan media reports (via UK’s Mirror), Nikita passed away on Saturday (Feb. 15) at TMR International Hospital in Naalya, Kampala. Nikita played the role of Gloria in Queen of Katwe, a 2016 Disney film based on the true story of Phiona Mutesi, who started playing chess at the young age of 9 despite not being in s...
Tags: UK, Movies, News, India, Disney, World news, Uganda, Pop Culture, Jazz, David Oyelowo, Queen Of Katwe, Lupita Nyong, Gloria, Katwe, Mira Nair, Phiona Mutesi

Watch The 1975 Debut 2 New Songs At UK Tour Opener

We're still a couple months out from the release of the 1975's latest album, Notes On A Conditional Form, but the English band has been putting out new songs from it and performing live basically non-stop. So far, we've heard the singles "People," "Frail State Of Mind," "Me & … More »
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The 27-song playlist that Lou Reed made just before he died

The UK's Far Out Magazine has posted the playlists of 27 songs that Lou Reed was listening to when he died in 2013 of liver disease. Reed continually kept his finger on the pulse of contemporary and popular music. Taking a hands-on approach to the developing technology around him, Reed controlled his own Spotify account which hosted several different playlists of songs he liked from the radio, or, alternatively, general songs he was listening to at that time. Entitled ‘What I’m listening to’, Re...
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The agencies behind the Reading and Leeds lineup

Indie agencies shined in signing up their artists to fill out the massive and vibrant line-up for the Reading & Leeds festival. Rostr have compiled a great article looking at the talent agencies who have been behind booking their artists for this year’s Reading and Leeds festival. The major UK is one of the world’s biggest music events. They note that whilst there are a “big four” of talent agencies, 54% of the lineup was booked through agencies that weren’t them: WME, CAA, Paradigm or ...
Tags: Music, UK, Reading, Festival, Lineup, Leeds, Gigs, Booking, Reading & Leeds, Talent Agencies, Leeds Festival, Reading And Leeds, Reading Festival, Roster, Artist Management, Talent Booking

70’s Style And Soul: Amazing Candid Photographs Taken In Soul Clubs In Memphis And New York, 1973

David Reed/Getty Images These candid photographs, taken in Soul clubs in Memphis and New York, are the work of photographer David Reed. Still working today, Reed was first commissioned by the UK’s Sunday Times Magazine in 1969, and worked for them continuously until 1990. h/t:, retronaut David Reed/Getty Images Reed was also a regular contributor both to Nova Magazine... Source
Tags: Photography, Fashion, Music, UK, New York, Design, Retro, Memphis, 1970s, Reed, David Reed, Sunday Times Magazine, David Reed Getty Images Reed

Spotify’s Kids app is coming to the UK then all Premium Family subscribers

Spotify are bringing their specially made app for kids to all Family subscribers around the world starting in the UK. Spotify launched the beta of their new child-friendly streaming app in Ireland last November. The app offers a curated package of content from the millions of tracks and artists available to stream on Spotify that has been selected for the peace of mind of parents. The company are bringing the beta to the UK and further so that families with a Premium Family account can ...
Tags: Spotify, Music, UK, Kids, Children, App, Ireland, Child, Digital Music News, Childrens, Safer Internet Day, Child Friendly, Childnet International, Premium Family, Childrens Music, Audio for Older Kids

How do we know if a culture has a traditional music scene?

I’ve just spent a wonderful month in Mexico. While I was there I tried to find local live music, but to no avail. Silvia María Zuñiga How does one find the traditional or representative music of a culture when we’re so inundated by Western influences?I’ve written before of the time I spent in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia). All three countries have rich, traditional singing cultures, but we didn’t encounter any on our travels. I wondered Where is a culture’s music tradition to be...
Tags: Facebook, Music, UK, Mexico, World Music, South America, Folk Music, Cuba, Songs, Oaxaca, Baltics, Traditional Songs, Chris Rowbury, Oaxaca City, Traditional Music, Silvia María Zuñiga

Welcome to Hell: the marvelous, mad musical instruments of Ewa Justka

Some people claim electronic music is the work of the devil. Inventor Ewa Justka creates things that could actually prove it. Ewa is a Glasgow, Scotland UK-based, Polish-born sound artist, musician, and inventor. She can bang her way through a raw techno set, she can blind you wish flashing lights driven by homemade circuits, or she can open a gateway to evil realms in unbridled noise – all of this at festivals like CTM, Unsound, Insomnia, and Sonic Acts. But she also builds fantastic instrum...
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Why are pop songs getting sadder than they used to be?

Are popular songs today happier or sadder than they were 50 years ago? In recent years, the availability of large digital datasets online and the relative ease of processing them means that we can now give precise and informed answers to questions such as this. A straightforward way to measure the emotional content of a text is just to count how many emotion words are present. How many times are negative-emotion words – 'pain', 'hate' or 'sorrow' – used? How many times are words associated with ...
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Not Too FARR Away From A Breakout

I haven’t heard of a artist project that mashes Smash Smith and Hozier until now, and that’s FARR. Repped by Red Light Management, the duo is comprised of vocalist Roméo and producer Linden Jay. They go under the moniker of FARR. The song you need to listen is Heal Me. The’ve landed on playlists including Spotify’s Chill and R&B UK – #2 on Indie Invaders. The duo has clocked over 2 million Spotify streams and has 145k monthly listeners. Give it a stream.
Tags: Music, UK, Romeo, Farr, Linden Jay, Red Light Management, Indie Invaders, FARR Heal Me, Smash Smith

Listen to spies' shortwave radio broadcasts

Gareth's post yesterday about the mysterious shortwave numbers stations used by spies to communicate happily reminded me of this article I wrote for bOING bOING Digital back in 1999 about the Conet Project, a legendary compilation of numbers station broadcasts produced by Irdial-Discs! Of course, this piece was written before Irdial-Discs sued the band Wilco for using a sample from the Conet Project recordings on their 2002 album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. From bOING bOING Digital: Twistin...
Tags: Video, Music, UK, News, Wilco, Radio, Cia, Spies, Daily Telegraph, KGB, Gareth, Department of Trade and Industry, Spy Vs Spy, Shortwave, Numbers Stations

Shorties (February's Best Books, New Music from Lucinda Williams, and more)

Vol.1 Brooklyn and InsideHook previewed February's best books. Stream a new song. The Week UK previewed 2020's most anticipated books. Patterson Hood discussed the new Drive-By Truckers album with Weekend Edition. Emily Books is on hiatus. Polica visited The Current studio for an interview and live performance. Stream a new song from Sufjan Stevens' collaborative instrumental album, made with his father Lowell Brams. Paste previewed February's best albums. Stream a n...
Tags: Music, UK, Sufjan Stevens, David, Brooklyn, Low, Uncanny Valley, Polica, Atomic Books Comics Preview, Lee, Literary Hub, Lucinda Williams, Patterson Hood, Carmen Maria Machado, Anna Weiner, Joanna C Valente

Watch Slowthai & Mura Masa Make One Hell Of A US TV Debut On Fallon

The last time Northampton rap troublemaker Slowthai performed on UK TV, he ended his performance by hoisting the (fake) severed head of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The guy knows how to make an impression. Last night, Slowthai and collaborator Mura Masa made their American TV debuts, performing together on The Tonight Show. Slowthai … More »
Tags: Video, Music, UK, Jimmy Fallon, US, Northampton, Boris Johnson, Fallon, Mura Masa, Slowthai

Amazon Prime now has 150 million subscribers globally

In a month of proud boasts for Amazon, they have revealed that 150 million people now pay for Amazon Prime around the world. Since the year began Amazon have revealed some pretty impressive milestones. They have over 55 million listeners on their music streaming services and CIRP estimated that they have 112 million Prime users in the US just weeks ago. Their latest financials report reveals that they now have more than 150 million Prime users around the world. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sai...
Tags: Amazon, Europe, Music, UK, US, Amazon Prime, Report, Prime, Jeff Bezos, Subscribers, Digital Music News, Worldwide, Financials, CIRP, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners CIRP, Prime Video

UK’s Firewoodisland Sets Fire With Single Sprinter

Look out for the indie-folk duo Firewoodisland. The UK act just released the catchy Sprinter and have rallied up support from tastemakers like Ear Milk and BBC Radio​. Citing ​Bon Iver​ and Of Monsters and Men​ as influences, they have racked up over 5 million Spotify plays with support from playlists. The indie band market is oversaturated with too many bands trying to do the same thing but something is different with this duo. I don’t know, maybe it’s the songs or visuals, but it’s something...
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The title of Diane Ravitch’s new book about American schools, Slaying Goliath, struck me right between the eyes. Hadn’t I seen something like it very recently?     From the Washington Post review by Melanie McCabe: In the Old Testament story of David and Goliath, a young man confronts a Philistine giant who has terrorized the people of Israel. No one thinks there is any hope of taking on Goliath until David steps forward. Rejecting the offer of heavy body armor because it weighs him do...
Tags: Books, Music, UK, Television, Washington Post, Israel, Religion, US, America, Trends, Beer, David, Linguistics, Shakespeare, Trademark, Malcolm Gladwell

The Grim ‘Secular Funeral’ Music Of Brexit

So this is how Great Britain’s time in the EU ends, not with a bang, but … “Edward Gregson, the British composer charged by Radio 4’s PM programme with the tricky task of composing a piece to mark the UK’s departure from the union, uses Beethoven’s theme as the basis for his ‘Notes Between Friends,’ a brief, melancholic duet for piano and cello (played by the composer and Peter Dixon, principal cello of the BBC Philharmonic). Gregson insists he has been even-handed in his treatment – the brief...
Tags: Art, Music, UK, Eu, Beethoven, Brexit, Great Britain, Peter Dixon, Edward Gregson, 01.31.20, BBC Philharmonic Gregson

Gorillaz Tease Tame Impala Collab

Gorillaz just launched their new project Song Machine, a series of collaborative singles to be released throughout the year. The first installment, or "episode," was "Momentary Bliss," a song with the politically charged British rapper slowthai and UK punk duo Slaves. And it seems like the second might feature an even … More »
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Hey UK mind the gap!

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Album Review: Pet Shop Boys, “Hotspot”

One could successfully argue that the Pet Shop Boys are one of the greatest singles bands of all time. They’ve notched 22 Top 10 hits in their native UK, only one behind George Michael, a mere three behind both David Bowie and Queen, and one song ahead of the Rolling Stones. They also sent an additional 20 songs into the Top 40, 17 of which peaked in the Top 20. They are pop royalty. And it wasn’t done in some white-hot flash of creativity; their UK Top 40 streak spans 24 years and 10 albu...
Tags: Music, UK, Berlin, David Bowie, Queen, George Michael, Nile Rodgers, Album Reviews, Rodgers, Neil Tennant, CD Review, Stuart Price, Rolling Stones They

CD Review: Pet Shop Boys, “Hotspot”

One could successfully argue that the Pet Shop Boys are one of the greatest singles bands of all time. They’ve notched 22 Top 10 hits in their native UK, only one behind George Michael, a mere three behind both David Bowie and Queen, and one song ahead of the Rolling Stones. They also sent an additional 20 songs into the Top 40, 17 of which peaked in the Top 20. They are pop royalty. And it wasn’t done in some white-hot flash of creativity; their UK Top 40 streak spans 24 years and 10 albu...
Tags: Music, UK, Berlin, David Bowie, Queen, George Michael, Nile Rodgers, Cd Reviews, Rodgers, Neil Tennant, CD Review, Stuart Price, Rolling Stones They

Brits in Hot Weather #20: Sea Girls, Redfield, Peaness, Natty Wylah, False Heads

Welcome one and all to a very special edition of Brits in Hot Weather, our rundown of some of the best new artists doing their thing in the UK at the moment. As always, the premise is simple. We introduce five songs from five artists for your listening pleasure. However, this is our 20th edition, so this week we include the 100th artist o the list. That's 100 incredible artists that we have covered since we started. Everything from punk to grime to techno to jazz has found a warm and friendly ...
Tags: Music, UK, House, Indie Rock, Redfield, Pop-punk, British Music, Brits in hot weather, Pop-rock, Sea Girls, Peaness, Natty wylah, False heads, Sea Girls Redfield Peaness Natty Wylah False Heads

UK Government slashes business rates for grassroots music venues

The government has announced a serious cut in business rates required by 230 small and medium sized venues. The change will apply to all music venues across the UK with a rateable value below £51,000, across England and Wales. It will provide a massive boost to the music industry which has seen lots of businesses closing in recent years. The Music Venue Trust estimates each site will see an average saving of £7,500 per year, bringing £1.7m back into the live music sector. Independent ci...
Tags: Music, UK, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Business Rates, Grassroots, Artist / Label News, Music Business, Music Venues, Brudenell Social Club, Business Costs, UK Music, Music Venue Trust, Beverley Whitrick

UK scraps the EU’s controversial ‘meme ban’ Article 13

Videos, memes, and more are safe online in the UK after they announce they will be scrapping the much scrutinised law. As Brexit approaches, the UK have decided to scrap a controversial law from the EU that put content online at risk from mass censorship. Article 13, later named Article 17, threatened content on major sites like YouTube and Facebook. The law was created to crack down on copyrighted content being used and uploaded on major platforms online. It was created as a bid to pr...
Tags: Facebook, Music, UK, Law, Eu, Conservative, European Union, Copyright, Memes, Content, European Parliament, Brexit, Artist / Label News, Annabella Coldrick, Mmf, Article 13

England’s Business Tax To Be Cut 50% For Small Music Venues

“230 small and medium-sized venues in England and Wales will see a 50% reduction in business rates, a fee which is charged to most non-domestic properties. It should save each venue an average of £7,500 a year, according to the Independent Venues Trust – a charity which aims to protect and improve UK grassroots music venues – and make it more likely that acts still have small, sweaty spaces to hone their craft.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, UK, England, Wales, 01.27.20, Independent Venues Trust

L.A. Buzz Bands Show, tonight at 9 on The Independent 88.5 FM

It is with a distinctly queasy feeling that I send you this weekly missive. Tonight at 9, after the tainted-by-controversy “biggest night in music,” and in the shadow of today’s tragic death of basketball star and beloved L.A. icon Kobe Bryant, I’ll be on the air at The Independent 88.5 FM with this week’s local music show. The L.A. Buzz Bands Show features premieres of singles by J. Laser and James Supercave (both officially out on Friday), along with songs from some of this week’s album releas...
Tags: Music, UK, Jonathan Wilson, Radio, Kobe Bryant, Buzz Bands La, James Supercave, Local Music, Penelope, Los Angeles music, 88.5 FM, The Independent 88.5 FM, LA scene, J Laser, Bebopalula Jonathan Wilson, Little Mahalia Saint Motel

Tech Talk :: Need Best Dissertation Services USA Suggestions

Author: sophienike Subject: Need Best Dissertation Services USA Suggestions Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 3:10 am (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 0 Hi there. I am Sophie, doing graduation from the University of Colorado. I am looking for the best dissertation writing services who can help me write my dissertation. When a student is required to submit a dissertation, it is arguably by far the longest and the most complicated piece of writing we have ever initiated. The service which I am looking for must hav...
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Sorry – “More”

We've been excited about the malleable UK indie group Sorry for quite some time now. Back in the middle of 2018, we named them a Band To Watch -- a couple months later, they also popped up on our lists of the year's best new bands and best EPs. More »
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4 Gorgeous Super Deluxe Editions Bring The Retro Sexy Back

Kim Wilde and Wendy James, much like Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynde, and Poly Styrene before them, and Shirley Manson, Miley Cyrus, and Charli XCX later on, run in an elite pack of rock and roll’s sexiest, most powerful, and badass lead singers. At first, they came to break your heart, kick your ass, and penetrate your earholes; now they’re back to finish the job with a deluxe stack of premium reissues that also includes landmark albums by Neneh Cherry and Republica. Kim Wilde • The RAK Era...
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