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Lady Gaga says Mike and Karen Pence are 'worst representation' of Christianity

Pop star criticises US vice-president’s wife who teaches at a school that discriminates against LGBT students and parentsLady Gaga has criticised the US vice-president, Mike Pence, and his wife, Karen, over her role teaching art at a school that excludes LGBT students and parents.On stage at her Las Vegas concert residency, Gaga said: “You say we should not discriminate against Christianity; you are the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian. I am a Christian woman and what I do...
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Bill Gunn's 'Personal Problems' and a History of the Video Revolution

None The '60s and '70s signal watershed decades for the growth of alternative media in the West. The emergence of offset printing during the '60s allowed hundreds, if not thousands, of publications to bloom since it only required a typewriter, some glue, a few volunteers, and a vision. Pirate radio stations also proliferated across the United States, Europe, and Latin America during this time. Perhaps nothing captured the excitement and utopian possibilities of the youth revolt like the video ...
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Things to do in the San Fernando Valley, LA area, Jan. 18-25

    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet perform Fernando Melo’s Dream Play on Jan. 19 at the Soraya at Cal State Northridge. (Courtesy photo by Sharen Bradford)   There’s always something fascinating to do in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area. Here is a sampling of entertainments this week and also save-the-date events to put on your calendar.   EVENTS   Women’s March Los Angeles: Non-partisan march celebrating organizations that educate and register voters, inspire youth to perfo...
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Grimes and Azealia Banks subpoenaed in Elon Musk lawsuit

Musicians ordered to preserve evidence related to a tweet by Musk that shareholder plaintiffs claim caused financial losses to TeslaThe US district court of northern California has granted a motion to subpoena the musicians Grimes (AKA Claire Boucher) and Azealia Banks in the ongoing lawsuit against Tesla founder Elon Musk brought by a group of the company’s shareholders.Additional subpoenas will be served against the publications Business Insider, the New York Times and tech website Gizmodo. Th...
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Friday US briefing: Trump escalates feud with Pelosi amid shutdown

How the president’s two years in power have changed key US policies ... North Korean envoy to meet Pompeo ... Democrat takes charge of Flint water crisis investigationGood morning, I’m Tim Walker with today’s essential stories. Continue reading...
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Court Rules Elon Musk Cannot Shield Grimes From Testifying In Tesla Lawsuit

The US District Court Of Northern California is allowing subpoenas to be served to Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) and Azealia Banks over their involvement in Tesla's investor lawsuit, as Business Insider reports. A lawyer for the firm representing the investors says that they plan to file document preservation subpoenas for Grimes, Banks, … More »
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Akai Force: hands-on preview of the post-PC live-in-a-box music tool

The leak was real. Akai have a standalone box that can free you from a laptop, when you want that freedom. It works with your computer and gear, but it also does all the arranging and performance (and some monster sounds and sequencing) on its own. It’s what a lot of folks were waiting for – and we’ve just gotten our hands on it. Akai have already had a bit of a hit with the latest MPCs, which work as a controller/software combo if you want, but also stand on their own. The Akai Force (it’s no...
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‘No one cared because we were black girls’: is time finally up for R Kelly?

Women have accused the singer of sexual abuse for decades. So why are they only being listened to now? Blame misogyny and racism – but also the potency of his music“Yo, Pac!” You can almost feel the spittle as Gary Oldman launches into his soliloquy. It is 2012, and he is on Jimmy Kimmel’s US talkshow, reciting from R Kelly’s autobiography with the plummy majesty he later brought to the role of Churchill. “What up, baby?” he utters as the audience collapses in giggles. The joke is twofold: Eng...
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The No.1 album on the US charts only sold 823 records

Digital music is dominating the music industry as less people are going out to buy CDs than ever and this has never been more clear than with the current number 1 album in the US album charts. New York rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has made it to the number one spot of the US album charts without a physical release at all. Whilst it’s been doing the rounds on streaming services big time the actual sales for the record are phenomenally low, with only 823 people purchasing the album in the wee...
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Who Will Buy Universal Music Group? [Mark Mulligan]

Vivendi has been clear that it would like to sell up to half of its Universal Music Group at a valuation of between $22 billion and $33 billion, and an army of investment bankers are out courting potential buyers. MIDiA's Mark Mulligan looks at who may want and can afford to acquire a major stake in the world's largest music group. __________________________________________ By Mark Mulligan of MIDiA and the Music Industry blog Vivendi continues to look for a buyer for a portion of...
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Rapper Tops US Album Chart With Record Low Sales Of 823

Rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie topped the US album chart last week with a record low sales of just 823 albums. With no release on CD or vinyl, the 823 albums sold in the week ending January 10th were all digital downloads. The #1 came mostly from streams, with his album "Hoodie Szn" streamed 83 million times across all platforms.  The record sales low shows just quickly listeners are shifting from the purchase of music to streaming.  Multiple sources have told Hypebot that 2019 is the yea...
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Buzzcocks' 'Love Bites' Is an Uneven, But Worthwhile, Listen

None Buzzcocks were undeniably one of the best bands to emerge from the late 1970s British punk scene. Still, unlike the Clash, the Sex Pistols, or Wire, they never produced a front-to-back great, non-compilation album. The stellar Singles Going Steady (1979), a remarkably coherent collection of UK A-sides and B-sides recorded between November 1977 and July 1979, one designed to build a US audience for the band, is one of rock's essential records. Even though they did their best work on singles...
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David Byrne Channels the Weird and the Ordinary in 'True Stories'

None As the frontman for , David Byrne certainly earned a reputation as a critic of culture. Songs like "Once in a Lifetime" and "Burning Down the House" ask existential questions that poke at the dull monotony of the everyday. On the surface, Byrne's only feature-length film, True Stories (1986), seems to follow suit. The characters are based on people featured in tabloid news stories that Byrne collected, later deciding to construct a narrative around their idiosyncrasies. The overlapping...
Tags: Music, Comedy, Texas, Review, US, America, David, House, John Goodman, Cambodia, Cia, Bill, Talking Heads, Musical, Criterion Collection, Polaroid

Short Stories: Women in the Workplace

None In the past decade or so, the world of work has featured large on American TV shows and in movies — whether they're satirizing Silicon Valley, the advertising industry of the 1950s, or the White House. In its own way, the workplace novel has also been an enduring sub-genre. But, typically, mainstream narratives have been dominated by white male writers. Within this sub-genre, we have even more categories: the campus novel, the legal caper, the high finance thriller, the fashion chronicles...
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Tencent take Siri on with their own voice assistant

Watch out Siri, you may be about to launch in China in the shape of Apple’s smart speaker but Tencent are looming with their own artificial intelligence on the way. As Apple build up to the launch of their HomePod speaker in China this week on the 18th, native tech giant’s Tencent have announced the readying of their very own powerful artificial intelligence. China’s most notorious tech company Tencent have revealed that they are preparing the launch of their own smart-assistant called Xiaow...
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Foreigners' Rights in Japan: Interview with Activist and Writer Debito Arudou

None Debito Arudou (formerly David Aldwinckle) was born in California and raised in Geneva, New York. After spending a long period of residence in Japan, he became a citizen of that country. Frequently engaged in outspoken activism on the issues of anti-foreigner discrimination and racism in Japanese society, Arudou has written extensively on these topics for various publications, including his regular contributions to the Japan Times newspaper for over 15 years as well his web site Debito....
Tags: Feature, Music, Japan, Supreme Court, Interview, California, France, US, America, Hillary Clinton, United States, Tokyo, States, Republican Party, Vietnam, Johnson

KORG volca modular and volca drum are real – and now we’ve got details

Some things are too good, or too improbable, to be true. Apparently that doesn’t apply to KORG’s volca series. Because if the ultra-compact, affordable modular and drum were exactly what you wished for, well – they’re here. These will look familiar, because images of the top panels of these two pieces of kit hit the Internet in December. The funny thing was, a lot of people responded with “oh there’s no way that modular could be real.” Guess again. The newest volcas are a modeled drum/percu...
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KORG’s minilogue xd is a new 4-voice synth with the best of the rest

KORG are introducing the Minilogue xd. It’s not just a Minilogue with some extras: it’s a new polysynth with the best bits of all the KORG analog range, including the prologue flagship, in a compact package. It’s like the hatchback of synths – the compact, mid-range priced synth that might just wind up being everyone’s favorite. It’s poised to be the Golf GTI of electronic instruments. It’s in the compact monologue form factor, with a US$649.99 price. And it’s coming soon (this winter, so…...
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Average Spotify Subscriber Pays $5.50 Per Month And Falling. That's Less Money For Artists, Labels

The average price that a Spotify subscriber pays in dropping, and that has artists and record labels worried. Despite a stated price of $9.99 USD / €9.99 EU , the actual average price paid global is just $5.50 per month and falling. Spotify prices vary from country to country based on local currency, and according to the streamer, what each market will bear.  Logically, subscribers in a developing country will pay far less than in the US.  But in November, when Spotify launched in the...
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Strymon’s Volante is a new, lush-sounding magnetic echo FX pedal

Strymon have already made a name for themselves in luxe effects hardware and pedals, including classic effects and reverbs like the BigSky. Volante moves into what’s likely to be hit territory – modeling magnetic tape loops and effects. There are three tools in one here: magnetic delay, spring reverb, and a tape-style looper. It basically takes a bunch of things you’d do in a studio (back when studios did stuff with tape) — and crams that into a little box. And it sounds great (Matt Piper h...
Tags: Music, Usa, US, DSP, SHARC, Strymon, Matt Piper

Pohoda Festival Announces 1975, The Roots, Mac DeMarco, & More For 2019

The last couple of years have seen a trend take hold. In the US, the music festival boom has resulted in what a lot of people predicted would be a bubble, and while it might not have burst quite yet the lineups are getting more and more dispiriting. Whether meeting in an unimaginative middle ground … More »
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Disclosure, Dasein, and the Divine in Terrence Malick's 'The Tree of Life'

None The tree of life is a common metaphor for the interconnectedness of all beings. While this metaphor is a familiar framework for ecological thinking—all regions, systems, and species are interwoven and inseparable—the tree of life is also a provocative paradigm for thinking about creativity. The Tree of Life is also both the name of Terrence Malick's 2011 masterpiece and an apt descriptor for his creative process, as evident by The Criterion Collection's 2018 release. The Criterion's rel...
Tags: Feature, Music, Jessica Chastain, Hollywood, Texas, Drama, Germany, Fantasy, US, America, Earth, Mit, Harvard, Roger Ebert, Oxford, Brad Pitt

Instagram Secret Menus, New Trends Decoded

In this edition of Decoded, our fiends at AWAL look at the trends and hidden tricks shaping entertainment inside the Facebook owned and operated social media crown jewel that is Instagram. _________________________ Guest post from AWAL The sheer scale of Facebook’s owned-and-operated crown jewel makes it a vital endpoint in the content race—an inspiring and overwhelming launchpad for preternaturally gifted yodelers, abnormally adorable dogs, and generational artists who set new sta...
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Haken’s ContinuuMini is expressive, post-keyboard sound for $899

Want some evidence that the future of expressive digital instruments and MPE is bright? Look to Haken’s ContinuuMini, which emerged over last year, bringing greater portability and a US$899 price to the out-there controller. Forget anything else, and listen to this gorgeous video (using a clever setup with an Onde acoustic resonator*: Why does the ContinuuMini matter? Expression really is a combination of sound and physical control. Say what you will about piano keyboards (and some electr...
Tags: Music, US, Randy Jones, MPE, Haken, Roger Linn, Madrona Labs, Haken Audio, Apple Steinberg, MPE MPE, La Voix Du Luthier

Live Nation Music Industry Scholarships Now Accepting 2019 Applicants

Working with Live Nation, the Music Forward Foundation is opening up it's 2019 Live Nation US Concerts Scholarship program, giving three lucky recipients $30k with which to pursue their careers in the music industry. ______________________ via Celebrity Access In partnership with Live Nation, Music Forward Foundation has opened the window for applications for the 2019 Live Nation US Concerts Scholarship Program. The program will award $30,000 in scholarships to three recipients wh...
Tags: Music, US, Mark Campana, Live Nation the Music Forward Foundation, Live Nation Music Forward Foundation, Steven J Finkel, Tiffany Green Operator

50% Of New Guitars Sold To Young Women

The gender has been a significant issue in the music industry for a number of years, with women often getting marginalized or in other ways receiving the short end of the stick. A positive indicator that change is finally coming however, reveals that half of the guitars sold in the US and UK are going to young women. _______________________________ Guest post from Haulix Daily The gender gap in music has been a hot topic of debate for years. It seems for every one female-lead or all-...
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Nick Waterhouse: Song For Winners

With the same energy and growl he’s become known for, Nick Waterhouse returns with “Song For Winners.” Accompanying the track is the announcement of a self-titled LP coming 8 March on Innovative Leisure and a US tour. This tune in particular—with crackling drums and frustrated vocals—is accentuated by its ending: almost a full minute breakdown featuring drums, saxophone and electric guitar.
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Futures Of Music Coalition Sets 2019 Policy Priorities

The Future Of Music Coalition (FMC)  shared that it is prepping the launch of a new, mobile-optimized website with a focus on making it easier for musicians and fans to take action.  The US based musician's advocacy group also shared it's priorities for 2019. From the FMC: Fairness in Music Licensing, Business, and Copyright. This will include finally requiring that  AM / FM  radio pay musicians (while ensuring that college and community radio stations aren’t unduly burdened). We’ll ...
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An AI in every home: 23% of the US now owns Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are in more and more homes every month with almost double the amount of Smart Speakers in US homes at the end of 2018 compared to the end of 2017. NPR and Edison Research have released their ‘Smart Audio Report’ looking back at the Smart Speaker industry in 2018. It’s easy to tell from the ever-growing number of companies revealing their entry into the Smart Speaker market that they are on a massive trend and 2018 saw more people than ever picking up an internet-activated, art...
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Hip-Hop Dominates U.S. Streaming, But Not Physical Sales

Here we look at some fascinating new data from market analyst BuzzAngle, revealing some interesting trends in America's music consumption habits. One thing at least is clear: hip hop reigns supreme when it comes to streaming, this year accounting for a quarter of all plays. _________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 According to the latest stats from market analyst BuzzAngle, hip-hop dominated US streaming last year with just over 25% of the total, up from 2...
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