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Watch WWE Wrestlers Elias & Finn Bálor Cover Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga’s “Shallow”

Earlier this month, in the wake of a molten Oscars performance and a vociferous fan campaign, "Shallow," Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's duet from the 2018 movie A Star Is Born, hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Shallow" isn't the #1 song in the country anymore, but it … More »
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Hello World

Enjoy Louie Zong's sweet song, just perfect to start the week with. Zong used a 2006 app called Virtual Singer.
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Watch Migos Perform And DJ Khaled Get Slimed At The Kids’ Choice Awards

The biggest event of the year, the Kids' Choice Awards, took place last night. And who better than Migos to ring in the occasion? Now, you might be wondering, "What song could they possibly perform?" Migos' and Nickelodeon's audiences don't exactly overlap and I can't imagine how they'd clean up a line like "Fuckin on … More »
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Watch Lana Del Rey Perform “Mariners Apartment Complex” Live For The First Time

Lana Del Rey headlined the first day of the Buku Music + Art Project at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans last night. It was her first live show of the year, and she made it count, bringing along backup singers/dancers and a giant wooden swing and performing her recent single "Mariners Apartment … More »
Tags: Video, Buku, Lana Del Rey

Robocopyright: Dan Bull's rap anthem for the defeat of #Article13

Just in time for a continent-wide day of street demonstrations against Article 13 and the new Copyright Directive, British rapper Dan Bull (previously) has released a furious, amazing new song about the regulation: Robocopyright. More than a 100 MEPs have pledged to vote against the measure on Monday, and it's not too late for you to contact your MEP and tell them that you expect them to vote to defeat it.
Tags: Video, Article 11, Article 13, Copyfight, Copyright Directive, Dan Bull, Eucd, Music, Nerdcore

Spanish pop-goth performance featuring Freddy Krueger in high-waisted jeans

The singer is María Olvido Gara Jova, aka Alaska, performing with her band Dinarama. Along with singing in another electro-pop-goth band Fangoria, Alaska has hosted a children's TV series, appeared on a comedy sketch show, and starred in an MTV Spain reality show. This number is titled "Mi novio es un zombi" ("My Boyfriend Is a Zombie"). ( , thanks UPSO!)
Tags: Video, Funny, Horror, Music, Weird

Pivot Gang – “Studio Ground Rules” Video

A studio is a funny place. It's a hangout spot, but it's also a workplace. Rappers spend long hours in the studio, but they're not partying; they're working. They're working even when they're partying. And because the studio is a place where rappers regularly pull all-nighters, there's a code of etiquette that tends to go … More »
Tags: Music, Video, Addison Wright, Frsh Waters, Joseph Chilliams, MFnMelo, Pivot Gang, Saba

Stranger Things 3 trailer improved with cheery old-timey music

The Stranger Things 3 trailer with a delightful original score by Michael Hearst of "Songs for Ice Cream Trucks" fame. "Survive, pack up your synths! Hearst, crank up the calliope!"
Tags: Video, Funny, Music, Parody, Soundtracks, The Upside Down

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

This week, Spike Jonze, arguably the greatest music-video director of all time, directed Karen O and Danger Mouse's Colbert performance. This sounds like an absurd and pretentious thing to do, and it probably is exactly that. But Jonze (and everyone else involved) made something vivid and kinetic and memorable out of it. Mostly, … More »
Tags: Straight To Video, Video, Angel Du$t, Czarface, Ghostface Killah, James DeFina, Josh Mac, Michael Gracey, Pink, Post Malone, Ruth Barrett, Weyes Blood

Mario theme performed on violin at four levels of expertise

Level two, "Amateur", sounded so good that I suspected a joke was afoot. It was, but only the sort of joke a virtuoso like Rob Landes could pull off.
Tags: Video, Games, Humor, Mario, Music

Caracara – “New Chemical Hades” Video

"I have become too apocalyptic for my friends to want me around." Those lyrics are a good way to begin a song! They belong to William Lindsay of Caracara, a Philadelphia band teetering on the borderline between fourth-wave emo and grown-and-stately indie rock. More »
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Stream Jenny Lewis’ New Album On The Line And Watch Her Kimmel Performance

It's now been five years since the former Rilo Kiley leader Jenny Lewis released The Voyager, her last album. And today, she's followed it up, giving us a whole new album of elegant LA rich-kid blues. For the new LP On The Line, she enlisted some heavy help, teaming up with an all-star … More »
Tags: Album Stream, Music, Video, Jenny Lewis, Jimmy Kimmel

Watch Offset Perform With Travis Scott & Talk About Apologizing To Cardi B On Ellen

Last month, the Migos member Offset released his debut solo album Father Of 4. It was a big deal, but not a huge deal. And yet Ellen DeGeneres basically devoted an entire show to Offset today. She gave him the full-court press. More »
Tags: Video, Cardi B, Ellen DeGeneres, Migos, Offset, Travis Scott

Watch Vampire Weekend Play “Big Blue” Live For The First Time

"Big Blue" has not gotten a ton of attention during Vampire Weekend's Father Of The Bride rollout -- no music video, no live radio performance, no digitally altered Jenny Lewis sample -- but man, what a gorgeous song. It's a gentle ballad that … More »
Tags: Video, Vampire Weekend

Watch Gin Blossoms Cover Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees”

'90s Arizona alt-rock band Gin Blossoms released their last album, Mixed Reality, last year, following 2010's No Chocolate Cake. They're currently on a national tour. Last month, they added a cover of Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees" to their setlist. And today, they performed it in-studio for a SiriusXM session. The original song comes … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Radiohead, Arizona, Gin Blossoms

Relaxing music video: 'Can't Help Falling in Love' on kalimba, with dog, in nature

You need this. From AcousticTrench, first published on Oct 15, 2017, from their album.
Tags: Video, Music, News, Dogs, Relax, Picks

James Corden Confirms Conor Oberst And Milo Ventimiglia Are Not The Same Person

The internet has long been convinced that Conor Oberst and Milo Ventimiglia are the same person. The folk-rock singer-songwriter and the Gilmore Girls/Heroes/This Is Us star look kind of alike, especially in older photos, and that is enough for the internet. But unfortunately, the internet is wrong. (Hey, there's a first … More »
Tags: Video, Music, James Corden, Conor Oberst, Phoebe Bridgers, Milo Ventimiglia, Better Oblivion Community Center

Band To Watch: Injury Reserve

"Jailbreak The Tesla" is an evocative title, one that can work as a mantra for the Phoenix hip-hop trio that created it. "That was kind of the idea of Injury Reserve," says Nathaniel Ritchie, the rapper also known as Ritchie With A T -- "taking this thing that's supposed to be this futuristic modern car, … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Interview, Tesla, Amine, Sxsw, Phoenix, Band To Watch, Ritchie, Injury Reserve, Parker Corey, Nathaniel Ritchie

Flume: Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape Visualizer)

For his first release since 2017, electronic artist Flume taps fellow Aussie Jonathan Zawada for a 42+ minute visual for Hi This Is Flume. Though the release is available to stream on all platforms, it’s most powerful when experienced alongside the Zawada-directed video. Complete with lucid digital renderings and eclectic live-action scenes, the cuts accentuate the insanity of Flume’s music—it’s frantic and enveloping, but when the …
Tags: Video, Music, Design, Music Videos, Culture, Electronic Music, Australian, Listenup, Electronic, Flume, Jonathan Zawada, Zawada, Mixtape Visualizer

Heather Woods Broderick – “White Tail” Video

Heather Woods Broderick is gearing up to release Invitation, her follow-up to 2015's great Glider. We premiered the lead single, "Where I Lay," back in January. Today, Broderick shares the next track, "White Tail," and its accompanying music video. More »
Tags: Video, Music, Broderick, Heather Woods Broderick, Tracy Maurice

Goon – “Datura” Video

With only two EPs and some stray singles, grungy LA four-piece Goon have garnered a devoted fanbase and compelling sound. They released Happy Omen back in 2017, following their debut EP Dusk Of Punk the previous year. Today, ahead of their first-ever North American tour, Goon share a new single, "Datura," … More »
Tags: Video, Music, La, Tour Dates, Vinyl Williams, Goon

Ryan Pollie – “Aim Slow”

Ryan Pollie is releasing a new album later this year, his first since changing his name from Los Angeles Police Department and his first since a cancer diagnosis last year. That unfortunate turn of events hangs over the album's first single, "Aim Slow," which comes along with a music video that intercuts home … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Los Angeles Police Department, Ryan Pollie

Watch PUP Make Their Late-Night Debut On Seth Meyers

It's always fascinating to watch a punk band play a late-night show. Even if you've never been to see the band in question, the whole genre triggers a certain sense-memory, and part of your brain starts to imagine that there's a big dude with a neckbeard currently charging across the pit, about to jump at … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Seth Meyers, Pup

Watch Schoolboy Q Debut Travis Scott Collab “Chopstix” On Fallon

A week ago, the LA rap livewire Schoolboy Q came out with "Numb Numb Juice," an absolutely monstrous single. On that song, Q snarls through a whole bunch of threats and insults and then ends it in less than two minutes. It was a hell of a first shot. And since More »
Tags: Video, Music, Jimmy Fallon, Schoolboy Q, Travis Scott, Fallon, Travis Scott Collab, LA rap livewire Schoolboy

Sorry – “Jealous Guy” Video

Band To Watch alums Sorry are back with a new one, "Jealous Guy," the latest in a string of singles that stretches back over the last year. This one was written in response to John Lennon's Imagine track "Jealous Guy," poking holes in the overbearing possessiveness of that song with Asha … More »
Tags: Video, Music, John Lennon, Sorry, Asha, Asha Lorenz, Flo Webb, Jasper Cable-Alexander

Angel Du$t – “Five” Video

Last week, Angel Du$t, the Baltimore-bred onetime Band To Watch whose membership includes dudes from hardcore heavyweights Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice, released a really great album called Pretty Buff. Angel Du$t's music used to be a variation on hardcore, too, but now it's more in line with '70s power-pop, albeit … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Baltimore, Angel Du$t, Ruth Barrett

Making a music video on a budget

Since MTV broke in the 80’s music videos have become a massive part of artist’s careers. Being on a budget shouldn’t stop you making a great video. First off you want to think about the kind of video you want to make. If you have ideas about what you want for your video then you can look at how to approach that. If you’re totally lost for what your music video will be then look at collaborating with a creative. If you know any filmmakers or artists they could help you realise your potentia...
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Post Malone’s “Wow” Video Stars That Viral Dancing Beardo

By now, the world must behold the glory of Mike Alancourt, a Jacksonville resident with a luxurious, flowing grey beard and an ability to dance like it's 2001 and he's the vaguely weird-looking member in the boy band who doesn't get too many close-ups in the videos. A couple of months ago, the Jacksonville dance … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Jacksonville, Post Malone, Malone, James DeFina, Mike Alancourt

Full Of Hell – “Burning Myrrh” Video

Full Of Hell have announced a new album, Weeping Choir, their first for Relapse Records. Most recently, they put out a split with Intensive Care last year. The Maryland grindcore band also teamed up with the Body in 2017 for Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light, their second collaboration together. They … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Maryland, Full Of Hell

Lollapalooza Announces Partial 2019 Lineup Via Dog Adoption Promo

Lollapalooza has sneakily announced a portion of its 2019 lineup. The Chicago mega-festival posted a video today in partnership with the animal shelter PAWS Chicago, which cleverly weaves clues about 2019 Lolla performers into footage of dogs available for adoption in the Chicagoland area. More »
Tags: Video, Music, Chicago, Chicagoland, Lollapalooza

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