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Dark Side of Light's "bummer summer" breeze

I was sitting on my couch fretting over the state of our country, scrolling through my Instagram feed, when I came upon a post by Valley Relics Museum, the nonprofit organization passionate about preserving and protecting historical and cultural artifacts from Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley and its surrounding areas. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Valley Relics Museum

Music Teaser: Kate Hudson Leads Sia’s Directorial Debut Film

Music Teaser: Kate Hudson Leads Sia’s Directorial Debut Film Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Sia has finally released the first teaser trailer for her forthcoming directorial debut film titled Music, featuring Golden Globe winner Kate Hudson as she tries to take care of her teenage half-sister who has autism. Also starring Sia’s long-time collaborator Maddie Ziegler, the film is scheduled to arrive in select IMAX theaters on February 12, 2021, which is the same date as the release of Sia’...
Tags: Video, Music, Movies, Juliette Lewis, Sia, Kate Hudson, Octavia Spencer, Maddie Ziegler, Movie News, Dallas Clayton, Leslie Odom Jr Hamilton, Spike Lee Set, Kate Hudson Leads Sia, Henry West Side Story

The original, wonderful, folky, and slightly schmaltzy recording of "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

Folk legend Pete Seeger penned "Turn! Turn! Turn" in the the late 1950s, but the release of his recording was preceded by the above 1962 version recorded by folk trio The Limeliters. One of the players on that Limeliters session was Jim McGuinn (later known as Roger McGuinn) who went on to form The Byrds and rearranged that song to be a massive folk-rock hit. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, Pete Seeger, Folk, Roger McGuinn, Jim McGuinn

Simon Stålenhag directed a music video for Duvchi

I'm a big fan of Simon Stålenhag (previously at BB) but found the screen production of Tales from the Loop more cold and distant than his disarming, monumental artwork. His own directorial debut, though, is full of warm magic: the video for Geronimo, a song from Duvchi's forthcoming album This Kind of Ocean [Amazon]. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, Music, News, Simon Stalenhag, Geronimo, Duvchi, Ocean -LSB- Amazon

Gangsta's Paradise, 1920s edition

PostmodernJukebox wanted to see what Coolio's 90s megahit Gangsta's Paradise would be like if it were 70 years older: "Chicago in the 1920's was truly a gangster's paradise, after all." This speakeasy jazz rendition is sun by Robyn Adele Anderson. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Video, Music, News, Chicago, Covers, Hip Hop, Jazz, Coolio, Robyn Adele Anderson, PostmodernJukebox

Adam Jones from Tool's gorgeous short film announcing his custom guitar

Tool's Adam Jones directed and composed the music for "The Witness," a short film announcing his 1979 Les Paul Custom guitar. Accompanying Jones on the gorgeous, expansive score are Tool bandmates Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor. Along with being a guitar virtuoso (duh), Jones is a hyper-talented visual artist, film director, and veteran special effects designer. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, Guitars, Jones, Adam Jones, Danny Carey, Les Paul Custom, Justin Chancellor Along

Listen: The song that became A-ha's "Take On Me"

A-ha's "Take on Me" was born in 1981 as a song called "Miss Eerie" by A-ha members Pål Waaktaar's and Magne Furuholmen's previous band Bridges. "Miss Eerie" was actually the song's second name out of four total. The "Miss Eerie" 7" is included in a new book, A-Ha: Down to the Tracks. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, 1980s, New Wave, Pål Waaktaar, Magne Furuholmen

Watch blues maestros Son House and Buddy Guy on TV in 1958

"I'm gonna take this thing here, right now, and I can make it say its prayers." Above, blues legends Son House and Buddy Guy perform on Camera Three, an American fine arts TV show that aired on Sundays from 1956 to 1980. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, Television, News, Blues, Buddy Guy, Son House

Minecraft music slowed down is even more beautiful

If you're looking for some superchill ambient vibes, check out this slowed-down version of songs found in Minecraft. Songs included: Subwoofer Lullaby: 0:00 Living Mice: 4:37 Haggstrom: 8:01 Minecraft: 11:57 Mice On Venus: 16:52 Dry Hands: 22:43 Wet Hands: 23:35 *CLARK*: 25:08 Sweden: 29:01 Danny: 33:26 Image: YouTube / Oli Is MLG
Tags: Video, Music, News, Clark, Danny, Chillout, Haggstrom, Mincraft

Fleetwood Mac: 'DREAMS,' covered by Infinity Song (MUSIC)

This one has been making the rounds all week, as America waits. It's beautiful. Infinity Song on YouTube, covering Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams.' Our Debut EP "Mad Love" is some of the best music you will hear this year. Listen Here: — Read the rest
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'Anticipation,' Carly Simon (1971)

"Anticipation." From Carly Simon's YouTube. Good Vibrations from Central Park aired on ABC on Thursday, Aug 19, 1971. Concert was part of the Shaefer Music Festival. The Ike and Tina Turner Revue, The Beach Boys, Carly Simon, Boz Scaggs and Kate Taylor were all part of this concert. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Video, Music, News, Abc, Carly Simon, Election, Central Park, Seventies, Tina Turner, Kate Taylor, Count Every Vote, Call It Already, Carly Simon Boz Scaggs

Watch North Korean officials' reactions to hearing K-Pop for the first time

Watch these North Korean officials' reactions to seeing a K-Pop show for the first time in their lives. They liked it, but their excited expressions are apparently everyone else's flatlining in a coma expressions. The performance happened in 2018, and was covered by CNN. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Video, Music, News, Cnn, Kim Jong Un, Korea, K Pop, KPOP

Nina Simone: "The Times They Are a-Changin'"

"The battle outside ragin'Will soon shake your windowsAnd rattle your walls…" —Nina Simone covers Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are a-Changin'" (1969)
Tags: Post, Video, Music, Elections, News, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Please Heed The Call

"Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight"

Bob Marley & The Wailers, "Get Up, Stand Up," 1977 performance.
Tags: Video, Music, News, Bob Marley, Stand Up For Your Rights

"Underbelly" is a trippy animated surveillance fantasy

Trumpeter Steph Richards has been working on a project called SUPERSENSE, and "Underbelly" is an audio-visual-olfactory musing on our surveillance society. Note: strobe effects. The style is evocative of the hand-drawn style used in 1970s children's shows like Electric Company. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, Surveillance, Animation, Steph Richards, Electric Company Read

Last night: Tracy Chapman performed "Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution"

In her first televised appearance in years, here is Tracy Chapman yesterday on Late Night with Seth Meyers performing "Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution" (1988).
Tags: Post, Video, Music, News, Revolution, Seth Meyers, Tracy Chapman

Street pianist plays on as Barcelona ignites with protests

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Peter (@pianolitopeter) on Nov 1, 2020 at 1:14am PDT As anti-lockdown protests broke out in Barcelona last week, busker pianolitopeter played on. The song is "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles from their album Everything (1988). — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, Barcelona, Protests, Peter, Busking

A lovely and forlorn cover of the Tetris theme

Jutenks recorded this beautiful and sad arrangement of "Korobeinik," the 19th century Russian folk song better known as the Tetris theme. (r/ObscureMedia)
Tags: Gaming, Video, Music, News, Tetris, Videogames, Retro Gaming, Jutenks, Korobeinik

Christian musician explains how syncopation corrupts music and your soul

In this footage, Christian Berdahl explains why singing "Je-SUS loves ME" instead of "JE-sus LOVES me"—moving emphasis from the first to the second beat—is a ticket straight to Hell. Then he explains other things, too. "Syncopation, by all the cult experts around the world agree, syncopation is the source of cult power in pagan worship services." — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, Religion, Hippity Hop, Christian Berdahl

Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids doing the "Monster Mash"

This could be the cutest thing you see all day. Happy Halloween.
Tags: Halloween, Post, Video, Music, News, Clark, Monster Mash, Quarantine Life

Ministry's "(Everyday Is) Halloween" (1984)

From the days when Al Jourgensen cultivated an English accent and I wore too much eyeliner, Ministry's "(Everyday Is) Halloween." (1984) Above, a fan video cut up from horror films.
Tags: Halloween, Video, Music, News, Al Jourgensen, We Live With Snakes And Lizards

Matt Berninger of The National chats with soul legend Booker T Jones

Matt Berninger of The National just released his first proper solo album, Serpentine Prison, and it's a magnificent, moody, and expansive collection of indie ballads. The record is filled with heart and oozes with soul, which makes perfect sense as Berninger enlisted Stax soul legend Booker T. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, Soul, Booker, Matt Berninger, Berninger, Booker T Jones

Karen O and Willie Nelson cover Queen and Bowie's "Under Pressure"

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Willie Nelson released this surprising and strikingly beautiful cover of Queen and David Bowie's classic 1981 song "Under Pressure." The track was produced by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek and features features the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner, Imaad Wasif, Johnny Hanson, and Micah Nelson. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, Karen O, Covers, David Bowie, Willie Nelson, Bowie, Dave Sitek, Nick Zinner Imaad Wasif Johnny Hanson, Micah Nelson Read

Sage Vaughn's illustrated interview with Sam i about his new film "Heaven"

A Boing Boing exclusive: Sage Vaughn interviewed Grammy-nominated DJ, music producer, composer and music/film director Sam i (formerly known as Sam Spiegel)'s new self- directed short film "Heaven." A note from Sam i: "To Whom It May Concern" feat Ceelo Green, Theophilus London, and Alex Ebert is the longest time from conception to completion that it's ever taken me to create a song. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, London, News, Film, Sam, Alex Ebert, Sam Spiegel, Sage Vaughn

Expert banjo maker shows off the first one he made

North Carolina banjo artisan Marvin Walker shows off the first cigar box banjo he ever made "kind of as an experiment." He then demonstrates it by playing the only song he ever wrote, a serenade to his wife called "Rhonda's Tune." — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, North Carolina, Rhonda, Banjo, Luthiers, Banjos, Marvin Walker

'Interstellar' theme played on the hydraulophone

James Hancock demonstrates the 12-jet diatonic hydraulophone at Stanford's school of music. Larger models allow for duets, like this rendition of "House of the Rising Sun." Image: YouTube / hydraulist
Tags: Video, Music, News, Stanford, Musical Instrument, Hydraulophone, James Hancock

Learn how to play the kalimba in a half hour

The kalimba is one of the most beautiful-sounding portable instuments, and it's pretty easy to learn thanks to this handy lesson by Sound Adventurer. He recommends a 17-key kalimba like this beauty. Who knows, maybe in short order you will be good enough to head to the nearest rocky shore and play this little ditty: Image: YouTube / Sound Adventure
Tags: Video, Music, News, Lesson, Howto, Kalimbas

1970s Japanese pop hit "Southpaw" redone with recorders and animation

The Kuricorder Quartet redid the 1978 Pink Lady hit Southpaw in their own inimitable style, adding a delightfully weird animated dance sequence. If you're not familiar with the original, here you go: If you are of a certain age, you may even recall that Pink Lady had a variety show on NBC with Jeff Altman, called Pink Lady & Jeff. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, Nbc, Animation, Japanese culture, Pop Music, Pink Lady, Jeff Altman, Pink Lady Jeff Read

Miley Cyrus covers The Cure and The Cranberries

As part of the Save Our Stages Fest benefiting independent music venues shuttered during the pandemic, Miley Cyrus took the stage at Hollywood's legendary Whisky a Go Go on Saturday night, tearing through The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" (1980) and The Cranberries' "Zombie" (1994) before finishing up with her own single "Midnight Sky." — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, Hollywood, News, Miley Cyrus, Music Venues, Don, Save Our Stages

Watch this guitarist rock 71 Nirvana riffs in 5 minutes

Kurt Cobain did not lack for catchy riffs. From yourautnstripe: Nirvana is the reason I have decided to pick up guitar back in middle school and since then I absolutely loved playing and singing their songs. This cover is not perfect, but it was quite difficult to play everything in one video since the tempo is very different. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, Nirvana, Guitar, Kurt Cobain, Here We Are Now Entertain US

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