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The Wrens’ Kevin Whelan & Charles Bissell Trade Blows In New Interview About Breakup

Kevin Whelan, formerly of the Wrens, is releasing Observatory, his debut album as Aeon Station, next month on Sub Pop. Notoriously, half of the album was originally recorded for inclusion on the next Wrens album, the long-awaited follow-up to 2003’s widely beloved The Meadowlands, which was also supposed to be released by Sub Pop. But due to a falling out with Wrens bandmate Charles Bissell — who has been tinkering with the new Wrens music for more than a decade, and who was seeking more robust ...
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‘It’s repulsive to me’: the bitter feud of indie-rockers the Wrens

Their 2003 album The Meadowlands earned them adulation, but a long-promised followup never arrived. Now their frontman is back as Aeon Station – and his former co-writer is very unhappy…Before taking flight as indie-rock heartbreakers the Wrens, Kevin Whelan and Charles Bissell were an awkward, prickly pair who met at a graduation party in an abandoned house. “I never had any friends or girlfriends,” the affable Whelan, 51, says with a self-effacing laugh from the New Jersey home he shares with ...
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Aeon Station – “Fade”

Next month, the Wrens’ Kevin Whelan will release Observatory, the first album from his new project Aeon Station, which he started after work on the Wrens’ much-delayed Meadowlands follow-up stalled out. We’ve heard “Queens” and “Leaves” from it already, and today Whelan is back with another single, “Fade.”
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Aeon Station – “Leaves”

It appears that the Wrens will probably never release their long-promised follow-up to their much-loved 2003 album The Meadowlands. Everyone seems to be bummed about this, including the Wrens’ own Charles Bissell, but it is what it is. Bissel’s bandmate Kevin Whelan has split from Bissel and signed to Sub Pop, and he’s getting ready to release his first album under the name Aeon Station. The songs on that album include the ones that Whelan was planning to include on that next Wrens album. But on...
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The Wrens’ Charles Bissell Addresses Split With Bandmate Kevin Whelan

Everyone invested in New Jersey indie rock heroes the Wrens has been waiting well over a decade for Charles Bissell — the band’s singer, guitarist, resident producer, and de facto leader — to finish tinkering with the new album they’ve been promising since not too long after 2003’s masterful The Meadowlands. That includes Bissell’s Wrens co-frontman Kevin Whelan. In a New York Times interview last month, Whelan announced that, having run out of patience with Bissell’s perfectionist delays and co...
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Trump Targets Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Once Again Sides With The Alleged Abuser

President Donald Trump showed restraint for exactly five days before tweeting about the sexual assault allegations against his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and calling out his accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford by name.He tweeted that Kavanaugh, who stands accused of sexually assaulting and attempting to rape Dr. Ford when she was 15, is "a fine man, with an impeccable reputation." (The nominee denies Dr. Ford's claims.)The president then targeted Dr. Ford, a private citizen, and tried ...
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The Actress Who Plays Yara On Game Of Thrones Is Even Funnier IRL

Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), without a doubt, provides the most comedic relief of Game of Thrones. But in season 6, fans were introduced to an unlikely new character who knew how to crack a joke or two: Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan). Yara is in a less than comical situation at the moment, as she is currently prisoner of her estranged uncle, Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk), and at the mercy of the resident evil queen Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey). But still, I have hope that Yara will bounce ba...
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This Game of Thrones Actress Was Almost Fired For Leaking Info

The first rule of acting in Game of Thrones is, don't talk about acting in Game of Thrones. Most of us could have guessed as much, but one actress didn't. Gemma Whelan, who has played Yara Greyjoy on the HBO series since season 2, said she almost lost her part before it even began for violating that edict."No one told me to keep quiet about it," Whelan told The Times of London. "I just thought it was normal to pop it on my Spotlight entry, so I wrote on my CV, ‘This summer Gemma will be playing...
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The Horses May Be The Most Distracting Actors On Game Of Thrones

With so many horses on Game of Thrones, it's inevitable that one of the biggest challenges for the actors while filming their scenes is dealing with horses being, well, horses. Since horses have been domesticated throughout the known world and used for various things throughout the series, they play a big role in both on-screen and off-screen drama. On a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show , Gemma Whelan, the actress who plays Yara Greyjoy, shared one of those stories.Whelan's story isn...
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This Hair Dye Horror Story Is One For The Ages

Photo: Alex Doubovitsky/Getty Images. On the beauty horror story spectrum, there's "harmless" at one end and "hospitalization" at the other. Bad haircuts, over-plucked brows, and painful bikini waxes aren’t ideal, but they're not the end-all. Developing a dramatically swollen head as a reaction to hair dye, on the other hand? Not quite so innocuous.Last December, two days after getting her hair dyed at a friend’s salon, Mish Whalen woke up with a big head. And not the kind you get from thin...
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jessejohnheffernan - Just For You

Also announced this week: Emigrant Disco Bell X1 @ Olympia Cass McCombs at Whelan’s Super Furry Animals Afterparty Former Throwing Muses’ musician Kristin Hersh is to play a solo Irish tour that goes to Spirit Store, Dundalk on… (in post Gig news: Hamilton Leithauser, Badly Drawn Boy, Kristin Hersh, Soma, Young Marco, R.S.A.G. & more from nialler9. More by this artist at )
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Dreaming Of Jupiter - Light Of My Life

Photo: Emmanuel Hammond Dreaming of Jupiter - Light Of My Life Info: Following a busy summer of gigging, including Whelan's Summer Ones to Watch, Dublin alternative-pop trio Dreaming of Jupiter are set for their first headline show in… (in post Single: Dreaming of Jupiter - Light Of My Life from Remy's Music & Film Blog. More by this artist at )
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Trick Mist - Video Blue Interview in Whelan's, 25th June, 2016

Photo: Remy Connolly Trick Mist / Video Blue Interview, Whelan's, Dublin. 25th of June. Info: On Saturday I met up with Dundalk solo electronic acts Trick Mist (Gavin Murray) and Video Blue (Jim O'Donoghue Martin) in Whelan's of… (in post Live Review / Interview: Participant, Video Blue & Trick Mist from Remy's Music & Film Blog. More by this artist at )
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Two Door Cinema Club’s Alex Trimble: ‘I wasn’t prepared to go back into hell’

After six years on the road, the Irish indie band couldn’t stand to be in the same room. But thanks to DIY and yoga, they’re back – and warming up for a tour disguised as their own tribute actAs cover bands go, Tudor Cinema Club are pretty convincing. Walking on stage at a rammed Whelan’s in Dublin, their bassist and guitarist are the spitting image of Two Door Cinema Club’s Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday. Their renditions of Two Door favourites Undercover Martyn, Something Good Can Work and Next ...
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moonlookson - come lay with me by MoonLooksOn

Alternative-folk act Moonlookson have announced a headline show in Whelan’s on May 4th. The four-piece will play their first full-band show in Whelan’s upstairs venue next week, bringing their atmospheric […] (in post Moonlookson set for Whelan’s headliner from The Last Mixed Tape. More by this artist at )
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