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How to get my music on YouTube Music free

Over a billion people use YouTube and with YouTube Music they’ve created a dedicated platform for all of the great music uploaded and released around the world. Get your music in front of that giant audience for FREE with RouteNote. Getting your music on the top services gives people from all around the world the ability to discover and listen to your music at any time. YouTube Music is the new home for music on YouTube bringing a dedicated music streaming service to the world’s favourite ...
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YouTube Music has launched in India, South Africa, and 12 more markets.

YouTube’s recently launched music streaming service is spreading and is now available in 14 more places around the world. It’s been nearly a year since YouTube launched YouTube Music last May, a new platform that collects all of the music on YouTube in one place and presents it like a traditional streaming service. Launching to quash artists and labels’ gripes with how low paid music was on YouTube they have been growing the platform ever since. They have just announced their launch in ...
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YouTube Music and YouTube Premium come to India

YouTube Music is coming to the next critical battlefield for streaming music services: India. The company announced this week it’s launching its ad-supported version of YouTube Music for free in the country, as well as YouTube Music Premium, its subscription that offers background listening, offline downloads and an ad-free experience for ₹99 a month. In addition, YouTube Premium, which extends offline play, background listening and the removal of ads across YouTube, is also launching in Indi...
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YouTube Music joins Spotify in India with more music for less money

Spotify’s launch in India was long-rumoured and talked about and now they’ve finally done it YouTube have stepped in to steal the spotlight. At the end of February, Spotify brought it’s popular music streaming service to India with a potential audience of over 1.3 billion new listeners, gaining over a million of them in less than a week. They aren’t just competing with local favourites like JioSaavn but also have Western rivals like Apple Music already in the region to contend with. Now ju...
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YouTube launches Music Premium at Rs 99, YouTube Premium at Rs 129 per month

YouTube has launched YouTube Music, its music and video streaming app in India. YouTube Music will come with songs, albums, playlists (genres, mood, activity and language based) and artist radios, remix catalogs, covers and music videos. This will be personalised according to user usage. YouTube... ...
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YouTube Launches In India Priced 20% Under Spotify, With Licences From All 3 Majors

YouTube Music has launched in India just days after Spotify's controversial launch there. YouTube Music Premium subscriptions are priced at 99 rupee, or 20% lower than the 119 rupees / $1.67 per month that Spotify charges for similar Premium subscriptions in India. Add in ad-free YouTube videos and the price rises to 129 rupees. Unlike Spotify, who launched without a licence with WMG's Warner/Chappell publishing arm, a spokesperson confirmed that YouTube has signed deal with all three maj...
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70% of young people get their music on YouTube, not Spotify or Apple Music

Music streaming services are becoming synonymous with listening to music in the 21st century but it’s YouTube that is dominating music listening. A new has looked at how young people under 35 listen to music. In the digital age people are moving away from CDs and listening to music online. The proliferation of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music has put a world of unlimited music in the laps of everyone but even with over 200 million listeners combined traditional streaming s...
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YouTube Music are opening a new studio for UK’s emerging talent

YouTube Music want to help boost fresh, new artists in the UK by funding a new studios at the BRIT School. The BRIT Trust have gained the support of YouTube Music to fund a new music studio and give opportunities to up-and-coming talent to the UK. It comes after YouTube sponsored the BRIT Awards ceremony this year showing a deep partnership between the BRIT Trust and the video streaming giant. The YouTube Music Studios will be built at The BRIT School in the hopes of helping the next g...
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5 Music Startup Trends To Follow In 2019 [Cherie Hu]

In this piece, Cherie Hu look at five observable trends in the world of music industry tech startups, and what these inclinations suggest about the future of the music biz and the ways in which tech companies and their investors understand and relate to the music business. ___________________________ Guest post by Cherie Hu of GetRevue As many of you may know firsthand, so much of growth and success in the entertainment business is about the right timing.  I am 100% a benefici...
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SoundCloud will now handle distributing your music – and give you a 100% cut

SoundCloud has a new pitch to creators: upload your music not just to SoundCloud, but to all major music services, too. Distribution is launching in a new beta as part of Premier service, and the terms look appealing. Okay, first, to understand what digital distribution is, let’s go back in time. Digital music for many years meant primarily CDs and … well, piracy, despite some early (fairly horrible) stores. Then along came Apple’s iTunes Music Store. When it launched, you needed to have a lab...
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YouTube Music is now playing on Sonos speakers

Sonos speakers just got even better with YouTube Music streaming from the video giant’s massive catalogue of music in your home. YouTube Music is now available to play music on all Sonos speakers for YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscribers. Using the Sonos app listeners can play from millions of official songs, albums, thousands of playlists, artist-radios – as well as their unique catalogue of remixes, live music, covers and more only available on YouTube thanks to their vide...
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Sonos adds YouTube Music, rounding out its streaming service support

Sonos has added YouTube Music to its list of supported on-demand streaming services, providing millions of subscribers yet another reason to consider its acclaimed smart speaker lineup. The post Sonos adds YouTube Music, rounding out its streaming service support appeared first on Digital Trends.
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YouTube Music could be replacing Google Play on Android devices

Google’s latest update makes it look likely that YouTube Music could take Google Play’s longstanding position as the default music player on Android devices. Google have released their first update of 2019 for their new music service built from YouTube‘s video platform which integrates all of the video site’s music content into one. The app’s under-the-hood update has been analysed by techies and they’ve found some suggestions that YouTube Music may become the default music player for Androi...
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YouTube Music Poised To Replace Google Play As Android Default Audio Player

A look at the under the hood of a recent YouTube Music app update shows strong evidence that Google may be about to make it the default music player within its Android operating system. The move could help catapult YouTube Music from also-ran to top tier music streamer. Apple guaranteed the success of iTunes and later Apple Music in 2003 by making it the default music player preloaded on all Apple iOS devices. A similar APK teardown in November revealed that YouTube Music was experimen...
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YouTube's Streaming Domination Clips the Market’s Wings [Mark Mulligan]

For all the media attention given to Spotify and Apple Music, YouTube is still the world's most popular music streaming service. But its unique licensing position and massive free offering often has a negative effect on the entire music streaming market. _________________________________ By Mark Mulligan of MIDiA and the Music Industry Blog The Article 13 debate that shaped so much of the latter part of 2018 will continue to play an important role throughout 2019 while European and th...
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The latest charts on YouTube Music packaged into playlists for you

YouTube Music is helping you keep up on the trends by turning all of their top charts into playlists so you can easily come and get on top of what’s popping. Earlier this year YouTube built and launched a new platform to keep their expansive catalogue of music content in one place and improve revenues for artists. YouTube Music has been getting better all the time since it’s launch as Google make it a fully loaded streaming platform. Their latest move presents all of the hottest new music an...
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The latest charts on YouTube Music are now packaged into playlists for you

YouTube Music is helping you keep up on the trends by turning all of their top charts into playlists so you can easily come and get on top of what’s popping. Earlier this year YouTube built and launched a new platform to keep their expansive catalogue of music content in one place and improve revenues for artists. YouTube Music has been getting better all the time since it’s launch as Google make it a fully loaded streaming platform. Their latest move presents all of the hottest new music an...
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YouTube Music turns its Top Charts into playlists

Earlier this year, Apple Music launched some of its top charts as playlist series. Today, YouTube is doing something similar. The company announced it’s making its YouTube Charts available as playlists in YouTube Music to users across the 29 markets where the music service is live. Each market will receive five of these “charts playlists” – three specific to their country, and two global lists, the company says. The Top 100 Songs and the Top 100 Music Videos will be offered both as local and ...
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This Week On The YouTube Music Charts: 'Mo Bamba,' 'All I Want For Christmas' and More

Sheck Wes’ track “Mo Bamba” ruled the YouTube Music charts landing at #1, Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic began climbing the charts, and Queen saw continued success after the release of their biopic. YouTube Music Highlights - Sheck Wes - “Mo Bamba” completes its ascent up the YouTube charts, taking over the #1 slot on the US Top Music Videos chart this week. Daily views of the video reached as high as 1.9 million during the chart week. - After re-entering the chart last week, Mariah...
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Students can now snag YouTube Premium and YouTube Music for cheap

YouTube is offering budget-conscious students steep discounts on its popular paid tier of ad-free music and video. Those currently in school can get access to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music for half their usual price. The post Students can now snag YouTube Premium and YouTube Music for cheap appeared first on Digital Trends.
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YouTube and YouTube Music launch discounted subscriptions for students

YouTube today is launching lower-cost subscription plans for students who want to enjoy an ad-free version of YouTube or its music streaming service, YouTube Music. The new plans are the first significant changes to YouTube’s music subscription program since its launch last year. At that time, YouTube had also rebranded its ad-free YouTube Red subscription as YouTube Premium. For eligible students, YouTube Music Premium is now $4.99 per month instead of $9.99 per month, and YouTube Premium is...
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YouTube Music Charts 11.2-8.18: Ariana Grande Is #1, Linkin Park Passes 1B Views

On the YouTube Music Charts this week, Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” reached #1 on the US Top Songs Chart, Linkin Park’s “Numb” crosses 1 billion views, and Queen continues up charts again  following the release of their biopic   Highlights - Linkin Park’s official music video for “Numb” hit 1B last week -- the group’s first to reach the milestone. Linkin Park are currently #87 on the  Global Top Artist chart . - Ariana Grande’s new single “thank u, next” debuts at the top of t...
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YouTube Music presents the hottest UK acts in their 2019 spotlight

YouTube Music has launched it’s first ever ‘Ones to Watch’ artist spotlight for ten UK artists that they feel are breaking the mold and on the brink of making it big. In order to find the 10 artists that YouTube Music felt have the most potential to break out next year they used their own platform. Looking at their own analytics, engagement from music fans and how many people are listening YouTube were able to see who is algorithmically the best tipped for an amazing year in 2019. English si...
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My experience with music while on airplanes

Music has always been an important part of my life. I remember my first iPod. Before that: I remember my Sony Walkman. I remember buying my first Madonna album. I remember dragging my college friends to the club so I could dance to beats I’d never heard before. I remember making mix CDs from all my illegal Napster downloads for my Mom each Christmas. So it’s no surprise then that when I’m traveling, I bring my music with me. Half the fun of a road trip is planning the music you’ll listen to. But...
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Search for music on YouTube now with emojis

Searching for music to listen to on YouTube but not quite sure what to listen to? Try searching with a winky face and see what the results are with the new, updated search. This year YouTube launched YouTube Music, a new platform conjoined to YouTube which collates their expansive and varied music content all into one place. It essentially created a dedicated music streaming service within YouTube, with the added benefit of live shows, cover songs, and more that traditional streamers don’t h...
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SoundCloud finally lets more musicians monetize four years later

SoundCloud moves painfully slow for a tech company, and no one feels that pain more than musicians who are popular on the site but don’t get paid. 10 years since SoundCloud first launched, and four years since it opened an invite-only program allowing just the very biggest artists to earn a cut of the ad and premium subscription revenue generated by their listeners, SoundCloud is rolling out monetization. Now, musicians 18 and up who pay SoundCloud $8 to $16 per month for hosting, get over 50...
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How to add or edit your artist image on YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the new home for everything musical on YouTube and makes streaming simple. As an artist you want your place on their to be the best it can be. Earlier this year YouTube launched YouTube Music, a platform which transforms all the music content on YouTube including; tracks, music videos, live videos, and more, are now all in one streaming hub. It’s laid out much more like a traditional music streaming service and makes streaming music, making playlists, creating queues and mor...
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The American Music Awards are now officially partnered with YouTube

YouTube Music have signed a multi-year deal with Dick Clark’s American Music Awards for the first-ever presenting partnership for the awards ceremony. On October 9th YouTube will be the first presenting sponsors for the American Music Awards, the celebration of artists based on people’s love and admiration for them. The American Music Award’s nominees are based on performance and interaction with fans from streaming services, social media activity, radio plays and more to gauge who people are ...
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YouTube Official Artist Channels: Features, Benefits

By now a well established powerhouse of music discovery, YouTube recently took the step of adding Official Artist Channels, which gather up all of your content and subscribers into one specific place. Here we look at some of the features and benefits of this new tool. ______________________ Guest post by The Orchard's Video Services and Interactive Marketing Coordinator (Spain & Portugal), Marina Sans for The Daily Rind. It’s unquestionable that YouTube has become the primary vi...
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New features are coming to YouTube Music

Fans of YouTube Music are in for an exciting time. Google has committed to an aggressive patch cycle which aims to address many of the current problems with YouTube Music. Over the course of the next several months, users can expect an improved UI, better streaming and storage options, and more. The post New features are coming to YouTube Music appeared first on Digital Trends.
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