They posed in blackface and bullied African-American classmates. The school district failed to act, parents say

The parents of six former and current African-American students are suing a Minnesota school district in federal court over allegations of racial discrimination.
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The Thai entrepreneur who believes pretty jewelry can build a better earth

Looking at a piece of fine jewelry, you might not immediately wonder where it came from or who made it.
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Have a secret crush? Facebook wants to help

Facebook Dating officially launched in the United States giving users the ability to match using their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Here's how it works.
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Watch live: Cowboys lead Eagles in NFC East clash

With first place in the division at stake, Dallas turned two early Philly turnovers into touchdowns and remains in control in the second half.
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Watch live: Cowboys jump on top of Eagles

Dallas turned two early Philly turnovers into touchdowns in a game that is huge for both 3-3 teams. The winner will be in first place in the NFC East.
Tags: News, Cowboys, Dallas, Philly

Watch live: Cowboys jump all over Eagles

Dallas has turned two Philly turnovers into touchdowns as the 3-3 teams fight for first place in the NFC East.
Tags: News, Cowboys, Dallas, Philly

Watch live: Niners, Seahawks in big finale

With the NFC West title on the line, San Francisco's defense is dominating so far in Seattle. Can Russell Wilson turn things around in the second half?
Tags: News, San Francisco, Seattle, Russell Wilson, Niners Seahawks

Watch live: Chiefs in control vs. Bears

Patrick Mahomes has run and passed for touchdowns, but it's the much-improved Kansas City defense that's looking Super Bowl-caliber so far in Chicago.
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Watch live: Bears playing for pride against Chiefs

Chicago is out of the playoff picture, but if the Bears are going to get up for an opponent, it ought to be in the Sunday night game against Patrick Mahomes & Co.
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What makes a supermodel 'super'?

Say you're asked to name a supermodel. You probably wouldn't struggle to list Naomi Campbell or Linda Evangelista, or more recent inheritors of the title like Kendall Jenner, Adut Akech or Gigi and Bella Hadid. But now, imagine you're asked to define what makes Campbell and the Hadids "super," and others who walk the exact same runways just "models." Is it fame, or the fees they might command, or something more intangible?
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Opinion: Mattis had problems with Trump -- and with Obama, Biden and Bush

Jim Mattis' memoir "Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead," published Tuesday, is already the number one bestseller on Amazon.
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Tensions escalate between India and Pakistan

India (MNN) – India is trying to prevent the current situation in Kashmir from turning into an international crisis, but Pakistan, a Muslim majority nation, isn’t having it. Since India revoked Article 370 , removing the autonomy of the only Muslim majority region in the country, tensions have since increased. Tensions Rise in Pakistan (Photo courtesy pf Aleem Yousaf via Wikimedia Commons) Historically, Kashmir is a disputed territory between India and Pakistan. Presently, each count...
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