A lost continent has been found under Europe

Researchers have discovered a hidden continent on Earth, but it's not Atlantis. They found it while reconstructing the evolution of Mediterranean region's complex geology, which rises with mountain ranges and dips with seas from Spain to Iran.
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30 years in Apple IIgs RAM modules

Over on my Instagram account I have been (slowly) working on repairing and reviving my Apple IIgs. Why, you ask? For me, it’s more about re-experiencing the golden age of computing – back when things were much simpler. To that end, I’ve been making upgrades to the machine to bring it back up to full operation. I’ll write more about this soon. In the meantime, here’s an interesting photo of two Apple IIgs RAM modules. The top model was created by C.V. Technologies in 1989. It holds a whopping 3 M...
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Smart Lights Enhance Home Security and Shine a Light on Crime

Smart lighting brightens up your home and makes life more convenient. But it’s also an easy and effective way to enhance home security.
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Two Latinx Entrepreneurs Take On The Promise Of The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis chef Miguel Trinidad and hemp farmer Luis Vega shared how they're finding their space in legal cannabis.
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Impossible Burger is now available in grocery stores

Previously found only at high-end restaurants and fast-food chains, the famous plant-based Impossible Burger now lines grocery store shelves in Southern California. Not from the West Coast? Don’t worry. Impossible Foods will, in the next few weeks, announce when their cutting-edge meatless burger shall debut in East Coast grocery stores. By mid-2020, the Impossible Burger is expected to be available in every region nationwide. Related: Beyond & Impossible alternative meats: are they actually he...
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Three Ways Programmatic Media Powers Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

  Some things can be left to chance. Your recruitment marketing strategy isn’t one of them. It’s important to have a plan — specifically an agile, strategic, omnichannel talent marketing plan, leveraging programmatic media — that streamlines and simplifies your efforts while effectively allocating your budget to high-performing tactics. At its core, strategic media planning […]
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Know the best week of the year to get a good deal on a house

Summer may be the busiest season for home buying, but the early fall may be the best time to buy.
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Trump's Ukranian Mess

The case for impeaching Donald Trump got an uptick last week when news emerged that Trump tried to get the Ukranian President to investigate Joe Biden as he was considering whether to provide the Ukraine with a military aid package. CNN reports:... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Treating the Incredible Shrinking Vagina

What is “vaginal atrophy,” and how can you stop it?
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Opinion: Look to the ocean for climate change solutions

Humanity is exacting a terrible toll on the ocean. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will publish its Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate later this week. Its overarching message will be that global warming, combined with the negative impacts of numerous other human activities, is devastating our ocean, with alarming declines in fish stocks, the death of our reefs, and sea level rise that could displace hundreds of millions of people. But there is ...
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How to get the best price on a holiday plane ticket

While travel advice abounds for the best times to buy the most affordable holiday plane tickets, it's hard to escape reality: Flying during some of the year's busiest travel periods generally isn't going to be cheap.
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The Smart Phone Versus the SLR?

Lately the internet has been teeming with people fixating on the latest iPhone release, and questions are coming through the woodwork asking the same question over and over. Everyone thinks they are coming up with an original question, just because… Read more → The post The Smart Phone Versus the SLR? appeared first on CanonBlogger.
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There’s a New iPod Touch. Yes, in 2019, and Yes, It’s Worth Looking at.

Sure, there’s a new iPhone, but Apple’s launch of a new iPod Touch earlier this year came with laughter from some. Others see an opportunity.
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