What Omnivores Get Wrong About Vegetarian Cooking

When you (or your kid, partner or roommate) goes vegetarian, you’ll need to change up your weeknight cooking strategies.
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Prehistoric baby bottles still have milk residue inside

Researchers have uncovered three ceramic, spouted vessels believed to be prehistoric baby bottles. They were found in child graves in Bavaria, two from an Iron Age cemetery dated between 450 and 800 BC and another from a Bronze Age necropolis dated between 800 and 1200 BC, according to a new study.
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Pacific heat wave threatens coral reefs in Hawaii and other regions

Researchers predict a major marine heat wave in the Pacific Ocean could prove disastrous to the fragile coral reefs along Hawaii’s Papa Bay and similar coastlines. Warmer water conditions often trigger coral bleaching, a condition that leaves coral reefs susceptible to mortality. Coral reefs play a very significant environmental and ecological role. As a habitat, for instance, they support many species in the marine environment. Coral reefs likewise serve as a protective barrier, buffering shore...
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How Are Companies Reinventing Job Descriptions?

  “boilerplate job descriptions won’t cut it in today’s market” When creating a job posting, do you simply copy and paste from one template to another, or do you take time to creatively market the role you’re looking to fill? If you’re the former, it is time to rethink your strategy. Retaining top talent is […]
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Top Things to do in Downtown Atlanta

Travel blog by Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) – Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) - Atlanta is a sprawling city with a lot of suburbs and distinct neighborhoods. It’s one of the biggest cities in the southern USA and its sprawling size probably has something to do with their notorious car traffic. And while the outer neighborhoods of Atlanta all have something unique to offer (including a number of cool things to do!), Downtown Atlanta is still at the heart of the city in location and in spirit. ...
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Somali journalist: 'I was the only female reporter in my city'

Maryan Seylac describes life as a reporter in one of the most dangerous countries for journalists.
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