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Here’s What Each 2020 Candidate Said About Impeaching President Trump in the October Debate

The October Democratic presidential primary debate kicked off Tuesday with the question that has taken over Washington D.C. in recent weeks: Should President Trump be impeached? All of the candidates in the Democratic race support an impeachment inquiry into Trump, which began after a whistleblower filed a complaint alleging that Trump had pressured the president…
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Catalan Protesters and Police Clash for a Second Straight Night

Protesters are angry about the conviction of a dozen Catalan separatist leaders
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Russia Seeks to Cement its Role as a Power Broker in Syria by Deploying Troops

Moscow has been a staunch ally of Assad for decades and entered the Syrian conflict in 2015
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California Fuel Storage Facility Blaze Causes Authorities to Order Thousands to Stay Inside

Authorities received numerous reports of explosions and that the flaming tanks "are releasing chemicals"
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U.N. Finds One-Third of All Children Under 5 Are Undernourished or Overweight

"If children eat poorly, they live poorly"
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House Passes 3 Bills to Support Pro-Democracy Protests in Hong Kong

One of the bills condemns China's intrusions into Hong Kong's affairs
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October Democratic Debate Highlights: Elizabeth Warren Takes Punches From Buttigieg, Biden and More

Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will meet in Ohio in a 2020 Democratic Debate. Follow along live.
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Rudy Giuliani Gives Congress the Legalese Version of a Middle Finger

An official said Giuliani’s failure to comply will be used as evidence of obstruction
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‘No Credibility in Our Neighborhood.’ Fort Worth’s Police Shooting of Atatiana Jefferson Strengthens Community Distrust

People in the community say they have little faith in law enforcement
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Authorities Continue Search for Missing Man in New Orleans Hotel Collapse Wreckage

Two people died in a partial collapse of what was to be an 18-story Hard Rock Hotel
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Yahoo Could Owe You Up to $358 for Data Breaches. Here’s How to File Your Claim

Yahoo has reached a $117.5 million class-action settlement after data breaches that affected 3 billion users accounts
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Sega’s Throwback Genesis Mini is Packed With Good Vibes

It's one of the best retro consoles out there
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Trump’s ‘Window Dressing’ Sanctions Not Expected to Affect Turkish Economy

The sanctions did not match the rhetoric and were seen as minimal by analysts
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Felicity Huffman Reports to Prison, Begins 2 Week Sentence Over College Admissions Scandal

Huffman was sent to a low-security prison for women in the San Francisco area
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An American Prosecutor Has Been Shot Dead in Micronesia

An American lawyer and acting attorney general for the Yap state of Micronesia was killed by a gunman Tuesday.
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Truly Blessed Woman Has a Heartwarming Reunion With Her Dog and You Might Need a Moment

Some relationships stand the test of time
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North Korea, South Korea Play Soccer World Cup Qualifier in Empty Pyongyang Stadium

South Korean spectators and media were denied entry to the game
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John Bolton Called Giuliani a ‘Hand Grenade’ Because of Ukraine Activities, Says Former White House Aide

(WASHINGTON) — National security adviser John Bolton was so alarmed by Rudy Giuliani’s back-channel activities in Ukraine that he described President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer as a “hand grenade who is going to blow everybody up,” according to a former White House aide. The aide, Fiona Hill, testified for more than 10 hours on Monday…
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After a Michigan Man in a Domestic Dispute Pulled a Knife, Police Tased Him. He Fell on the Knife and Died

(MARION, Mich.) — Police say a man died in northwestern Michigan after a police officer shocked him with a stun gun, causing him to fall onto a large knife. State police announced Monday that the 29-year-old died Friday in Marion, about 155 miles (249 kilometers) northwest of Detroit. Two police officers were called to a home by a woman who said her son and husband were involved in a domestic dispute and the son had “two large knives.” State police say the officers found the son near the couple’...
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#MeToo Founder Tarana Burke Launches New Hashtag to Mobilize Voters

#MeTooVoter was unveiled on the same day as the fourth Democratic debate
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How Are Hurricanes Named? Here’s What You Need to Know

It also makes it easier to share the name of the storm between coastal bases and ships at sea. The media is also able to report the names quicker and allow people to be more prepared for the impending storm
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Kind Genius Returns a Man’s Lost Wallet to Him in the Most Impressive Way

A Good Samaritan used a very clever hack to reunite a man and his wallet
Tags: News, Uncategorized, Viral, Onetime

Your Halloween Hero Has Arrived. It’s ‘Charlie’ Fighting Back Against a Rude Animatronic Spider Because He Does Not Suffer Fools

Some kids cower in fear when encountering spooks and frights in the Halloween store. This kid is not that kid. A little boy named Charlie came back swinging after an encounter with a large spider. A scarily funny video that has now gone viral shows a hairy black spider popping out of its cardboard lair…
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‘They Don’t Have Hope Right Now.’ Cyntoia Brown Speaks Out For Women In Prison In Her First Interview Since Being Released

Cyntoia Brown-Long says there are plenty of other women like her doing prison time who have not received the same attention she has.
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Global Economic Growth This Year Will Be Weakest Since 2008 Financial Crisis, International Monetary Fund Predicts

The IMF projects a modest 2.4% gain in the U.S., down from 2.9% in 2018
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1,000 U.S. Troops Leaving Syria Will Move to Iraq and Kuwait

Troops are removed from the Manbij area, where outposts were set up in 2017
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1,000 U.S. Troops Leaving Syria Will Move to Iran and Kuwait

Troops are removed from the Manbij area, where outposts were set up in 2017
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Hunter Biden Admits ‘Poor Judgment’ in Taking Position on Board of Ukraine Gas Company But Denies Wrongdoing

Hunter Biden, the son of the former Vice President, acknowledged having “poor judgment” in deciding to taking a position on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company on Monday — but firmly denied having done anything wrong. President Donald Trump has called for scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings — an interest which…
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