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Defense Secretary Mark Esper Visits Afghanistan to Chart a Path Forward

The U.S. has about 14,000 American troops in Afghanistan
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U.S. Troops Leaving Syria Will Move to Western Iraq, Defense Secretary Says

The U.S. currently has more than 5,000 American forces in Iraq
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Kurds Begin to Evacuate Besieged Syrian Border Town

Kurdish civilians flee because they fear the Turkish-backed Syrian forces
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All the Watchmen Easter Eggs and References You Might Have Missed

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Watchmen. HBO’s Watchmen TV show tells a separate story from the 1987 graphic novel from which it borrows its name. The graphic novel was set in an alternate version of New York in 1985, at the height of the Reagan era, and dealt with a group of masked men and women trying to figure out who is picking them off one by one. The television series is set in an alternate version of Tulsa in 2019. Everything that happened in the 1985 graphic novel is canon...
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Indonesia’s Joko Widodo Begins Second Term Promising to Champion Democracy and Boost Development

He said in his inauguration speech that he expects the country's poverty to be just about wiped out
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Chile Violence Continues Despite Government’s Retreat on Fare Hike

The subway fare boost touched off major protests that included rioting
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Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre Led to String of Anti-Semitic Attack Plots, Rights Group Says

The Anti-Defamation League says its nationwide count of anti-Semitic incidents remains near record levels
Tags: Crime, News, Uncategorized, Anti Defamation League, Overnight, Onetime, Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre, Anti Semitic Attack Plots Rights Group Says

New Orleans Officials Demolish Cranes With Explosives After Deadly Collapse of Hard Rock Hotel

Three workers died in the shocking collapse of the hotel
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Recently Released Video Shows Football Coach Wrestling Gun Away From Student, Then Hugging Him

The incident happened in Portland, Ore., on May 17
Tags: School, Crime, News, Guns, Oregon, Uncategorized, Onetime

Thomas D’Alesandro III, Nancy Pelosi’s Brother and Former Baltimore Mayor, Dies at 90

The House speaker called her brother 'the finest public servant I have ever known'
Tags: News, Maryland, Uncategorized, Remembrance, Onetime

3 Soldiers Die, 3 Injured in Training Exercise at Fort Stewart in Georgia

The incident is currently being investigated
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New Bulletproof Historical Marker of Emmett Till’s Murder Rededicated After Repeated Vandalization

The civil rights movement was sparked in part by Till's brutal murde
Tags: News, Mississippi, Uncategorized, Civil Rights, Onetime

Experts Defuse 500-Pound American World War II Bomb Found in Northern Italy

The bomb was found close to the city's central cathedral and train station
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President Trump Backs Down on Hosting G7 Meeting at His Florida Doral Resort

Even though he felt the resort would be a "very good" location
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Pushes for Brexit Delay, Even Though He Doesn’t Want One

He has long declared that he plans to take the U.K. out of the E.U. on Oct. 31
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Unrest Continues Unabated in Hong Kong as March on Rail Terminus Degenerates into Arson and Street Battles

The $10.7 billion terminus is seen as a symbol of Beijing's encroachment on Hong Kong.
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Unrest Continues Unabated in Hong Kong as Tens of Thousands March on Rail Terminus

The $10.7 billion terminus is seen as a symbol of Beijing's encroachment on Hong Kong.
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