Homeless Man Throws Bucket of Hot Diarrhea on California Woman in Random Attack

A California woman says she was recently attacked by a homeless man who threw a bucket of hot diarrhea all over her. This past summer, Heidi Van Tassel was parked in Hollywood after a night out with friends when suddenly a man pulled her out of her car, dragged her to the middle of the street and poured a bucket of his own feces on top of her head. “It was diarrhea. Hot liquid. I was soaked, and it was coming off my eyelashes and into my eyes,” Van Tassel told NBC Los Angeles. “Paramedics who ca...
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Lack of opportunities in Butetown, says community leader

Elbashir Idris says people in Cardiff's Butetown have degrees, but are not able to use them.
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They bought a $1 house in Italy. Here's what happened next

It seemed like a deal too good to be true. A new house -- and potentially a whole new life -- for sale in sunkissed rural Italy for the princely sum of just one euro, or little over a dollar.
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Polio in Nigeria: 'I opposed vaccinations until my son caught polio'

A Nigerian father who used to chase health workers away from his home has a change of heart.
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Modest fashion: 'I feel confident and comfortable'

Fashion bloggers are covering up and sales of modest clothes are up in high street stores.
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In pictures: Inside Iran's secretive Yarsan faith

Yarsan is one of the Middle East's oldest faiths and has more than one million followers in Iran.
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Humans are drying up the Amazon rainforest

NASA finds that over the last 20 years, the atmosphere above the Amazon rainforest has been drying out – here's why.
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Suspect in Deadly Popeyes Stabbing Identified, Arrest Warrant Issued for Murder

The man who police believe stabbed another man to death at a Popeyes in Maryland has been identified and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. 30-year-old Ricoh McClain is facing murder and assault charges for allegedly stabbing 28-year-old Kevin Tyrell Davis at a Popeyes in Oxon Hill near Washington, D.C. last Monday (Nov. 4). PGPD charges suspect wanted for fatal stabbing outside of restaurant. — PGPDNEWS (@PGPDNews) November 12, 2019 Police said while waiting i...
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Election 2019 in maps: Where are the seats that could turn the election?

From 'ultra-marginals' to the highest Leave and Remain seats - which are the battlegrounds that could make the difference?
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General election 2019: Deals, pacts and tactics in Scotland

In some parts of the UK parties are not fielding candidates, but is that the case north of the border?
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Libya: Migrant mother's dying wish to get children to Europe

The BBC's Orla Guerin meets a family waiting to cross to Europe from Libya with orphaned children whose mother died on the way.
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20 gorgeous ideas for your Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away, and if the celebration is taking place at your house—well, godspeed. Because hosting Thanksgiving dinner is not for the faint of heart! In addition to rolling out culinary delights from the kitchen all day long, you also need to do your best not to burn the turkey and to make sure you've nailed your aunt's stuffing recipe and made that apple pie your father loves. There's nothing better than being surrounded by friends and family, but if you're hostin...
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Instagram Debuts Reels, TikTok Competitor, Facebook Changes & Other Tech News Nov 12, 2019

Instagram Debuts Reels, TikTok Competitor, Facebook Changes & Other Tech News Nov 12, 2019 The post The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Instagram Debuts Reels, TikTok Competitor, Facebook Changes & Other Tech News Nov 12, 2019 appeared first on The Chris Voss Show.
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Do kids belong in restaurants? Arby's 'only well-behaved children' sign sparks the debate

A mom said a sign at a Minnesota Arby's 'didn't sit well' with her because it would ask kids without "bottoms in their seats" to leave.         [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Usa, News, Minnesota, Usa Today, Arby

This rescue dog is now a Disney star

Monte, a rescue dog from Phoenix, Arizona is reportedly starring as "Tramp" in Disney's live-action remake of "Lady and the Tramp."
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Israel-Gaza violence: Rockets and air strikes follow militant death

Violence has escalated after Israel killed a top Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant in an air strike.
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Missouri Police Department Warns of “Untrustworthy Drug Dealers” Using Cell Phones Instead of Scales

A Missouri police department has issued a warning about “untrustworthy drug dealers” who, instead of using a certified gram scale to weigh drugs, are using smartphones to trick people into thinking they’re actually getting what they’re paying for. The Winfield Police Department in Missouri took to social media on Thursday (Nov. 7) to alert citizens about a “new scam.” “Some untrustworthy drug dealers are using their cell phone, instead of a certified scale to display the weight of the merchandis...
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50 amazing gifts that women actually want

From air fryers to Airpods to cozy (and chic) cardigans, these are 2019's best gift ideas for the women in your life. She will thank you later.         [Author:]
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The 26 best gifts for mom that she'll actually want

There's a gift for every kind of mom from Sephora, J. Crew, Eufy, Fitbit, Free People, UGG, and much, much more.         [Author:]
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The 25 best gifts under $50

Stressing over what the holidays will do to your budget? We've rounded up the best gifts under $50 that are great for every person on your list.         [Author:]
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Beckett, Beauvoir and a Biographer’s Bumpy Takeoff

In “Parisian Lives,” the award-winning biographer Deirdre Bair recounts her early career and the obstacles she faced as an ambitious woman.
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20 awesome gifts that dads actually want

Reviewed's product experts are here with gift ideas for Dads of all ages including Roku Ultra, Happy Sox, Kindle Paperwhite, Ugg Slippers, and more.         [Author:]
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We Teach A.I. Systems Everything, Including Our Biases

Researchers say computer systems are learning from lots and lots of digitized books and news articles that could bake old attitudes into new technology.
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Interview with Maxim Popenker – 20th Anniversary of ModernFirearms.Net and New Book Announcement

20 years ago, in November of 1999, now renowned firearms expert, researcher and author Maxim Popenker started a gun website called Modern Firearms ( formerly hosted under domain) which I bet you’ve come across if you have ever done a research on any firearm. 20 years is a lot for an Internet source. To […] Read More … The post Interview with Maxim Popenker – 20th Anniversary of ModernFirearms.Net and New Book Announcement appeared first on The Firearm Blo...
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It's time for a revolution in the way we look at buildings

We have to reconsider what is "acceptable for how houses should look and feel."
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15 vegetables that are actually fruits

Most of us know that tomatoes are fruits, but some of these other 'vegetables' may surprise you.
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Innovative Gifts for the Entertainment Buffs in Your Life

They introduced you to Laserdisc. Then, it was Blu-Ray. Today, it’s 4K. Now, it’s time to show the entertainment buff in
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Hillary Clinton says she wants to hug Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, over media coverage

Former 2016 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has spoken out in support of the Duchess of Sussex over the way the royal has been treated in the UK.
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We Are Social expands into Canada with a new Toronto office

As you may have read in Strategy magazine today, we’ve officially launched in Canada. Here, our Managing Director of We Are Social in Toronto, Coby Shuman, shares his view on the opportunities this exciting new market has to offer. Our country is one of the most multicultural nations in the entire world, and our diversity has become central to Canada’s identity. So it’s no surprise that most Canadians turn to social to express their individuality; social has become a pervasive media. Canada has ...
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