Text messages show a Giuliani associate discussing how to stalk 'that b---h' Marie Yovanovitch in Ukraine in a bid to get her fired

Yovanovitch, who testified during Trump's impeachment inquiry, was abruptly recalled from her position in May following a smear campaign.
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Australia fires: Family blames teenager’s death on bushfire smoke

Courtney Partridge-McLennan suffered a suspected asthma attack in her fire-ravaged town in Australia.
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Michael Avenatti arrested after allegedly violating his pre-trial release terms

Attorney Michael Avenatti on Tuesday night was arrested by IRS agents on allegations of violating the terms of his pre-trial release, according to a spokesperson for the US Attorney's Office in Los Angeles.
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How Joe Biden escaped the Democratic debate unscathed

While people will likely be talking about Tuesday's post-Democratic debate handshake-that-wasn't between Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for quite a while, the early takeaway is that all six candidates took it pretty easy on one another during the debate itself.Several observers think former Vice President Joe Biden, in particular, was let off the hook. Biden, despite various gaffes, has remained the frontrunner since he jumped into the race last year, and his...
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New footage shows Iranian missiles hitting Ukraine plane

New video footage has emerged showing two Iranian missiles tearing through the night sky and hitting a Ukrainian passenger plane, sending the aircraft down in flames and killing all 176 passengers and crew on board. The projectiles were fired 30 seconds apart and explain why the plane's transponder was not working as it hurtled to the ground -- it was disabled by the first strike, before being hit by a second, said the New York Times, which published the verified security camera footage Tuesday...
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Plane dumps fuel over schools in emergency landing to LAX

At least 60 children and adults are treated after a jet released fuel during an emergency landing.
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Plane dumps fuel over schools near Los Angeles airport

At least 60 children and adults are treated after a jet released fuel during an emergency landing.
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United States: Appellate Court Holds Charter Cities Are Bound By State Housing Objectives, Signaling Erosion Of Local Discretion - Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton

In Anderson v. City of San Jose (2019), the Sixth District Court of Appeal held that California's charter cities must comply with the Surplus Land Act (Govt. Code § 54220 et seq.).
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60 people treated on the ground

Sixty people were treated after a plane dumped jet fuel while returning to the Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday, hitting five elementary schools and one high school.
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California Teachers Could Be Required To Teach About Climate Change

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — California schools may soon be required to teach about the causes and effects of climate change under a bill introduced on Monday. Assemblymember Luz Rivas (D-Arleta) says under AB 1922, “climate change education will be a coursework requirement for students in grades 1 through 6, and a graduation requirement for students in grades 7 through 12, starting 2025.” If adopted, the bill would require California schools to adopt the climate change coursework no later than the 2021...
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The most consequential vote of a generation still haunts Joe Biden

No single vote in Congress, except perhaps the passage of the Affordable Care Act, has had more impact on modern US politics than the one authorizing the war in Iraq more than 17 years ago. It's one that former Vice President Joe Biden said on Tuesday night, for the umpteenth time, that he regrets even as he tried to couch his response.
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'They tried to stifle the voices of our children': Meet the women protesters who have been occupying a New Delhi street for a month

Only a month ago, 50-year-old mother Bahro Nisa was a regular New Delhi shopkeeper, making a living selling cold drinks to tourists visiting one of Asia's biggest mosques.
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K-pop band BTS launches global art project

They're singers, dancers and fashion icons -- and now the members of K-pop megaband BTS are venturing into the art world as patrons.
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United States: CFTC Enforcement Rises To New Heights: Insights From The Division Of Enforcement's 2nd Annual Report - Mayer Brown

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission's (CFTC) Division of Enforcement (DOE) articulated a goal in 2018 of increasing coordination with other regulators and criminal authorities.
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Chris Cillizza's winners and losers from the Iowa debate

The top six candidates debated Tuesday night in Iowa, the last chance for them to stand beside their rivals before Iowa voters kick off the nomination fight in 20 days' time.
Tags: Cnn, Iowa, Chris Cillizza

United States: Hadassah Wins Second Circuit Appeal On Standing To Sue Charities - Pryor Cashman LLP

The brief on appeal was drafted by litigation partner James S. O'Brien, Jr., and associate Alex R. Goldberg.
Tags: News, United States, Hadassah Wins Second Circuit, Charities Pryor Cashman LLP, James S O Brien Jr

'All in God's hands': Volcano evacuees hunker down in Philippines

The fine ash drifting into the school gym on gusts of wind is a constant reminder for evacuees in the Philippines of the volcano that threatens to bury their homes forever. As they sit in the spaces fenced in by the few bags and boxes of belongings they could carry, evacuees wonder how long they will have to wait to know whether Taal volcano will devastate the region or sputter back to sleep.
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Joe Biden Avoids Major Scrutiny Of His Blunders In Democratic Debate

The Democratic candidates disagreed without getting into any big fights at the final debate before the Iowa caucuses.
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Bernie Sanders tried to shake Elizabeth Warren's hand after the debate. She brushed him off.

So Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) didn't get into a public fight on the Democratic debate stage. But whatever transpired afterward sure didn't look friendly.The two progressives' friendship has encountered a rough patch as Warren maintains Sanders told her in a 2018 meeting that a woman couldn't beat President Trump while Sanders denies it. Sanders denied the report again during Tuesday night's Democratic primary debate, and Warren said she wasn&#...
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Frontrunner Joe Biden SKATES At Last-Before-Iowa Debate

The Democratic candidates disagreed without getting into any big fights at the final debate before the Iowa caucuses.
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Former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Wants to Withdraw His Guilty Plea

(WASHINGTON) — Former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn filed court papers Tuesday to withdraw his guilty plea, saying federal prosecutors had acted in “bad faith” and broken their end of the bargain when they sought prison time for him. The request came one week after the Justice Department changed its position on Flynn’s punishment by recommending he serve up to six months behind bars for lying to the FBI during its investigation into ties between the Trump ca...
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Democratic Debate Questions Once Again Fail Candidates and Electorate (Column)

I don’t envy the job of a debate moderator wrangling a stage full of candidates, especially when Twitter, instant replay, and 24-hour cable news breakdowns make every syllable they say the subject of such intense and immediate scrutiny. However: The one thing entirely in their control is the slate of questions they ask, and over […]
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France: L'Autorité de régulation des transports (ART) rend publique sa première décision dans le secteur aéroportuaire - Pamina Avocats

L'ordonnance n° 2019-761 du 24 juillet 2019 relative au régulateur des redevances aéroportuaires a transformé l'ARAFER en ART, en conférant à cette autorité administrative indépendante la mission d'homologuer les tarifs
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2020 rivals made their final arguments at the last debate before Iowans go to polls

Biden | Buttigieg | Klobuchar | Sanders | Steyer | Warren
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Highlights From the January 2020 Democratic Debate in Iowa

Everything you need to know about the 2020 race as the candidates debate in Des Moines.
Tags: News, Iowa, Warren, Biden, Sanders, Amy, Elizabeth, Democratic Party, Steyer, Bernard, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Primaries and Caucuses, Joseph R Jr, Pete (1982-, Presidential Election of 2020

Protesters throw eggs, jostle outgoing Guatemalan president - witness

Protesters surrounded outgoing Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales late on Tuesday, throwing eggs at him and his vice president as they sought to take up new posts that bring immunity from prosecution, just hours after leaving office. Protesters yelling "Murderer" jostled Morales' police detail and let off a loud firework as he tried to reach a hotel that is the temporary headquarters of Central America's regional parliament, a Reuters witness said. Moments later he was stuck by a plastic objec...
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United States: GSA's Big Changes In 2020, Part 2: Category Management And The New Consolidated Schedule - Blank Rome LLP

This is the second in a series of blogs regarding the General Services Administration's ("GSA") Multiple Award Schedule consolidation.
Tags: News, United States, General Services Administration, GSA, New Consolidated Schedule Blank Rome LLP

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