'It's a low bar to be not Donald Trump': Young Democratic activists explain the vision of the future driving first-time voters to the polls

Thousands of youth demand action during a Climate Change protest in downtown Los Angeles, California on September 20, 2019, as part of a global protest happening around the world. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images In the past few years, there has been a surge in youth activism. But will movements like March for Our Lives and the global climate strike translate to the ballot box? Activists and organizers explain what is motivating young — especially Democratic-leaning — first-time vote...
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Texas Tech Red Raiders softball coach steps down after review of program

Texas Tech softball coach Adrian Gregory is stepping down, saying she has "found it best to part ways" and offering no other explanation.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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'Shame on them': Sen. Kennedy denounces Dems over court packing threats

Liberal activists pushing to increase size of high court
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Indonesia president warns over super-power tensions in U.N. address

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo used his first address to the United Nations General Assembly to warn on Wednesday that global stability and peace could be "destroyed" if growing geo-political rivalries persist. Earlier this month, Indonesia's government protested when a Chinese coast guard vessel entered the portion of the South China Sea it claims.
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September 22 coronavirus news

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.
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Mike Tyson hasn't voted. This year he will

Mike Tyson, 54, has never voted before. He's changing that this election year.
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Trump Celebrates Recent Violence Against Journalists, Says It’s ‘Actually A Beautiful Sight’

“They threw him aside like he was a little bag of popcorn," the president recounted at a rally in Pennsylvania.
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Cynthia Erivo dazzles on 'Friends' theme, as Sterling K. Brown, Uzo Aduba, all-Black cast reimagine sitcom

Ryan Michelle Bathe, Sterling K. Brown, Uzo Aduba, Aisha Hinds, Kendrick Sampson and Jeremy Pope came together for an all-Black "Friends" table read.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Brexit letter warns of 7,000-truck queues in Kent

Exporters to the EU face two-day delays to trade after transition period ends, a cabinet minister warns.
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Tuolumne County Husband Defends Wife Arrested In Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot

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Tuolumne County Man Defends Wife Accused Of Trying To Pay Someone To Kill Him

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Flashback: Right-wing media downplayed coronavirus death toll potential in spring

The United States hit a tragic milestone on Tuesday, surpassing 200,000 deaths from the coronavirus. It is difficult to process that vast loss of life.
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China will become carbon neutral by 2060, Xi Jinping says

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to go carbon neutral by 2060 and reach peak emissions by 2030 in a speach to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.
Tags: China, Cnn, Xi Jinping, United Nations General Assembly, Jinping

Hear what Trump supporter told his daughter before dying from virus

The daughter of a Trump supporter who died from coronavirus tells CNN's Don Lemon what she talked about with her father right before he went to the hospital.
Tags: News, Cnn, Stories, Don Lemon, Trump

Hear what Trump supporter told his daughter before dying

The daughter of a Trump supporter who died from coronavirus tells CNN's Don Lemon what she talked about with her father right before he went to the hospital.
Tags: News, Cnn, Stories, Don Lemon, Trump

Lady Gaga and her mother offer candid advice for opening up about mental health to parents

During an event for their book "Channel Kindness," Lady Gaga and her mom Cynthia Germanotta gave advice for opening up about mental health to parents.         [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Usa, News, Lady Gaga, Usa Today, Cynthia Germanotta

'Placed intentionally to cause harm': Michigan city closes playgrounds after discovery of 41 razor blades

The Eaton Rapids Police Department found razor blades at two playgrounds, prompting the city to temporarily close all parks to ensure safety.         [Author: Lansing State Journal]
Tags: News, Michigan, Lansing State Journal, Eaton Rapids Police Department

Democrats' path to victory in 2020 election 'runs straight through Michigan,' Kamala Harris tells Detroit supporters

The Democratic vice presidential nominee visited Black-owned businesses in Flint and rallied with supporters in Detroit during Tuesday campaign stop.         [Author: Detroit Free Press]
Tags: News, Detroit, Black, Flint, Democratic, Detroit Free Press, Michigan Kamala Harris

'Placed intentionally to cause harm': Michigan city closes playgrounds after discovery of 41 razor blades

The Eaton Rapids Police Department found razor blades at two playgrounds, prompting the city to temporarily close all parks to ensure safety.
Tags: News, Michigan, Eaton Rapids Police Department

20-Year-Old Accused Of Destroying Pittsburgh Police Car During Riots Pleads Guilty

A 20-year-old has pleaded guilty to obstructing law enforcement during civil disorder in connection with the downtown Pittsburgh riots.
Tags: News, Pittsburgh

More than 450 whales stranded in Tasmania in one of world's largest recorded stranding events

A second pod was sighted by helicopter on Wednesday morning, likely making it the worst whale stranding in Australia’s historyRescuers fighting to save a pod of 270 whales stranded in Tasmania’s west have discovered a further 200 whales about 10km away in the same harbour, which all appear to be dead. The stranding is likely one of the largest on record globally and the worst in Australia’s history.The sighting was made by helicopter over Macquarie Harbour on Wednesday morning and brings the tot...
Tags: Australia, Environment, Australia news, Wildlife, Marine Life, Tasmania, Whales, Cetaceans, Macquarie Harbour

'America's Got Talent' finale: From Archie Williams to Broken Roots, who could win it all?

After an unprecedented season riddled with COVID-19 restrictions, injuries and illness, "AGT" is one night away from crowning its $1 million champion.         [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Usa, News, America, Usa Today, Archie Williams

The Same Old Dolphins Show: Patchy Sides (Jacksonville Preview)

Aaron and Josh return to preview the Dolphins' upcoming TNF clash with the Jacksonville Jaguars. It's a trickier game than we might have imagined a few weeks ago, but it's a game both guys believe the Dolphins can win. They talk about what
Tags: News, Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Josh, Aaron

Air Tankers, Ground Crews Contain Small Fire In Eldorado National Forest

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The top Trump adviser who chose not to write a tell-all book

Peter Bergen writes that retired Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, who was President Trump's national security adviser from February 2017 to April 2018, has written a book that will likely confound both the President's fans and his critics.
Tags: Cnn, Trump, Peter Bergen, Lt Gen H R McMaster

Begin Covid-19 vaccine trials for children, pediatric specialists say

With the US surpassing 200,000 deaths due to Covid-19, a group of pediatric infectious disease specialists is calling for vaccine trials for children.
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Man arrested over firearms offences in joint raid by Australian police and US homeland security

Investigation into alleged importation of firearms parts leads police to arrest of 36-year-old in NSW over alleged offences A man in country New South Wales has been arrested as part of an investigation involving US Homeland Security for allegedly importing illegal firearm parts and drug manufacturing equipment.NSW police, Australian Border Force and Homeland Security investigators raided the man’s house in south Bathurst about 6am on Wednesday, NSW police confirmed in a media release. Continue ...
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Facebook has more users in India than anywhere else. It's now dealing with a hate speech crisis

Facebook is facing multiple simultaneous controversies in the United States, particularly around disinformation, hate speech and political bias. But those issues are also playing out — sometimes in more sinister ways — around the world, including a country where Facebook has more users than anywhere else.
Tags: Facebook, India, Cnn, United States

How much gold is there left to mine in the world?

Some experts believe we may have hit "peak gold" production in our pursuit of the precious metal.
Tags: News

Belarus's neighbours open doors to tech talent

With Belarus in upheaval, its neighbours are eyeing its tech sector in the hope of attracting the talent behind global successes such as calling app Viber and the game World of Tanks.
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