Greg Gutfeld: What the 2020 election means for everyone

Greg Gutfeld covers the final push to election day.
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When He’s Not Whining, Even Trump Is Bored at His Closing Rallies

At the first rally during his final three days of campaigning against the one he calls “Sleepy Joe,” President Donald Trump couldn’t help but sound tired.During his campaign stop in Newtown, Bucks County, the president was conspicuously subdued, delivering one of his laziest, most bored-sounding rally speeches in recent memory. Lacking his standard energy and lib-owning peppiness, Trump sleepwalked his way through his prepared and ad-libbed remarks about how the Hunter Biden emails and foreign-d...
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Macron criticises Turkey's 'imperial inclinations' as row between countries escalates

In an interview with al-Jazeera, the French president also tried to calm tensions with the Muslims world over caricatures of the prophet MuhammadThe French president Emmanuel Macron has accused Turkey of adopting a “bellicose” stance towards its NATO allies, saying tensions could ease if his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan showed respect and did not tell lies.In an interview with al-Jazeera broadcast on Saturday,Macron condemned Turkey’s behaviour in Syria, Libya and the Mediterranean a...
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‘Saturday Night Live’: Kate McKinnon Reprises Role as Hillary Clinton for Pre-Election Cold Open

“Saturday Night Live’s” Oct. 31 episode not only served as the Halloween show, but also as the last show before the 2020 presidential election. So Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Hillary Clinton to warn Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden not to count his chickens before they hatched when it came to expecting a win. “Even […]
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Papua New Guinea to give $3m to unknown firm for Covid treatment

Leaked document shows Niugini BioMed, established in August, will be funded by government to find a treatment from existing drugsPapua New Guinea has approved nearly $US3m from its threadbare budget for an as-yet-unidentified Covid-19 treatment – allocating the money to an unknown biomedical company that was formed in August.The prime minister, James Marape, has insisted the national executive council had not completed its approval process to engage a PNG company to find a treatment, but appea...
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Pandemic Pushes Creativity For Families To Have Halloween Fun

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Trump Writes ‘I Love Texas!’ Over Video Of MAGA Truck Attack On Biden Caravan

A car in the Biden caravan was forced out of its lane by a MAGA pickup truck in a dangerous highway collision.
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Federal Labor takes heart from Queensland election result but gas still a thorn in its side

ALP sees Annastacia Palaszczuk’s third electoral win as a sign of recovery but as yet has set no short-term emissions targetFederal Labor has let out a sigh of relief after the Queensland state election win, admitting it can take “a lot of heart” from the victory – but its position on gas continues to cause ructions.The party has looked at the Palaszczuk government’s third electoral win – which included strong primary vote results in central and north Queensland regions that abandoned Labor at t...
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Billboards Taunting Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner Sail Down To Mar-a-Lago

The Trump advisers threatened a lawsuit based on the pair of billboards that formerly stood in Times Square.
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White House unleashes on Fauci after criticism of Atlas and Trump's pandemic response

The White House on Saturday unleashed on Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country's leading infectious disease expert, following his comments to the Washington Post that criticized the Trump administration's response to the pandemic, including Dr. Scott Atlas, who the President has relied on for advice on handling the coronavirus.
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Typhoon Goni hits Philippines with nearly one million evacuated from its path

With winds of 225 km/h, authorities say storm surges could inundate coastal villages, including in Manila Bay Super typhoon Goni has hit the eastern Philippines with ferocious winds, with about one million people evacuated from its projected path, including in the capital, Manila, where the main international airport was ordered closed.“There are so many people who are really in vulnerable areas,” said Ricardo Jalad, who heads the government’s disaster-response agency. “We’re expecting major dam...
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US coronavirus cases break a global daily record, and experts warn it will only get worse

The US reported 99,321 new Covid-19 cases on Friday -- the highest single day number of cases recorded for any country. The top five records in daily cases all occurred within eight days, and an expert says he worries the upward trend will push hospitals past capacity.
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America in a President Trump second term

Greg Gutfeld on what Americans can look forward to if President Trump is reelected.
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Biden staff call 911 after bus swarmed by Trump supporters on Texas highway

According to the Biden campaign, the vehicles surrounded the bus trying to slow it down in the middle of the highway or run it off the road.         [Author: Austin American-Statesman]
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Fauci: We ‘Could Not Be Positioned More Poorly’ On COVID-19

"We're in for a whole lot of hurt," warned the nation's top infectious disease expert.
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With just three days until Election Day, pre-election voting has now surpassed two-thirds of all ballots cast during the 2016 presidential election

CNN Election Center | Where candidates stand | Photos: America votes
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2020 early voting is closing in on 2016 overall totals

Interactives: Road to 270 | Senate races | My Election
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Early votes surpass two-thirds of all 2016 ballots

CNN Election Center | Where candidates stand | Photos: America votes
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Voting 2020 updates: Missouri polling place covers noose; Texas event canceled after Biden bus swarmed by Trump supporters

There was a six-hour wait time for voters in one South Carolina city Saturday. Native voters are facing voting challenges. News you need to know.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Reporter Update: Trump In Butler County

The president made a stop in Butler County on Saturday and held a rally with just three days to go before Election Day. KDKA's Shelby Cassesse was there to hear what the president had to say.
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US Breaks Global Daily Coronavirus Case Increase Record

(CNN/CBS13) — The US reported 99,321 new COVID cases on Friday, marking the highest single-day increase recorded for any country. The top five records in daily cases all occurred within eight days, and an expert says he worries the upward trend will push hospitals past capacity. Friday’s number surpassed the previous daily record held by India, which reported 97,894 coronavirus cases in a single day on September 17, according to India’s health ministry. The total number of US COVID-19 cases has ...
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US election 2020 news: Donald Trump addresses supporters in Michigan - live updates

Biden set to focus on EU at expense of ‘special relationship’ Divided states of America poised for historic election Silicon Valley braces for Biden and the 'techlash' Comment: Get ready for a 'Trump unleashed' if the president wins again Subscribe to The Telegraph Donald Trump kicked off a series of five campaign rallies on Sunday, addressing supporters in the battleground state of Michigan, where he claimed to have achieved massive economic successes and attacked his rival Joe ...
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China: Update on annual tax filing obligations in China - R&P China Lawyers

Chinese and foreign nationals employed in China must declare their annual individual income tax before the end of June 2020.
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Obama: Trump Failed To Take Pandemic And Presidency Seriously

At a Michigan drive-in rally for Biden, the former president went after Trump's failures on the coronavirus pandemic.
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Pre-Election Day vote surpasses two-thirds of all 2016 ballots cast

With just three days until Election Day, pre-election voting has now surpassed two-thirds of all ballots cast during the 2016 presidential election.
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Grandma Wong was a key figure in Hong Kong's protest movement -- until she disappeared

With her gray hair and huge British flag, 64-year-old Alexandra Wong was a striking figure on the frontlines of last year's pro-democracy protests -- until she disappeared.
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Australia storms: calmer weather forecast for NSW after week of severe storms

State Emergency Service performed four flood rescues on Saturday and received 400 calls for helpAfter a week of large hail, landslides, damaging winds and heavy rain, a reprieve is in sight for New South Wales.Severe thunderstorms on Saturday lashed the entire NSW coast and as far inland as Dubbo. Continue reading...
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Police use pepper spray to break up a march to a polling place in North Carolina

Law enforcement officers used pepper spray on Saturday to break up a march to a polling place in Graham, North Carolina.
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Trump has cast doubt on a peaceful transfer of power, but preparations are well underway

Interactives: Road to 270 | Senate races | My Election
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