Former Rep. Katie Hill says it's 'gross' to think that Matt Gaetz defended her to possibly cover up for 'his own indiscretions'

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida (L) and former Rep. Katie Hill of California (R). Drew Angerer/Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Former Rep. Katie Hill had nude photos of her leaked without consent and Rep. Matt Gaetz defended her. Gaetz is now implicated in a sex trafficking probe and other allegations of sexual misconduct. Hill says now his defense of her feels "gross" and that she questions his motives. See more stories on Insider's business page. When Democrati...
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Joe Musgrove throws first no-hitter in San Diego Padres history

Joe Musgrove recorded the first no-hitter in San Diego Padres history Friday night in the game against the Texas Rangers.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Federal judge in North Carolina rejects release for 'Fatal Vision' murder convict Jeffrey MacDonald

MacDonald is serving three life sentences for the deaths of his wife and children at Fort Bragg in 1970. He has always asserted he is innocent.       [Author: The Fayetteville Observer]
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All Highway 50 Lanes Back Open After Crews Blast Boulders Blocking Road Near Echo Summit

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19 people sentenced to death by Myanmar military

Nineteen people have been sentenced to death in Myanmar for killing an associate of an army captain, the military-owned Myawaddy TV station said on Friday -- the first such sentences announced in public since a February 1 coup and crackdown on protesters.
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On Trump Turf, Gaetz Vows To Fight Sex Trafficking Allegations

As one of Trump’s fiercest public defenders, Gaetz’s game plan strongly mirrors the former president’s approach.
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Stop Black Deaths in Custody rallies: thousands march in Australian capital cities

At least 474 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have died in custody since royal commission report handed down 30 years agoWhere and when to find a Stop Black Deaths in Custody rally across AustraliaIndigenous families call for action on anniversary of royal commissionThe 474 deaths inside: tragic toll of Indigenous deaths in custodyThe facts about Australia’s rising toll of Indigenous deaths in custodyRallies have begun in cities across Australia to protest against ongoing Indigenous ...
Tags: Australia, Australia news, Australian politics, Brisbane, Indigenous Australians, Torres Strait Islander, King George Square

China fines Alibaba billions for alleged market abuses

Platform co-founded by Jack Ma, who has criticised Chinese authorities, misused its dominance, say state regulatorsChinese regulators have hit e-commerce company Alibaba with a fine of 18.2bn yuan (US$2.78bn) over practices deemed to be an abuse of its dominant market position, according to state-run media.The Xinhua news agency said the state administration for market regulation had assessed the fine after concluding an investigation into Alibaba that began in December. Continue reading...
Tags: Business, China, US, World news, Asia Pacific, Alibaba, Jack Ma, Xinhua News Agency

Biden is right: Caregiving is part of our nation's infrastructure

Giovanna Gray Lockhart writes that what President Biden intends to accomplish with his once in a generation legislation is to acknowledge the vital role of the nation's caregivers, who are mostly women, in the economy.
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Opinion: Biden is right: Caregiving is part of our nation's infrastructure

You've heard these phrases before or may have used them yourself. "My mom is the rock of our family." "I wouldn't be where I am today without my grandmother." "My mom and dad worked two jobs so their kids could go to college." After more than a year spent separated from our families, these thoughts might give you a feeling of warmth or a twinge of longing.
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Alibaba Fined $2.8 Billion By China in Monopolies Probe

China’s e-commerce and entertainment industry giant Alibaba Group has been hit with a fine of RMB18.23 billion ($2.8 billion) for alleged monopoly activities. The record punishment was announced Saturday morning local time by China’s State Administration for Market Regulation, which accused Alibaba of abusing its market dominance. The SAMR opened a formal investigation into the […]
Tags: Asia, News, Finance, China, Alibaba, Alibaba Group, State Administration, SAMR

The Same Old Dolphins Show: 2021 Miami Dolphins Draft Preview With The Bearmans!

In an episode that isa literally 25 years in the making, Aaron and Josh are joined by their childhood friends and current draftnik and Deputy Editor of Sports Betting for ESPN Daniel and David Bearman to preview the 2021 NFL Draft for the M
Tags: News, NFL, Miami Dolphins, Josh, Aaron, ESPN Daniel, David Bearman

Empty beaches, chained doors: Surreal scenes in Phuket as island pins reopening hopes on vaccines

With the Thai government planning to allow vaccinated tourists to visit the resort island of Phuket without quarantine restrictions from July 1, many are hopeful international travelers will soon return. Until then, empty beaches and "for rent" signs offer signs of the economic plight currently facing many.
Tags: Cnn, Phuket

Britain mourns Prince Philip, longtime consort of Queen Elizabeth II, as funeral plans are awaited

Many Britons and others around the world will wake Saturday to a sense of sadness at the death of Prince Philip, the patriarch of the UK royal family who spent more than 70 years by the side of Queen Elizabeth II.
Tags: UK, Cnn, Britain, Elizabeth Ii, Philip

Calaveras County Man Sentenced For Poisoning 8 Homeless People In Huntington Beach

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP/CBS13) — A Calaveras County man who poisoned eight homeless people in Huntington Beach so he could videotape their reactions was sentenced Friday to four years in state prison. William Cable, 38, of San Andreas, was sentenced after pleading guilty to poisoning, injuring an elderly person, and other felony and misdemeanor charges, according to the Orange County district attorney’s office. Prosecutors said that last May, Cable gave homeless people in Huntington Beach f...
Tags: Crime, News, Local, Syndicated Local, Homeless, San Andreas, Orange County, Huntington Beach, HUNTINGTON BEACH Calif, Calaveras County, Todd Spitzer, Homeless People In Huntington Beach, William Cable

Prince Philip: Gun salutes planned across UK after Duke of Edinburgh dies aged 99

The Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II's husband of 73 years, died on Friday at the age of 99.
Tags: UK, News, Edinburgh, Duke, Elizabeth Ii, Philip

Keep America Great PAC Organizer Charged With Bilking Trump Supporters of $250,000

Bell is also charged with fraudulently obtaining $1 million from the coronavirus-relief Paycheck Protection Program.
Tags: News, Bell

Anti-Defamation league calls on Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson after host embraces white supremacist "great replacement theory" on air

Fox News host Tucker Carlson Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt sent a letter to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott asking for Tucker Carlson to be fired. On Thursday, Carlson openly embraced the white supremacist Great Replacement theory. The racist theory alleges that masses of foreigners are invading the US to strip white Americans of political power. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Anti-Defamation League has called for Tucker Carlson to be fired a da...
Tags: Politics, US, Trends, Cnn, Fox News, Charlottesville, Third World, Tucker Carlson, Democratic Party, Anti Defamation League, ADL, Carlson, Greenblatt, White Supremacist, Jonathan Greenblatt, Suzanne Scott

Variety Wins 20 Awards, Including Best Entertainment Website, at National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards

Variety took home 20 top honors at Friday’s National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards, including the wins for best entertainment website, podcast host, best headline and for music and theater criticism. The virtual ceremony was hosted by comedian Alonzo Bodden. This year’s Veritas Award for film from the Los Angeles Press Club went to Netflix’s […]
Tags: News, Netflix, Veritas, Variety, Alonzo Bodden, Los Angeles Press Club, NAEJ Awards

Variety Wins Best Entertainment Website at National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards

Variety took home 20 top honors at Friday’s National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards, including the wins for best entertainment website, podcast host, best headline and for music and theater criticism. The virtual ceremony was hosted by comedian Alonzo Bodden. This year’s Veritas Award for film from the Los Angeles Press Club went to Netflix’s […]
Tags: News, Netflix, Veritas, Variety, Alonzo Bodden, Los Angeles Press Club, NAEJ Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh's classic sartorial legacy

Throughout his life, the late Prince Philip proved to be a master of quintessentially British dress codes.
Tags: Cnn, Edinburgh, Philip

Prince Philip: Family visits Buckingham Palace at 1am to lay flowers

Alex and his two children came to lay flowers at 01:00 BST in memory of the Duke of Edinburgh.
Tags: UK, News, Buckingham Palace, Alex, Philip

Her babies taken, this Indigenous woman died alone in a police cell — the victim of a problem Australia can't seem to fix

Thirty years ago, the Royal Commission found Indigenous people weren't dying at a higher rate than non-Indigenous people, but those who died in custody were the victims of gross over-representation in the justice system. That's still the case today.
Tags: Australia, Cnn, Royal Commission

Authorities Investigating Shooting Search Pond In Sacramento County

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'I think it's gross': Katie Hill on Gaetz using her name in op-ed

Former California Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill, who resigned amid allegations of inappropriate relationships with campaign staffers, reacts to Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz invoking her name in an op-ed he wrote declaring he would not resign over allegations of violating sex trafficking laws -- claims that he denies.
Tags: Florida, News, California, Stories, Matt Gaetz, Gaetz, Katie Hill

Four gray whales have been found dead near San Francisco

Gray whales are visible just twice a year in California as they migrate from the southern tip of the West Coast up toward Alaska and back again. They delight residents as they appear briefly in coastal waters before returning to the open ocean.
Tags: News, California, San Francisco, Alaska, Stories, West Coast

Opinion: Cameron Champ, just three shots off the lead at Masters, is meeting the moment

After his round of 68 at the Masters, Cameron Champ did not back down when asked about Georgia's new voter suppression law.       [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Usa, News, Georgia, Usa Today, Cameron Champ

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