Elizabeth Warren fist-pumps and Joe Manchin takes notes during Biden's first joint address to Congress

U.S. President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress as Vice President Kamala Harris (L) and Speaker of the House U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) (R) look on in the House chamber of the U.S. Capitol. Doug Mills/Getty Images Joe Biden's first address to a joint session of Congress was met with enthusiasm from progressive Democrats but put some moderates on the spot. Sen. Joe Manchin, who was seen taking copious notes at the back of the chamber, didn't clap for some of Biden...
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U.S. cruises could restart in mid-July with 95% of passengers fully vaccinated, CDC says

Cruising could restart in mid-summer in American waters, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a letter to the cruise industry.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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CNN catches Texas' Ted Cruz sleeping during Presidential address

Ted Cruz is in the joint address KNOCKED out— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) April 29, 2021 Ted Cruz has displayed no respect for anything or anyone except Ted Cruz. Goodnight JoeGoodnight Kamala Goodnight moonGoodnight Cancun Cruz— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) April 29, 2021
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Forder's Final Mock Draft: Miami Selects Risky Prospects With Limitless Potential

The 2021 NFL draft is almost here. Make no mistake, this draft will be a critical one for the Miami Dolphins. As it stands, the Dolphins have just one truly elite every-down player on the roster — Xavien Howard. Jason Sanders, too, is a top
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‘Crisis into opportunity’: Biden lays out vision for sweeping change in speech to Congress

President pushes ambitious families and jobs plans, calling for a ‘blue-collar blueprint’ to rebuild AmericaJoe Biden argued that “America is on the move again” in his first address to Congress, where he unveiled a sweeping $1.8tn package for families and education and pitched his “blue-collar blueprint” to re-build America.Flanked by two women – Vice-President Kamala Harris and House speaker Nancy Pelosi – for the first time in US history, the president gave his speech on the eve of his 100th d...
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Florida State anti-racism task force votes against removing Doak Campbell's name from football stadium

The task force did vote to recommend a "high-profile" recognition of black and other underrepresented minority student athletes at the stadium.       [Author: Tallahassee Democrat]
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YouTubers face deportation from Bali over fake mask stunt

Two YouTubers are facing deportation from Bali after they made a prank video that depicted one of them breaking local mask laws.
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Covid: How the UK has been getting jabs to remote territories

Since early January, 250,000 Covid vaccines doses have been administered in British Overseas Territories.
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Opinion: What grade did Biden get on his speech to Congress

CNN Opinion contributors grade President Joe Biden's first speech before a joint session of Congress.
Tags: News, Congress, Joe Biden, Stories, Biden

What grade did Biden get on his speech to Congress

CNN Opinion asks contributors to grade President Joe Biden's first speech before a joint session of Congress.
Tags: Congress, Joe Biden, Cnn, Biden

China launches first module of new space station

It's a major step in China's ambitions to rival the United States and Russia in space exploration.
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West Bengal: India state elections go ahead as deaths hit record high

Voters go to the polls for state elections despite the state the country witnessing a second wave.
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Watch Sen. Tim Scott's full response to Biden's speech

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) delivered the Republican party's response to President Joe Biden's first prime-time speech to Congress.
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In GOP rebuttal, Sen. Tim Scott says: 'America is not a racist country'

• READ: Scott's response to Biden's address • GOP precinct chair in Texas arrested in US Capitol riot
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Australia: Offsetting arrangements – Fair Work changes to casual employment - FC Lawyers

Employers and employees should review their casual employment contracts and/or pro forma, against the new definitions.
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Van Jones: Scott lost a lot of African Americans when he said this

CNN's Van Jones reacts after Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) said America is "not a racist country" in the Republican rebuttal to President Joe Biden's joint address to Congress.
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CNN Poll: 7 in 10 who watched say Biden's speech left them feeling optimistic

About half of Americans who watched President Joe Biden's address to Congress had a very positive reaction to the speech, and 71% said they walked away feeling more optimistic about the country's direction, according to a CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.
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Here Are The Key Moments From Biden’s Speech To Congress

The president spoke about what he hopes Congress will help him achieve in the future.
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In GOP response to Biden's address, Sen. Tim Scott said US' future won't come from 'Washington schemes or socialist dreams'

In this June 17, 2020, photo, Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., speaks at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File President Joe Biden delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress Wednesday. Sen. Tim Scott, the only Black Republican in the Senate, delivered the GOP rebuttal. "Our best future won't come from Washington schemes or socialist dreams," Scott said. See more stories on Insider's business page. Sen. Tim Scott, the only Black Republi...
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Biden pitches 'once in a generation investment' to Congress

The president lays out jobs, education and social care plans and says "America's on the move again".
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Australia: GST in sales contracts – Get it right or you could regret it - FC Lawyers

GST has been with us for over 20 years, but we still see contracts where GST treatment is wrong or badly expressed.
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Suspect faces numerous charges after alleged killing of Delaware police officer and assault of elderly couple

A veteran Delaware police officer has died following an assault after he was dispatched to the home of a person suspected in an attack of an elderly couple, officials said Wednesday.
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India not the only Covid hotspot in Asia

Covid-19 cases in Asia are rising especially in India and its neighboring countries. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout takes a look at the deteriorating situations in the hardest-hit regions in Asia.
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India is not the only Covid-19 hotspot in Asia

Covid-19 cases in Asia are rising especially in India and its neighboring countries. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout takes a look at the deteriorating situations in the hardest-hit regions in Asia.
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A historic moment for women, details of an extensive spending plan and a call for police reform. These are key moments from the President's address.

• Read the speech | In pictures: Biden's first address to Congress
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Biden promises to lift 'left-behind and forgotten' Americans with his ambitious economic agenda

President Joe Biden used his first joint address to Congress to speak plainly to working- and middle-class Americans who "feel left behind and forgotten" in a rapidly changing economy, promising that his ambitious economic and infrastructure plans amounted to a "blue-collar blueprint to build America."
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Parking mad: UK man completes mission to park in every spot at local supermarket

Gareth Wild finished his ‘magnum opus’ by filling the last of 211 spots in the parking lot of Sainsbury’s in BromleyA man has completed a six-year challenge to park in every car parking space at his local Sainsbury’s.Gareth Wild, 39, from Bromley, south-east London, said he decided to take on the challenge after noticing his preference for certain spots. Continue reading...
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Biden goes off-script to thank McConnell for honoring his late son in 2016

President Joe Biden went off-script during his first joint address to Congress on Wednesday to thank Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for a tribute the Kentucky Republican made to Biden's late son, Beau, in 2016.
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