Markup Hero can screenshot and annotate anything you find online in seconds

Considering how easy it is to do most things in our technologically advanced world, it's still fairly shocking how difficult it can still be at times to do something relatively simple — like present an idea. Say you saw a photo online with a piece of art in the background that you'd like to feature on your website. — Read the rest
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'We feel we have the right person': Los Angeles officials arrest suspect in Palisades Fire; blaze 23% contained

A suspect has been arrested in Los Angeles' Palisades Fire, which has burned 1,325 acres and forced about 1,000 out of their homes.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Set To Earn $5 Million From COVID-19 Book

The governor is under investigation to determine if he used state resources to write or promote the memoir.
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Australia news live: man dies after shark attack on NSW mid-north coast; PM condemns Virgin boss’s ‘insensitive’ border comments

Businessman Govind Kant is the second Australian to die from coronavirus in India; Morrison refuses to commit to a vaccination level at which regular flights will resume. Follow all the day’s news Virgin boss says Australia’s borders should reopen sooner than mid-2022 even though ‘some people may die’How Covid changed the way Australians move: more traffic jams, less public transportOnly 999 out of 26,000 Australian disability care residents vaccinated 4.28am BST The AAP has some details on ...
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Galapagos Islands: Erosion fells Darwin's Arch

The famous rock formation has collapsed due to natural erosion, Ecuador's environment ministry says.
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New senior executive with the Denver Broncos is one of the most powerful women in the NFL

The Denver Broncos have hired Kelly Kleine as the Executive Director of Football Operations/Special Advisor to the General Manager, making her one of the most powerful woman in the National Football League.
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Tencent Music Profits Increase 10% in First Quarter

The Chinese government’s increasing regulation of the tech sector is a current concern for China’s major internet and online entertainment companies. But the latest quarterly results announcement for China’s biggest digital music company, Tencent Music Entertainment pointed to business as usual, at least for the moment. First quarter revenues, spanning the January to March 2021 […]
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Check out this gorgeous wide-angle footage shot by Sony’s new Airpeak drone

Sony has released fresh footage shot by its new Airpeak drone using a couple of its professional-level cameras and a new 14mm wide-angle lens.
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LAPD opens investigation of T.I., wife Tiny Harris after allegations of drugging, sexual assault

The LAPD has opened an investigation into rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris, after two women filed police reports against the couple.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Retired US Navy Chief explains tech witnessed in UFO aircraft sighting

CNN's Chris Cuomo talks to Sean Cahil, retired US Navy Chief Master-at-Arms, and Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, about the forthcoming government report on UFO sightings.
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Arizona GOP election official defends office against Trump voting conspiracy theory

The Republican official who heads Maricopa County, Arizona's election department offered a forceful defense of his office on Monday after former President Donald Trump falsely claimed that the county's "entire Database" had been deleted.
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Body Of Missing Oakland Boater Found In Delta

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'iCarly' and Miranda Cosgrove denounce racism after Laci Mosley faces cyberbullying: 'Racism kills'

Miranda Cosgrove and the cast of "iCarly" are denouncing racism after a new cast member from the upcoming reboot faced racially-charged harassment.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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'The Voice' semifinals: Nick Jonas reveals he 'cracked rib' in bike accident; Top 9 perform

"The Voice" semifinals are here, but Nick Jonas almost didn't make it. He revealed at the top of Monday's episode that he took a "spill on a bike."       [Author: USA TODAY]
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The woman trailblazer set to take the reins in Samoa

For the first time ever, a Samoa election was tightly contested - and it's a woman who came out top.
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The woman who unseated Samoa's prime minister of 20 years

For the first time ever, a Samoa election was tightly contested - and it's a woman who came out top.
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Fighter jet intercepts small aircraft that violated Presidential Airspace over Delaware

A North American Aerospace Defense Command fighter jet intercepted a small aircraft that had violated Presidential airspace over Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday, according to a statement from NORAD, which is responsible for protecting the skies over the US and Canada.
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T.I. Under Investigation by LAPD Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris is under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegations of sexual assault, Variety has confirmed. The LAPD would not disclose further details about the probe, including whether T.I’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, is also under investigation. Representatives for T.I. and Tiny did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment. Since […]
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READ: Biden's 2020 tax returns

The White House on Monday released the 2020 tax returns for President Joe Biden, restoring a presidential tradition that had been ignored under former President Donald Trump. The Bidens filed their federal tax return jointly.
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Rift grows within Democratic Party over Israeli-Palestinian conflict as violence intensifies

A number of congressional Democrats are ramping up pressure on the Biden administration to more forcefully engage on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as violence in the region intensifies, revealing a delicate shift in the way Democrats have talked about Israel for decades and a small crack in the party on foreign policy.
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New York Racing Association suspends Bob Baffert with Belmont Stakes in less than three weeks

The New York Racing Association has temporarily suspended trainer Bob Baffert from entering any horses in races at the track that is host to the Belmont Stakes in less than three weeks.
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Coronavirus: Ministers to step up vaccine take up calls amid variant fears

Matt Hancock is urging anyone who is unsure about having a Covid jab to "look at the situation in Bolton".
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Body Found During Search For Man Whose Canoe Overturned In Delta Near Isleton

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South Sacramento Neighbors Catch Catalytic Converter Thieves In The Act

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How worrying is the India coronavirus variant for UK plans to unlock this summer?

Monday’s change in the rules was supposed to be a moment of celebration – but the new variant spreading in the UK meant it came with a cautionary note. Can the next stage of the government’s ‘irreversible’ plan go ahead?This time last week, most of us were feeling optimistic about the next step in the government’s “irreversible” plan to end lockdown. Then scientists started to warn that the accelerating spread of the India variant of coronavirus meant that we should proceed carefully – and even ...
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Amazon exec Dave Clark pushed USPS to install mailbox now at center of union election controversy

The mailbox outside the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer. RWDSU Amazon exec Dave Clark pushed for a controversial mailbox used in a recent union election, Bloomberg reported. Amazon pressed USPS to install the box, which the union claimed may have intimidated voters. The union has challenged the election results to the NLRB. Amazon has denied any wrongdoing. See more stories on Insider's business page. Amazon consumer CEO Dave Clark led the company's push to persuade the US Postal Serv...
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More rain fell in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on Monday than during the two damaging hurricanes last year

Torrential rain has fallen across portions of southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana on Monday leading to dangerous flash flooding across the region.
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'It's just terrifying': Video shows slain 4-year-old being taken from bed before being found dead on Dallas street

A suspect has been arrested in the slaying of a 4-year-old boy whose body was found lying on a neighborhood street in Dallas, authorities said Sunday.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Man Dies By Suicide Inside Federal Courtroom After Verdict

A jury had returned a partial guilty verdict against the man, who was on trial for terrorizing-related charges.
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Opinion: Kevin McCarthy is in an impossible position

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is in the midst of a political high-wire act worthy of the legendary Flying Wallendas, famous for performing daring aerial feats without a safety net.
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