2 Injured In Crash After Driver Falls Asleep Behind The Wheel In Rancho Cordova

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — Two people were hospitalized after a driver fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed on Highway 50 in Rancho Cordova over the weekend, the California Highway Patrol said on Monday. The CHP said the crash happened at 5:30 p.m. Friday on the eastbound lanes of the highway just east of Bradshaw Road. The driver fell asleep and drifted into the center median. The impact caused the vehicle to drift back across all lanes into a metal guard rail along the side of the highway. S...
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Former girlfriend of R. Kelly testifies about alleged abuse

A woman who said she was R. Kelly's girlfriend for five years took the stand Monday to testify about how she went to audition for him as a 17-year-old high schooler who dreamed of becoming an R&B recording artist, only to be sexually abused by the singer.
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Afghanistan: PM to urge G7 leaders to step up support for refugees

Boris Johnson will also ask the US to delay the withdrawal of its troops, at a virtual meeting of the G7.
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Lem Jeanpierre is the Miami Dolphins' first-year offensive line coach

When they're high, I'm excited. And when they do something wrong I'm still excited, but in the opposite way." Jeanpierre played 63 games for the Seahawks before he began coaching, first with Seattle and then Oakland and Miami, where he se
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R Kelly trial: Woman testifies she was coerced into abortion, pressed for sex before audition

A second accuser took the stand in R. Kelly's sex-crimes trial in New York, telling jury he pressed her for sex before audition and gave her herpes.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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G7 leaders to seek unity on Taliban as deadline for Afghanistan evacuation looms

Group of world leaders expected to discuss fraught evacuation deadline, sanctions and human rightsAfghanistan – latest updatesG7 leaders will be under pressure to present a united front at an emergency summit on Afghanistan on Tuesday despite public divisions over the deadline to complete evacuations from the country by 31 August.With the deadline to get out of Kabul looming, British prime minister Boris Johnson will chair online talks where, diplomatic sources told Reuters, G7 nations were expe...
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‘Time matters’: the NZ families desperate to save loved ones trapped in Afghanistan

New Zealanders, visa holders and others are struggling to battle through chaotic crowds and red tape to reach planes to carry them homeAs New Zealand begins to evacuate people from Afghanistan, those awaiting evacuation say they are struggling to reach the planes that would carry them to safety, and growing “more desperate with each passing day.”“Access into Kabul airport is extremely difficult and travel into Kabul from the provinces is almost impossible,” minister of defence, Peeni Henare, sai...
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Did Trump help set the stage?

With Republicans bashing President Joe Biden for not making sure Afghans who aided the US can flee the Taliban regime, real questions are arising about what former President Donald Trump did to protect these vulnerable Afghans during his term in office. They are coming from a credible source, Olivia Troye, who was former Vice President Mike Pence's homeland security adviser.
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​​Olivia Troye, the reliable witness

Michael D'Antonio writes that, while criticism has been piled on the Biden Administration for the chaos in Afghanistan, Olivia Troye reminds us that the Trump administration had four years to put in place an evacuation plan to bring our Afghan allies to safety.
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Michigan Man Faces Jail Time Over Threats To Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

"We have been watching and know your every step," said one message provided by the attorney general.
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Here Are The States Offering To Resettle Afghan Refugees

States are ready to offer homes to those fleeing from Afghanistan.
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Australia: The High Court provides employers with welcome clarification in the casual employee debacle: the contract is king - McCullough Robertson

A "firm advance commitment" to ongoing work is determined by reference to the written terms of the employment contract.
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Afghanistan: US under pressure over evacuation deadline

France, the UK and Germany all raise the possibility of troops staying beyond the end of August.
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Alex Jones Flips On Trump, Decides Maybe ‘He’s A Dumbass’

The Infowars conspiracy theorist raged at the former president for recommending the COVID-19 vaccines.
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Astronaut medical issue prompts NASA to call off Tuesday’s spacewalk

A spacewalk at the International Space Station planned for Tuesday, August 24 has been postponed due a medical issue affecting one of the two astronauts.
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Astronaut’s medical issue prompts NASA to call off Tuesday’s spacewalk

A spacewalk at the International Space Station planned for Tuesday, August 24, has been postponed due a medical issue affecting one of the two astronauts.
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Over 60 years ago, they crossed the Pacific in a Chinese junk boat

On April 4, 1955, a massive crowd flocked to Taiwan's Keelung Harbor.
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5 fishermen, a diplomat and 2 hens: Over 60 years ago, they crossed the Pacific in a Chinese junk boat

In 1955, the Free China -- a fishing junk boat from Taiwan -- sailed across the Pacific Ocean for over 100 days to challenge yachts in the United States. The only man still alive from the journey, 94-year-old Paul Chow, recounts their tale.
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City defends hands-off policing after groups clash in Portland

Fireworks, flares, pepper spray and projectiles like soda cans flew between far-right and counterprotesters in Oregon over the weekend, with protesters stopping several lanes of traffic, smashing vehicle windows and instigating several fights.
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Australia: Kim Kardashian-West in trade mark dispute over SKKN - Pointon Partners

News articles outline that the parties are in discussion to mediate this dispute, and further developments are expected.
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Final Thoughts on Miami's Win over Atlanta

This past Saturday night, the Miami Dolphins concluded their second preseason game with a 37-17 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. But I couldn't just let this game pass by without providing some of my takeaway's on the Dolphins performance.
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Positive Notes from the Second Miami Dolphins Preseason Game

The curse of living in Central Florida is not having consistently getting live feed of Miami Dolphins football each week. I was excited to see that the local ABC affiliate was going to show the Miami-Atlanta game this past Saturday, which I
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Rupert Murdoch’s NY Post Reportedly Demands Workers Mask Up As It Slams Mask Mandates

It's the latest case of COVID-19 hypocrisy at Murdoch's right-wing News Corp.
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Over 50 years ago, they crossed the Pacific in a Chinese junk boat

On April 4, 1955, a massive crowd flocked to Taiwan's Keelung Harbor.
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Australia politics live news update: NSW confirms 753 Covid cases; Victoria opens Pfizer for 16-39s; ACT records 30 new cases

NSW reaches 6m vaccinations as 753 new Covid cases are recorded; forty of Victoria’s new local cases linked, with state to extend Pfizer eligibility to 16-19-year-olds; 30 new cases in ACT, two in Queensland. Follow updates liveEnding lockdowns with 80% vaccinated could cause 25,000 Australian deaths, new modelling suggestsAustralian Covid vaccine study shows social restrictions and cash would slash hesitancyWhy is Australia at odds over the Doherty report and what does it say about opening up t...
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Australia: Wicked v Wicked Sister - Full Court confirms no statutory infringement by a party that has not used but has authorised use of a trade mark - Shelston IP

An IP holding company that merely authorises use of a mark cannot be subject to liability for direct infringement.
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Australia: Families to benefit from SMSF changes - Moore Australia

The maximum number of family members included in an SMSF has now increased from four to six members.
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Australia: Hillsong founder Brian Houston charged with concealing child sexual abuse - Astor Legal

Discussion about the crime of concealing a serious indictable offence including a recent case example.
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Australia: Police pursuits in New South Wales - Lamont Law

The offence of police pursuits in NSW was introduced by the Crimes Amendment (Police Pursuits) Bill 2010.
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Australia: Anti-Lockdown protestor accused of punching horse granted bail - Astor Legal

Protestor vows to fight some of the charges against him including animal cruelty and affray.
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