Dolphins Offense More Efficient in 2nd Preseason Game

One of the things I look for in the preseason is improvement from the first to the second. The Miami Dolphins showed a lot of improvement from the first game to the second game last weekend. Due to their only being 3 preseason games compare
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Fox News’ Biggest Coronavirus Hypocrisy Exposed In Damning ‘Daily Show’ Supercut

"The Daily Show" calls out the right-wing network's inconsistency on the coronavirus vaccine's development.
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Afghanistan: World Bank halts aid after Taliban takeover

The announcement comes after the International Monetary Fund halted aid to Afghanistan last week.
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Taliban won't let any Afghans leave the country

An estimated 6,500 people were waiting for evacuation flights inside Kabul airport on Tuesday morning, a source close to the situation told CNN, as G7 leaders prepared to meet for an emergency summit to discuss the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of American troops.
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Two congressmen traveled to Afghanistan

Two US congressmen on Tuesday made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan as the US races to evacuate as many people as possible from the country in the remaining days of the US military presence there, taking Democratic leadership by surprise and drawing swift criticism.
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Two congressmen traveled to Afghanistan despite frantic evacuations

Two US congressmen on Tuesday made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan as the US races to evacuate as many people as possible from the country in the remaining days of the US military presence there, taking Democratic leadership by surprise and drawing swift criticism.
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Two congressmen traveled to Afghanistan amid frantic evacuation efforts

Two US congressmen on Tuesday made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan as the US races to evacuate as many people as possible from the country in the remaining days of the US military presence there, taking Democratic leadership by surprise and drawing swift criticism.
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The daily edition of 'The Rachel Maddow Show' is coming to an end. So who will replace her?

MSNBC's evening lineup will look very different one year from now.
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Kayleigh McEnany Claim On Fox News Has Critics Wondering ‘What Planet’ She’s Been On

"When Trump was president, you didn't see crisis after crisis," Trump's former press secretary said.
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Analysis: Afghan withdrawal leaves allies to face harsh reality of US's departure from world stage

The sudden fall of Kabul and the Taliban's near-total takeover of Afghanistan has left many of America's long-standing partners wondering what will become of the values-based, US-led international order.
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Hong Kong Filmmakers ‘Very Worried’ by Censorship Law

A proposed new law that will inject national security elements into Hong Kong’s censorship system has the city’s filmmakers worried. The law allows government officials retrospective power to change previously-issued exhibition approvals and provides for three year jail terms in case of breach. “We are very worried,” Tenky Tin, chair of the Federation of Hong […]
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Woman live streams flooding moments before being swept away

In a video streamed on Facebook Live, Linda Almond Bryant captured the flooding outside the Waverly, Tennessee, home she was in. Moments later, Bryant was swept away by the rushing water. CNN's Nick Valencia has more.
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Watch San Franciscans take a ride in Waymo’s self-driving car

Autonomous-car specialist is expanding its trial ridesharing service to regular folks in San Francisco as part of a new research program.
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Biden was briefed on the 90-day review into Covid origins

It has now been 90 days since President Joe Biden ordered the intelligence community to investigate the origins of Covid-19, but the public may have to wait a few more days to view an unclassified version of that report.
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Airbnb to house 20,000 Afghan refugees for free worldwide, CEO says

Airbnb will start housing 20,000 Afghan refugees around the world in properties listed on its platform, CEO Brian Chesky said Tuesday. Starting today, Airbnb will begin housing 20,000 Afghan refugees globally for free. Airbnb started its emergency Open Homes program in 2012, where hosts on the short-term rental service could open their homes for free to people in times of need. [Via]
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US court rules asylum seekers must stay in Mexico

Asylum seekers must stay in Mexico while their claims are processed, the US Supreme Court rules.
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The Nevermind Baby Sues Nirvana, Calling The Album Cover Child Pornography

For many years now, a man named Spencer Elden has been saying he was the baby featured on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind reaching for a dollar in a swimming pool. Often, he has seemed to celebrate that status, even re-creating the image at various points in his life. However, his perspective on this claim to fame started to shift around the time of his most recent photo reenactment in 2016, when the album (and Elden) turned 25 years old. “It’s fucked up. I’m pissed off about it, to be honest,”...
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A man discovered passed out in a car in a 7-Eleven parking lot had a gun, drugs, and over 300 California recall ballots

This photo provided by the Torrance, Calif., Police Department shows recall ballots found in the back of a car on Aug. 16, 2021. Torrance Police Department via AP Investigators are looking into how the man obtained the ballots and what he intended to do with them. In addition to stolen ballots, the car also contained drugs, a loaded firearm, and stolen credit cards and driver's licenses. Replacement ballots will be sent to individuals whose recall ballots were found in the car. See mor...
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Man Photographed as Baby on ‘Nevermind’ Cover Sues Nirvana, Alleging Child Pornography

Spencer Elden, the man whose unusual baby portrait was used for one of the most recognizable album covers of all time, Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging that the nude image constituted child pornography. The album cover depicts Elden underwater in a swimming pool as a then-infant with his genitalia exposed. The image has […]
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Afghan star details harrowing exit from country

An Afghan pop star is sharing her harrowing story of fleeing her country.
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White House fires back at McCarthy as it doubles down on domestic agenda

The White House is firing back at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who on Tuesday called for Democrats to halt work on their sweeping economic agenda to focus on Afghanistan evacuations.
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Warner Bros. Reveals New Footage of ‘The Matrix 4’ and ‘The Batman’ at CinemaCon

Taking a low-key approach, Warner Bros. presented new footage Tuesday for its theatrical slate over the next seven months without significant dating changes, and without the normal ritual of top brass on hand at exhibitors’ confab CinemaCon in Las Vegas. The studio’s reel shown at the showroom at Caesars Palace included new footage of “The […]
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'AGT': Wild card winner Storm Large returns to competition, but fails to impress Simon Cowell

Voters got the opportunity to bring back one wild card act, singer Storm Large. But the judges said she didn't make the most of her second chance.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Tua And Eguavoen Shine In Falcons Win

The Miami Dolphins won their first preseason game, with a 37-17 win over the Atlanta Falcons. In what was an encouraging performance, two players particularly stood out. These were quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and linebacker Sam Eguavoen. Tua
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Women-led production company in Kenya empowers children

"Let's 'technovate'!" is the phrase Super Sema says any time she comes across a problem.
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Women-led production company in Kenya empowers children through animated 'Super Sema' series, with help from Lupita Nyong'o

With "Super Sema," Clara Njeru and the Kukua production company are showing African children role models, both on screen and off.
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AppsForBharat, Kirana247, Imagimake, Synth, Syook, Lumiq raise funding

AppsForBharat, a product studio focused on building apps for spiritual and devotional needs of users in India, on Tuesday said it has raised $4 million in a seed round of funding co-led by Sequoia Capital India and BEENEXT. The funding round also saw participation from WEH Ventures, as per a statement, which added that the funds will primarily be used for product development and hiring tech talent. Kirana247, a Delhi-based on-demand supply chain startup, on Tuesday said it has raised $1 million...
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20 years after her death, Aaliyah's style still reigns

Aaliyah's velvety smooth vocals redefined R&B during the 1990s, and the influence of her "streetwear chic" can still be felt in fashion today.
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Supreme court orders Biden to revive Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico’ policy

Justices deny president’s effort to rescind Trump programBlow to Biden as trio of liberal justices dissent in 6-3 rulingThe US supreme court on Tuesday denied Joe Biden’s bid to rescind an immigration policy implemented by his predecessor, Donald Trump, that forced thousands of asylum seekers to stay in Mexico awaiting US hearings. Related: Breathing wildfire smoke during pregnancy raises risk of premature birth, study finds Continue reading...
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