Californian Finds 4.38-Carat Raw Yellow Diamond In Arkansas State Park. Keeps It.

Noreen Wredberg named it "Lucy's Diamond" in honor of her husband's kitten, which has " tints of yellow in her fur."
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Massive California oil spill was reported Friday. But nobody told the millions who went to the beaches

Experts said humans as well as wildlife are at risk from crude oil spills, and emergency officials should have immediately acted rather than letting millions crowd beaches near the spill on a sunny Saturday,       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Australia: National cabinet unlocked: AAT issues Freedom of Information ruling - Holding Redlich

AAT meeting minutes do not fall within the Cabinet documents exemption under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).
Tags: News, Australia, Freedom Of Information, Cabinet, Redlich

Texas board votes to recommend posthumous pardon for George Floyd

The Texas State Board of Pardons and Paroles voted unanimously Monday to recommend a full posthumous pardon of George Floyd for a 2004 drug conviction, according to hearing minutes provided by the board to CNN.
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Facebook reveals the cause of Monday’s global outage

Facebook has offered an explanation as to why its social media services suffered a serious outage on Monday that lasted around six hours.
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The Same Old Dolphins Show: WELP! (Week 4 Reactions)

Aaron and Josh are back following the Dolphins' 27-17 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. This was yet another example of the Dolphins' offense sputtering its way through a game and the defense not being strong enough to keep the team alive. Wh
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Australia: The Australian government turns its spotlight on regulators - Holding Redlich

The government is focussing on ensuring that regulators are fully performing their functions.
Tags: News, Australia, Redlich

Elijah Wood Reveals Slap At Harvey Weinstein Hidden In ‘Lord Of The Rings’

“I think that is OK to talk about now," Wood said of the disgraced Hollywood mogul.
Tags: Hollywood, News, Harvey Weinstein, Elijah Wood, Wood

Australia: Maintaining legal professional privilege as a Commonwealth Government lawyer - Holding Redlich

Discussion about legal professional privilege in the context of government lawyers and their clients.
Tags: News, Australia, Commonwealth Government, Holding Redlich

Texas pardons board votes unanimously to recommend posthumous pardon for George Floyd

The Texas State Board of Pardons and Paroles voted unanimously Monday to recommend a full posthumous pardon of George Floyd for a 2004 drug conviction, according to hearing minutes provided by the board to CNN.
Tags: Texas, Cnn, George Floyd, Texas State Board of Pardons and Paroles

Australia: [email protected]: Response of the government - Holding Redlich

Overview of changes to various laws that protect against workplace sexual harassment.
Tags: News, Australia, Redlich

Australia: Public sector procurement: A highly skilled profession - Holding Redlich

The APCC released a statement & a framework that establishes standardised level of requirements for procuring professionals.
Tags: News, Australia, Redlich, APCC

Australia news live update: record 1,763 Covid cases, four deaths in Victoria; NSW reports 608 cases, seven deaths; Frydenberg in isolation

So while all of this politics nonsense has been going on, the federal government has invested in a new antiviral pill that has the potential to help stop Covid-19 disease from progressing to its acute and life-threatening stages. Health minister Greg Hunt has been out and about this morning spruiking the government’s purchase and is speaking with ABC News Breakfast now. It is an important step forward. It’s molnupiravir, it’s made by Merck, and it’s an oral pill. The treatments we had until now ...
Tags: Health, Australia, Merck, Australia news, Coalition, Australian politics, Queensland, New South Wales, Sydney, Victorian politics, New South Wales politics, Victoria, Melbourne, Liberal party, Greg Hunt, National party

By ending Covid elimination, Jacinda Ardern once again fails to turn compassion into policy | Morgan Godfery

Without a dramatic change in New Zealand’s vaccination rates, Covid-19 risks becoming a disease for brown peopleAnd so with that, a confusing 20-minute monologue in the Beehive theatrette, New Zealand’s virus-beating elimination strategy is over. As the Delta variant’s “tentacles”, to borrow the prime minister’s description, creep past the Auckland border, potentially wrapping themselves around parts of the Waikato, the government will no longer aim to cut the monster off at its head with tough ...
Tags: World news, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, Auckland, Waikato, Jacinda Ardern, Coronavirus

Australia: Can an employer mandate that employees be vaccinated - ClarkeKann Lawyers

Mandated vaccines? ... it depends on the unique circumstances surrounding each workplace & whether it is lawful & reasonable.
Tags: News, Australia, ClarkeKann Lawyers

Australia: Victorian government charged over hotel quarantine safety breaches - Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Victorian government charged with 58 workplace safety breaches and faces fines of up to $1.64m.
Tags: News, Australia, Sydney

Chinese whistleblower exposes torture of Uyghur prisoners in CNN interview

For nearly three years, CNN has been investigating allegations of gross human rights violations and a modern day system of internment camps in China's Xinjiang region. China denies accusations from the US State Department that Beijing detained up to two million ethnic Uyghurs and members of other minorities in internment camps. For the first time, CNN has interviewed a former member of the Chinese security forces, who says he was ordered to routinely arrest and torture Uyghur detainees. A warni...
Tags: News, China, Cnn, Beijing, Stories, Xinjiang, US State Department, Ivan Watson

Ukraine: Escalation Of Ukraine's Renewable Energy Crisis: A Year In Review - WilmerHale

As we previously reported, by the end of 2019, Ukraine faced difficulties in complying with its feed-in-tariff ("FiT") regime for the renewable energy sector because the FiT that the government owed to renewable energy producers substantially exceeded market prices.
Tags: News, Ukraine

Canada: Ontario Court Of Appeal Declines To Corrode Requirement Of "Physical Damage" In Business Interruption Claim Under Property Policy - Gowling WLG

On Feb. 21, 2006, MDS agreed to buy radioisotopes from Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, to be produced at the Nuclear Research Universal reactor.
Tags: News, Canada, Ontario Court, MDS, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

Kenya bids to host World Athletics Championships

Kenya bids to host the 2025 World Athletics Championships, saying it 'is the sport's spiritual home'.
Tags: News, Kenya

Greece: Greece Increases Gift Tax-exempt Bracket From October 1, 2021 - Zepos & Yannopoulos

The same exemption applies for gifts in cash, which until now have been subject to a 10% tax, without any tax-exempt bracket.
Tags: News, Greece, Zepos, Yannopoulos

European Union: Combatting Cyber Threats With Artificial Intelligence ("AI") - Will The New EU AI Regulation Help? - Matheson

In 2021 cyber threats have been trending to increased ransomware attacks, commodity malware and heightened Dark Web enablement.
Tags: News, European Union, Matheson

Australia: COVID-19 and strata reforms - Bartier Perry

Temporary changes to strata legislation were implemented whilst much of the State is in lockdown.
Tags: News, Australia, State, Bartier Perry

Megachurch founder denies concealing child abuse

Brian Houston is accused in Australia of concealing sexual abuse allegedly committed by his father.
Tags: News, Australia, Brian Houston

Canada: Ontario's Mid-Election Changes To Toronto Wards Not Unconstitutional: Supreme Court - Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

The Supreme Court of Canada has finally weighed-in and decided that the Ontario government was within its rights to make those changes in Toronto (City) v. Ontario (Attorney General).
Tags: News, Canada, Ontario, Supreme Court of Canada, Toronto City, Supreme Court Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

Canada: B.C. Court Of Appeal Decision Reminds Parties To Contracts To Read Before Signing - Bennett Jones LLP

Written contracts are an essential tool in confirming the terms of an agreement between two parties following an apparently successful negotiation.
Tags: News, Canada, Bennett Jones

Record number of China planes enter Taiwan air defence zone

It's the fourth day in a row that China has flown its military planes towards Taiwan.
Tags: News, China, Taiwan

United States: Additional Contractor Vaccination Mandate Guidance Issued - Proskauer Rose LLP

The new FAQs largely repackage the information provided in the Guidance.
Tags: News, United States, Proskauer Rose LLP

Ireland: SCSI Contracting For Surveyors – Current Trends 2021 - William Fry

The legal issues to be considered by Surveyors when drafting and subsequently managing construction documents will reflect the risks associated with any particular project.
Tags: News, Ireland, William Fry

Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler spark Los Angeles Chargers' win over Las Vegas Raiders on MNF

The Las Vegas Raiders fell from the ranks of unbeaten Monday night, losing to the Los Angeles Chargers at SoFi Stadium.       [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Usa, News, Usa Today, Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, SoFi Stadium, Justin Herbert Austin Ekeler

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