A driver shortage could lead to stores in the UK running out of alcohol ahead of Christmas, trade group warns

Rows of cans of hard seltzer and beer on shelf in store.Richa Naidu/Reuters Alcohol providers are reporting delays in delivering alcohol to stores in the UK.  The Wine and Spirit Trade Association sent a letter to the transport minister urging him to take action. The delays are a result of shortages of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers.  The United Kingdom could face a shortage of alcohol ahead of Christmas as the country deals with limited delivery drivers, The Wine and Spirit Trade Associat...
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BREAKING: Suspicious Vehicle In Beverly Hills Prompts Response From Bomb Squad

A suspicious item at a Beverly Hills intersection has prompted a response from multiple authorities, including a bomb squad and SWAT.
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Jill Biden Set To Unveil White House Holiday Decoration Theme

The tradition is bringing back memories, or nightmares, of Melania Trump's red Christmas trees in 2018.
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Broadway’s ‘Chicago’ Cancels Saturday Performance Due to Positive COVID Tests

“Chicago,” the long-running revival of the classic musical about greed and corruption, canceled its Saturday performance on Broadway after two people who work at the Ambassador Theatre tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The production said it has no scheduled performances for Sunday and plans to resume shows on Monday. The Sunday performance was canceled […]
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Covid: Netherlands enters partial lockdown amid surging infections

The government says the three-week curbs are critical to protect hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.
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Omar Seeks Action Over Far-Right Congresswoman’s Islamophobic Remarks

Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert has repeatedly referred to Rep. Ilhan Omar in derogatory terms, calling Omar a member of the "jihad squad."
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More Trouble In QAnon: Now Lin Wood Says ‘Stop The Steal’ Is A ‘Deep State’ Plot

Wood asks to meet with Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn to address a "division" in a "critical time" in history.
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One Pedestrian Killed In Sacramento In Ambulance Collision

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Friday night, around midnight, a pedestrian was struck by an ambulance transporting a medical patient and was killed, said the Metro Fire Department. This took place near Fulton and Hurley Avenue and reports say there may have been another vehicle involved. The patient being transported was uninjured by the collision, however, another ambulance was called to continue transport. Both the Metro Fire Department and the California Highway Patrol are currently investigating. The ...
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Covid: Israel to impose travel ban for foreigners over new variant

Travellers from all countries will be banned from entering Israel for 14 days, local media report.
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Scott Morrison digs in over federal Icac – and tries to shift blame to Labor for slow progress

Coalition’s model is ‘well-considered’, PM says, but Michaelia Cash offers up some wiggle roomFollow our live blog for the latest updatesGet our free news app;get our morning email briefingThe government will proceed with its roundly criticised model for a federal anti-corruption commission – but has signalled the bill will only come to parliament if Labor backs it.With Australia’s parliament entering what could be the last sitting week before the election, the government is under pressure to de...
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Father’s Stolen U-Haul Found In Sacramento By Law Enforcement

***UPDATE*** SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — While moving his family’s things from Oregon to Arizona, a father stopped to spend the night in a hotel in Sacramento. That’s when his U-Haul was stolen. According to the Sacramento Police Department, the father stopped at around 2 a.m. Thursday night and when he woke up at 7 a.m. on Friday, the U-Haul was gone. After conducting a follow-up investigation, Officers were notified of a possible location of the vehicle and were able to recover it. Luckily, most of t...
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‘Revolution of Our Times,’ ‘The Falls’ Triumph at Golden Horse Film Awards

“The Falls,” Taiwan’s Oscar contender and a timely drama about the trauma of home quarantine, emerged as the unsurprising winner at the Golden Horse Film Awards in Taipei on Saturday. And, in a bold decision that has the potential to enrage Mainland Chinese authorities, the prize for best documentary feature was awarded to “Revolution of […]
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Natural vs. artificial: Which Christmas tree option is better for the climate?

It's the time of the year when most Americans finish Thanksgiving leftovers and venture out in search for the best holiday sales. More importantly, they plan their household centerpiece of the season: the Christmas tree.
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Omicron: Will new measures against Covid variant work?

The new variant's genetic profile has raised concerns, but there's a shortage of real-world data.
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New Covid variant: Will new measures against Omicron work?

The new variant's genetic profile has raised concerns, but there's a shortage of real-world data.
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Make your holiday cooking easier this season with this automatic stirrer for 20% off

If you're an at-home cook who is gearing up for all of the holiday cooking this season, you know the work that goes into making the dishes your family and friends love best. You also know there are some kitchen tasks that take forever to complete, and just aren't fun to do. — Read the rest
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New Covid variant: Is the government going far enough on Omicron?

The new variant's genetic profile has raised concerns, but there's a shortage of real-world data.
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College football winners and losers: Wake Forest, Old Dominion different kind of success stories; Wisconsin stung by Minnesota loss

The Demon Deacons will play for the ACC championship. The Monarchs are bowl-eligible after sitting out the 2020 pandemic season. The Badgers blow it.       [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Usa, News, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Usa Today, Badgers

No. 2 Alabama needs four OTs to upend Auburn and keep College Football Playoff hopes alive

Alabama won the first Iron Bowl to go to overtime and must beat No. 1 Georgia next Saturday in the SEC championship to make the playoff.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Trump Tower's new bar has cocktails themed around the Trump presidency, including a $45 whiskey special served with a Diet Coke and beef sliders

People walk through Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on August 24, 2018 in New York City.Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images 45 Wine and Whiskey offers several cocktails inspired by Trump, his family, and the White House. The Forty Five special includes a specialty cocktail, a Diet Coke, and beef sliders. Other cocktails offered on the menu include the Don, the FLOTUS, and the Mar-a-Lago spritzer. Trump Tower's recently opened 45 Wine and Whiskey bar is serving a selection of pres...
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Michigan's win shows unpredictability has returned to college football — and not a moment too soon

College football's true soul was restored, not because Michigan won, but because the outcome - and the College Football Playoff, aren't repetitive.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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A stowaway was found in the landing gear of a plane at the Miami airport, authorities say

Authorities discovered an apparent stowaway Saturday in the landing gear of a flight from Guatemala at the Miami International Airport, local and federal officials said.
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Saudis Poised To Invest In Jared Kushner Fund After Cozy Trump White House Ties: Report

The potential deal raises serious ethical issues as Kushner approaches officials he dealt with as a senior White House adviser as recently as January.
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Small Businesses Banking On Local Bucks For Small Business Saturday

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All-party groups: Calls for stronger anti-lobbying rules for MPs

MPs face tighter rules on second jobs - but what about lobbying through all-party groups?
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Coalition bill would force social media companies to reveal identities of online bullies

Scott Morrison says companies have a responsibility to remove content when requested by anyone who thinks they have been defamed or attackedThe Morrison government will introduce legislation this week to crack down on abuse and bullying on social media platforms.Under the laws, social media platforms will be forced to expose the identity of individuals who post defamatory or damaging material anonymously. Continue reading...
Tags: Law, Social Media, Australia news, Australian politics, Cyberbullying, Scott Morrison, Morrison

Australia Covid news live update: states and territories tighten border restrictions over Omicron variant fears

Concerns new Covid variant is already in NSW and NT; UK, Germany and Italy detect cases; Victoria records 1,061 Covid cases and four deaths; NSW reports 185 cases and no deaths; three cases in Queensland and seven in ACT; Morrison government to introduce legislation holding social media companies accountable for trolls. Follow all the day’s news liveGreg Hunt backflips as Australia shuts border to southern AfricaOmicron: everything you need to know about new Covid variantVaccine rollout and rate...
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Covid live news: UK, Germany and Italy detect Omicron cases; Israel bans all visitors

Mandatory mask-wearing in shops and transport reimposed in England; Anthony Fauci says new variant is probably already in the US; Australia scrambles to prevent outbreakJohnson ignored my plan to deal with new variants – ex-officialOmicron’s worst impact will be in nations with low vaccination ratesWhat do we know about the new ‘worst ever’ Covid variant?See all our coronavirus coverageAustralia’s federal health minister said he was meeting the prime minister, Scott Morrison, and the chief healt...
Tags: Europe, England, Science, Australia, Israel, US, UK News, World news, US news, South Africa, Italy, Greg Hunt, Scott Morrison, South Australia, Anthony Fauci, UK Germany

The Papers: Mandatory masks and moving memories of Channel migrants

Most of today's papers report on new Covid restrictions, after first cases of Omicron were detected.
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