This Chargeworx 10,000mAh Power Bank with AirPods Holder can be your new BFF

We thank our sponsor for making this content possible; it is not written by the editorial staff nor does it necessarily reflect its views. Look, 2021 has proved to be frustrating enough without the presence of your scatterbrain. Losing charge of all your electronics at the exact same time is a pain and, if it happened right now, it wouldn't be the first time. — Read the rest
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Aaron Aby: Football with Gareth Bale to cage fighting via struggles with cancer and cystic fibrosis

Aaron Aby's sporting journey has taken him from Wales junior football honours to cage fighting amid major health problems,
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‘I thought I was going to die’: otters attack British man in Singapore park

Graham George Spencer says he was bitten 26 times in 10 seconds while out for a morning walkA man attacked by a pack of otters in a Singapore park has said that he thought he was going to die during the ordeal.Graham George Spencer, a British citizen living in Singapore, said he was chased, pinned down and bitten “26 times in 10 seconds” by a family of otters while out for an early morning walk in the botanic gardens. Continue reading...
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Halo Trailer: The Legendary Video Game Is Now A Paramount+ Series

He's not finishing the fight ... this time, it's only just beginning. Thanks to the Paramount+ "Halo" streaming series, everybody's favorite futuristic super-soldier is officially making the jump from video games (and a frankly absurd amount of extensive lore in various books and graphic novels) to live-action. Microsoft, Bungie, and eventually 343 Industries' incredibly popular "Halo" series revolutionized the gaming industry with 2001's "Combat Evolved," and continued to up the ante with each ...
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This former Senator has an idea for how to fix the Senate

Congress hasn't always been so broken, but thanks to intentional rules changes and increased party polarization, constructive compromise is in short supply on Capitol Hill. In the latest "Reality Check with John Avlon," Avlon traces how Congress became so dysfunctional & discusses how to fix it with CNN's Dana Bash and former Democratic Senator Al Franken.
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US immigration policy played a role in crash that killed more than 50 migrants in Mexico

A trailer full of migrants in the Mexican state of Chiapas overturned killing at least 50 people and injuring dozens more.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Trump-allied lawyer Rudy Giuliani baselessly claims that he has '900 death certificates' on hand to prove that thousands of dead people voted in the election

Trump-allied lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani claims that he has 900 death certificates that prove the conspiracy theory that dead people voted in the 2020 presidential election.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Rudy Giuliani made an unsubstantiated claim that he has proof to validate the conspiracy theory that dead people voted in the 2020 election. Giuliani said he possesses 900 death certificates of people who died in 2000 but voted in 2020. However, Giuliani has not produce...
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Taiwan, the world's biggest chip-maker, just set up a new trade framework with the US amid tensions with China

Flags of Taiwan and the United States.Tyrone Siu/Reuters The US and Taiwan have committed to supporting supply chains for chips. The framework comes amid heightened tensions between China and Taiwan. US defense official Ely Ratner said Taiwan's free-market economy is "integral" to the world. The US and Taiwan have set up a new trade and investment framework as the island's tensions with China escalate.The Technology Trade and Investment Collaboration (TTIC) framework was announced in ...
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Nicaragua cuts ties with Taiwan in favour of Beijing

It comes as the US State Department called for democracies to "expand engagement with Taiwan".
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Analysis: How Sean Hannity and right-wing media personalities are using the Smollett verdict to attack the media

A version of this article first appeared in the "Reliable Sources" newsletter.
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Covid patients are dying 'at a rate we've never seen die before' at Sparrow Hospital and the latest surge in cases is taking a toll on health care workers

Nurse Katie Sefton never thought Covid-19 could get this bad -- and certainly not this late in the pandemic.

Las Vegas police say a man who breached airport security claimed he wanted to steal a jet and fly to Area 51

A man who told police he wanted to steal a jet so he could fly to Area 51 to look at aliens was arrested Wednesday after he drove through fences at the McCarran International Airport in a limo, parked on an aircraft ramp and made a bomb threat, according to a police report by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
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Las Vegas police arrest man who breached airport security claiming he wanted to steal a jet so he could get to Area 51

The man drove through fences at the McCarran International Airport, police say.
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Inside ‘The Matrix Awakens’: Epic Games Releases a Massive, Playable Free Demo to Showcase Unreal Engine 5

Is it real — or is it Unreal? Epic Games worked with Warner Bros., “The Matrix Resurrections” director Lana Wachowski to create a “technical demo” set in the world of the Matrix, designed to show off the capabilities of Epic’s latest 3D creation tool, Unreal Engine 5. The company on Thursday released “The Matrix Awakens: […]
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Universal movies to hit Peacock as early as 45 days after debuting in theaters

NBCUniversal is giving a boost to its Peacock streaming service by exclusively showcasing a raft of movies on the platform just weeks after release.
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Universal movies to hit Peacock as early as 45 days after debuting to theaters

NBCUniversal is giving a boost to its Peacock streaming service by exclusively showcasing a raft of movies on the platform just weeks after release.
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TuAmigos Podcast: Above Par or Below Par for the Dolphins?

In this week's TuAmigos Podcast which is part of Podcast Network and Carter and Jorge talk about a variety of topics in the world of the Miami Dolphins. They talk about if Miami is ABOVE or BELOW par at each position g
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53 Migrants Dead After Devastating Truck Crash In South Mexico

A truck crowded with Central American migrants rolled over and crashed, killing 53 and leaving dozens of others injured.
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53 Migrants Dead, 54 Injured In Truck Crash In South Mexico

A truck crowded with Central American migrants rolled over and crashed, killing 53 and leaving dozens of others injured.
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Whistleblower cops face a system built to beat them down

Police who report misconduct say they have to also fight courts, prosecutors and other groups who typically side with their bosses.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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‘Halo’ Trailer: See Master Chief in Action in Paramount Plus’ Video Game Adaptation

Paramount Plus released a trailer for its highly anticipated “Halo” TV show, based on the popular and long-running sci-fi Xbox video game series. The TV adaptation follows Pablo Schrieber as Master Chief, the lead protagonist in several of the “Halo” video games, who is a green helmeted super-soldier known as a Spartan. Natascha McElhone will […]
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Canada: Une loi spécifique au Québec pour les renseignements personnels dans le système de santé - Fasken (French)

Le Projet de loi sur les renseignements de santé et de services sociaux et modifiant diverses dispositions législatives (« PL 19 ») a été rendu public le 3 décembre 2021...
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Ireland: IPHA Model Clinical Trial Agreement - Arthur Cox

On 2 November 2021, the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association ("IPHA"), which represents the international originator biopharmaceutical industry in Ireland...
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Canada: Bennett Jones Fall 2021 Economic Outlook - Bennett Jones LLP

The Canadian economy is entering 2022 with solid progress in recovering from the pandemic. In September, employment returned to its pre-COVID level.
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Caldor Fire suspects: Son converted firearm into a machine gun, district attorney says

One of the men charged with starting the Caldor Fire is charged with converting a firearm into a machine gun, according to a filed criminal complaint.       [Author: Reno Gazette Journal]
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Filipino journalist shot dead in 'cowardly' killing, say Philippine authorities

A Filipino journalist who formerly worked with Reuters has been killed in a drive-by shooting, authorities said on Thursday, one of more than a dozen journalists killed in the country in the past five years.
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Australia news live updates: two new Omicron cases in Victoria; six Covid cases on Gold Coast ahead of Qld border reopening; Alan Jones launches new web show

Gold Coast lockdown ‘unlikely’ despite new community Covid cases; Alan Jones says new show and podcast a ‘pioneering initiative’; NSW records 516 new infections; two cases of Omicron variant as Victoria records 1,206 cases and two deaths; six new infections in ACT; SA investigates possible Omicron cases; second Queensland woman found dead in floodwaters. Follow all the day’s developmentsFormer NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian rules out running for federal seat of WarringahExperts warn against easi...
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United Arab Emirates: India Renews Its Green Pledge With A Commitment To Triple Renewable Energy Generation By 2030 - BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP

At the recent COP26 summit in Glasgow, India made the twin commitment of reaching net-zero emissions by 2070, and to procure 50% of its energy requirements from clean and renewable energy sources within this decade.
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A Close Look Throughout The Roster

Louis Ragone joins Michael Fink to dissect the roster and give you his opinions on most of the current Miami Dolphins. He'll talk about keeping reasonable expectations regarding roster construction as he says, “It's not a perfect world.” Th
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