Democrats Point To Trump Executive Actions As Pre-Election-Day Ploy

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s end run around Congress on coronavirus relief is raising questions about whether it would give Americans the economic lifeline he claims and appears certain to face legal challenges. Democrats called it a pre-election ploy that would burden cash-strapped states. “When you look at those executive orders … the kindest thing I could say is he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or something’s wrong there,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. “To chara...
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Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under security law, bearing out 'worst fears'

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai became the highest-profile person arrested under a new national security law on Monday, detained over suspected collusion with foreign forces as around 200 police searched the offices of his Apple Daily newspaper. Mainland-born Lai, who was smuggled into Hong Kong on a fishing boat when he was a penniless 12-year-old, has been one of the most prominent democracy activists in the Chinese-ruled city and an ardent critic of Beijing.
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How to safely go back into the office during the COVID-19 pandemic

Going back to work? Here's everything you need to know to stay safe at the office amid the COVID-19 pandemic.         [Author:]
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Life with coronavirus: How businesses are turning to tech to cope with COVID-19

Companies are navigating the three stages of COVID, moving beyond sneeze guards and looking to integrate more technology solutions, writes Mike Feibus.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Susan Rice on the Biden ticket would be dangerous for America, Rep. Waltz warns

Republican Rep. Michael Waltz says Obama's former national security adviser as vice president would be a 'total debacle' and 'slap in the face' to the U.S. military.
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Maskless woman filmed telling grocery store worked she could be sued for enforcing rules

A maskless woman was filmed falsely telling a grocery store worker she could be prosecuted for telling customers to wear masks - insisting that she was from an organization called the ‘Freedom to Breathe Agency’.The now-viral video shows the woman claiming she’s from the 'agency', which she says protects people's “constitutional rights” and makes sure civil and federal laws are not broken.
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Ecuador navy surveils large Chinese fishing fleet near Galapagos

Ecuador's navy is conducting surveillance of a large Chinese fishing fleet that is operating near the protected waters of the Galapagos Islands, amid concerns about the environmental impact of fishing in the area of the ecologically sensitive islands. The fishing fleet has since 2017 been arriving in the summer months and fishing just outside the Galapagos territorial waters, drawn by marine species such as the endangered hammerhead shark. Such fishing is not illegal because it takes place i...
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'Unconstitutional slop:' Donald Trump spars with Ben Sasse, the GOP senator who attacked his executive order

Sasse and other lawmakers, mostly Democrats, questioned the legality and wisdom of the Trump executive orders designed to help the COVID economy.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Navarro Defends Trump Sidelining Relief Talks: ‘The Lord And Founding Fathers Created EOs’

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Sunday combatively defended President Trump over his move to sign a flurry of coronavirus relief executive orders at his golf club in Bedminister, New Jersey. On Saturday afternoon, the President signed four executive orders on coronavirus relief after negotiations on a new coronavirus relief bill between the White House and Democrats failed. Trump’s executive orders could potentially face legal challenges, given how the President issued the executiv...
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Don't eat that sausage and bratwurst in your freezer before you check this USDA health alert

The USDA issued a health alert saying a Kentucky company produced sausage products that may be contaminated with listeria, a disease-causing bacteria.         [Author: Cincinnati Enquirer]
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California's top public health director out, no reason given

California's top public health official has resigned, just days after the state announced a fix for a glitch that caused a lag in reporting coronavirus test results used to make decisions about reopening businesses and schools. Dr. Sonia Angell said in a resignation letter made public late Sunday that she's departing from her role as director and state public health officer at the California Department of Public Health. Angell often appeared during news conferences about California's...
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Governor gives few details on top California official's exit

A day after announcing that California's public health director suddenly resigned, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday dodged questions about her departure even as he stressed the importance of transparency and accountability. “Decisions were made, and we're moving forward," he said of the Sunday night resignation by Dr. Sonia Angell. The remarks came during Newsom's first news conference since county and state health officials revealed the data error, which led to a lag in the reporting of nearly 300...
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'An administrative nightmare': Trump's executive action is a scramble for unemployment aid

It's unclear if Trump has the authority to extend unemployment benefits by executive measures while side-stepping Congress.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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North Carolina earthquake: Locals 'scared' after state hit by strongest tremor for 104 years

North Carolina has been hit by its biggest earthquake in more than a century.The 5.1-magnitude quake struck at 8.07am on Sunday, 100 miles north of Charlotte near the town of Sparta, on the border with Virginia.
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AOC slams New York Governor Cuomo over reopening schools in autumn

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken a swipe at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over his decision to allow schools to open this fall, a rare case of Democrat-on-Democrat sparring during the pandemic."If it's not safe enough for indoor dining, what makes it safe enough for indoor schooling?" Ocasio-Cortez asked in a tweet. "And restaurants actually have soap in the bathrooms."
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Trump lashes out at Republican who called his executive orders 'unconstitutional slop'

Donald Trump lashed out on Monday at a Republican senator who is criticising recent executive orders the president says would provide relief to those out of work due to the coronavirus and protect some from being evicted.Mr Trump used a Monday morning tweet to call Nebraska GOP Senator Ben Sasse a "RINO," short for "Republican in name only," and mocked him over his last Senate campaign.
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Six French tourists among eight killed in Niger

Six French tourists and their local guide and driver were killed Sunday by gunmen riding motorcycles in an area of southwestern Niger that is home to the last West African giraffes, officials said. It is believed to be the first such attack on tourists in the area, a popular attraction in the former French colony thanks to its unique population of West African or Niger giraffes. "There are eight dead: two Nigeriens including a guide and a driver, while the other six are French," the governor of ...
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Drive the plastic highway? How a California company's innovative repaving process could lead to the 'holy grail' of road construction.

An innovative process by a California company that adds recycled plastic to asphalt may be a "game-changer'' for the future of road construction.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Looters ransack stores in Chicago shopping district after police shooting

In Chicago, the upscale shopping district known as the Magnificent Mile was attacked by looters overnight. People knocked out store windows and carried out merchandise. Some of them clashed with police, and there are reports of shots fired. The violence began hours after a police shooting prompted angry protests in a Chicago neighborhood.
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250 students and staff asked to quarantine in Georgia district after one week of school

After one week of school, more than 250 students at staff in Cherokee County, Georgia, are asked to quarantine due to potential exposure to COVID-19.
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Beetle species swallowed by frogs just exits alive via the old dirt road

A Japanese water beetle swallowed by a frog has figured out a great survival trick. It starts walking. In as few as six minutes, 93% of them walk right out the sloppy end of the frog's digestive tract, according to a new paper by ecologist Shinji Sugiurz. Via Wired, which has video of the behavior: Writing today in the journal Current Biology, Kobe University ecologist Shinji Sugiura describes how the beetle, locked behind the frog’s jaws, turns around and scrambles through its digestive trac...
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Masks in class? Many questions as Germans go back to school

Masks during class, masks only in the halls, no masks at all. As Germany’s 16 states start sending millions of children back to school in the middle of the global coronavirus pandemic, the country’s famous sense of “Ordnung,” or order, has given way to uncertainty, with a hodgepodge of regional regulations that officials acknowledge may or may not work. “There can’t, and never will be 100% certainty,” said Torsten Kuehne, the official in charge of schools in Pankow, Berlin’s most populous dist...
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The Bizarre Story of a Far-Right Activist Taking COVID Trutherism to Mexico

On April 22, American Gavin Seim caused a minor media firestorm in Mexico when he posted a video on social media showing him flouting COVID-19 restrictions in the city of Santiago de Querétaro. The maskless Seim insisted that the government had no right to close a plaza he was visiting as part of its efforts to limit large gatherings, nor to manage his health. Several media outlets and commentators brushed him off as a disgruntled tourist. The American ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau, c...
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Little or no hope of finding survivors at Lebanon blast site: army

The Lebanese army said Sunday that hopes have dwindled of finding survivors at the blast site in Beirut following days of search and rescue operations supported by international experts. "After three days of search and rescue operations we can say we have finished the first phase, which involved the possibility of finding survivors," Colonel Roger Khoury told a press conference. "As technicians working on the ground, we can say we have fading hopes of finding survivors," added Khoury, who head...
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'We have to reach an agreement': Dems, White House open to deal on COVID-19 relief despite Trump's orders

Pelosi said Trump's executive orders failed to accomplish the administration's own stated goals.
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Vikings LB Cameron Smith to miss 2020 due to heart condition discovered after positive COVID-19 test

Cameron Smith announced the diagnosis Saturday in an Instagram post and said the open heart surgery will fix a bicuspid aortic valve.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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'Hidden in plain sight': Colorado State football staff accused of racial insensitivity, abuse

Colorado State former and current players and staff say athletic director Joe Parker and other administrators failed to address abusive behavior.         [Author: Fort Collins Coloradoan]
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Wild bear that sniffed woman's hair is caught and castrated

The black bear was captured after he was filmed approaching a visitor at an ecological park.
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Sasse Posts Interoffice-Like Memo To Defend His Criticism Of Trump’s Executive Actions

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) on Monday afternoon issued an interoffice memo-like response to President Trump accusing him of having “gone rogue, again” earlier in the day. On Monday morning, the President scorned Sasse in a tweet days after the Nebraska senator characterized the flurry of his executive actions over the weekend as “unconstitutional slop.” Sasse’s reaction to Trump’s move — which came after Democrats and the White House failed to reach a deal on a new COVID-19 relief package last week ...
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Court record in Colombia reveals Uribe's mounting legal bind

The frantic voice message to an inmate in Colombia’s notorious La Picota prison came days before powerful former President Álvaro Uribe was up against a court deadline to submit witness testimony in a potentially damaging case against him. “There’s a big man who wants to talk,” Carlos Eduardo López, a tireless Uribe devotee, told the former paramilitary serving a four-decade sentence. Juan Guillermo Monsalve asked for details.
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