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China, German promise closer financial cooperation

BEIJING (AP) — China and Germany promised Friday to open their markets wider to each other’s banks and insurers, giving Beijing a burst of positive trade news amid conflicts with Washington and Europe. The two sides affirmed support for a global trading system that other governments worry is threatened by President Donald Trump’s “America first” […]
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Melinda Gates: U.S. maternal death rate is 'incredibly disturbing'

Melinda Gates previewed her annual letter, saying it's "incredibly disturbing" America has the worst maternal death rate of any developed country.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Pence defends wife’s teaching job at school that bars gays

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Mike Pence says the criticism of Christian education in America should stop. Pence is responding to media reports of his wife returning to teach at a school that says it can refuse to employ gay and lesbian teachers or enroll children with gay or lesbian parents. Karen Pence is teaching […]
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Mike Pence Defends His Wife’s Job Teaching at a School That Can Bar Gays

The Vice President says criticism of Christian education in America should stop
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America’s Youngest Generation Could Be A Problem For The GOP

Gen Z is growing up, and right now it looks solidly liberal.
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I Once Led NATO. President Trump’s Talk of Leaving Will Make Only Putin Happy

Leaving NATO would ruin America's leverage
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Trump uses clash over State of the Union to fundraise – live

President highlights Pelosi’s proposal to delay speech in letter to supporters as he cancels her trip to AfghanistanStart your day with our US morning briefing. Sign up. 11.15pm GMT It appears that a certain someone is enjoying life post-politics. Instead of being stressed over shutdown battles, these days Former House Speaker John Boehner is busy peddling pot to investors as America’s next cash crop. The government is shut down but the former speaker of the house is living his best life pic...
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Autobiography provides rare account of a Muslim slave in America

He was 37 when the army of "wicked men" invaded his West African village, murdering many and absconding with others who they put on a ship for the six-week journey to Charleston, South Carolina.
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Autobiography provides rare, firsthand account of a Muslim slave in America

He was 37 when the army of "wicked men" invaded his West African village, murdering many and absconding with others who they put on a ship for the six-week journey to Charleston, South Carolina.
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Autobiography from 1831 provides rare, firsthand account of a Muslim slave in America

The man's disheartening story, told a quarter-century after his arrival in South Carolina, is now online after the Library of Congress published the essay, the only known surviving autobiography of a Muslim-American slave.
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Opinion: DeMarcus Cousins might try to help make Warriors America's 'most hated team'

DeMarcus Cousins is wrong when he says the Golden State Warriors are America's most hated team, but he might try to help make his claim a reality.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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The 'most powerful man in politics,' demonized in this week’s dubious tabloids

If you roll up a copy of this week’s Globe tabloid into the shape of a seashell and hold it to your ear, you can hear the sound of President Trump screaming. Just because they’re packed with fact-challenged celebrity gossip doesn’t mean that the tabloids can’t give us insight into American politics. President Trump has long used the National Enquirer and Globe as mouthpieces for his thoughts, and this week it appears that trend continues. Just because Globe and National Enquirer chief David Pec...
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Vermont official fact-checks mobile carriers' coverage maps, proves they're lying like crazy

America's major cellular carriers publish maps showing that virtually the entire state is well-covered, with solid signals and 5MB/s internet speeds, but Vermonters know that this is totally untrue. Knowing it and proving it are two different things: so Department of Public Service telecommunications infrastructure specialist Corey Chase, packed six cell-phones loaded with custom code developed by a Bulgarian programmer into a state-owned Prius and drove more than 6,000 miles around the st...
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How popular is Donald Trump? Latest polls, approval ratings and impeachment odds

The US Government shutdown - now the longest in history - is causing Donald Trump's presidential approval ratings to slide to their lowest level since April last year, according to the Telegraph's poll tracker. The tracker, which takes an average of the last eight polls, put Mr Trump's approval rating at 41 per cent, while 56 per cent disapprove of the way the President is doing his job. Despite the recent slide, the President's approval ratings have remained relatively stable du...
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‘Impeach Donald Trump’: The Atlantic Says It’s Time In Blistering Cover Story

Trump's actions are "an attack on the very foundations of America’s constitutional democracy," writes Yoni Appelbaum.
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Best of Late Night: Jimmy Kimmel Says the Shutdown Is Hurting Trump, Too: He Can’t Golf

Kimmel urged the president to reopen the government and hit the links. “It’s good for you, and it’s good for America,” he said.
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Funny Caption 53: What is Trumpism ?

[Author: [email protected] (Francis Q)]
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Opinion: Karen and Mike Pence's astonishing moral hypocrisy

Karen Pence, the wife of America's vice president, Mike Pence will be teaching art at a Christian school in Virginia that bans LGBTQ children and requires employees to declare their religious beliefs. Like a real-life setting for "The Handmaid's Tale," Immanuel Christian School insists applicants initial a pledge to "live a personal life of moral purity."
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2 US Service Members, 2 US Civilians Killed In ISIS-Claimed Syria Explosion

BEIRUT (AP) — Two U.S. service members and two American civilians were among those killed in an explosion while conducting a patrol in Syria on Wednesday, the U.S. military said, an attack that came less than a month after U.S. President Donald Trump announced his intention to withdraw troops from the war-torn country. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the morning attack, which local groups said killed 16 people in the U.S.-patrolled town of Manbij. The claim calls into questi...
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A list of Steve King's worst remarks: Racist, shocking, and just plain stupid

You've gotta read, by Douglas Burns, this excellent roundup of a dozen or so of the worst things congressman Steve King (R-IA) has said, dating back decades. Notable that these long, long predate the latest “why does racism have such a negative stigma” remarks that got him in trouble, and ultimately led to his removal from various powerful committees in Congress this week. “I'm a western Iowa newspaper owner who has chronicled @SteveKingIA and his troubling remarks for 2 decades,” tweeted Bu...
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Inspired by MLK, Womxn’s March honors a new chapter for America

Two years after the Womxn’s March on Seattle shouted to the world, "This is not normal," we’ve learned some lessons — the biggest of which is that for many communities, this is normal.
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Small US stocks lag multinationals

Smaller US-based companies that do most of their business in America were supposed to hold up better than the giants of the Dow and S&P 500 at a time when there are concerns about a shaky global economy and US trade tension with China.
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Most Americans want a 70% tax rate on earnings over $10,000,000

During a 60 Minutes interview Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez casually mentioned that she thought that America's super-rich should pay a marginal tax-rate of 70% on annual earnings over $10,000,000 (which is a better deal than they got under Reagan); since then, the proposal has roiled the political classes and billionaire-backed news outlets, who coincidentally oppose taxing billionaires. Though the establishments of the Democratic and Republican parties have scrambled to brand this proposal "u...
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Take care outside today, America

Nationwide icy weather's coming, reports the Weather Channel, with Winter Storm Harper tumbling over the west coast and up east already covered in bullshit.
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How Prohibition Shaped Harlem

In 1932, a pioneering illustrator captured the way America’s ban on booze created a more urbane night life culture in Manhattan.
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Kenya attack: At least six killed in Nairobi hotel complex terror siege

Islamist terrorists detonated explosives and fired automatic weapons as they mounted a deadly attack on a hotel and business complex frequented by Westerners in Nairobi on Tuesday. Six people have been confirmed killed in the attack, while a Kenyan police officer told reporters 15 bodies had been taken to the mortuary. A mortuary worker added that identification papers indicated that 11 were Kenyan, one was American and one was British, while the other two did not have documents on them. Nationa...
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Like Putin, Trump wants U.S. out of NATO

How much more evidence does America need that Donald Trump isn't working for us, but for Russia? No, seriously. Trump can't stop talking about removing America from NATO. Trump hasn't had an original idea in his whole life. Who told him that'd be a good idea? Who wants the USA out of NATO? Russia. “It would be the wildest success that Vladimir Putin could dream of.” -- Michèle Flournoy, an under secretary of defense under Obama. From the New York Times' Julian E. Barnes and Helene Cooper: S...
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Bloomberg believes he can be elected president despite age

TORONTO (AP) — Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says if he decides to run for president he can still win despite being older. The 76-year-old billionaire said Tuesday there is a thought in America that if you are over 50, white and male you are never going to get elected, but he disagrees. […]
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Seattle still has the most cranes in America, and construction isn’t losing much steam

Most of the cranes dotting the skyline now are building apartment high-rises, though there are also several new offices going up at a time of intense competition for space among companies.
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Working Women: Why The U.S. Is Behind

When it came to the female labor force participation rate, America used to lead the world. But we've fallen behind. Today on the show: what happened?(Image credit: NPR)
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