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Parents in a school district in Georgia, are demanding in-person classes. But hundreds of employees have tested positive or been exposed to COVID-19, revealing the biggest blind spot in the fight to reopen schools

"The primary consideration should always be the safety, the health of the welfare of the children, as well as the teachers...," Anthony Fauci said.
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Trump Attacks Dr. Birx in an Attempt to Keep a Loyal Soldier in Line

President Donald Trump attacked Dr. Deborah Birx for the first time on Monday after the White House coronavirus task force coordinator said she believed the virus had entered a “new phase” and that counties with significant community spread should not reopen schools in the fall.Birx’s comments came on CNN just two days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) criticized her in a meeting with administration officials, calling her “the worst.” One Democratic aide said Pelosi was referencing Birx’s ...
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Navarro Throws Another White House Health Expert Under Bus Over Hydroxy

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro publicly bashed yet another White House public-health expert on Monday while touting an unproven anti-malarial drug, saying he took “exception” to coronavirus testing czar Brett Giroir dismissing hydroxychloroquine as an effective coronavirus treatment.Days after CNN cut short a Navarro interview after he kept repeating the racist phrase “China virus,” the network invited him on for yet another contentious segment that featured the combative Trump aide dis...
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Dr. Fauci Has Award-Winning Reaction To Brad Pitt’s Emmy Nom For Playing Him

"It doesn’t go to my head because I don’t pay much attention to it," Dr. Anthony Fauci said.
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Trump news: Top Democrat compares president to Mussolini as White House admits it is 'very concerned' over coronavirus deaths rising

The White House coronavirus task force has warned that deaths will continue to spike within the next several weeks as the nation responds to a "new phase" of the pandemic that has gripped both rural and urban areas despite scrutiny from health experts that the administration failed to respond to the crisis at its onset.Donald Trump has meanwhile issued a rare direct rebuke of the nation's leading infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci, whom the president said is "wrong" to blame the surg...
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Nancy Pelosi Tears Into Dr. Birx: ‘I Don’t Have Confidence’ in Her

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) didn’t mince words on Sunday morning, declaring that she has no “confidence” in White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx, whom she blamed for President Donald Trump peddling coronavirus disinformation.Last week, during a closed-door meeting with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Politico reported that the speaker tore into Birx. “Deborah Birx is the worst. Wow, what horrible hands you’re in,” she r...
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‘Wrong’: Trump attacks Fauci on Twitter over coronavirus response

Donald Trump clashed once again with his leading infectious disease expert on Twitter, contradicting Anthony Fauci's explanation as to why coronavirus cases in the US are surging while Europe's numbers fall.Mr Trump retweeted a video in which Dr Fauci outlines the difference between the reactions – most European countries shut down the vast majority of their economies, while the US took a less stringent approach – calling the immunologist's statement "wrong".
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‘Wrong!’ Trump Whines Over Fauci Testimony On COVID Surge

President Donald Trump continued an attack against the nation’s top infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci on Saturday afternoon, responding to bleak testimony from the doctor that explained why the United States has failed at containing outbreaks of the virus. The President retweeted a video from CBS News that showed Fauci testisfying before Congress this week about spikes in cases of coronavirus. Trump accompanied the video with the words, “Wrong!”  Wrong! We have more cases because...
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Trump calls Fauci 'wrong' over cause of soaring coronavirus cases – live

Congress remains divided as expanded unemployment payments end Texas ‘wide open for business’ despite surge in Covid-19 casesFollow the latest coronavirus developments on our global blogSign up to our First Thing newsletter 9.10pm BST The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Saturday the coronavirus pandemic was likely to be “lengthy” after its emergency committee met to evaluate the crisis six months after sounding the international alarm.The committee “highlighted the anticipated leng...
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Donald Trump claims Anthony Fauci 'wrong' about cause of Covid-19 surge

President again contradicts his own health expert after doctor highlights troubled US response to virusDonald Trump launched an extraordinary attack on his own top infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, arguing against the doctor’s claim that high rates of infection in the US stem from a less aggressive reaction to the virus in terms of economic shutdowns and stay-at-home orders.“Wrong!” countered the president as he retweeted a video of Fauci making the point in recent congressional testi...
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Britain unlikely to use Russia's 'untrustworthy' Covid vaccine

Britain would be likely to reject a potentially game-changing coronavirus vaccine from Russia amid strong reservations about the trial process there, the Telegraph can reveal. That approach chimes with the US, where Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious disease official, raised doubts about the testing regimes for potential vaccines in both Russia and China. There are strict international protocols governing the development of new drugs. Russia has claimed it is close to rolling out the world’...
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Florida couple busted for breaking COVID-19 quarantine insists they were just walking the dog

California, which has been hard hit by the pandemic, reported its first teen fatality, while Jim Jordan sparred with Dr. Anthony Fauci at House hearing.
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Double standard? Dr. Fauci dismisses another positive hydroxychloroquine study

White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci says the hydroxychloroquine study conducted by Henry Ford Hospital was 'flawed'; reaction from Dr. Stephen Smith, founder of the Smith Center for Infectious Diseases and Urban Health, and Dr. Ramin Oskoui, cardiologist and CEO of Foxhall Cardiology.
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A Summer Camp Took Almost Every Precaution. The Majority of Kids Still Got COVID-19.

As state officials across the country scramble to solidify plans to reopen schools in the fall, a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzing the transmission rate at a Georgia overnight camp suggests that the spread of the coronavirus among students is inevitable. The study, released Friday, analyzed 597 children and staff who attended the overnight camp between June 21 and June 27. At the end of the week, 76 percent of campers who were tested came back positive—despi...
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Trump praises Jim Jordan and Anthony Fauci after they clashed during coronavirus hearing

Trump ally Rep. Jim Jordan clashed with Dr. Anthony Fauci Friday, when the Ohio Republican asked if protests should be limited over COVID-19 concerns.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Dr. Anthony Fauci, other top Trump aides acknowledge delays in COVID-19 testing

Fauci said Europe and Asia had managed to shut down 95% of their populations, whereas about 50% of the United States was shut down.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Fauci 'cautiously optimistic' US could have vaccine by end of the year

Expert doubtful of fast-track efforts in Russia and ChinaHearing sees testy exchanges between Fauci and RepublicansDr Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious disease expert, has told the US Congress he is “cautiously optimistic” that a “safe and effective” coronavirus vaccine will be available to the public by the end of 2020 during a hearing in Washington marked by testy exchanges between Fauci and senior Republicans loyal to Donald Trump. Related: House hearing finds US no closer to plan as ...
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See the heated exchange between Dr. Fauci and Jim Jordan

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) gets in a fiery exchange with Dr. Anthony Fauci over whether protests should be limited in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Dr. Fauci and Jim Jordan get in heated exchange over protests

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) gets in a fiery exchange with Dr. Anthony Fauci over whether protests should be limited in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
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'You're putting words in my mouth': Fauci and Rep. Jim Jordan clash over police-brutality protests at House coronavirus hearing

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan repeatedly tried to corner Dr. Anthony Fauci into saying the government should limit protests, but Fauci refused to do so.
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Dr. Fauci and Rep. Jordan have a tense exchange over limiting protests because of the coronavirus

During the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis on Friday, Rep. Jim Jordan pressed Dr. Anthony Fauci about limiting protests to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.
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Jim Jordan tries and fails to get Fauci to say protesters should be arrested for gathering during pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci wants to make it clear he's got nothing to do with the justice system.Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, appeared before Congress on Friday for a hearing on the federal government's coronavirus response. That's where Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who's been skeptical of restrictions meant to stem the virus' spread, tried to get Fauci to distinguish between protests against racism in the U.S. and bans on businesses r...
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Coronavirus US: Fauci appears at house hearing on virus 'raging out of control' – live

Hearing chairman: Trump has no strategy to protect peopleUS testing has been a catastrophe. Is Trump’s testing tsar to blame?Plan to slash $600 lifeline threatens misery for millionsPortland sees peaceful protests following withdrawal of federal troopsSign up to our First Thing newsletter 3.33pm BST Republican representative of Indiana Jackie Walorski just asked White House coronavirus task force public health expert Anthony Fauci if it is “safe to say” that all Americans will be able to get...
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Fauci, Top Health Officials Testify At House Coronavirus Hearing

White House COVID-19 Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci will be testifying in front of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, led by Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) and ranking member Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), on Friday morning. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Robert Redfield and Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Admiral Brett Giroir will also testify at the hearing. The session comes amid President Don...
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Fauci testifies on coronavirus response

Dr. Anthony Fauci and other health experts are testifying before a House select subcommittee about the US response to the coronavirus pandemic. Follow here for the latest.
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Fauci resists Republican effort to turn testimony against protesters

Top U.S. infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci on Friday resisted efforts by a staunch ally of President Donald Trump to turn his testimony about controlling the coronavirus pandemic into criticism of protests against racial injustice. Fauci clashed with Representative Jim Jordan at a hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Coronavirus, after the Ohio Republican demanded Fauci's opinion about whether protests should be curbed or eliminated to control the pandemic....
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Coronavirus Live News: World Updates

Dr. Anthony Fauci and other health officials will testify before a House panel on testing, vaccines and school reopening. There are strong signs that Native Americans have been hit hard by the virus.
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CNN's Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta speak w...

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta speak with White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci about the status of a coronavirus vaccine in the US and the coming school year.
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Dr. Fauci gives his thoughts on another potential lockdown

Dr. Anthony Fauci gives his take on if there is a need to lock down the US again to help fight the spread of Covid-19.
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Dr. Anthony Fauci issues strong warnings to 4 states experiencing 'slight increase' in percentage of positive tests

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned the governors of four U.S. states that they need to get new infections under control. If they don't, they could experience a situation similar to what has happened to some states in the South that are battling a dramatic new surge in infections. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, spoke to "ABC News" during a 35-minute ...
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