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Sotheby’s Moves Hong Kong Sales to New York in Bid to Avoid Coronavirus Scare

Responding to ongoing concerns over coronavirus in Hong Kong, Sotheby’s has relocated its major April Modern and Contemporary sales in the city to New York.   Read more at Art Market Monito
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Major Institutions Rushing to Build Contemporary African Art Holdings

The Guardian notes major museum collections are “playing catch up” to build their holdings in Contemporary African Art, as MoMA and the Tate Modern rush to buy works from African artists. “At the Tate the collection was global but they were just missing an entire continent,” says Touria El Glaoui, founder of 1-54. “We know when the Tate gets […]
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Collector Sues Princeton Over Aborted Art Sale

Collector Vincent Fay is suing Princeton University after the institution backed out of a $1 million art sale due to concerns over the authenticity of some works in his collection. “The art will outlive all of us, and it is good to keep it untainted,”says Fay’s attorney John Cahill. “Princeton hasn’t said why the art isn’t authentic.” Read […]
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Philadelphia Inquirer Details Former Philadelphia Museum Retail Director’s Alleged Violence Against Employees

A piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer details alarming allegations against a former Philadelphia Museum of Art retail director, James A. Cincotta, who had several allegations of physical violence against employees leveled against him, but who kept his job for several years following complaints. “That they would allow a known abuser to participate in the museum in […]
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RIP – Painter Jack Youngerman Passes Away at 93

Painter Jack Youngerman, a vital part of New York’s painting scene in the 1950’s, has died at 93. Youngerman’s work during the explosion of Abstract Expressionism say him creating massive blooms of color on canvas working alongside colleagues like Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella. Read more at Art News  
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UK Tamps Down Free Movement of Artists in New Immigration Rules

A piece in The Stage notes the potentially “devastating” new criteria for artists looking to travel to the UK for work, including artists and touring musicians.  “In our sector, high skill levels do not always equate to high salaries,” reads a statement from the Creative Industries Federation on the decision. “There must be recognition of sector-specific means of assessment including […]
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Rarely Seen Portrait of David Hockney’s Parents Goes on View at National Portrait Gallery

A rarely seen David Hockney portrait of the artist and his parents has gone on view at London’s National Portrait Gallery.  “They were both started when I was in Paris,” he says of the works. “I wasn’t going to destroy it all these years later. It was, after all, painted from life. And my parents aren’t here now.” […]
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Italy Orders Mass Shutdown of Museums as Coronavirus Spreads in North of Country

Northern Italy is facing a mass shutdown of museums as a coronavirus outbreak spreads across the region.  “The government and region will decide tomorrow [the course of action] for the next few days; museums are likely to be closed until 1 March,” says a spokesperson for the museums of Venice.  Read more at Art Newspape
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How the Arabic Alphabet Inspired Abstract Art

At the Grey Gallery, it’s as if you’re inhabiting the artist’s own brush as it hesitates between writing and drawing.
Tags: Art, News, Omar, Umar, Grey Art Gallery, Manhattan (NYC, Grey Gallery, Shakir Hassan, Taking Shape: Abstraction From the Arab World, 1950s-1980s (Exhibit, Madiha, el-Nagdi, al-Said

Tate and MoMa 'playing catch up' in collections of modern African art

Art fair founder says western institutions belatedly investing in contemporary art from AfricaMajor western culture institutions – including Tate and MoMA – are “playing catch up” to create truly global collections that recognise modern art from the Africa, according to the founder of an influential art fair devoted for contemporary African art.Touria El Glaoui, the director and founder of 1-54, said that only in the last decade have institutions begun to take it seriously. Continue reading...
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The Artist Beneath the Art Forger

A show of portraits by Elmyr de Hory is a celebration of the man as an artist as well as a forger. Will it bring a recognition that eluded him in his lifetime?
Tags: Art, News, Mark, Minn, Modigliani, Forgery, Amedeo, Elmyr de Hory, de Hory, Elmyr, Forgy, Hillstrom Museum of Art (St Peter

Hidden Away review - makes a rich, heavy meal of a biopic of feral Italian painter

This account of the tough, troubled life of naive artist Antonio Liguabue boasts a committed performance from actor Elio GermanoGeorgio Diritti has directed a lovely-looking and fervent film about the life of the 20th-century naive artist Antonio Ligabue, who suffered poverty and mental illness throughout his life but whose fierce, primitive, impassioned studies and sculptures of animals and human portraits made him celebrated in his own day as an authentic unschooled genius, and an object of cu...
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LA Times Investigates Specter of Debt in LACMA Expansion Plans

A piece in the LA Times this week looks at LACMA, and the potential debt the museum is facing to pay for its new expansion plans. “My concern,”consultant Rob Hollman says, “is that they will have this unfinished building, or they will finish it, and there will be this big bill to pay.” Read more […]
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, LA Times, LACMA, LA Times Investigates Specter of Debt, Rob Hollman

Ingrid Schaffner Named Curator of Chinati Foundation

Ingrid Schaffner is the new curator of the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Art News reports. “Donald Judd’s concept for the Chinati Foundation was curatorial: to permanently site works of art within a dynamic of exhibitions, scholarship, artists residencies, and events,” she said in a statement. “It is an honor to build on the curatorial legacy established by […]
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NYT Looks Deeper into Departure of Cooper Hewitt Director

The NYT has further info on the departure of Caroline Baumann from the Cooper Hewitt, as further investigations make her departure increasingly complicated. “I learned nothing I didn’t know, except some more details of the investigators’ cluelessness and shoddiness,” says former trustee and author Kurt Andersen, who resigned from the museum board in protest. “I still find it […]
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Alexander Calder Exhibition Space Planned in Philadelphia

After decades of discussion and planning, an institution dedicated to the work of Alexander Calder will open in Philadelphia, with construction beginning next year.  “We don’t know what we’re going to call it, but it’s not a museum,” said Alexander S.C. Rower, president of the Calder Foundation and the artist’s grandson. “The experience is where the art […]
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Okwui Okpokwasili Wants You to Slow Down and Walk With Her

At Danspace Project, Ms. Okpokwasili invites you into her work. Listen. Answer a question. Maybe even sing a bit.
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Rome unveils shrine dedicated to city's mythical founder

Newly found monument honouring Romulus includes 2,600-year-old sarcophagusA newly discovered ancient shrine believed to have been dedicated to the cult of Romulus, the legendary founder and first king of Rome, has been unveiled.The monument was discovered by archaeologists in a chamber beneath the Roman Forum, the political heart of the Roman empire, and includes a 2,600-year-old sarcophagus and a circular stone structure that is believed to have been an altar. Continue reading...
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A Billion-Dollar Scandal Turns the ‘King of Manuscripts’ Into the ‘Madoff of France’

Accused of orchestrating a literary Ponzi scheme, Gérard Lhéritier prepares his defense as his breathtaking collection is auctioned off.
Tags: Art, Europe, News, France, Lotteries, Madoff, Books and Literature, Manuscripts, Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes, Writing and Writers, Libraries and Librarians, Paris (France, Gérard Lhéritier

How Mexico’s Muralists Lit a Fire Under U.S. Artists

A stupendous show at the Whitney Museum explores the profound impact of Mexican painters — the meeting and mingling that enriched American culture.
Tags: Art, News, Mexico, Museums, Jackson, Whitney Museum, Philip, Diego, Rivera, Barbara, Orozco, Haskell, Whitney Museum of American Art, Pollock, José Clemente, Murals

Annual Hieronymus Bosch parade on water celebrates the life and ideas of the 15th century artist

An annual parade of kinetic sculptures and other artworks and performances in a Dutch canal to celebrate the work of hometown hero Hieronymus Bosch? More of this in the world, please! Bosch is known for his symbolic paintings often tying in gruesome representations of the afterlife and human desire and fear. He is also regarded as one of the earliest genre painters, depicting common people and their everyday experiences. The annual Bosch Parade is described by organizers as “a theatrical and mus...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Netherlands, Parade, Bosch, Hieronymus Bosch, Hertogenbosch, Kinetic Sculpture

This Spring’s Most Anticipated New Books, in Pictures

The artist Sophie von Hellermann, whose new solo show opens in London this summer, illustrates scenes from this season’s new releases.
Tags: Art, London, News, Charles, King, Lily, Yu, Greenwell, Sophie, Aravind, Books and Literature, Garth (1978-, Cleanness (Book, Interior Chinatown (Book, Amnesty: A Novel (Book, Adiga

Bonnie MacLean, Psychedelic Poster Artist, Is Dead at 80

The posters she made for concerts at the Fillmore in San Francisco helped define the 1960s.
Tags: Art, News, San Francisco, Graham, Posters, MacLean, Deaths (Obituaries, Pop and Rock Music, San Francisco (Calif, Bill (1931-91, Bonnie (1939-2020, Fillmore Auditorium, Bonnie MacLean

With Final Gracie Mansion Show, First Lady Aims to Secure Arts Legacy

Chirlane McCray’s exhibition reflects an agenda of equity and inclusion.
Tags: Art, News, Bill, Ny, Chirlane Mccray, De Blasio, McCray, Culture (Arts, Monuments and Memorials (Structures, Chirlane, Gracie Mansion (Manhattan

Spring/BREAK Announces New Location, Exhibitors for New York Event

Spring/BREAK NY has announced its exhibitor list and a new location for its soon to open fair in New York, setting up shop at 625 Madison Avenue in Manhattan. Read more at Spring/BREAK
Tags: Art, New York, News, Manhattan, Art News, Minipost, Madison Avenue

Art Basel Hong Kong Tries Online Viewing Rooms to Make Up for Cancelled Fair

With Art Basel Hong Kong formally cancelled, the fair is turning to online viewing rooms to make up for lost sales and missed opportunities.  “As the art market continues to evolve, Art Basel has continually investigated how new technologies can give us new opportunities to support our galleries,” says global director Marc Spiegler. “The online viewing […]
Tags: Art, News, Art Basel, Art News, Minipost, Marc Spiegler, Basel Hong Kong, Basel Hong Kong Tries Online Viewing Rooms

Drawing Center Offering Admission After Gift From Cy Twombly Foundation

The Drawing Center will offer free admission for the next three years, thanks to a gift from the Cy Twombly Foundation. Read more at Drawing Cente
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Drawing Center, Cy Twombly Foundation Read

Forensic Architecture Head Barred from Entering US

Eyal Weizman, director of Turner prize-nominated group Forensic Architecture, has reportedly been barred from entering the US after being flagged as a security risk.  “In my interview the officer informed me that my authorisation to travel had been revoked because the ‘algorithm’ had identified a security threat,” he said in a statement. “This much we know: we are […]
Tags: Art, News, US, Turner, Art News, Minipost, Eyal Weizman

Pace, Gagosian and Acquavella Beat Out Auction Houses to Sell Marron Collection

Pace, Gagosian and Acquavella Galleries have won a bid to sell the prized collection of financier Donald B. Marron, beating out the auction houses. The galleries will organize private selling exhibitions in late April. Read more at Art News
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Gagosian, Acquavella Galleries, Acquavella Beat Out Auction Houses, Donald B Marron

Mexican Muralists Changed the Course of 20th-Century American Art. A New Exhibit Explores Their Influence

Jackson Pollock’s best-known influences include European greats like Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró. But often overlooked is the artist’s time at New York’s Experimental Workshop, founded in 1936 by David Alfaro Siqueiros, who along with Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco made up “los tres grandes” who led the postrevolution Mexican muralism movement. Siqueiros founded the Workshop in New York City in 1936, guided by the philosophy that in order to make truly radical art, artists must ...
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