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Mongolia: Doing Business In Mongolia - 2021 - GRATA International

Tremendous mineral reserves, agricultural endowments, and proximity to Asia's vast markets make Mongolia an attractive destination for medium to long-term foreign direct investment (FDI).
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Big Asia merger creates $18 billion ride-hailing and e-commerce group

Gojek and Tokopedia — two of Indonesia's biggest startups — have agreed to merge to create the largest tech group in the country and one of the biggest ride-hailing and e-commerce companies in southeast Asia.
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Thousands evacuated as powerful Cyclone Tauktae threatens western India

Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from low-lying areas in western India as a powerful cyclone is expected to make landfall Tuesday, threatening a region already struggling with a devastating second coronavirus wave.
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‘Cliff Walkers’ Holds Off ‘Wrath of Man’ at China Box Office

Zhang Yimou’s period espionage thriller “Cliff Walkers” ran out a comfortable winner at the mainland Chinese box office, ahead of other holdovers and new release titles including Jason Statham-starring “Wrath of Man.” “Cliff Walkers” dropped only 32% between its second and third weekends, taking $16.6 million between Friday and Sunday, according to data from consultancy […]
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Losses Deepen at Hong Kong Disneyland as Virus Keeps Theme Park Closed for Seven Months

Reporting results fully seven and a half months after the fact, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort said that it lost nearly $1 million per day last year. For the financial year to September 2020, theme park and hotel revenues were $185 million. Net losses reached $341 million (HK$2.66 billion). The global coronavirus pandemic meant that the […]
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Myanmar army fights anti-coup militia as armed resistance grows

Myanmar's army battled local militia fighters in the northwestern town of Mindat on Saturday, residents said, to try to quell a rebellion that has sprung up to oppose the junta which seized power in the Southeast Asian country in February.
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Australia’s ‘Kid Snow, ‘Petrol’ and ‘Memoirs of a Snail’ to Shoot After Receiving Funding

Federal funding body Screen Australia confirmed its backing for a trio of Australian film projects that will now move forward into production. Director Robert Connolly (“The Dry”) is behind two of them as producer. The funding decisions ensure that a steady stream of local films move into production, alongside the large volume of international films […]
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Korea’s Baeksang Awards Topped by Lee Joon-ik and Yoo Jae-suk

Feelgood movie “Samjin Company English Class” was named as the top movie at South Korea’s annual Baeksang Arts Awards, which were held behind closed doors for the second year running, due to COVID-19 restrictions. JTBC’s “Beyond Evil” was named as the top TV drama. The grand prizes went to Lee Joon-ik for his unconventional story […]
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‘Spiral’ Tops Korean Box Office on Thinly-Sliced Weekend

“Spiral: From The Book of Saw” carved out the top spot at the South Korean box office over the weekend. But it was a thin slice of a painfully quiet weekend. Korea’s aggregate nationwide box office was just $2.60 million, almost unchanged from last week and within a whisker of being the smallest weekend total […]
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Countries welcoming US tourists back

Once one of the world's most powerful travel documents, the might of the United States passport has been diminished during the pandemic. With US Covid-19 cases now past the 32.4 million mark, some nations continue to view vacationers warily even as more Americans get vaccinated.
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Top Japanese CEO says hosting the Olympics amounts to a 'suicide mission'

The CEO of Japan's top e-commerce company said Friday that it would be a "suicide mission" for the country to host the Olympic Games this summer.
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Cinemas in Taipei Ordered to Close for First Time Due to Virus Surge

Cinemas in Taipei and surrounding areas have been ordered to close for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Taiwan authorities issued an order on Saturday morning putting the capital city on a level three alert. This requires the shutdown of cinemas, sports venues, libraries and other entertainment spots. Family get-togethers will […]
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Philippines' Duterte says he won't withdraw ships from contested waters

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has rebuffed a call from China to withdraw vessels from disputed areas of the South China Sea and said he would not bow to pressure, even if it jeopardizes his friendship with Beijing.
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Apple TV Series ‘Shantaram’ Moves to Thailand From India (EXCLUSIVE)

Paramount Television Studios and Anonymous Content are getting ready to relocate the filming of ambitious Apple TV Plus series “Shantaram” to Thailand in July, Variety can reveal. The 10-part series is based on Gregory David Roberts’ tome about a man on the run from prison in Australia, who flees to India in the hope of […]
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Move Over, Patty Jenkins: How China’s Jia Ling Became the World’s Highest-Grossing Female Director

She may not be a household name anywhere other than her native China, but Chinese helmer Jia Ling has officially overtaken Patty Jenkins as the world’s highest-grossing female director for a single film. After an extended three-month run, Jia’s Chinese New Year blockbuster “Hi, Mom,” finally left Chinese theaters Tuesday. It has grossed $838 million […]
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J. Yoon, Korean Singer With M.C. The Max, Dies at 39

J. Yoon, singer with successful Korean rock band M.C. The Max, was found dead at home in Seoul on Thursday. He was 39. “J. Yoon left us on Thursday,” his agency 325 E&C said in a statement after it had been unable to reach him and called the police. “Members of M.C the Max and […]
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Climate crisis is not a ‘partisan issue’, young Republican tells his own party

Peter Meijer, 33-year-old Michigan congressman, says Republicans are in midst of ‘generational shift’ – but progress is slowLies that hamburgers will be banned, conspiracy-laden claims of government tyranny, blame for environmental degradation foisted upon immigrants – the Republican response to Joe Biden’s climate agenda suggests the base instincts of Donald Trump still strongly animate the party. Related: Asia is home to 99 of world’s 100 most vulnerable cities Continue reading...
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'Modern' Muslim fashion takes Asia by storm

These Asian designers are changing the way people perceive 'modest wear' in the Muslim world.
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Bong Joon-ho Readying Korean Animated Film

Bong Joon-ho, director of last year’s Oscar-winning “Parasite,” has announced that he is working on a Korean animated film about humans and deep water sea creatures. He had been working on the screenplay with Korean company 4th Creative Party since 2018. The script was completed in January. Bong is also at work on the script […]
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Asia is home to 99 of world’s 100 most vulnerable cities

Indonesia’s capital Jakarta – plagued by pollution, flooding and heatwaves – tops risk assessment rankingOf the 100 cities worldwide most vulnerable to environmental hazards all but one are in Asia, and 80% are in India or China, according to a risk assessment.More than 400 large cities with a total population of 1.5 billion are at “high” or “extreme” risk due to a mix of life-shortening pollution, dwindling water supplies, deadly heatwaves, natural disasters and climate change, the report found...
Tags: Asia, Climate Change, Indonesia, China, India, Environment, World news, Cities, Infrastructure, Air Pollution, Asia Pacific, Pollution, Extreme Weather, Jakarta

Nepal tries to form a new government as its Covid-19 crisis deepens

Nepal has been thrown into political turmoil after the country's Prime Minister was forced to step down following public anger over his response to a deadly second wave of Covid-19.
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Biden was unprepared to respond to the worst violence Israel-Palestine has seen in years

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on COVID-19 response and the vaccination program, from the South Court Auditorium of the White House, Washington, DC on May 12, 2021. Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images Biden was caught off guard by the latest violence between Israel and Palestine. The US has no ambassador in Israel as the region sees the worst fighting since 2014. The Biden admin. is rushing to fill the void by sending an envoy to the region. See more stories on Insider's business page....
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‘This Is Not Just Any Usual Recovery’: Economist Explains Rash Of Price Hikes, Product Shortages

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Māori leader removed from New Zealand parliament after performing haka

The co-leader of New Zealand's Māori Party has been removed from parliament for the second time this year, after performing a ceremonial dance during a debate about indigenous rights.

Hong Kong Government Plans Laws on Doxxing and Fake News

The Hong Kong government has begun the process of creating a new law to tackle the unauthorized release of personal data, or doxxing. “The current Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance… was not intended to address the doxxing acts committed in recent years,” officials said on Tuesday as a proposal was introduced in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council. […]
Tags: Asia, Hong Kong, News, Global, Doxxing, Legislative Council, Carrie Lam, Fake News

Covid-19 outbreak reported near Laos casino run by alleged crime boss

Authorities in Laos have reported a significant Covid-19 outbreak near the notorious Kings Romans casino, whose Chinese owner is accused by the United States of trafficking people, wildlife and drugs.
Tags: Asia, News, United States, Laos

Dozens of bodies wash up on the banks of Ganges River in India

The bodies of at least 71 people have been pulled from the banks of the Ganges River in eastern India, as a second Covid-19 wave ravages the country and engulfs its healthcare system.
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Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi,’ ‘The Eternals’ May Face Uphill Battle to Enter China

A recent Chinese state media report has added to rumors that two major Marvel superhero films, “The Eternals” and “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” may not be approved for release in China. In a report on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four films, the CCTV6 China Movie Channel aired a list of […]
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Sundance-Premiering ‘I Was A Simple Man’ Acquired By Strand Releasing For North America (EXCLUSIVE)

Strand Releasing has acquired North American rights to Christopher Makoto Yogi’s “I Was a Simple Man” which stars Constance Wu (“Crazy Rich Asians”) and had its world premiere at this year’s Sundance film festival. A lyrical ghost story set in the lush, Hawaiian countryside, the film follows Masao (Steve Iwamoto) whose life is slowly fading […]
Tags: Asia, News, Global, North America, Sundance film festival, Constance Wu, Strand Releasing, Christopher Makoto Yogi, I Was a Simple Man, Masao Steve Iwamoto

Sundance Film ‘I Was a Simple Man’ Acquired by Strand Releasing for North America (EXCLUSIVE)

Strand Releasing has acquired North American rights to Christopher Makoto Yogi’s “I Was a Simple Man,” which stars Constance Wu and had its world premiere at this year’s Sundance film festival. A lyrical ghost story set in the lush Hawaiian countryside, the film follows Masao (Steve Iwamoto) whose life is slowly fading away because of […]
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