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Storm Arwen: over 9,000 UK homes still without power after eight days

Delays prompt energy regulator to threaten enforcement action and increase compensation paymentsThousands of people are still without power eight days after Storm Arwen caused major damage to parts of the UK network.The latest figures from the Energy Networks Association (ENA), the national industry body, show about 9,200 homes were without power on Friday evening. Continue reading...
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Elon Musk has fulfilled his pledge made last year to “own no home.

  The Tesla boss and billionaire sold his 16,000-square-foot mansion in Hillsborough, California, a wealthy Silicon Valley enclave just south of San Francisco. The 100-year-old estate, known as Guignécourt, had a colorful history even prior to Mr. Musk’s ownership, and was originally built in 1912 by Count Christian de Guigné Mr. Musk purchased the home for $23.4 million in 2017, according to public records. [Via]
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‘HMRC gave me £775,000 by mistake – and it’s turned into a nightmare’

Staff processing a £23 parcels duty rebate paid the life-changing sum into a woman’s bank accountA woman who woke up to find more than three-quarters of a million pounds had been deposited in her bank account by HMRC has described how she spent a year waiting for it to realise its mistake and reclaim the money and worrying about what would happen when it did.In August 2020, Helen Peters*, a self-employed mother of a five-year-old, looked at her bank statement and found that instead of being mild...
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Grounded! What did a year without flying do to the world?

Normally, planes are in constant motion, pinballing between continents. But in March 2020 all that came to a halt. What did it mean for our jobs, our horizons – and the planet?On 14 March 2020, I left my home in the Orkney Islands to drive to Edinburgh international airport. I was due to travel to Germany for a research trip. Full of nervous anticipation, and making frantic last-minute preparations, I hadn’t paid as much attention to the coronavirus crisis as I might have, but events were develo...
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Sutra model predictions for covid third wave : omnicron variant “

We plot three scenarios: Optimistic: vaccine immunity does not reduce Intermediate: vaccine immunity is halved Pessimistic: vaccine immunity goes completely – Mahindra Agarwal Note that the initially numbers would be very small and so genome sequencing may not throw up any case, especially if (as has been reported) most of the cases are mild and thus may go unreported. So it is not a surprise that first case was reported in November. Why was the initial spread slow given that it is a hig...
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India has the potential to be the leader in Web3 says Anandan of Sequoia Capital

  India has the unique opportunity to become the global leader in Web3, but needs to get its regulatory and legal frameworks in place, said Rajan Anandan, managing director, Sequoia Capital. In the second half of 2021, Sequoia Capital India made 19 investments in Web3 startups, said Anandan. The concept of Web3 is a decentralized version of the Internet that runs on open-source code such as a public blockchain, the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies [Via]
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Blockchain technology will revolutionise the financial industry : Mukesh Ambani

Business tycoon Mukesh Ambani on Friday asserted his faith in blockchain, a technology he predicted would redefine the financial world. Ambani’s telecom venture, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd, has accelerated internet adoption in India since its launch in 2016. With the 5G rollout expected next year, Ambani said the country is well on its way to being among countries with the most advanced telecom infrastructure in the world. [Via]
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Govt’s draft bill intends to restrict certain aspects of crypto asset usage: Report

The crypto bill is likely to be presented to the cabinet for approval next week, following which it will be introduced in Parliament. As per the sources, the draft bill proposes crypto assets to be regulated as a commodity by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. The draft bill also proposes a framework to prohibit advertisements and the spread of misinformation to the public. [Via]
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Four cryptocurrency indices launched in US and Europe by Wisdom Tree

WisdomTree, a financial institution with over $76 billion in assets under management, announced it had created four cryptocurrency indices in the United States and Europe to provide diversified portfolio exposure to investors. WisdomTree will launch the RWM WisdomTree Crypto Index in the United States. The RWM WisdomTree Crypto Index will focus on crypto assets, layer one networks, layer two protocols, oracle networks, and decentralised finance protocols, among others. [Via]
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NFT music stages to disturb Spotify in 2022, predicted by Saxo Bank

As popular music streaming services like Spotify cut much of musicians’ revenues, new technologies like nonfungible tokens will likely help artists grab back their fair share, Saxo Bank predicted. Saxo Bank cryptocurrency analyst Mads Eberhardt argued that mainstream music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music take a substantial cut, which, together with the cut paid to labels, is some 75% or more of the total revenue. At the time of writing, SPOT is trading at $229. In the meanti...
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” Star Trek” creator’s signature is now the first “Living-Eco NFT” with DNA code

The signature of Star Trek producer Gene Roddenberry has gone boldly where no Nonfungible token has gone before – into the code for life itself. On Tuesday, that signature was turned into an NFT and implanted into the DNA code of a living bacteria cell – 30 years after the sci-fi legend’s death. Dr. Paul Predki was responsible for encoding the NFT’s digital data into a DNA sequence and then storing that DNA in a naturally self-replicating bacterial cell. [Via]
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Vintage wines are being brought to the NFT market by a French startup.

One French startup is taking more of an ambitious approach with wine NFTs. In an exclusive interview , Samuel Balthazard and Yacin Kharroubi – CEO and chief product officer of World Wide Wines, respectively – discussed the logistics of making French wine available on the blockchain. On your site, it says that each NFT will represent a different type of wine. In the beginning, we wanted to show the wine’s vintage as an attribute, but vintage is too subjective and too difficult for customers to c...
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India’s ‘pencil village’ counts the cost of Covid school closures

Ukhoo village in Kashmir supplies 90% of wood used in the country’s pencils, but the industry, a major employer in the area, has seen a dramatic drop in demandSchool closures in India during the pandemic have left their mark on more than the children who have seen delays to their learning. In one Kashmiri village the impact has been catastrophic on employment.Pick up a pencil anywhere across India and it is likely to come from the poplar trees of Ukhoo. Continue reading...
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Fair Work Commission rules BHP vaccine mandate unlawful due to lack of consultation

About 50 workers at the Mt Arthur coalmine had been stood down without pay over the mandateFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesThe Fair Work Commission has ruled a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all workers at BHP’s Mt Arthur coalmine was unlawful because the company did not consult adequately with its workers.Approximately 50 mine workers were stood down without pay last month after they were told they would be required to have had at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine to ...
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Meta’s new tool will help women to anonymously report non-consensual sexual images

Meta’s new tool will let women anonymously flag non-consensual sexual images. Meta, erstwhile Facebook, has onboarded itself on a women’s safety initiative that seeks to flag and automatically remove non-consensual intimate images of women from the platform. The tool allows women to create a case based on images that they feel violate their privacy and were published without their consent. [Via]
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In India, over 18.8 million content items were “actioned” proactively on Facebook in October: Meta

As per the report released on Wednesday, the over 18.8 million content pieces actioned by Facebook during October included content related to spam, violent and graphic content, adult nudity and sexual activity, and hate speech. Child Endangerment – Nudity and Physical Abuse category saw 212,200 content pieces being actioned, while Child Endangerment – Sexual Exploitation saw 597,600 pieces and Violence and Incitement 317,000 pieces being actioned. For Instagram, about 3.07 million pieces of con...
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LinkedIn now available in Hindi – the first Indian regional language on LinkedIn

LinkedIn on Thursday announced the availability of the professional networking platform in Hindi – the first Indian regional language on LinkedIn, to support over 600 million Hindi speakers worldwide. For members who are already using Hindi as their preferred language on their smartphones, the LinkedIn experience will automatically be available in Hindi. If members are not already using a Hindi keyboard, to create Hindi content on LinkedIn, they will need to switch their keyboard input language...
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WhatsApp banned nearly 2 million accounts in India in Oct

WhatsApp says banned over 2 mn accounts in India in Oct. WhatsApp on Wednesday said that it banned over two million accounts in India in October in compliance with the new IT Rules 2021. In September, more than 2.2 million Indian accounts were banned by WhatsApp while 560 grievance reports were received by the messaging. About 2 million Indian accounts were banned by WhatsApp while 420 grievance reports were received by the messaging platform in August. [Via]
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India’s new cryptocurrency law set to raise concerns about chit fund, MLM business models

India is set to red flag several investment schemes launched by individuals and cryptocurrency exchanges that are similar to chit funds, multi-level marketing and systematic investment plans, as it seeks to build a robust regulatory framework to protect vulnerable rural populations buying risky crypto assets. Regulators including the Reserve Bank of India and Securities and Exchange Board of India have raised concerns before a parliamentary panel about how some individual investors are collecti...
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UAE’s postal operator issues first NFT stamps in the Middle East

The United Arab Emirates’ postal operator is issuing nonfungible token stamps to commemorate the federation’s 50th National Day, offering further evidence that digital collectibles are gaining mainstream appeal globally. Emirates Post Group, or EPG for short, announced this week that it has become the first postal organization in the Middle East and North Africa to issue digital-collectible stamps. The UAE has adopted a progressive attitude towards blockchain technology and digital assets, with...
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Cryptocurrencies ‘bear high risks’ says : Vladimir Putin

Putin called for the greater monitoring and regulation of cryptocurrencies and pointed out that certain countries worldwide are seeing significant adoption of digital currencies. Currently, cryptocurrency regulation is still in its infancy in Russia. No regulation exists in the country regarding cryptocurrency mining. This has led some to claim that $2 billion in crypto mining revenue is generated annually in Russia, but on that, no taxes are paid. [Via]
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Croatia’s largest supermarket chain “Konzum” now accepts payment in crypto

Konzum, the largest supermarket chain in Croatia, is keeping up with the times by debuting payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. To enable the new crypto payment option, Konzum partnered with a local crypto payment processor, Electrocoin, to implement PayCek, a system that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments. While Konzum only accepts crypto online at the moment, it plans to expand the payment option across its supermarket chain in the near future. [Via]
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Meta expands crypto and blockchain advertisement eligibility on Facebook and Insta

The company said it will allow many more crypto and blockchain advertisements on Facebook and Instagram due to expanded eligibility terms. Only a narrow segment of crypto companies was able to advertise on Facebook because the platform recognized a small number of regulatory licenses. Facebook rebranded to Meta in October to reflect its growing ambitions beyond traditional social media. [Via]
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Forbes named 15 crypto business leaders in its latest 30 Under 30

Forbes has named 15 youthful crypto business leaders on the 2022 edition of its 30 Under 30 list. Despite its misleading name, the annual Forbes 30 Under 30 list actually comprises 600 people aged 30 and under from a total of 20 categories, such as finance, gaming, and music. This year’s crypto contingent is a 50% increase on the 10 young crypto leaders named in the previous edition and reflects a growing trend of crypto acceptance in mainstream media. [Via]
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Crpto exchange Okcoin hires former Facebook spokesperson Randi Zuckerberg to expand its female user base

Cryptocurrency exchange Okcoin has announced Randi Zuckerberg – the sister of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg – will be joining the platform’s brand advisory council in its aim to bring more women into crypto. In a Thursday announcement, Okcoin said that in addition to hiring Zuckerberg, the exchange would be committing $1 million in an attempt to reach a 50% female user base by 2025. Zuckerberg was the former director of market development and a spokesperson for Facebook until she resigned in 2011, m...
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A 5 year Study says “Africa’s HIV crisis can be helped by using crypto and blockchain technology”

A groundbreaking five-year study into whether crypto token incentives can improve health outcomes for patients with HIV/AIDS will be launched in Kenya by the end of the year. The first major project of this collaboration is a groundbreaking study in #HIV/#AIDS to investigate the effectiveness of incentives and paperless tracking systems on HIV treatment adherence and treatment outcomes in low socio-economic settings in Kenya. Life’s blockchain technology collects and analyzes patient data to he...
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Adidas forays into the metaverse with NFT collaborations

On Thursday, Adidas announced it was entering the Metaverse in collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney NFT, and PUNKS Comic. Gmoney is a notable cryptocurrency and NFT influencer who has been featured on Fortune NFTy 50. Cointelegraph Research projects that NFT sales could reach a record finish of $18 billion by the end of the year, making the sector one of crypto’s hottest performers. [Via]
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Cabinet note proposes private crypto to be regulated , not banned

A Cabinet note circulated by the government on the proposed cryptocurrency bill has suggested regulation of private cryptocurrency rather than banning it. The government had said that it has received a proposal from the RBI to include digital currency under the definition of a ‘bank note’. CBDCs – digital or virtual currency – is the digital version of fiat currencies rupee in India. [Via]
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Covid: scientists find possible trigger for AstraZeneca jab blood clots

Experts hope better understanding of rare side effect of vaccine could help ‘turn the tide’ on pandemicCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageScientists believe they may have found the trigger behind the extremely rare blood clot complications stemming from the Oxford/AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine.According to a team of researchers from Cardiff and the US, the reaction can be traced to the way the adenovirus used by the vaccine to shuttle the coronavirus’s genetic material int...
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Last-minute attempt to stop Shell’s oil exploration of whale breeding grounds

Campaigners file legal challenge against seismic survey along South Africa’s Eastern Cape provinceAn 11th hour attempt has been launched to try to halt plans by Shell to explore for oil in vital whale breeding grounds along the Wild Coast of eastern South Africa.Campaigners filed an urgent legal challenge against the seismic survey, which was scheduled to begin on Wednesday, in an effort to prevent it harming whales, dolphins and seals in the relatively untouched marine environment. Continue rea...
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