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How #Article13 is like the Inquisition: John Milton Against the EU #CopyrightDirective

Censorship before or censorship after? The EU Copyright Directive rekindles the oldest fight in the history of free speech debates, first waged by John Milton in 1644. Then, like now, policy-makers were considering a radical change in censorship law, a switch from censoring material after it was published to requiring a censor's permission to publish in the first place. Fundamentally, policing of speech can happen at one of two points: before content disseminates, or after. Policing con...
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China Pledges Openness in Hopes of Reaching a Trade Deal

Top Chinese officials, looking at a skeptical audience both at home and abroad, pledge to open the country’s markets to foreign investment.
Tags: China, International Trade and World Market, Economic Conditions and Trends, Politics and Government, Han Zheng (1954-, Communist Party of China, United States, United States International Relations

Start your Monday smart: Netanyahu, Jayme Closs, China, Apple, March Madness

Netanyahu at the White House. The Jayme Closs defendant and accused college scammers in court. China trade talks. An all-woman spacewalk. Apple's big reveal. MLB Opening Day. Here's what the next six days will bring.

Italian soccer federation signs deal with Chinese government

ROME (AP) — The Italian soccer federation has signed a wide-ranging memorandum with the Chinese government to promote soccer between the two countries. The deal foresees playing the Italian Super Cup or Italian Cup in China within the next three years. The Italian Super Cup — which pits the Serie A champion against the Italian […]
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We need to resist states loosening abortion laws

Across the United States, state lawmakers are pushing for looser abortion laws, going as far as to propose bills that permit abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy in specific situations. If these pieces of legislation become laws, the US's abortion policies would much more closely resemble those in parts of China where there are no restrictions on abortion.There, no human rights for the unborn child are recognized -- even minutes before he or she exits the birth canal. But that is not...

Canada's Denis Shapovalov reaches third round in Miami with win over Evans

MIAMI — Bianca Andreescu clearly doesn't mind working overtime.The rising Canadian tennis star's 10th win in a row was another lengthy encounter. She downed No. 8 seed Angelique Kerber of Germany 6-4, 4-6, 6-1 in a third-round match at the Miami Open that finished at 1:30 a.m. ET on Sunday morning.It was Andreescu's second win over Kerber in less than a week after the 18-year-old from Mississauga, Ont., beat Kerber in a thrilling final of the BNP Paribas Open last Sunday in Indian...

Defying Allies, Italy Signs On to New Silk Road With China

The move by Italy to join China’s “One Belt One Road” project crystallized shifting geopolitical balances and the populist Italian government’s willingness to break with its traditional partners.
Tags: Italy, Xi Jinping, China, International Trade and World Market, United States International Relations, Conte, Giuseppe, Salvini, Matteo, International Relations

Italy and China in plan for new Silk Road-style trade network

Xi Jinping visits Rome as Italy becomes first G7 country to back Belt and Road initiativeItaly has become the first G7 country to endorse a contentious plan by China to build a Silk Road-style global trade network, irking its EU and US allies.The prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, and the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) that could lead to Italy’s participation in China’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI), an ambitious project that envisages Ch...
Tags: Italy, China, International trade, Asia Pacific, Economics, Europe, Global economy, World news, Xi Jinping, Giuseppe Conte

Italy Gives Xi, and China’s Vast Infrastructure Project, a Royal Welcome

Italy would become the first Group of 7 nation to officially join China’s vast One Belt One Road project on Saturday, a sign of Beijing’s growing influence.
Tags: International Trade and World Market, United States International Relations, Infrastructure (Public Works, Foreign Investments, International Relations, European Union, Conte, Giuseppe, Xi Jinping, Mattarella, Sergio, China, Italy, United States

Trump Administration Strikes Tougher Stance Ahead of China Talks

The United States is channeling a tougher approach as Trump’s negotiators head to China this weekend.
Tags: United States Politics and Government, China, International Trade and World Market, Kudlow, Lawrence A, Lighthizer, Robert E

Trump to lift 'not necessary' North Korea sanctions, White House confirms

US had blacklisted Chinese shipping companies on Thursday‘Trump likes Kim and doesn’t think these are necessary’Donald Trump has announced that he is ordering the withdrawal of recently announced North Korea-related sanctions imposed by the US treasury department. Related: North Korea warns US sanctions could derail plans to denuclearise Continue reading...
Tags: North Korea, Donald Trump, US foreign policy, China, Asia Pacific, World news, US news

Italy pulls out red carpet for Xi Jinping in trade charm offensive

Bocelli to sing for China’s president as Italy becomes first G7 nation to back ‘Silk Road’ planRome gave a lavish welcome to the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, his wife and entourage on Friday as Italy and China controversially pledged to strengthen trade and investment ties.Xi is in the Italian capital on a two-day state visit, along with about 200 officials. He is expected to strike a range of deals worth up to €7bn and attend a gala dinner, where the tenor Andrea Bocelli will perform, during ...
Tags: Italy, China, World news, Xi Jinping, Belt and road initiative, Luigi Di Maio, Five Star Movement, Asia Pacific, Europe

BBC journalists concerned over Tony Hall's Huawei meeting

BBC News staff raise concerns over director general’s meeting with embattled Chinese firmThe BBC director general, Tony Hall, is to meet executives at Huawei next week, raising concerns among some journalists at the corporation about the broadcaster’s coverage of the Chinese technology company.BBC News journalists have raised concerns about the potential conflict between the corporation’s need to provide independent and critical coverage of China with the rest of the organisation’s financial nee...
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Death Toll in China Chemical Plant Explosion Rises to 47

The blast in the city of Yancheng is the worst industrial accident in years
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Explosion Rocks Industrial Zone in Eastern China, Killing 47

The blast occurred at a chemical plant, and videos online showed people who appeared to have been cut by glass and other debris.
Tags: Explosions (Accidental, Chemicals, Factories and Manufacturing, Jiangsu Province (China, China

Explosion Rocks Industrial Zone in Eastern China, Killing 44

The blast occurred at a chemical plant, and videos online showed people who appeared to have been cut by glass and other debris.
Tags: Explosions (Accidental, Chemicals, Factories and Manufacturing, Jiangsu Province (China, China

Australia's coal bonanza at risk as Chinese import 'ban' spreads

Hold-ups reach southern ports as analysts warn that trade could dry up amid China restructuring and diplomatic tension The number of Chinese ports restricting or delaying Australian coal imports has continued to rise, threatening to end the export bonanza that is bloating federal coffers and signalling possible painful long-term structural change to the economy.In an ominous development for Australia’s trade balance and federal budget, traders and buyers in China reported on Thursday that the ho...
Tags: Coal, Australia news, Fossil fuels, Energy, Environment, China, Business (Australia, Australian economy

President Donald Trump is correct on China's Huawei

But the most troubling aspect of Huawei is not its penchant for pilferage but its potential role in China’s global assault on democracy: Our view            [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Usa, News, China, Usa Today, Donald Trump, Huawei

Italy rolls out red carpet for China's President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Rome where he is expected to sign an agreement that would make Italy the largest economy so far to back Beijing's massive infrastructure project, known as the "Belt and Road" initiative.
Tags: China, Cnn, Rome, Beijing, Xi Jinping, Italy

China has cloned its best police dog. Now it wants to mass-produce more

Scientists in China have cloned the Sherlock Holmes of police sniffer dogs, with possible plans to mass produce it in the future. Here's why its creators think that's a great idea. The post China has cloned its best police dog. Now it wants to mass-produce more appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: News, China, Trends, Sherlock Holmes, Cloning, Emerging Tech

China clones Sherlock Holmes of police dogs to create pack of cunning canines

Scientists in China have cloned the Sherlock Holmes of police sniffer dogs, with possible plans to mass produce it in the future. Here's why its creators think that's a great idea. The post China clones Sherlock Holmes of police dogs to create pack of cunning canines appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: News, China, Trends, Sherlock Holmes, Cloning, Emerging Tech

Unknown species found in new treasure trove of fossils found in China

A newly discovered fossil site in China that dates back 518 million years contains more than 50% previously unknown species, according to a new study. The well-preserved Qingjiang site is helping scientists to fill gaps in the fossil record and provide a clearer picture of some of the earliest animal ecosystems.
Tags: China, Cnn, Qingjiang

'Mindblowing' haul of fossils over 500m years old unearthed in China

Thousands of fossils date back to huge burst in diversity of life on Earth known as Cambrian explosionA “mindblowing” haul of fossils that captures the riot of evolution that kickstarted the diversity of life on Earth more than half a billion years ago has been discovered by researchers in China.Paleontologists found thousands of fossils in rocks on the bank of the Danshui river in Hubei province in southern China, where primitive forms of jellyfish, sponges, algae, anemones, worms and arthropod...
Tags: Science, Education, Biology, China, Research, World news, Earth, Asia Pacific, Higher Education, Evolution, Fossils, Hubei Province, Danshui

Kraft Asks Judge To Block Explicit Video Release In Prostitution Ring Case

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The attorneys representing New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and other men charged in a Florida massage parlor prostitution investigation are asking a judge to block the release of video recordings that police say shows them engaging in sexual acts. They also say the prosecutors’ conditions for the men entering a diversion program in exchange for dropping misdemeanor charges of soliciting prostitution are too harsh. Attorneys for Kraft and 14 of the other 24 ...
Tags: Asia, Florida, News, China, NFL, Atlanta, Ap, New England Patriots, Associated Press, Kansas City, Bentley, Kraft, Orlando, Palm Beach County, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale Fla

DOJ has reportedly subpoenaed Boeing as part of a criminal investigation involving the 737 Max (BA)

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has subpoenaed Boeing as part of a criminal investigation into the certification and marketing processes for the aerospace manufacturer's 737 Max aircraft, CNN reported. The investigation reportedly concerns the process Boeing used to determine its 737 Max aircraft were safe for flight and the data it gave to the Federal Aviation Administration about that process. Investigators have asked for information from Boeing about the company's pilot-training manuals ...
Tags: Europe, Elon Musk, China, US, Trends, Cnn, Fbi, Canada, Britain, Seattle, Boeing, Doj, Federal Aviation Administration, Ethiopian Airlines, Lion Air, US Department of Justice DOJ

Chinese visit to Italy seeks closer ties, stirs suspicions

MILAN (AP) — At the heart of Chinese Premier Xi Jingping’s visit to Rome beginning Thursday is a key prize: A deal to make Italy the first major democracy to join China’s ambitious Belt and Road infrastructure project that has raised concerns about Beijing’s growing economic clout. Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte has pledged to sign […]
Tags: Business, Milan, News, China, Ap, Rome, Beijing, Nation, Italy, Road, Xi Jingping, Giuseppe Conte

Midwest flooding makes a dent in farmers' wages

Record flooding has devastated a wide swath of the Midwest Farm Belt where many farmers have been struggling due to a U.S.-China trade war. Early estimates of lost crops and livestock, in the aftermath of the floods, are approaching $1 billion in Nebraska alone. Jillian Kitchener reports.
Tags: News, China, Nebraska, Jillian Kitchener, Midwest Farm Belt

Women's World Cup: Cameroon set for competitive tests

Cameroon will travel to China for a four nation tournament as they seek competitive matches ahead of the Women's World Cup.
Tags: News, China, Cameroon

The Crossing review – Bai Xue's slowburn gem delivers the goods

This feature debut about a schoolgirl coerced into small-time smuggling is all the more powerful for shunning high drama With this elegantly elliptical arthouse movie, Bai Xue announces herself as a cool, confident observer of a new generation of Chinese youth. There are echoes of Sofia Coppola in Bai’s directing debut, a coming-of-age story inspired by real-life criminal gangs in Hong Kong who recruit schoolkids to smuggle mobile phones into mainland China. It’s a wisp of film that never quite ...
Tags: Hong Kong, Japan, Film, China, World news, Culture, Asia Pacific, World cinema, Shenzhen, BAI, Sofia Coppola, Drama films, Bai Xue, Huang Yao, Peipei, Jo Carmen Soup Peipei

Kachin women from Myanmar 'raped until they get pregnant' in China

Women from Kachin minority are allowed to go home only if they leave baby behind, says HRW report Burmese and Chinese authorities are turning a blind eye to a growing trade in women from Myanmar’s Kachin minority, who are taken across the border, sold as wives to Chinese men and raped until they become pregnant, a report claims.Some of the women are allowed to return home after they have given birth, but are forced to leave their children, according to an investigation by Human Rights Watch, tit...
Tags: Human Rights, China, Women, World news, Asia Pacific, South and Central Asia, Myanmar, Sex trade, Human Rights Watch, Kachin

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