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The redesigned MacBook Air could get this Pro feature in 2022

Apple is bringing a piece of high-end tech to 2022’s MacBook Air, according to a well-known industry analyst. It could be the next MacBook Air’s best feature.
Tags: Apple, News, Mac, Trends, Macbook, Computing, MacBook Air, Ming-chi Kuo, Mini-LED

Steve Jobs’ 1973 job application is now in an unusual auction

A job application filled out by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 1973 is being auctioned as both a physical item and a non-fungible token.
Tags: Apple, News, Steve Jobs, Trends, Computing, Auction

HiveNightmare is a nasty new Windows bug. Here’s how to protect yourself

A new flaw in Windows 10 and Windows 11 lets anyone take over your PC.
Tags: News, Trends, Computing, Windows 10, Hackers, Microsoft Windows 10, Security Vulnerability, Windows 11

The latest Windows 11 build makes notifications more useful and less annoying

Microsoft has released the fourth major build of Windows 11, and it brings some changes to the Notification Center, background activity app notifications.
Tags: News, Microsoft, Windows, Trends, Computing, Windows Insider, Windows 11

This ‘flexible’ processor is made out of plastic instead of silicon

Researchers have unveiled the PlasticARM processor, which is a flexible CPU built on plastic that could pioneer a new era in computing.
Tags: News, Trends, Computing, ARM, flexible CPU

The price of graphics cards was finally dropping — until it suddenly stopped

The prices of graphics cards in Germany were falling rapidly just a couple of weeks ago. It seems that the price drop may be coming to a halt.
Tags: News, Germany, Trends, Computing, Nvidia, Graphics Cards, Nvidia graphics cards, Nvidia Geforce Rtx 30-series, Rtx 30-series

New version of Microsoft Edge could save you from using bad passwords online

Microsoft Edge version 92 is bringing a new Password Health Dashboard that can help you determine the strength of your password or if it is leaked online.
Tags: News, Microsoft, Windows, Trends, Computing, Windows 10, Web Browser, Microsoft Edge, Windows 11

Windows 11 is cleaning up one of the messiest parts of Windows 10

In a big change from Windows 11, Microsoft is cleaning up the right-click menus in Windows 11 so you can accomplish common tasks more easily.
Tags: News, Microsoft, Windows, Trends, Computing, Windows 10, Menus, Windows 11

Windows 11 is finally taking the Microsoft Store seriously

Microsoft has listed the new Edge Browser in the newly revamped Microsoft Store in Windows 11, showing it is getting serious with its apps.
Tags: News, Microsoft, Windows, Trends, Computing, Windows 10, Microsoft Store, Windows 11

Leaked Intel i9-12900K benchmark shows gains over the Ryzen 5950X

A leaked benchmark for the upcoming Intel i9-12900K shows up to a 28% improvement over AMD's flagship 5950X.
Tags: News, Trends, Intel, Computing, Amd, Leaked Intel, Alder Lake, Intel Core i9-12900K

Leaked AMD RX 6600 XT benchmark reveals surprising performance

A new leak shows photos and benchmarks for the upcoming RX 6600 XT, which shows performance on-par with Nvidia's RTX 3060 Ti.
Tags: News, Trends, Computing, Nvidia, Amd, rDNA 2, Amd Radeon Rx 6600 Xt

Latest Windows 11 build includes the new built-in Microsoft Teams experience

Windows 11 Insiders can now test the new Microsoft Teams, which has been overhauled with a fly-out chat menu and notifications that support in-line replies.
Tags: News, Microsoft, Trends, Computing, Microsoft Teams, Windows 11

Hundreds camped at Best Buy stores for restocked RTX 30-series graphics cards

Several models of Nvidia GeForce RTX 30-Series cards went on sale in select Best Buy stores this Tuesday. The cards sold out immediately in most locations.
Tags: News, Trends, Best Buy, Computing, Nvidia, Graphics Cards, Nvidia Geforce Rtx 30-series, Rtx 30-series

Premiere Pro arrives on M1 Macs, now saves your work 168% faster

Adobe’s Premiere Pro app now runs natively on Apple’s M1 Macs. The wait has been worth it, with speed improvements across the board compared to Intel Macs.
Tags: Apple, News, Adobe, Trends, Computing, Macs, M1, Premiere Pro, Apple Silicon

Nvidia DLSS now has one of AMD Super Resolution’s best features

Nvidia just put the heat back on AMD in the battle between DLSS and FidelityFX Super Resolution by making the SDK freely available.
Tags: News, Trends, Computing, Nvidia, Amd, Pc Gaming, Sdk, DLSS, NVIDIA DLSS

The AMD RX 6600 and RX 6600 XT could be right around the corner

A new rumor suggests that the AMD RX 6600 XT release date is in August, following a slew of leaks and rumors pointing to an imminent launch of the card.
Tags: News, Trends, Computing, Amd, Amd Radeon Rx 6600 Xt, Amd Radeon Rx 6600

Microsoft Edge to stop auto-playing videos by default

One of the pains of the internet is videos that autoplay on your webpage and Microsoft Edge version 92 will finally fix it by limiting it by default.
Tags: News, Microsoft, Windows, Trends, Web Browsers, Computing, Windows 10, Edge Browser, Microsoft Edge

This awesome Xbox gaming feature is coming to both Windows 11 and Windows 10

DirectStorage was originally announced as an exclusive feature for Windows 11. A recent blog post says that it's coming to Windows 10 machines, too.
Tags: News, Microsoft, Trends, Computing, Xbox, Windows 10, Pc Gaming

Nvidia is ‘laying the foundation’ for ARM-based gaming PCs in the future

Nvidia showed off a demo at GDC of Wolfenstein: Youngblood running with RTX features. For the first time ever, though, they were running on an ARM-based system.
Tags: News, Trends, Computing, Nvidia, ARM, GDC, Pc Gaming, Youngblood, Nvidia Rtx

UK and allies accuse Chinese state-backed group of Microsoft hack

British foreign secretary says Beijing will be held to account if it does not stop ‘systematic cyber sabotage’Britain and its allies have formally accused Chinese state-based hacking groups of being behind the exploitation of an estimated 250,000 Microsoft Exchange servers worldwide earlier this year.The UK foreign secretary said the cyber-attack amounted to “a reckless but familiar pattern of behaviour”, in an announcement released on Monday. Continue reading...
Tags: Politics, UK, Technology, Microsoft, Internet, China, UK News, World news, Beijing, Hacking, Asia Pacific, Foreign Policy, Computing, Espionage, Foreign, Cyberwar

AMD Threadripper 5000 release date reportedly moved to November

A new report from YouTuber MLID suggests that AMD is launching Threadripper 5000 chips in November, not in September as previously reported.
Tags: News, Trends, Computing, Amd, Hedt, Zen 3, Threadripper 5000, YouTuber MLID

The Steam Deck may not run your whole Steam library

An issue with SteamOS and the Proton compatibility layer may render some of your Steam library useless on the upcoming Steam Deck.
Tags: Gaming, News, Trends, Steam, Computing, Valve, Pc Gaming, Proton, Steam Deck

Microsoft warns Windows users of another unpatched printing vulnerability

Microsoft is raising awareness of a new, unpatched printing vulnerability in Windows 10, requiring physical access to a Windows PC for hackers to leverage.
Tags: Security, News, Microsoft, Windows, Trends, Computing, Windows 10, Print, Printers, Security Vulnerability, Hacking Vulnerability, PrintNightmare

Windows 10 21H2 will be the next big update to Windows 10

After a few weeks of rumors, Microsoft has officially announced Windows 10 21H2 as the next version of Windows 10, and the second update for the OS this year.
Tags: News, Microsoft, Windows, Trends, Computing, Windows 10, 21H2, Windows 10 21H2

Elgato Facecam is a new webcam designed just for content creators

Launching today is the Elgato Facecam, a Full HD 1080p webcam built from the ground up with tons of features designed just for content creators. 
Tags: News, Webcams, Trends, Computing, Elgato, Elgato Facecam

AMD just delivered on a big promise for FidelityFX Super Resolution

The list of games that support FidelityFX Super Resolution is expanding, and the feature is now available to developers for free.
Tags: News, Trends, Computing, Amd, Pc Gaming, FidelityFX Super Resolution

Microsoft resurrects Clippy for redesigned emoji in Windows

Microsoft is bringing back Clippy as the paperclip emoji across all of the Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Teams, and even PowerPoint.
Tags: News, Microsoft, Windows, Trends, Computing, Emoji, Clippy, Microsoft 365

Samsung’s sleek Galaxy Chromebook Go is now available for $300

Samsung's sleek and light 14-inch Galaxy Chromebook Go is now available for purchase at the affordable price of $300, and even cheaper with trade-in.
Tags: News, Samsung, Trends, Chromebook, Computing, Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Chromebook Go

Leaker estimates Intel Alder Lake i9-12900K can outperform AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Someone with access to a Core i9-12900K says it can hit 5.3GHz, which could mean the processor will outperform AMD's Ryzen 9 5950X.
Tags: News, Trends, Intel, Computing, Amd, RYZEN, Alder Lake, Intel Alder Lake

How collaborative apps are transforming Teams into something entirely new

A new set of collaborative Microsoft Teams apps are coming from market-leading partners like SAP C4C, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Workday.
Tags: News, Microsoft, Trends, Inspire, Computing, Sap, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Inspire

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