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The deep leadership flaw revealed by Trump touting his press conference ratings

• Analysis: President Trump's coronavirus briefings lack a crucial element • Trump is self-isolating at his safe space: Fox News • Analysis: The 37 most mind-boggling lines from Trump's coronavirus briefing • Fact checking Trump's briefing
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What We Know — and Don’t Know — About Possible Coronavirus Treatments Promoted by Trump

This article first appeared at ProPublica. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. President Donald Trump’s excitement about decades-old anti-malarial drugs to treat the coronavirus has touched off widespread interest in the medications, hoarding by some doctors, new clinical trials on the fly and desperation among patients who take them for other conditions. Many experts say there isn’t...
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President Trump Insists New York Will Be ‘Fine,’ Won’t Need Extra Ventilators

Just hours after it was confirmed that New York’s coronavirus death toll has shot up to over 1,000 people, President Donald Trump has predicted that the state will be “fine” because he’s heard “stories” that it has more than enough ventilators to go around.The president appeared on Fox & Friends on Monday, a day after he officially abandoned his hope of reopening the U.S. economy by Easter after his aides successfully persuaded him to keep federal guidelines on social distancing in place through...
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Trump is self-isolating at his safe space: Fox News

President Trump's go-to move in a crisis is always the same: to call Fox News.
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Coronavirus: Trump takes credit for Cuomo’s high approval on pandemic response

Donald Trump claimed he is responsible for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's high approval ratings over his response to the coronavirus outbreak in the Empire State."One of the reasons why he's successful is because we've helped make him successful," the president said during a 56-minute telephone interview with Fox News. "He's gotten good marks, but I've gotten great marks."
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Trump and Putin to talk of ending sanctions, 'whole [Russia] thing turned out to be a hoax.”

Impeached toddler president Donald Trump says he and his boss, Russian crimelord-president Vladmir Putin, will talk on the phone today about trade. While babbling on the Fox News show 'Fox and Friends,' Trump suggested that he has plans to lift U.S. sanctions against Russia. “The whole [Russia] thing turned out to be a hoax,” Trump said. Yes, America, this is really happening. Remember, Trump promised that Putin would be coming for an official state visit, to Washington, DC, in September. Bu...
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Tucker Carlson Wants to Have It Both Ways on Coronavirus

Fox News primetime star Tucker Carlson has been credited with pushing President Donald Trump to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously and has received mainstream media plaudits for seemingly calling out his own colleagues for actively downplaying the outbreak.Yet, while Carlson has been applauded for preaching concern about the viral outbreak while his fellow pro-Trump hosts on the network attempted to dismiss the COVID-19 fears as a partisan ploy, he has actually played both sides for his aud...
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Fox News Explains Twitter Speculation Over Jeanine Pirro’s Erratic Performance

The host prompted questions when she appeared disheveled and 15 minutes late on her "Justice with Judge Jeanine" show.
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Fact check: Trump falsely denies saying two things he said last week

On two occasions during Sunday's coronavirus briefing, President Donald Trump falsely denied he had said words he had said publicly last week. When PBS's Yamiche Alcindor noted that the President had said he did not believe that governors actually need all the equipment they claimed they did, Trump said, "I didn't say that" — even though he said precisely that on Fox News on Thursday.
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Pirro, Fox News blame erratic at-home show on 'technical difficulties'

Fox News and Jeanine Pirro are speaking out after an erratic broadcast prompted speculation the "Justice with Judge Jeanine" host was under the influence.
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Jeanine Pirro responds to critics of appearance on Fox News show

Pro-Trump anchor appeared late and apparently disheveled on Saturday night, leading to social media speculationPresenting from home has become a new normal for TV hosts during the coronavirus outbreak, but for one of Donald Trump’s favorite personalities, things did not go so well on Saturday night.Jeanine Pirro missed the entire first segment of her show Justice with Judge Jeanine on Fox News and appeared disheveled when she did finally appear, her hair noticeably and uncharacteristically non-c...
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Mnuchin: Trump Travel Advisory Came After ‘Unanimous’ WH Task Force Recommendation

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin provided some detail into what led President Trump to back away from his idea to quarantine the New York tri-state area to contain its surge of coronavirus cases, during an interview on Fox News Sunday morning. During an interview on CNN Sunday morning, coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the Trump administration released a travel advisory instead of a quarantine for the tri-state area after “very intensive discussions” at the White House ...
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Fox News says technical difficulties were responsible for Jeanine Pirro show that raised eyebrows

Fox News blamed technical difficulties for Jeanine Pirro's show that raised eyebrows after some on social media accused her of being drunk.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Fox News Defends Odd ‘Judge Jeanine’ Broadcast, Citing ‘Technical Difficulties’

Many viewers noticed something was off during Saturday’s episode of “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” particularly host Jeanine Pirro’s disheveled appearance and slurred speech at times. However, a Fox News spokesperson said that “technical difficulties” marred the show’s first at-home broadcast. “Jeanine Pirro was broadcasting from her home for the first time when she encountered several […]
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Trump’s Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign Isn’t Working: Poll

A clear majority of the American public, including self-identified Republicans, do not believe the disinformation that President Donald Trump keeps pushing around the spread of coronavirus. And even members of the president’s own party are skeptical of his argument that getting the country back to work needs to be as prioritized as public safety measures. A new survey conducted by Ipsos exclusively for The Daily Beast provides some of the clearest evidence to date that the president’s attempts t...
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Trump touted hydroxychloroquine as a cure for Covid-19. Don't believe the hype

The anti-malaria drug could be ‘one of the biggest game-changers in the history of medicine’, Trump claimed, but there is no magic cure * Coronavirus – latest US updates * Coronavirus – latest global updates * See all our coronavirus coverageFaced with a global coronavirus pandemic that is increasingly centered upon the US, Donald Trump has touted several drugs that he claims can help tackle the outbreak.The US president last week used a press conference to promote the use of hydroxychloroqui...
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First and Foremost, Defeat the Virus

If President Trump is right that the fight against the coronavirus is the equivalent of a war, we need to focus first and foremost on defeating the enemy.That means, as an urgent priority, getting hospitals the protective gear and ventilators that they need to handle the surge of patients that is already showing up in New York City, New Orleans, and other hot spots. If nothing else, it’s a sign of seriousness in meeting this need that President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act — the Kore...
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Biden leads Trump by nine points in latest Fox News poll

Biden leads Trump by 49% to 40% in a new Fox News poll, which is outside the poll’s margin of sampling error.
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President Trump Is So Upset About This Ad Showing His Failed Handling Of COVID-19 That He's Demanding It Be Taken Down (techdirt)

Has no one explained to Donald Trump how the Streisand Effect works yet? His campaign has apparently been sending laughably ridiculous threat letters to various TV stations that have been airing an advertisement put together by a group called Priorities USA, criticizing the President's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The ad highlights Trump's repeated statements playing down the virus and insisting that he had things under control, even as the numbers of infected started to rise exponentia...
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Trump Finally Invokes Defense Production Act After All Caps-Tweeting At Companies To Make Ventilators

President Donald Trump finally invoked the Defense Production Act to compel the production of more ventilators Friday, after a steady stream of tweet-yelling at companies to do it on their own accord. “Today, I signed a Presidential Memorandum directing the Secretary of Health and Human Services to use any and all authority available under the Defense Production Act to require General Motors to accept, perform, and prioritize Federal contracts for ventilators,” he said in a statement. “Our ne...
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Fox News Media Names Joe Dorrego CFO, COO (EXCLUSIVE)

Amy Listerman, chief financial officer at Fox News Media, will step down from her role, and will be replaced by Joe Dorrego, a Fox Corp. executive who will become both chief financial officer and chief operating officer at the company, which is the critical financial engine of its parent company. Listerman will step down effective […]
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Dubious Coronavirus Experts Run Amok In Pro-Trump Media

Fox News and other right-wing media outlets repeatedly offer a platform for misinformation to back Trump's narrative.
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U.S. Infections Top 100,000; L.A. Warns of Surge: Virus Update

(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. became the first country to reach 100,000 coronavirus cases. Italy had its deadliest day with almost 1,000 fatalities. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his health secretary tested positive.President Donald Trump ordered General Motors to start making ventilators by invoking a Cold War-era law. Toyota’s idled U.S. manufacturing facilities will make much-needed face shields and masks.New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said new infections will be “astronomical.” Los Angel...
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Trump Yells For Companies To Produce Ventilators While Dithering On Specifics

President Donald Trump seems to have finally caught on to the fact that hospitals need more ventilators to treat people with severe cases of coronavirus. In classic form, the President took to Twitter Friday to urge private companies to shell out the machines “FAST” while behind the scenes, his administration provides the companies with nothing but mixed messaging and a lack of specifics. General Motors MUST immediately open their stupidly abandoned Lordstown plant in Ohio, or some other plan...
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Cuomo Pushes Back On Trump’s Ventilator Skepticism: ‘I Operate On Facts’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Friday countered President Donald Trump’s statement that he doesn’t “believe” the Empire State needs tens of thousands of ventilators for hospital workers to treat COVID-19 patients. On Thursday night, Trump claimed that the number of ventilators Cuomo had requested was excessive. “I don’t believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators,” he told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “You go into major hospitals sometimes and they’ll have two ventilators, and now all of ...
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Trump tells Hannity he doesn’t believe New York needs 30,000 ventilators to fight coronavirus

In an interview on Fox News, President Trump told host Sean Hannity that he doesn’t believe places like New York need 30,000 ventilators.
Tags: New York, News, Fox News, Trump, Sean Hannity, HANNITY

Trump tweets blame in all directions over ventilators for coronavirus, except at himself

Hours after a Fox News interview in which he downplayed a national shortage of hospital ventilators to treat patients infected with the coronavirus, President Trump fired off a number of tweets Friday blaming General Motors and its CEO, Mary Barra, for not manufacturing more of them.
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Cuomo Says Ventilator Needs Not Based on ‘Feelings’ After Trump Attack

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo hit back at Donald Trump on Friday after the president said he “felt” that New York, the struggling epicenter of the coronavirus, did not need the 30,000 ventilators officials have demanded.With 519 deaths and 44,635 confirmed cases, of which 6,481 require hospitalization, the coronavirus pandemic has put New York’s medical facilities on the brink. Cuomo has been practically begging for ventilators for days, slamming the federal government for initially sending 400 fro...
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Trump on urgent requests for ventilators: 'I don't believe you need 30,000'

President’s remarks to Sean Hannity on Fox News appear to come in response to New York governor’s plea for ventilator helpDonald Trump has again downplayed the severity of an intensifying coronavirus outbreak by telling rightwing Fox News host Sean Hannity that he had “a feeling that a lot of the numbers” of estimated ventilators needed to respond to overwhelmed hospitals “are just bigger than they’re going to be”. Related: Coronavirus US live: single Republican may stall $2.2tn stimulus packa...
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Trump Claims NY Doesn’t Need 30K Ventilators Despite Doctors Saying So

In his ongoing campaign to play down the COVID-19 outbreak, President Donald Trump on Thursday night tried to cast doubt on the ventilator shortage crisis in New York hospitals. Trump claimed during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) request for an additional 30,000 ventilators was overblown. “I don’t believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators,” the President told Hannity. “You go into major hospitals sometimes and they’ll have two ventilato...
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