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Grenell’s Past Foreign Clients Make Him Unprecedented Choice To Lead Intel Community

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell is many things: ambassador to Germany, right-wing provocateur, and Instagram aficionado. But what may present the biggest problem is his past as a media consultant for foreign political parties, governments, and businesses – and whether that work strayed into being a foreign agent and would have complicated his ability to receive a security clearance. Former national security officials told TPM that Grenell crossed what has traditionall...
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Coronavirus: Lufthansa imposes hiring freeze as Diageo profits suffer

Airline offers unpaid leave, beverage firm fears £200m hit and Danone also voices concernCoronavirus - latest updatesLufthansa has announced a hiring freeze and is offering employees unpaid leave as part of a range of cost-saving measures to attempt to limit the financial impact of the spread of the coronavirus.The German airline, which has already cancelled all flights to China until the end of March, also said it will expand part-time work options and cancel flight attendant and other personne...
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Sweden’s SVT Orders Crime Drama ‘Blackwater’ From ‘The Killing’ Producer Piv Bernth

Swedish broadcaster SVT has ordered a six-part TV adaptation of Kerstin Ekman’s crime novel “Blackwater” from Piv Bernth’s Apple Tree Productions. The series will be coproduced with ARD Degeto in Germany, and Filmpool Nord, and distributed internationally by ITV Studios. It has pre-sold to DR in Denmark, NRK in Norway, YLE in Finland, and RUV […]
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Germany: First Decision On Qualification Of Bitcoins Made By German Tax Court - Reed Smith (Worldwide)

On July 20, 2019 the German tax court for the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg published the first decision of a German tax court on the qualification of "bitcoins" in a provisional legal protection procedure.
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Germany’s centre could break apart after Angela Merkel is gone | Thomas Meaney

The chancellor has honed the CDU’s appeal to a wide range of voters – but suddenly the future of her party is in doubtConsider this, and in our time: a leftist political animal who thrives in one of the most hostile environments in contemporary Europe. After Prime Minister António Costa of Portugal and Mayor Ada Colau of Barcelona, Bodo Ramelow is arguably the most successful leftist leader in Europe. He was, until recently, the minister president of the east German state of Thuringia, where his...
Tags: Europe, Germany, Angela Merkel, Barcelona, World news, Portugal, Cdu, Ada Colau, Antonio Costa, Christian Democrats, Linke, Thuringia, Die Linke, Bodo Ramelow, Thomas Meaney, Ramelow

Germany: German Government Announces Plans To Restrict Injunctive Relief In Patent Cases By Equitable Considerations - Mayer Brown

According to press reports, the German Ministry of Justice recently released a draft law proposal to restrict injunctions in patent cases ...
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German Man Drove Into Carnival Crowd ‘to Kill’: Officials

BERLIN — A German man who drove his car into a crowd celebrating Carnival, injuring dozens of people including many children, is being investigated on suspicion of attempted murder, prosecutors said Tuesday. The 29-year-old man, who suffered serious head injuries in the crash, lived in the central German town of Volkmarsen, where the incident took place Monday. Authorities said 61 people were injured when the man plowed into a crowd watching the traditional “Rose Monday” procession, including 20...
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American returns beer stein to German brewery 55 years after she stole it

An American woman has returned a beer stein she stole 55 years ago during a trip to Germany, saying she felt too guilty to keep it.
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US woman returns beer stein to German brewery, 55 years after she stole it

An American woman has returned a beer stein she stole 55 years ago during a trip to Germany, saying she felt too guilty to keep it.
Tags: Germany, US, Cnn

Woman returns beer stein 55 years after she stole it

An American woman has returned a beer stein she stole 55 years ago during a trip to Germany, saying she felt too guilty to keep it.
Tags: News, Germany, Stories

How Many Mass Shootings Will It Take for Germany to Confront Its Far-Right Problem?

What happened last week at the Midnight hookah bar – a modest lounge in the German town of Hanau, where a largely Turkish clientele often goes to relax in the evenings – should really be enough to change the debate in Germany. The debate about racism and intolerance, about violence, hate and terrorism, and about the ways that all these things have been fuelled by the nation’s political climate. It should have been enough for Germany’s leading politicians to consider the life and death of Gö...
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Woman drunkenly threatened to ‘stab everyone’ on flight to D.C., say prosecutors

A woman who was heavily intoxicated was arrested on a Saturday flight from Frankfurt to Washington, D.C., after she tried to smoke a cigarette in the plane bathroom, and blurted out that her whole family was recently killed in a car accident, none of which was true, say federal prosecutors. Dana Mustafa threatened to “stab everyone on the plane. Then kill myself,” while handcuffed on the flight to from Germany to Dulles International Airport, authorities claim. “What’s the point of living?” sh...
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REinvent Studios Enlists ZDF/Arte For Faroese Drama ‘Trom’ (EXCLUSIVE)

REinvent Studios, the Copenhagen-based company launched last year by former TrustNordisk CEO Rikke Ennis, has pre-sold the Faroese crime drama “Trom” to ZDF/Arte for Germany and France. ZDF/Arte will be co-producing the anticipated series which was pitched last year during the Co-Pro Series at the Berlinale Series forum. “Trom,” based on Jagvan Isaksen’s crime novels […]
Tags: News, France, Germany, Copenhagen, Reinvent, Rikke Ennis, ZDF Arte For Faroese Drama ` Trom, ZDF Arte, Jagvan Isaksen

German CDU party reveals all-male race to replace Angela Merkel

Three official candidates in running to become next leader of governing partyGermany’s conservatives have fired the starting gun in the race to succeed Angela Merkel, as two more candidates launched their campaign to lead the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).The empty chair at the top of the country’s biggest and most powerful party is due to be filled at a special party gathering in Berlin on 25 April, after Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, CDU leader and Merkel’s heir apparent, announced her intent...
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Why Bernie Sanders’s Praise of Fidel Castro Matters

Did you know that infamous Nazi Hermann Göring was a great lover of animals, a protector of birds, and head of the forestry service in Germany? Unless you’re a history buff, probably not. After all, almost no one feels the need to preface their comments about the Third Reich with “Sure, the authoritarianism was pretty bad, but, boy, that Göring was one hell of an environmentalist!”Western elites, however, like to use this kind of absurd criterion whenever they talk about socialism, ignoring its ...
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‘Blind,’ Starring Demi Moore, Alec Baldwin, Goes to Germany’s Tiberius (EXCLUSIVE)

Tiberius Film, headed by Oliver Fink, has acquired rights for Germany to drama “Blind,” starring Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin, at Berlin’s European Film Market, as well as horror film “Death of Me” and action-horror movie “The Driver.” “Blind” tells the story of a writer who loses his wife and his eyesight in a car […]
Tags: News, Germany, Berlin, Global, Alec Baldwin, Blind, Demi Moore, Tiberius Film, Demi Moore Alec Baldwin, Oliver Fink

Brexit: 'Keep your promises', Germany tells Johnson, amid EU fears UK backtracking on its pledges - live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including the EU agreeing its negotiating mandate for the post-Brexit trade talks with the UK, and the Guardian’s Labour leadership hustings in Manchester 10.34am GMT This is from the German mission to the EU, quoting Michael Roth, the German Europe minister. Europe Ministers are expected to adopt the EU's negotiating mandate for the future relationship with the UK at today's #GAC. Germany's Minister for Europe @MiRo_SPD re...
Tags: Europe, Politics, UK, Germany, Eu, European Union, UK News, Labour party leadership, Labour, Manchester, Brussels, Johnson, Keir Starmer, North Sea, Brexit, Michael Roth

Car 'intentionally' plows into carnival crowd in Germany

Police in the German town of Volkmarsen have arrested a 29-year old man, after a car plowed into a crowd of people at a parade on Monday and left at least 30 injured.
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EuroBasket 2021: Great Britain beat Germany 81-73

Great Britain's men produce an amazing finish to win their second EuroBasket qualifier 81-73 against Germany, coming through to win in the last six minutes.
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Susan Collins Breaks With Trump on Director of National Intelligence Pick

Republican Senator Susan Collins, a senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, on Monday rejected President Trump's pick to lead the intelligence community, saying Richard Grenell does not have the experience to serve as director of national intelligence.“I would have much preferred that the president nominate the acting director Maguire for the post,” Collins said, referring to the former director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire.“As one of the four authors of the law that ...
Tags: News, Germany, Russia, Maine, Intelligence Community, Senate Intelligence Committee, Susan Collins, Collins, Trump, Dni, Maguire, Richard Grenell, Grenell, Joseph Maguire, Shelby Pierson, Susan Collins Breaks With Trump

Dow Drops More Than 1,000 as COVID-19 Outbreak Threatens Economy

The Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped more than 1,000 points Monday in the worst day for the stock market in two years as investors worry that the spread of a viral outbreak that began in China will weaken global economic growth. Traders sought safety in U.S. government bonds, gold and high-dividend stocks like utilities and real estate. The yield on the 10-year Treasury fell to the lowest level in more than three years. Technology stocks accounted for much of the broad market slide, whi...
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German far-right party laments isolation by rivals, media

The far-right Alternative for Germany called Monday for rivals to scale back their criticism of the party, saying the blackballing it is being subjected to could harm democracy in the country. The party, known by its German acronym AfD, almost failed to clear the 5% threshold in Sunday's regional election in Hamburg after coming under sustained fire from mainstream parties and the media in recent weeks. AfD has been accused of stoking the kind of anti-migrant sentiment that drove a 43-year-old...
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Children among the injured after car drives into German carnival

Police refuse to rule out deliberate attack on parade in town of VolkmarsenDozens of people have been injured, some of them children, after a local man appeared to deliberately drive a car into a carnival parade procession in the central German town of Volkmarsen, police have said.The driver was arrested but police could not immediately provide details about the man’s motives, although Bild newspaper cited a spokesman, Henning Hinn, as saying they were “working on the assumption that it was a de...
Tags: Europe, Germany, World news, Bild, Volkmarsen, Henning Hinn

Car 'intentionally' plows into carnival crowd in Germany

A car plowed into a crowd of people at a carnival parade in the German town of Volkmarsen, police in Kassel said Monday.
Tags: Germany, Cnn, Kassel, Volkmarsen

Multiple Injuries Reported After Car Slams Into Crowd at Carnival Procession in Germany

(BERLIN) — A car slammed into a crowd at a Carnival procession in a German town on Monday, injuring several people, police said. A large number of police are at the scene in Volkmarsen, about 280 kilometers (175 miles) southwest of Berlin, and the driver was arrested, Northern Hesse police said. Local media reported at least a dozen injuries, including children, but police couldn’t immediately confirm the information. Video from the scene showed a silver Mercedes station wagon with local li...
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Car drives into carnival crowd in Germany

A car drove into a crowd of people at a carnival parade in the German town of Volkmarsen, police in Kassel said Monday.
Tags: Germany, Cnn, Kassel, Volkmarsen

Driver arrested in Germany after car hits carnival crowds

Children believed to be among 10 people injured at parade in town of VolkmarsenTen people have been injured after a car ploughed into a carnival parade in the western German town of Volkmarsen, police said.Police said the driver had been arrested but they declined to say whether the incident was an accident or a deliberate attack. Continue reading...
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German centre-left victorious in Hamburg state elections

SPD bucks national trend, while support for Merkel’s CDU drops to historic lowGermany’s centre-left parties consolidated their governing majority in state elections in the northern city of Hamburg on Sunday, while support for Angela Merkel’s conservatives dropped to a historic low and the far right crossed the threshold for entering parliament only by the narrowest of margins.The Social Democratic party (SPD) bucked the national trend by holding on to one of its few remaining strongholds, emergi...
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