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Shamima Begum and questions of responsibility – hers and ours | Letters

Readers give their thoughts on the east London schoolgirl who left the UK to join Islamic State and now wants to returnMany words have been spilled in discussions over whether Shamima Begum and her newborn child should, or should not, be allowed to return to UK to face justice (Let Begum’s case be a turning point, 19 February). We indubitably have a responsibility for her and can’t just remove her citizenship, though many would, no doubt, like to.However, in all of this debate, I have read littl...
Tags: Politics, UK, London, Children, Islamic State, Iraq, Society, UK News, World news, Syria, Middle East and North Africa, Foreign Policy, Shamima Begum, Begum

How many IS foreign fighters are left in Iraq and Syria?

More than 40,000 jihadists from 110 countries are thought to have travelled to Syria and Iraq.
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Iraqi man convicted in Sweden of war crimes

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A Swedish court has convicted a man who fought against the Islamic State group in Iraq of war crimes for posting macabre pictures and videos on Facebook. The Orebro District Court on Tuesday sentenced 38-year-old Kurda Bahaalddin H Saeed H Saeed to 15 months in jail. The court says the Iraqi […]
Tags: News, Sweden, Islamic State, Iraq, Nation, Copenhagen Denmark, Facebook The Orebro District Court, Kurda Bahaalddin H Saeed H Saeed

Launch of MBC Iraq “sparks Controversy among Iraqis”

By Omar al-Jaffal for Al Monitor. Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Saudi media group MBC announced in early February*that it will launch a new TV channel —*MBC Iraq*— aimed at Iraqi viewers.*Soon after the announcement, a number*of angry responses*emerged in the Iraqi media and among political figures, which led MBC to defend its plan. The MBC group generally produces entertainment shows*and social content, which ...
Tags: News, Iraq, Iraq Business News, Iraq BusinessNews com Post, MBC, Omar al Jaffal, MBC Iraq

Iran urges Visa-Free Regime with Iraq

Head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) Ali Asghar Mounesan said removing visa restrictions on travels between Iran and Iraq could serve the interests of both nations. Speaking at a meeting with Iraq’s Culture and Tourism Minister Abdul Amir al-Hamdani, Mounesan, also a vice-president, praised bilateral relations between Tehran and Baghdad as “brotherly and very cordial” and said the two countries enjoy good ties in all economic, social, and political areas...
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Islamic State group: Could it rebound from caliphate defeat?

Although the IS caliphate may be over, tensions in Iraq and Syria mean the ideology remains alive.
Tags: News, Islamic State, Iraq, Syria

Could a defeated IS rebound?

Although the IS caliphate may be over, tensions in Iraq and Syria mean the ideology is not.
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Cardinal Sako: Constitution, School and Work for the Future of Iraq

Munich -- Reforming the Constitution and the legal system of the country, reinforcing the primary objective of "respect for life", eliminating divisions and abuses that create "second-class citizens"; change the school curriculum "updating religion programs" respecting "the needs of modern times"; guaranteeing "job opportunities for young people".
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Isil bride Shamima Begum suggests she is prepared to go to prison if Britain allows her back

The schoolgirl who ran away to join Isil has indicated that she is prepared to go to prison if she gets her wish to return to Britain. Shamima Begum said that she was still determined to come back from Syria despite knowing that UK authorities have the “option” to send her to jail. In an interview with the BBC yesterday, while cradling a newborn baby, the teenager was asked what she thought would happen on her return. “My first priority is my son, obviously,” she replied. “Because I don't kn...
Tags: UK, News, Islamic State, Isil, Iraq, Syria, Bbc, Britain, Middle East, Shamima Begum, Begum, Baghuz

Annals of Bureaucratese, The Trump/McCabe File

You may have seen Andrew McCabe’s 60 Minutes interview last night. We’ll be bringing you various nuggets from that interview and the rest of the press tour he’s doing today. But there are a number of points that come up his accounts that aren’t news in themselves but shed important light on the nature of how the federal government, perhaps all governments, work. After more than 20 years in this business and particularly after everything that occurred in the aftermath of 9/11 and Iraq War, I beca...
Tags: News, Nbc, Obama, Congress, White House, Iraq, Russia, US, Fbi, Saddam Hussein, Mel Brooks, Justice Department, James Comey, Trump, Bush, Josh Marshall

Russia pioneering return of 'ISIS children'

As the end nears for the IS enclave in Syria and the fate of jihadists' family members becomes a prescient issue, Russia can be seen as a pioneer in systematically returning children of Islamist fighters home. A potential homecoming of the many foreign women who have gone to live in the IS "caliphate" and their children, many of whom were born there, has been a subject of debate in Russia, with some security chiefs seeing them as potential threats. Earlier this month, 27 children, from four to...
Tags: Isis, News, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Moscow

Iraq Britain Business Council Launches Women’s Group

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC)*has announced that it has launched it’s ‘IBBC Women’s Group’, dedicated to empowering and advancing women’s careers and networks across all areas of business in Iraq, the Middle East and Internationally. Under the Chairmanship of Samar Thamer of AMS Iraq and coordinated by IBBC’s Agne Abramauskaite and Ashley Goodall, the Women’s Group will be organising events, talks and networking opportunities for those who wish to participate in this progressive and e...
Tags: News, Iraq, Middle East, Iraq Business News, IBBC, LinkedIn Facebook, Ashley Goodall, Republic of Iraq, IBBC Women 's Group, Iraq Britain Business Council IBBC, Britain Business Council Launches Women 's Group, Samar Thamer, Agne Abramauskaite, Women 's Group, Background IBBC Women 's Group, IBBC 's Women 's Group

Air India starts Najaf-Lucknow service

By John Lee. Air India has commenced*twice-weekly flights between Najaf and Lucknow. Return flights will be operated on Mondays and Thursdays. (Source: Air India) Source: Post your commentary below.
Tags: News, Iraq, India, Iraq Business News, Air India, John Lee, Najaf, Lucknow, Najaf Lucknow, Air India Source

'Taking their last breath': IS hides among Syrian civilians

BAGHOUZ, Syria (AP) — From a self-proclaimed caliphate that once spread across much of Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State group has been knocked back to a speck of land on the countries' shared border. In that tiny patch on the banks of the Euphrates River, hundreds of militants are hiding among civilians under the shadow of a small hill — encircled by forces waiting to declare the territorial defeat of the extremist group.
Tags: News, Islamic State, Iraq, Syria, Euphrates River, BAGHOUZ Syria

KRG “suspends Oil Exports to Iran”

By John Lee. The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) has reportedly suspended oil exports to Iran. According to Anadolu Agency, the KRG’s Ministry of Finance and Economy did not specify a reason for the move, and “it remains unclear whether the suspension is linked to U.S. sanctions on Iran.” (Source: Anadolu Agency) (Source: Tasnim, under Creative Commons licence) Source: Post your commentary below.
Tags: News, Iraq, Iran, Iraq Business News, John Lee, KRG, Anadolu Agency, Tasnim, Ministry of Finance and Economy

In Iraq and Syria, What's Left Of ISIS?

President Trump says ISIS is close to eradicated and is asking European allies to take back ISIS fighters captured in Syria. We assess the remaining ISIS presence in Syria and Iraq.
Tags: Isis, News, Iraq, Syria, Trump

ISIS fighters have been fleeing into Iraq, perhaps with millions of dollars in tow

More than 1,000 ISIS fighters have likely fled from Syria into the mountains and deserts of western Iraq in the past six months, and they may have up to $200 million in cash with them, according to a US military official familiar with situation.
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Donald Trump demands Britain puts jihadists on trial as Isil makes desperate last stand

Donald Trump has demanded Britain and its continental neighbours repatriate their captured Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant fighters and put them on trial - or face the terrorists being set free to "permeate Europe." In a strongly-worded message tweeted late on Saturday night, the US president warned he would have little choice but to release approximately 800 "jihadists" currently held by American-backed Kurdish forces in Syria. He said now was the time for the ant-Isil coalition partners t...
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ISIS fighters have been fleeing from Syria into Iraq, perhaps with millions of dollars in tow

More than 1,000 ISIS fighters have likely fled from Syria into the mountains and deserts of western Iraq in the past six months, and they may have up to $200 million in cash with them, according to a US military official familiar with situation.
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GardaWorld Weekly Security Report

GardaWorld, a global leader in comprehensive security and risk management, has made its weekly security report available to Iraq Business News readers. Prepared by GardaWorld’s Risk Analysis Team in Iraq, this essential report includes short- and medium-term outlooks on the security situation, reports and commentary on recent significant events, and a detailed overview of developments across the country. Please . For more information on how GardaWorld’s services can support your business in ...
Tags: News, Iraq, Iraq Business News, Daniel Matthews, GardaWorld s Risk Analysis Team

Without territory or new recruits, Islamic State is in its death throes | Jason Burke

Dimninished and cornered, the terrorist group has lost its appeal for young MuslimsThe last fighters are holding out, just. The leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is still alive but hiding somewhere in the desert. We have already had one “final defeat” of Islamic State. This came 18 months ago when the organisation’s capital, Raqqa, fell. Once, it held territory the size of the UK; now, it holds a square kilometre of the remote town of Baghouz in eastern Syria. Soon, it will no longer hold even that....
Tags: UK, Isis, Osama Bin Laden, Islamic State, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, Iraq, UK News, World news, Syria, Middle East and North Africa, September 11 2001, Raqqa, Jason Burke, MuslimsThe, Baghouz

Trump tells European countries to take back IS fighters

The US president urges its European allies to repatriate 800 Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria.
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Let us raise our daughter's baby, say family of Bethnal Green Jihadi bride Shamima Begum

The family of Bethnal Green teenager Shamima Begum have urged the British government to give them custody of her unborn child while she faces the prospect of imprisonment for supporting Islamic State. The pregnant 19-year-old has said she fears her baby, due to be born anytime now, will be taken from her if she manages to return to Britain after leaving the country in 2015 to join the terror group in Syria. Now her family have said that if she were to face a custodial sentence for her support of...
Tags: UK, London, News, Iraq, Syria, Britain, Netherlands, The Times, Mayfair, Sajid Javid, Rahman, Ben Wallace, Bethnal Green, Shamima Begum, Amira Abase, Javid

Dying days of caliphate in Syria as IS fighters trapped

Jihadist fighters defending the last dreg of the Islamic State group's "caliphate" Saturday were holed up in half a square kilometre of a village in eastern Syria. President Donald Trump had announced that the fall of the IS proto-state would be declared Saturday, but a Syrian commander said his US-backed forces slowed down their advance to protect civilians. The jihadists declared a "caliphate" in large parts of Syria and neighbouring Iraq in 2014, but have since lost all but a tiny patch of ...
Tags: News, Islamic State, Iraq, US, Syria, Donald Trump

Muslim Groups Could Push Christianity to Extinction in Middle East

Senior Policy Officer of the Christian Persecution charity Open Doors, Matthew Rees, revealed that Christians are heavily persecuted in eastern countries like Iraq and Syria by extremists like ISIS.
Tags: News, Iraq, Syria, Middle East, Matthew Rees

After ISIS, Iraq's Assyrians Now Face New Threat From Shabak Shiite Militias

Karamles, North Iraq -- There is no peace for Christians in northern Iraq. If, on the one hand, the memory of the violence perpetrated by Islamic State jihadists (SI, ex Isis) is still alive, in recent weeks another threat is shadowing the future of the community: the Shiite militias linked to the Shabak, who are in fact hindering Christians return
Tags: News, Islamic State, Iraq, SI ex Isis

The U.S. should not interfere in Venezuela

Is it Groundhog Day, or am I witnessing in our current approach toward Venezuela the recurring movie of America’s foreign-policy foibles? We have the same old actors — one guilty of lying to Congress and supporting death squads. The same tactics — strangling their economy while the general population suffers. Iraq anyone? And speaking of […]
Tags: News, Congress, Opinion, Iraq, America, Venezuela, Letters to the Editor, Northwest Voices

How a Trans Soldier Took On the Jail That Denied Her Medication, and Won

She began her transition during a tour of Iraq. When jail doctors on Long Island denied her hormone therapy, her body turned on her. Now they owe her $355,000.
Tags: Gender, News, Iraq, Sunderland, Long Island, Jessica, Veterans Affairs Department, Transgender and Transsexuals, Prisons and Prisoners, Long Island (NY, Suffolk County (NY, Suffolk County Correctional Facility

Trump Wants To Use Iraqi Base To Watch Iran. Now Iraqi Parties Want U.S. Forces Out

Parliamentary groups are pushing for a vote on the U.S. military presence in Iraq after President Trump said its Ain al-Asad base would serve as an Iran watch post.(Image credit: Khalid Mohammed/AP)
Tags: News, Iraq, Iran, Trump, Ain al Asad

Isil bride Shamima Begum has a legal right to return to the UK, head of MI6 says

The British Islamic State (Isil) bride Shamima Begum has a legal right to return to the UK the Head of MI6 has said. The Director General of MI6 has said that British citizens have a right to return home from Syria, even though they may still present a threat to national security. Alex Younger, the head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service - better known as MI6 - said he was "very concerned" about returning British nationals that had fought for or supported the Islamic State of Iraq and the ...
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