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Record-Breaking Temperatures Posted Around Sacramento Region Friday

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Sacramento Mayor Joins Group Pushing For Reparations For Black Communities As Country Celebrates Juneteenth As Federal Holiday

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Tags: Politics, News, Brown University, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, United States, Williams, Union, Biden, Galveston Texas, Steinberg, Darrell Steinberg, Betty Williams, Sacramento NAACP

‘The Heat Is Unbearable’: Friday Night Out Brings Sacramento Crowds Inside To Beat The Heat

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Tags: News, California, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Old Sacramento, Midtown Sacramento, Carpio, Jeremy Miller, Sacramento News, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Ruvy Veridiano, Peter Kalvins, Kalvins, Eliza Carpio

Vineyard-Area Fire Dames 3 Homes, Multiple Vehicles

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Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento County, Vineyard, Bradshaw Road, Elder Creek Road, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, House Fire, Metro Fire of Sacramento, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Vineyard Area Fire Dames, Hedge Avenue Metro Fire

‘First Of Their Kind’: Swift Water Lifeguards Now Stationed At Auburn State Recreation Area

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Tags: News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Auburn, Jackson, Gordon, Middle, Wyatt, California State Park, California State Parks, Lifeguards, Auburn State Recreation Area, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Gordon Pershall, Pershall

Pet Owners Warned To Avoid Walking Dogs In High Heat

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Tags: News, Dogs, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Heatwave, Oslo, Mark, Armstrong, Kona, Julia Armstrong, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Mark Wemple, Bruceville Hospital Vet

Creepy Crawler: Police Search For Prowler Caught On Home Surveillance In Vacaville

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Tags: Crime, News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Miller, Monica, Mike Miller, Vacaville, Vacaville Police Department, Vacaville News, CBSN Sacramento Feed

Fire Temporarily Closes Part Of I-680 Near Fairfield

9:00 p.m. Officials said forward progress of the fire was stopped. FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – A fire burning in Solano County closed down part of Interstate 680 near Fairfield on Friday evening. According to the California Highway Patrol, all southbound lanes of I-680 were closed at Marshview Road and the Marshview on-ramp to the interstate was also closed. The fire was burning in that area. A Caltrans camera captured smoke blanketing part of the freeway. The CHP said it is unknown when the lanes will ...
Tags: News, Local, Fairfield, California Highway Patrol, CalTrans, Solano County, CHP, Marshview Road, Interstate 680

Man Arrested After Portola Fire Destroys 3 Homes, Plumas Sheriff Says

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Tags: News, Local, CHP, Armstrong, Plumas County, Portola, North Fourth Street, North Second Street, Fire Watch, Plumas County Sheriff s Office, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Portola Fire, Homes Plumas Sheriff Says, Eric Armstrong, Rebecca Guerra, East Sierra Avenue

Man Accused Of Yolo County Bed And Breakfast Attempted Murder

CAPAY (CBS13) – A parolee is facing an attempted murder charge for a shooting that happened at a bed and breakfast in Yolo County last week, authorities said on Friday. On the evening of June 10, a man was shot in the thigh at the Capay Bed and Breakfast along Highway 16 between Brooks and Esparto, west of Woodland, the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office said. The shooting victim was released from the hospital the next day. Brian McDonald, 35, was identified as the suspected shooter and a parolee. On ...
Tags: News, Shooting, Local, Yolo County, East, Brooks, McDonald, Woodland, Yolo County Jail, Brian McDonald, Johnson Street, Yolo County Sheriff s Office, Esparto, CBSN Sacramento Feed, County Road 27, U Haul McDonald

Fire Closes Part Of I-680 Near Fairfield

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – A fire burning in Solano County closed down part of Interstate 680 near Fairfield on Friday evening. According to the California Highway Patrol, all southbound lanes of I-680 were closed at Marshview Road and the Marshview on-ramp to the interstate was also closed. The fire was burning in that area. A Caltrans camera captured smoke blanketing part of the freeway. The CHP said it is unknown when the lanes will reopen. Further details on the fire have not yet been released. Thi...
Tags: News, Local, Fairfield, California Highway Patrol, CalTrans, Solano County, CHP, Marshview Road, Interstate 680

Folsom Cafe Owners Dip Into Savings, Sell Everything To Keep Business Alive

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Tags: Business, News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, John, PPP, Consumer, Amanda Watson, Voelz, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Folsom Cafe Owners, Reset Café, John Voelz Voelz, Tahni

Sacramento Homeowner Says Former Troubled Tenant Turned Into A Squatter And Destroyed Her Property

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Tags: News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Corey Gamble, Wylie, Sacramento News, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Sacramento Code Enforcement, Katherine Wylie

‘I Need To Work On Mending Fences’: Sacramento City Hall New Hire At Center Of Political Fight Now Takes Legal Action

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Tags: Politics, News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Henry, Sacramento City Hall, Katie Valenzuela, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Skyler Henry, Sacramento City Hall New Hire At Center, Michel Evleth

Beating The Heat: People Try To Stay Cool On Third Day Of Triple Digits

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Tags: News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Sacramento County, Heatwave, Erika, Marco, Jessica, Hansen, Solomon, Old Sacramento, Kaylin, Scheeler, Kent Hansen

Steinberg, 10 Other U.S. Mayors Commit To Develop Reparations Pilot Projects

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP/CBS13) — Eleven U.S. mayors, including Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, have pledged to pay reparations for slavery to a small group of Black residents in their cities, saying their aim is to set an example for the federal government on how a nationwide program could work. The mayors had no details on how much it would cost, who would pay for it or how people would be chosen. All of those details would be worked out with the help of local commissions comprised of repres...
Tags: Politics, News, Congress, California, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Joe Biden, United States, City Council, Oklahoma, Kansas City, St Louis, Denver, Eric Garcetti

Several Dogs Rescued In Raid Of Alleged Fighting Dog Breeder In El Dorado County

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — A suspect is in custody and several animals have been rescued from an apparent breeding operation that was selling fighting dogs. The property was served a search warrant on Thursday, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office says. With the help of the animal services, the Department of Agriculture and the US Marshals Service, several dogs were rescued from the property. One suspect was also arrested. Exactly how detectives zeroed in on the operation was not disclosed. ...
Tags: News, Dogs, Pets, Local, Syndicated Local, Animal Cruelty, Department of Agriculture, El Dorado County, US Marshals Service, El Dorado County Sheriff 's Office, CBSN Sacramento Feed

Victor Ponce, Fugitive Accused Of Lewd Acts With Child In Sacramento, Arrested In Mexico

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Mexican citizen wanted in Sacramento County on suspicion of lewd acts with a child has been arrested after years on the run. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office says their detectives originally investigated Victor Ponce back in 2014, but he fled to Mexico before charges were brought. However, on Thursday, the sheriff’s office announced that Ponce had been arrested in Mexico. With the help of the FBI, Ponce has been extradited from Mexico and has been booked into Sacrame...
Tags: News, Mexico, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Sacramento County, Ponce, Victor Ponce, Sacramento News, Sacramento County Sheriff 's Office, CBSN Sacramento Feed, FBI Ponce, Sacramento County Jail Ponce

Person Found Dead At Nevada City Property; Man, 57, Arrested On Suspicion Of Homicide

NEVADA CITY (CBS13) — A man has been arrested on suspicion of homicide after someone was found dead at a Nevada City property on Thursday. The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office says deputies responded to the property along the 26000 block of North Bloomfield Road after they got information about a possible homicide. On the premises, a person’s body was found. No details about the person, including their name and age, have been released at this point. After interviewing some witnesses and collecting...
Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, Nevada City, Rippetoe, Nevada City News, Nevada County Sheriff 's Office, North Bloomfield Road, Russell H Rippetoe

Sedan Crashes Under Big Rig On I-5 In Stockton, No Injuries Reported

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Authorities say a scary crash along Interstate 5 in Stockton should serve as a reminder to always be cautious when driving near big rigs. California Highway Patrol says, Friday morning, a big rig and a sedan were involved in a crash along the northbound side of I-5 near Benjamin Holt Drive. Exactly what led up to the crash is unclear, but the front half of the sedan ended up crunched under the big rig’s trailer. Miraculously, officers say no injuries were reported. “Remembe...
Tags: Facebook, News, Local, Syndicated Local, Stockton, California Highway Patrol, CHP, Interstate 5, Stockton News, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Benjamin Holt Drive Exactly

2nd Suspect Arrested In Keyes Shooting That Left Innocent Teen Bystander Dead

KEYES (CBS13) — A second suspect has been arrested in the shooting that left a 16-year-old innocent bystander dead in Keyes last month. Investigators had already arrested 19-year-old Keyes resident Ruben Perez in connection to Evan Robinson’s May 2 killing. Detectives say some sort of fight happened just before gunshots rang out near some taco trucks. Robinson, who detectives say was an innocent bystander, was then struck by the gunfire and later died. Perez was identified as a suspect and arres...
Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, Ceres, Perez, Robinson, Stanislaus County, Medford Oregon, Ruben Perez, Keyes, Pando, Evan Robinson, Stanislaus County Sheriff 's Office, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Keyes News, Anthony Joseph Pando

California Allows People To Search For Their Digital Record Of COVID-19 Vaccination

SACRAMENTO (AP/CBS13) – California on Friday announced it will offer residents a digital record of their coronavirus vaccination that they can use to access businesses or events that require proof of inoculation. The state’s public health and technology departments said the tool will allow Californians to access their record from the state’s immunization registry. It will show the same information as the paper cards issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to document coronavirus...
Tags: News, California, Local, Sacramento, Ap, Associated Press, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, CBS Broadcasting Inc, Coronavirus, Covid-19 Vaccine, CBSN Sacramento Feed

Fairfield Firefighter In Critical Condition After Suffering Cardiac Arrest After House Fire

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — A firefighter is in critical condition after he suffered a cardiac arrest while fighting a house fire in Fairfield. The Fairfield Fire Department says their crews responded to a first-alarm house fire along Arkansas Street Thursday afternoon. The fire was found towards the back of the home and was quickly put out with minimal damage caused. However, during the overhaul phase of the incident, authorities say a 33-year-old firefighter collapsed. Medics found that the firefighte...
Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, Fairfield, Fairfield Fire Department, Arkansas Street, NorthBay Medical Center, Fairfield News, CBSN Sacramento Feed

Raging Fire Tears Through 100-Year-Old Modesto Lumber Yard

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Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, Modesto, Modesto Fire, Modesto News, Modesto Fire Modesto Fire, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Modesto Fire Firefighters

Counter Lawsuit Filed After Restraining Order Against Sacramento City Hall New Hire Was Denied

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Tags: Politics, News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Henry, Natomas, Sacramento City Hall, Valenzuela, Mark Merin, Katie Valenzuela, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Skyler Henry, Sacramento City Hall New Hire Was Denied

River Cats’ Fans Brave The Heat In First Game WIth Full Capacity Availability

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Tags: News, Sports, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Baseball, EMS, Maxon, River Cats, Sacramento River Cats, Steve Covey, Sagen, Sutter Health Park, Coming Back, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Sutter Health Park Home

Cooling Centers Open In Sacramento Region This Week

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — With triple-digit temperatures expected to hit the valley through Saturday, various cities in our region will be opening cooling centers. The National Weather Service issued an Excessive Heat Warning that began at 2 p.m. Wednesday and will last until Saturday. Valley and foothill highs are expected to reach between 100-113 degrees. Overnight lows could only reach the 80s in some places as well, forecasters say. RELATED: CBS13 Weather Center Here are cooling centers, by count...
Tags: News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Sonora, Brooks, Florin Road, Twain Harte, Fountain Square, Jenny Lind, Sacramento News, Rancho Cordova News, Elk Grove News, Lemon Hill Ave Sacramento, Lorraine Ave Stockton

Sacramentans Notice Earthy-Tasting Tap Water Sooner Than Normal

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Tags: News, California, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Brita, Tap Water, Eliason, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Angelica Aiello, Carlos Eliason, Sacramento Department of Utilities Eliason, Rachel Breedlove

Body Discovered Inside Nevada City Home Connected to Nevada State Standoff, Shootout

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Tags: Crime, News, Local, Nevada, Nevada County, Nevada City, Owen, Nevada State, Chris Owen, Nevada City News, Bodie Ridge Road, Nevada State Department of Transportation

Technician Working On Bank ATM Hospitalized After Being Hit By Stolen Work Vehicle In South Sacramento

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Tags: Crime, News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, South Sacramento, Rogers, Florin Road, Wells Fargo ATM, Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento News, Sacramento County Sheriff 's Office, Lindale Drive, Rod Grassman, CBSN Sacramento Feed

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