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‘Major Flood Threat:’ National Weather Service Says Storm Could Be Historic

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Tags: Weather, National Weather Service, News, California, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Severe Weather, NorCal Storm, Craig Shoemaker, Storm Watch, Blue Canyon, Sacramento Shoemaker

Live Updates: Sacramento Bracing For Powerful Storm

Sacramento is bracing for what forecasters are calling a major storm system. It’s something we don’t see very often in October.  The amount of rain projected for downtown Sacramento by the National Weather Service is 4.86 inches in a 24-hour period. That would be the second-highest rainfall 24-hour total on record. Check back for the latest updates on the approaching storm. Helpful links: CBS13 Weather Page | Interactive Radar | Sandbag Locations | Animated Radar | Latest CBS13 Forecast Videos 6...
Tags: Weather, National Weather Service, News, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Nevada County

Grass Valley Non-Profit Helping River Fire Victims Now In Need Of Help

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Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, Donations, Non-profit, DuFour, Halkyard, California wildfires, Grass Valley News, Fire Watch, Colfax News, River Fire, Hope Outreach, Kristina Halkyard

Many Californians May Be Underinsured For Upcoming Storm

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Tags: Weather, News, California, Local, Syndicated Local, California News, Sacramento, Insurance, Severe Weather, Newbill, Insurance Answers, Harold Newbill, Department of Labor Statistics, Sacramento Newbill, Newbill Homeowners

Parts Of Nevada County May Be Evacuated Due To Storms

NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) — Portions of Nevada County are under an evacuation advisory due to Sunday’s incoming storm. The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood and Debris Flow Watch through Monday. Heavy rain is possible over the River Fire burn scar, which could create ash and debris flows. Debris flows occur over recently burned areas where is no longer vegetation to absorb water and keep soil in place. Additionally, a fast-moving mix of mud, ash and debris can form and move downslope...
Tags: National Weather Service, News, Local, Syndicated Local, Nevada, Nevada County, Nevada County News, Nevada County Office of Emergency Services, CBSN Sacramento Feed, River Fire, EVACUATION WARNING, NEVADA COUNTY OES

Sacramento Police Put Out Traffic Alert Ahead of Ironman

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Police are advising motorists about road closures in the downtown Sacrarmento area Sunday due to the Ironman competition. The road closures will be in effect starting at 9 a.m. along Capitol Mall and throughout the downtown area. The closures are expected to remain in place into the late evening, according to police. Police encourage those traveling to the downtown area to use alternate routes, if possible. More than 3,500 participants from all over the world have...
Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Traffic, Sacramento Police, Ironman, Capitol Mall, Sacramento News, Road Closures, CBSN Sacramento Feed, CBS13 Sacramento Police, Sacrarmento

El Dorado County Braces For Flooding After Caldor Fire

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Tags: Weather, News, California, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Bay Area, Central California, El Dorado, Brian Ferguson, Mudslides, Caldor, Office of Emergency Services Cal OES, Caldor Fire, Burn Scar, Ferguson Cal OES

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Barred From Caring For Bears Until It Makes Changes To Enclosure

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Tags: News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Lake Tahoe, Tahoe, Upton, Bryant, Tamarack, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Bear League, Ann Bryant, Bryant Denise Upton, Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care She

Kings Home Opener Brings Life To Downtown, Stresses Business

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Tags: News, Sports, Sacramento Kings, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Basketball, Marshall, Ryan, Golden 1 Center, Jim Cook, Amanda Ryan, Coronavirus Reopening, Carol Cook, Hopeful Kings

Gov. Newsom Issues Emergency Order To Help Recovering Wildfire Counties

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency and issued a proclamation to help California counties affected by the recent wildfires, said officials from the Governor’s office. “The proclamation enables the counties to access resources under the California Disaster Assistance Act to bolster their recovery efforts, supports impacted residents by waiving fees to replace documents such as driver’s licenses and birth certificates, extends consumer protections and streamlin...
Tags: News, California, Local, California News, Sacramento, Gavin Newsom, Antelope, Tamarack, Disaster Relief, California wildfires, Fire Watch, Dixie Fire, Caldor Fire, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Siskiyou Trinity Kern Tuolumne Mendocino

Ironman California Road Closures In Sacramento On Sunday

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Tags: News, California, Sports, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Events, Traffic, Sacramento River Delta, Jefferson Blvd, Road Closures, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Ironman California, CBS13 Ironman California, Ramp Eastbound River Road, River Road Village Parkway S River Road

Sacramento Opens Storm Centers For Homeless This Weekend

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – With the coming storm, Sacramento City and County are opening several storm centers, combined with other efforts, to protect unsheltered citizens from the torrential rainfall. The City is opening two centers from 8 p.m. Saturday through 6 a.m. on Monday. Both the City Hall Lobby on 915 I Street and the Hagginwood Community Center on 3271 Marysville Blvd will be open during these hours. Officials say that the hours may be extended if needed. Additionally, the County will be i...
Tags: Weather, News, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, City, Severe Weather, County, Homeless Shelters, Flood Watch, Flood Warning, Steinberg, Sacramento City, Darrell Steinberg, Howard Chan, Sacramento News

‘Both Benefit And Hazard’: California Braces For Arrival Of Atmospheric River On Sunday

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Tags: News, California, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Atmospheric river, Anderson, Michael Anderson, Feather River, Oroville Dam, Department of Water Resources, Mudslides, Janna Haynes, Burn Scars, California Braces For Arrival Of Atmospheric River

Icy Roads Along Carson Pass Cause Spin-Outs, CHP Says Drive Carefully

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) – For those driving through Carson Pass along Highway 88, the conditions are icy and dangerous, said the South Lake Tahoe California Highway Patrol. Caltrans has activated R2 Chain Control along the route, which means that “chains or traction devices are required on all vehicles except four-wheel/all-wheel drive vehicles with snow-tread tires on all four wheels.” With numerous spin-outs and one roll-over collision along the route, officers advise drivers to drive very ca...
Tags: Weather, News, Local, Syndicated Local, Severe Weather, South Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe California, South Lake Tahoe News, Carson Pass along Highway 88, Highway Patrol Caltrans

Man Convicted Of Murder, Child Abuse In 2018 Death Of Stockton 2-Year-Old

STOCKTON (CBS13) – A man has been convicted for first-degree murder for the 2018 death of two-year-old Stockton boy Ares Doe. On Friday, the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office announced that Roberto Alcantar had been convicted of murder in the first degree and assault causing death of a child under eight. Doe died back in July 2018 at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The young boy had suffered severe trauma, Stockton police said, and investigators later arrested Alcantar and the boy’s mother M...
Tags: News, Office, Local, Syndicated Local, Stockton, San Joaquin County, DOE, Flores, St Joseph, Alcantar, Maria Flores, Tori Verber Salazar, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Ares Doe, Roberto Alcantar

Online Driver’s License Renewal Extended Through 2022 For Californians Over 70

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The California DMV is extending its rule that allows people 70 and older to renew their driver’s licenses online or through the mail. A new law that was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom allows for the temporary rule, which was implemented at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, to stay in place through 2022. Drivers are urged to check and see if they can take care of as much as they can online, without having to come into a DMV office. Even people applying for the REAL ID for t...
Tags: News, California, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, DMV, Driving, Gavin Newsom, California Dmv, CBSN Sacramento Feed

Sacramento Man, 21, Identified As Driver Killed In Crash Near Power Inn And Fruitridge Roads

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Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Fruitridge, Sacramento News, Power Inn, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Fruitridge Roads, Sacramento County Corner s Office

Rocklin’s New Trader Joe’s Store Opens With Fanfare

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Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Rocklin, Joe, Trader Joe's, Placer County, Rocklin News, Quarry Park, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Rocklin Commons Drive, Placer County Colorful, Rocklin Station Sierra College

‘Fire Hose’ Of Subtropical Moisture Bearing Down On Bay Area; Flash Flood Watch For North Bay

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Tags: Transportation, Weather, National Weather Service, News, California, Washington, Oregon, Local, Syndicated Local, San Francisco, Cbs, California Highway Patrol, Storm, Napa, West Coast, Lake Tahoe

Deputies Seize Tons Of Packed And Ready To Be Shipped Pot From Illegal Operation Near Keyes

KEYES (CBS13) — Deputies raided a suspected illegal narcotics operation near Keyes on Thursday and seized more than 3.5 tons of processed marijuana. The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve been investigating the 5100 block of Washington Road home for some time. Thursday morning, the sheriff’s office says tactical teams raided the residence. Over 7,000 pounds of processed marijuana was found in in the home. As seen in photos of the operation released by the sheriff’s office, many o...
Tags: News, Marijuana, Local, Syndicated Local, Washington Road, Keyes, Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department, Stanislaus County Sheriff 's Office, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Keyes News

Crews Work Quickly To Stop Modesto Garage Fire From Spreading

MODESTO (CBS13) — An early morning fire tore through a garage in Modesto, authorities say. The scene was along 1st Street. Modesto Fire says crews responded to the scene just after 2 a.m. and found a detached garage engulfed in flames. Several structures were threatened by the fire and power lines had come down, firefighters say. Crews went to work quickly and were able to stop the flames before they could spread anywhere else. No injuries have been reported. Exactly what started the fire is ...
Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, Modesto, Modesto News, CBSN Sacramento Feed

Sheriff: Suspected Shoplifter Pulled Knife On North Auburn Store Employee Who Confronted Him

NORTH AUBURN (CBS13) — Authorities say an alleged shoplifter is also suspected of pulling a knife on an employee who confronted him. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says, back on the morning of Oct. 17, 36-year-old Daniel Meyer allegedly tried to walk out of the Smart & Final store in North Auburn without paying for a bottle of alcohol. A store manager tried to confront Meyer, but that’s when he allegedly pulled out a knife. Meyer was later seen walking around the store’s parking lot. He r...
Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, Auburn, Meyer, Shoplifting, Placer County, Daniel Meyer, Placer County Sheriff 's Office, North Auburn, CBSN Sacramento Feed

13 Pet Parakeets Escape From Davis Community’s Aviary

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Tags: News, Pets, Local, Syndicated Local, Davis, Armstrong, Parakeets, Davis News, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Pet Parakeets Escape From Davis Community, Teena Armstrong

‘Fire Hose’ Of Subtropical Moisture Bearing Down On Northern California

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Tags: Transportation, Weather, National Weather Service, News, California, Washington, Oregon, Local, Syndicated Local, San Francisco, Cbs, California Highway Patrol, Storm, West Coast, Lake Tahoe, Pacific

Towering Rocklin Officer Didn’t Need Ladder To Save Senior Inside 2-Story Home

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Tags: Facebook, Crime, News, Local, Syndicated Local, Rocklin, Kozak, Rocklin Police Department, Jeff Kozak, Linarez, Rocklin News, South Placer Jail, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Sally Linarez, CBS13 Two Rocklin Police, Jonathan Gee Officer Gee

Rocklin Officer Didn’t Need Ladder For Two-Story Home

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Tags: Facebook, Crime, News, Local, Syndicated Local, Rocklin, Kozak, Rocklin Police Department, Jeff Kozak, Linarez, Rocklin News, South Placer Jail, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Two Story Home, Sally Linarez, CBS13 Two Rocklin Police

UC Davis’ Newest Viticulture And Enology Diversity Recruiter: Dwyane Wade

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Three-time NBA Champion and 13-time NBA All-Star, Dwyane Wade, is the newest member of the Executive Leadership Board of the UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology. He joins Julia Coney and Miguel Luna as members of the board comprised of industry voices in all parts of the winemaking process. The board provides external advisory to the department and was created more than 20 years ago. Wade is co-founder of Wade Cellars in Napa Valley and he has been vocal about inc...
Tags: Business, News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Nba, Watson, Wine, UC Davis, Luna, Block, Pomona, Napa Valley, San Luis Obispo, Wade

Sacramento Parents Questioning Homecoming Vaccine Requirements

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Tags: News, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, San Juan, Rio Americano High School, Sacramento News, Coronavirus, Sacramento County Public Health, Coronavirus Activities, San Juan Unified, Rio Americano, Latsamy Cesar, Latsamy Masks, Oliver Kringle

Multiple Big Rig Crash Closes I-80 Near Nevada State Line

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Tags: News, Local, Syndicated Local, California Highway Patrol, Interstate 80, Caltrans District, Truckee California Highway Patrol, Truckee News, Big Rig Crash, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Nevada State Line, Hirschdale, Floriston

Nevada County Preparing For Potential Flash Flooding

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