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Try not to roll your eyes at Matt Lauer's new arm tattoo and its message

Ousted "Today" show anchor Matt Lauer is sporting a new arm tattoo denouncing hatred and inspired by a eulogy for former President George H.W. Bush.
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‘The View’ to Matt Lauer: Just Shut Up Already!

The hosts of The View kicked off Wednesday morning’s broadcast by tearing into Matt Lauer, who re-emerged this week to bash Ronan Farrow’s reporting on the rape allegations against the disgraced former Today show host.Following New York Times columnist Ben Smith’s recent article scrutinizing Farrow’s work, Mediaite published a nearly 5,000-word column from Lauer denying accusations of sexual misconduct and accusing Farrow of sloppy reporting. Farrow responded to the piece by saying Lauer “is jus...
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Matt Lauer unloads on Ronan Farrow's 'shoddy' journalism in new defense stirred by NYT takedown

Matt Lauer defends himself by joining an attack on the allegedly sloppy journalism methods of media golden boy Ronan Farrow.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Matt Lauer responds to rape allegation

Matt Lauer had been looking for an opportune time to publish a piece responding to Ronan Farrow's "Catch & Kill," which contained a rape allegation that he denied. In the wake of Ben Smith's New York Times column scrutinizing Farrow's work, he went ahead.
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Matt Lauer responds to rape allegation from Ronan Farrow's 'Catch & Kill'

Matt Lauer had been looking for an opportune time to publish a piece responding to Ronan Farrow's "Catch & Kill," which contained a rape allegation that he denied. In the wake of Ben Smith's New York Times column scrutinizing Farrow's work, he went ahead.
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Matt Lauer Denies Rape Allegation (Again), Rips Into Ronan Farrow’s Reporting in Scathing Op-Ed

Matt Lauer has penned a lengthy op-ed, venting his thoughts about Ronan Farrow’s reporting and, once again, denying that he raped Brooke Nevils, the former NBC employee who said she was raped by Lauer in Farrow’s best-selling book, “Catch and Kill.” Writing a piece for Mediaite, in which Lauer goes into meticulous detail, fact-checking Farrow’s […]
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I Wrote a Book About #MeToo and the Music Business; Here’s What Happened After (Guest Column)

When I released my book, “Anything For A Hit: An A&R Woman’s Story Of Surviving The Music Industry,” in September 2018, it was a starkly different environment than when I wrote it in 2016. Harvey Weinstein had been outed, Les Moonves was about to be removed from his CBS throne and Matt Lauer was weeks […]
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A Book Recommendation

As I’ve noted before I seldom read books about contemporary politics or current affairs. When I open a virtual or physical book it’s almost always history and generally in the distant past. But I’ve been devoting a lot of time recently to reading a number of recent books for a project I’m planning. One of those I just finished is Ronan Farrow’s Catch and Kill. I wanted to recommend it to you because I found it exceptionally good. Farrow is a fascinating person on our public landscape. Like m...
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Adjectival overload, and the tabloids finally get one right, in this week’s round-up of the rags

Subtle as a sledgehammer, elegant as a power drill, this adjectival shorthand characterizes the stars in a manner that is, in theory, verboten in mainstream reporting. And so we have this week’s ‘National Enquirer’ bring us “serial sleaze Matt Lauer,” “hot mess Heather Locklear,” “bad boy Ben" Affleck, “Diva Duchess Meghan” Markle, “acid-tongued Sharon Osbourne,” “red-hot mama Kelly Clarkson,” and “booty-shakers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.” There’s “twisted killer Phil Spector,” “spendthrift Lor...
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Royal brawl in palace, Brad & Jen’s reunion, and 2020 predictions in this week’s dubious tabloids

“Top psychics” tell the ‘National Enquirer’ predict that Celine Dion will survive a life-threatening accident, one of Mel Gibson’s children will suffer a near-fatal drug overdose, Jennifer Lopez’s Bel-Air mansion will burn down after a lightning strike, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will spark a new romance, Jack Nicholson will suffer a health crisis, Johnny Depp will suffer a medical emergency, Tom Cruise will marry a Scientologist, and Matt Lauer will continue to be shut out of TV. Intriguing...
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2019's 19 biggest celebrity scandals from Matt Lauer to Jussie Smollett and more

From Jussie Smollett to Operation Varsity Blues, we're looking back at the 19 biggest celebrity scandals of 2019.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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TV Review: 'The Morning Show' From Apple TV+

The Morning Show on Apple TV+ is a stylish drama that unfolds like a fictionalized take on Today show anchor Matt Lauer's firing amid sexual assault claims.
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NBC News Digital Journalists Make Bid for Union

A group of digital journalists at NBC News have asked the company to recognize their efforts to unionize, the latest sign of strife at the NBCUniversal operation to break out as it grapples with accusations of how it has handled recent employee matters over the past two years. “There have been several different situations at […]
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The Preppy Murderer Who Cried Rape—and the Media Listened

Paul DeMaria/NY Daily News Archive via Getty ImagesTo understand why the MeToo movement is so necessary—and long overdue—look no further than The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park, Sundance TV’s five-part documentary series about the 1986 death of Manhattan 18-year-old Jennifer Levin at the hands of her 19-year-old friend and occasional lover Robert Chambers. It was a case that rocked New York City, became daily tabloid headline fodder, and eventually attracted national attention, thanks to t...
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'The Morning Show' sounds muted alarm for Apple TV+

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon help launch Apple TV+ with unimpressive new drama, which echoes the recent 'Today' show Matt Lauer controversy
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NBCU to Release Former NBC News Staffers From Confidentiality Agreements

NBCUniversal said Friday night it would release former NBC News staffers who believe they were sexually harassed from confidentiality and non-disparagement arrangements, a sign that the company continues to grapple with allegations made against it in the recent Ronan Farrow book, “Catch and Kill.” “Any former NBC News employee who believes that they cannot disclose […]
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Matt Lauer defends himself in interview – but it's all off the record

Pictures show Matt Lauer meeting journalist John Ziegler for an interview in which he makes a "credible" case in his defense. But it's off the record.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Ronan Farrow Inks Podcast Series Deal for ‘Catch and Kill’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Ronan Farrow is launching a podcast offshoot of his best-selling book “Catch and Kill.” Slated to premiere in November, “The Catch and Kill Podcast With Ronan Farrow” will feature new audio material and interviews with people Farrow interviewed about allegations involving sexual misconduct of media industry figures including Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer — and […]
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From Sutter to Lauer, Hollywood Sees a Flurry of Letters From the Edge (Column)

Let’s talk about the whacked-out letters that hit the media sphere in the past eight days. One was that bizarre mea culpa dropped Oct. 17 by the no-holds-barred showrunner Kurt Sutter in response to getting canned from his series “Mayans MC.” No stranger to complaints of unprofessional behavior on his sets over the years, Sutter […]
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Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, Greta Van Susteren Demand Comcast Launch External Investigation of NBC News

A group of prominent women, all at the forefront of the Me Too movement, wrote a letter to Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal, urging an external investigation of NBC News. Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, Greta Van Susteren, Linda Vester, Addie Zinone and Eleanor McManus, the founder of Press Forward, have all signed the letter, […]
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NBC won't authorize outside investigation of Matt Lauer sexual misconduct allegations

NBC, which conducted an internal investigation of accusations against fired 'Today' host Matt Lauer, won't conduct a new investigation.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Ronan Farrow on Sexual Harassment at NBC News, Matt Lauer and Whether ‘Jackie’ Is a Bad Movie

That Harvey Weinstein, the alleged sexual predator Ronan Farrow was investigating, had something in common with his father, Woody Allen, was something Farrow always knew. Defending his sister Dylan Farrow, who has said since she was 7 that Allen sexually abused her, has been “weaponized against me since the moment I started talking about it,” […]
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Megyn Kelly Slams NBC News on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ for Matt Lauer Investigation, Harvey Weinstein Coverage

In Megyn Kelly’s first televised interview since exiting NBC, the former Fox News and NBC News anchor took to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday evening to criticize NBC News management for its handling of the outlet’s Harvey Weinstein coverage and internal Matt Lauer investigation. In an appearance that spanned three segments of Carlson’s show — the […]
Tags: News, Nbc, Nbc News, Harvey Weinstein, Fox News, Matt Lauer, Megyn Kelly, Tucker Carlson, Carlson, Ronan Farrow

Megyn Kelly calls on NBC to allow outside investigation into accusations against Matt Lauer

Megyn Kelly called on the network to allow for an outside investigation into network's handling of Matt Lauer sexual misconduct allegations.         [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Usa, News, Nbc, Usa Today, Matt Lauer, Megyn Kelly

Matt Lauer Had Romantic Affair With ‘Well Respected’ NBC Star: Report

Lucas Jackson/ReutersMatt Lauer allegedly had a coerced romantic affair with a “well respected” NBC personality, according to an exclusive report by Page Six. The unnamed woman told the publication that the relationship represented a “clear imbalance of power” and that she was made to sign a nondisclosure or NDA agreement when she left the network. NBC News Chief Unleashes on Ronan Farrow in New Staff MemoPage Six interviewed a corroborative source who said, “Matt had influence over everyone’s c...
Tags: News, Nbc, Nbc News, Harvard, Matt Lauer, Matt, NDA, Farrow, Lauer, Ronan Farrow, Oppenheim, Noah Oppenheim, Lucas Jackson ReutersMatt Lauer

The multiverse, universal wave function and quantum mechanics in this week’s tawdry tabloids

If the universal wave function is objectively real, why shouldn’t we equally believe the ‘Globe’ when it reports about rocker “Phil Collins - Dead By Christmas! Friends fear for frail legend”? He’s using a cane to walk on stage, so he must have only ten weeks to live, the tabloid calculates with actuarial accuracy. After all, any doctor can tell you that using a walking stick is a sign that you have less than three months to live. And embarking on an arduous stage tour is a well-known sign of ...
Tags: Post, News, Fbi, Britain, Elton John, Prince Charles, Elvis Presley, Tabloids, Angelina Jolie, Prince Harry, Royal Family, Camilla, Charles, Ashton Kutcher, Michael Jackson, Matt Lauer

Time’s Up Calls for NBC News to Make ‘Structural Change’ in Wake of Matt Lauer Rape Allegation

Time’s Up — the advocacy group launched by Hollywood celebrities against sexual harassment — has issued a response to the ongoing allegations of sexual harassment at NBC that continue to unfold this week with the release Ronan Farrow’s new book, “Catch and Kill,” which details the investigative journalist’s experience reporting against systems of power, with […]
Tags: Hollywood, News, Nbc, Nbc News, Matt Lauer, Ronan Farrow, Noah Oppenheim, Time's Up, Wake of Matt Lauer Rape Allegation

NBC News Executives Under Siege After Release Of 'Catch And Kill'

The president of NBC News sent a rebuttal to Ronan Farrow over the network's handling of Matt Lauer and the failure to broadcast reporting on Harvey Weinstein. NBC staffers are asking tough questions.
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Ronan Farrow on Matt Lauer’s Letter, Tom Brokaw & NBC: ‘Internal Investigations Are Not Investigations’

Ronan Farrow responded to Matt Lauer’s letter in defense of rape accusations, for the first time, on Tuesday night at the very first stop for his “Catch and Kill” book tour. “I think the most compelling response is Brooke Nevils’ and her own letter that she published afterwords,” Farrow said, when asked to comment on Lauer’s […]
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NBC News Chiefs Under Fire as Ronan Farrow Book Dishes Weinstein Dirt

The long-awaited publication of Ronan Farrow’s book “Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators” has unleashed a furor within NBC News. “Catch and Kill,” set for release Oct. 15, portrays NBC News and its leaders as compromised while Farrow pursued the story of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein — because […]
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