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Warren targets Bloomberg in new campaign ad

Sen. Elizabeth Warren released a new campaign ad Tuesday, hitting Michael Bloomberg in the states that vote on Super Tuesday and attacking the billionaire for his campaign spending and past support of a Republican incumbent whom Warren ousted for her Senate seat.
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Bloomberg Argued For Bribing Congress, Said He’d ‘Defend’ Banks If He Ran For Prez

During a private event hosted by Goldman Sachs in June 2016, former New York City Mayor and now-2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg made a number of damning remarks about his relationship with the banking industry, the merits of a president extending bribes to powerful people in the form of gifts and his distaste for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) progressivism. According to an audio tape that captured a Q&A with Bloomberg at the event, first reported by CNN on Monday, the founder and CEO of Blo...
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Warren targets Bloomberg in new campaign ad airing in Super Tuesday states

Sen. Elizabeth Warren released a new campaign ad Tuesday, hitting Michael Bloomberg in the states that vote on Super Tuesday and attacking the billionaire for his campaign spending and past support of a Republican incumbent whom Warren ousted for her Senate seat.
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Bloomberg's partner on allegations of sexist remarks and NDAs: 'Get over it'

Michael Bloomberg's longtime partner Diana Taylor has this message for anyone bothered by allegations of sexist comments leveled against the former New York City mayor and the non-disclosure agreements his company has used: "It was 30 years ago. Get over it."
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Where We Are

We woke up this morning to the news that President Trump is calling his purge of supposed disloyalists within the government good for America AND demanding that Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg recuse from any cases involving Trump. It recalls the brilliant long-running episodic Slate series: “If It Happened There” The conceit is simple: “American events are described using the tropes and tone normally employed by the American media to describe events in other co...
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Bloomberg’s Partner Encourages People Bothered By His NDAs To ‘Get Over It’

Diana Taylor, longtime partner of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, advised those bothered by his nondisclosure agreements to “get over it.” “It was 30 years ago,” she added in an interview with CBS News. Taylor has been romantically linked to Bloomberg since 2000 and has held many high-profile jobs in the private and public sector. “I grew up in that world. It was a bro culture,” she said, concerning the unsavory comments Bloomberg made that prompted the NDAs. “We have come a very, ver...
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Michael Bloomberg called Goldman Sachs bankers his ‘peeps’ and promised to defend them, leaked tape reveals

Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is being criticised for telling bankers he would have defended them as president in a leaked audio from a private Goldman Sachs event in 2016.At the event, Mr Bloomberg first described the audience as his “peeps”, and said that had he run for president that year, his “first campaign platform” would have been “to defend the banks.”
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A 'brokered convention' designed to block Bernie Sanders would be a poison pill

If the Democratic party doesn’t allow the person with most delegates to become the nominee, it will be a disasterSomething deeply troubling happened during last week’s Democratic presidential debate, though it was overshadowed by Michael Bloomberg’s spectacular implosion. Towards the end, the candidates were asked whether they believed that the person who receives the most votes should be given the Democratic nomination. The only candidate who said “yes” was Bernie Sanders. All of the others sai...
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Billionaires Are An Existential Threat to Democracy

This article is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis.  Dismay over inequality comes in a variety of flavors. For many, it’s simply about fairness — nobody “deserves” a billion dollars, that level of wealth is nothing more than a byproduct of an unfair economic system. But extreme inequality is not just about fairness. It’s about the sustainability of democracy. Concentrated wealth is concentrated power. We are seeing this on display with former New York City mayor Michael...
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A Preview Of South Carolina's Democratic Primary Debate

At the Democratic primary debate in Nevada, most of the attacks were pointed at Michael Bloomberg — the new guy on stage. Tuesday in South Carolina, frontrunner Bernie Sanders may take more heat.
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South Carolina Democratic Primary Debate Preview

At the Democratic primary debate in Nevada, most of the attacks were pointed at Michael Bloomberg — the new guy on stage. Tuesday in South Carolina, frontrunner Bernie Sanders may take more heat.
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5 Things To Watch For In Tuesday's South Carolina Democratic Debate

A lot is on the line in the 2020 primary debate. It might be the last chance for moderates to slow Bernie Sanders' momentum. And who comes out better — Joe Biden or Michael Bloomberg? Here's a guide.(Image credit: Matt Rourke/AP)
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Michael Bloomberg's Advertising Spend Helps Keep Him In Public Eye After Debate

Michael Bloomberg's first debate performance didn't go well, but he continues to pour millions into television ads in Super Tuesday states — an advantage other Democrats are not taking lightly.
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Bloomberg Derides Sanders for Remarks Praising Castro

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg on Monday criticized fellow 2020 contender Bernie Sanders over comments Sanders made praising the regime of the late Cuban Communist leader Fidel Castro.“Fidel Castro left a dark legacy of forced labor camps, religious repression, widespread poverty, firing squads, and the murder of thousands of his own people. But sure, Bernie, let’s talk about his literacy program,” Bloomberg wrote in a tweet that included a clip of Sanders praising Castro du...
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Bloomberg Blames Sanders Campaign For Office Vandalism With Zero Evidence… Again

For the second time, 2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg’s campaign has accused Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) supporters of vandalizing one of the campaign’s offices without providing any evidence. The Bloomberg campaign reported on Monday that vandals had spray painted “OLIGARCH” on the entrance of its office in Chicago, Illinois Sunday night, which the campaign described as “an act of hate.” Bloomberg campaign manager Kevin Sheekey admitted in a statement that “while we do not know who is direct...
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Sanders, Bloomberg Escalate Tensions Ahead of Democratic Debate

(Bloomberg) -- Rhetoric between Democratic presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg escalated ahead of Tuesday’s debate in South Carolina, with Bloomberg criticizing Sanders’s gun-control record and Sanders suggesting Bloomberg couldn’t win a debate against President Donald Trump.Bloomberg’s campaign has turned its focus on Sanders, who is fresh off winning the popular vote in Iowa and the contests in New Hampshire and Nevada. He is favored in several Super Tuesday states, ...
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What is Elizabeth Warren's endgame?

With Bernie Sanders emerging as the clear favorite to be the Democratic presidential nominee, Elizabeth Warren has trained her fire on -- wait, Michael Bloomberg?
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With Liberty and Two-Track Justice for All

‘Equal Justice Under Law.”What a joke!Those four stirring words, chiseled into the marble atop the U.S. Supreme Court’s portico, were transformed into a punchline Thursday. That statement in stone is now the legal equivalent of a cream pie tossed in Shemp’s face, in a vintage Three Stooges comedy short.U.S. district judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced President Donald J. Trump’s friend and informal adviser Roger Stone to three years and four months in prison for witness tampering, obstruction of ...
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Bloomberg Goes AWOL To Prep For Second Debate

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is largely staying out of the public eye in the wake of his poor performance during his first Democratic presidential debate last week. According to the Wall Street Journal Monday, while other Democratic presidential candidates held rallies in Super Tuesday states throughout the weekend, Bloomberg was busy preparing for his second debate appearance set for Tuesday in South Carolina. Bloomberg’s campaign event in Utah last week has been his only public ...
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Sanders Unveils $1.5 Trillion Plan for Free Universal Child Care

(Bloomberg) -- Bernie Sanders on Monday unveiled a $1.5 trillion proposal for free universal child care and pre-kindergarten programs that would be funded through a tax on “extreme wealth.”The idea of universal child care has been a staple of the Vermont senator’s stump speech, but the proposal fleshes out the details of how it would be implemented and paid for. Under his plan, all children from infancy would have access to full-day, full-week, high-quality child care and would enter pre-kinderg...
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Michael Bloomberg's other problem

The Bloomberg news organization has been the nation's quirkiest large news organization over the course of its 30-year history and never more in the news than now, writes Merrill Brown.
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'Stop And Frisk' Follows Bloomberg From NYC To Presidential Campaign

In 12 years as mayor, Michael Bloomberg took bold actions to make New York more livable and economically viable. But his aggressive policing tactics have tarnished his legacy.
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Bloomberg Killed the Best Chance at Justice for the 9/11 Attacks

If it wasn’t for Mike Bloomberg, the alleged perpetrators of the worst terrorist attack in American history would likely have been convicted of mass murder by now.According to all the evidence available both at the time and in the nine years since Bloomberg’s intervention, a federal court almost certainly would have convicted the five co-defendants. A judge would have had to reckon with the torture the CIA inflicted on them, barring the prosecution from using tainted evidence—and showing, for th...
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Bernie Sanders, the Teflon Candidate, Faces Sudden New Tests

In the early years, there was his commentary on gender relations featuring a rape fantasy, his support for the Sandinistas and his honeymoon in the Soviet Union.Once he entered Congress, there were votes to shield gun manufacturers, a commitment to remaining uncommitted to the Democratic Party, and secret plans to mount a 2012 primary challenge against President Barack Obama.And more recently: the FBI investigation into his family, the heart attack and the resistance to detailing the costs of hi...
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Nine-Year-Old Boy Asks Buttigieg Advice on Coming Out as Gay

(Bloomberg) -- Pete Buttigieg welcomed a nine-year-old boy on stage at a rally in Denver, Colorado, on Saturday night after the young boy asked the Democratic presidential candidate for help coming out as gay.“Would you help me tell the world I’m gay too,” the boy wrote in a pre-submitted question that was read to Buttigieg. “I want to be brave like you.”Buttigieg, who is the first major openly gay presidential candidate, was momentarily speechless. The crowd, numbering in the thousands, started...
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Warren insults Bloomberg after Nevada

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren used her speech following the Nevada caucuses to go after opponent Michael Bloomberg's height.
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Bernie blows the casino doors off in Nevada

Sen. Bernie Sanders continued his methodical march to the Democratic nomination on Saturday with a blowout victory in Nevada over his chief rivals. As was the case after Iowa and New Hampshire, none of his competitors has a clear path to the nomination, even though Sanders only has a slim delegate lead with a tiny percentage of all delegates allocated. And crucially, Sanders broke through the polling ceiling that seemed to hang over his campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire, not only beating expect...
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Clint Eastwood criticizes Trump's behavior

Actor and director Clint Eastwood, a longtime supporter of Republican candidates, appeared to back Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg for president and criticized President Donald Trump's behavior in office in an interview published in The Wall Street Journal Friday.
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Actor Clint Eastwood shows support for Michael Bloomberg and criticizes Trump's behavior

Actor and director Clint Eastwood, a longtime supporter of Republican candidates, appeared to back Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg for president and criticized President Donald Trump's behavior in office in an interview published in The Wall Street Journal Friday.
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Opinion: Bloomberg needs to take down Sanders -- immediately

It seems Michael Bloomberg entered the presidential race for at least two reasons: he wants to be president and he understands the importance of denying President Trump a second term.
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