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Impeachment Divides Dems At Back-To-Back CNN Forums

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — California Sen. Kamala Harris joined the call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment as five leading Democratic presidential contenders clashed in a series of prime-time town hall meetings that exposed deep divisions in a party desperate to end the Trump presidency. Harris’ unexpected support for impeachment follows Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s push for Congress to begin the process to remove the Republican president following the release of special counsel ...
Tags: News, 2020 Elections, AP story, Democratic Presidential Primary, Kamala Harris, Kate Riga

Saudi Arabia executes 37 people on charges of 'terrorism'

The Middle East country accused those killed of 'adopting extremist terrorist ideologies and forming terrorist cells' [Author: Tom Davidson]
Tags: World news, Tom Davidson

Islamic State Says Its Fighters Carried Out Sri Lanka Attacks

"Those who carried out the attack that targeted citizens belonging to the alliance countries and Christians in Sri Lanka are fighters with the Islamic State," according to a statement on IS news agency Amaq carried by SITE, which tracks jihadist groups. ‘Alliance countries’ refers to those involved in the U.S.-led military coalition against the Islamic State in Syria, which includes 79 nations from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, although Sri Lanka is not among them. Just last month ...

Trump aims to stop all Iran oil exports by halting US sanctions waivers

Donald Trump is halting all waivers from US sanctions for countries which continue to buy oil from Iran.The announcement increases pressure on Iran, which branded the sanctions “illegal”, and primarily affects the five major importers of its oil - China, India and the US treaty allies Japan, South Korea and Turkey.The US president made the decision as part of his administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign on Iran. It aims to eliminate all the country’s revenue from oil exports the US says fund...

7 people were killed in the siege of an Afghan government ministry. All 5 attackers are also dead, officials say

An hours-long siege in Kabul ended Saturday after security forces killed all five attackers, authorities said.
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Egypt votes on expanding President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's powers

Egypt votes on referendum that will allow President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to tighten his grip on government and stay in power until 2030
Tags: News, Egypt, Middle East, Sisi, Abdel Fattah

In Egypt Referendum, Only the Turnout Seems in Doubt

The country began three days of voting on constitutional amendments that will effectively extend President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s hold on power until 2030.
Tags: News, Egypt, Middle East, Sisi, Abdel Fattah, Politics And Government, Abdel Fattah el, Middle East and North Africa Unrest (2010-, Cairo (Egypt, Constitutional Amendments

Give Notre Dame a Modern Roof the Alt-Right Will Hate

Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast/Photos from GettyWhen the most famous Gothic cathedral in the world burned this week—smoke and flames billowing out from the spire—I took to Twitter to join the chorus of voices who expressed their heartfelt loss. As a historian, I am all too aware of how vulnerable the remains of the Middle Ages are, and a seemingly eternal building such as Notre Dame is no exception.Once the fire was under control, and eventually extinguished, the extent of the...
Tags: Asia, Europe, News, France, Judaism, Paris, Middle East, Christianity, Catholic Church, Kim, Brothers Grimm, Notre Dame, Louvre, Soviet Union, United States Europe, Africa Asia

Roger Waters is too simplistic on Israel | Letters

Readers share their views on the musician’s call for other artists to stay away from Israel over its human rights recordRoger Waters’ mother imploring her son to “decide for yourself” and execute the “right thing to do” was no doubt in reference to the juvenile politics of the playground (If you believe in human rights, Madonna, don’t play Tel Aviv, 17 April). Unfortunately, these simple values can not be transposed to the labyrinthine issues of the Middle East in general and the Arab-Israeli co...
Tags: Music, Human Rights, Israel, Tel Aviv, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, Pop and rock, Middle East, Madonna, Eurovision, Roger Waters

Bahrain revokes citizenship of 138 people in mass trial

Bahrain has revoked the nationality of 138 people convicted of terrorism in a mass trial, according to the kingdom's state news agency.
Tags: News, Middle East, Bahrain

Erdogan's party calls for new elections in Istanbul

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Justice and Development Party, known as AKP, is asking the country's election council for a redo of the mayoral election in Istanbul, the country's financial capital and its largest city.
Tags: News, Middle East, Erdogan, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Istanbul, Justice and Development Party

Egypt's parliament votes to expand Sisi's powers

Egypt's Parliament has approved constitutional changes that will allow President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to tighten his grip on government and stay in power until 2030, as authorities block a growing online petition against the changes.
Tags: News, Egypt, Middle East, Parliament, Sisi, Abdel Fattah

Exclusive: Dispute flares among U.S. officials over Trump administration Iran arms control report - sources

U.S. President Donald Trump is intensifying a drive to contain Iran's power in the Middle East, which has raised fears that his administration wants to topple the Tehran government or lay the groundwork to justify military action. The administration says it is trying to halt Iranian "malign behavior" in its support for Islamist militants in the region and denies seeking the overthrow of the Islamic republic's government. The clash among U.S. officials emerged on Tuesday when the State Departme...
Tags: News, Congress, Iran, Middle East, State Department, Tehran, Donald Trump, Trump

Iran says its armed forces are not a regional threat

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran's armed forces did not pose a threat to its neighbors as he addressed a display on Thursday of Iran's latest military equipment, including domestically produced fighter jets and Russian-made missile systems. The parade to mark Army Day came as U.S. President Donald Trump pursues his drive to contain Iran's power in the Middle East by means of sanctions. Thousands of soldiers marched past Rouhani and top military commanders at the parade in Tehran marking Army...
Tags: News, Iran, Middle East, Hassan Rouhani, Tehran, Donald Trump, Rouhani, Army Day

Iran's Rouhani calls on Mideast states to 'drive back Zionism'

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani called on Middle East states on Thursday to "drive back Zionism", in an Army Day tirade against the Islamic republic's archfoe Israel. Speaking flanked by top generals before troops began their annual march-past, Rouhani also sought to reassure the region that the weaponry on display was for defensive purposes and not a threat.
Tags: News, Israel, Iran, Middle East, Hassan Rouhani, Rouhani, Mideast

Bee’ah And EVOTEQ Showcase Smart Solutions To Ensure Quality Of Life And Sustainable Development At “Future Blockchain Summit”

Bee’ah, the leading sustainability company in the Middle East, and EVOTEQ, a leading technology management partner in the region, participated in the “the future Blockchain 2019 summit”, at the Dubai World Trade Center. During... visit ArabCrunch website for more details.
Tags: Ecommerce, News, Middle East, Dubai

Salah calls for more respect for women as he is named on Time 100 list

Mohamed Salah calls for men in "my culture and in the Middle East" to treat women with more respect as he is named one of 100 most influential people by Time.
Tags: News, Middle East, Mohamed Salah, Salah

Critic’s Notebook: In Soccer, Power’s Always in Play

A new exhibition at the Arab World Institute in Paris explores how the game embodies political and social changes in Africa, the Middle East and beyond.
Tags: News, Africa, Soccer, Paris, Middle East, Race and Ethnicity, Arabs, World Cup 2022 (Soccer, Institute of the Arab World, Soccer Power, Arab World Institute

Iran parliament brands US troops in Middle East as terrorist

Bill authorises Iran to respond to ‘terrorist actions’ by US forcesUS designation of Revolutionary Guards as terrorist takes effectIran’s parliament has overwhelmingly approved a bill labelling US forces in the Middle East as terrorist, a day after Washington’s terrorism label for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard formally took effect.The defence minister, Gen Amir Hatami, introduced the bill on Tuesday authorising the government to act firmly in response to “terrorist actions” by US forces. It demands...
Tags: Washington, US, World news, US news, Iran, Middle East and North Africa, US military, Middle East, Bill, Revolutionary Guard, Gen Amir Hatami

Historic Moment: U.S. Air Force F-35 Stealth Fighters Just Went Off to War

U.S. Air Force F-35 stealth fighters for the first time have deployed for combat.At least six F-35s from the 388th and 419th Fighter Wings on April 12, 2019 traveled from their home station at Hill Air Force Base in Utah to Al Dhafra airbase in the United Arab Emirates to participate in coalition air operations targeting Islamic State militants in the Middle East."We are adding a cutting-edge weapons system to our arsenal that significantly enhances the capability of the coalition," said Lt. Gen...
Tags: Utah, News, Islamic State, Royal Air Force, Middle East, United Arab Emirates, Air Force, Usaf, U S Air Force, U S Air Forces Central Command, Al Dhafra, Hill Air Force Base, 419th Fighter Wings, U S Indo Pacific Command, Joseph Guastella, Lakenheath USAF

Netanyahu is Israel's Master Incrementalist

Not since Abraham Lincoln defeated George McClellan has a democratically elected leader been faced with an election campaign against one of his own recent chiefs of staff—and won. Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu defeated not only a party led by former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, but also the two other former IDF chiefs of staff Gantz was running with. In April 9 elections Netanyahu vanquished them all, expanding the size of his Likud party in Israel’s Knesset from thirty ...
Tags: News, Israel, Middle East, Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, Abraham Lincoln, Knesset, IDF, Likud, Gantz, Benny Gantz, George McClellan, Israel Defense Forces IDF

Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan To Stop Short Of Sovereign Palestinian State

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner’s long-awaited Middle East peace plan is likely to debut this spring or summer and reportedly does not include sovereignty for Palestine. According to a Sunday Washington Post report, officials familiar with the plan say it centers on economic opportunities for the Palestinians and a guarantee of Israeli control over disputed territory. Representatives from both the Palestinian and Israeli governments say their leadership will at least look at the plan...
Tags: Post, News, Washington Post, White House, Israel, US, Middle East, Palestine, Donald Trump, Kushner, Jared Kushner, Kate Riga

Dakar Rally moves from South America to Saudi Arabia

PARIS (AP) — The Dakar Rally is swapping South America for Saudi Arabia. Dakar Rally organizers say next year’s race will be held in “the deep and mysterious deserts of the Middle East, in Saudi Arabia.” Created by Thierry Sabine after he got lost in the Libyan desert in 1977, the Dakar Rally was raced […]
Tags: News, Saudi Arabia, Sports, Ap, Paris, Middle East, South America, Auto Racing, Dakar, Dakar Rally, Saudi Arabia Dakar, Thierry Sabine

New Zealand nurse kidnapped by ISIS in 2013 may still be alive, ICRC says

The International Committee of the Red Cross has issued a plea for help in locating three aid workers who were kidnapped by ISIS militants over five years ago, the humanitarian group said in a statement Sunday.
Tags: Isis, News, Middle East, New Zealand, Icrc, International Committee of the Red Cross

Yahoo Closed Cairo Office And Fired All Employees There

Yahoo Middle East has closed it office in Cairo and fired all its employees at the office. We do not know why they did so? But we will contact yahoo to get more details. Update: Yahoo! has sent us the following statement: Official Media Statement –... visit ArabCrunch website for more details.
Tags: Ecommerce, News, Yahoo, Middle East, Cairo, Yahoo Closed Cairo Office

Europe must stand by the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine | Letter

High-ranking former European politicians urge the EU to reject any US Middle East peace plan unless it is fair to PalestiniansWe are reaching out at a critical point in time in the Middle East, as well as in Europe. The EU is heavily invested in the multilateral, rules-based international order. International law has brought us the longest period of peace, prosperity and stability our continent has ever enjoyed. For decades, we have worked to see our Israeli and Palestinian neighbours enjoy the ...
Tags: Europe, Israel, US, Eu, European Union, World news, US foreign policy, US news, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, Middle East, Palestine, United Nations, Donald Trump, Oslo, US Middle East

The case of a Saudi prince illustrates a pattern of arbitrary detention

Human rights groups say Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Salman's imprisonment illustrates a pattern that's emerged in Saudi Arabia over the last two years, where individuals are detained if they ask questions about a friend or family member who is under arrest or protest their detention.
Tags: News, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Salman

'Arab Spring 2.0' is a reboot full of bugs

The acts of hope and courage shown in Algeria and Sudan over the past weeks felt ever so fleetingly like a reprise of 2011's broad social awakening across the Arab world. But "Arab Spring 2.0," as it has been called, is a reboot full of bugs that many users may seek to uninstall.
Tags: News, Middle East, Sudan, Algeria

Netanyahu has won, but still has everything to lose

Israel's elections have Netanyahu poised for a fifth term, but corruption investigations are casting a growing shadow.
Tags: News, Middle East

Israel's final vote count is in

With vote counting completed, Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party has finished ahead in Israel's general election, with 36 seats. Contender Benny Gantz's Blue and White Party trailed by one seat, with 35.
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