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John Kerry Thinks President Trump Should Resign

The former Secretary of State said Trump "doesn't take any of this seriously"
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South Korea’s Rights Commission Will Investigate Allegations of Rampant Sexual Abuse in Sports

A wave of female athletes have said they were raped or assaulted
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A Russian Plane Had to Make an Emergency Landing After a Drunk Passenger Tried to Hijack It

All passengers and crew were safely deplaned
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The Justice Department Says It Will Seek to Extradite China’s Huawei CFO From Canada

Despite appeals from Beijing to stand down
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Australia Is Seeking Information About a Dual Citizen Missing in China

Novelist and influential online commentator Yang Hengjun has reportedly gone missing
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Serena Williams Knocked Out of Australian Open by Karolina Pliskova

The tennis great's hopes of a comeback victory in Melbourne crashed Wednesday
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Los Angeles Teachers Have Approved a Contract to End Their Six-Day Strike

Teachers will return to the classroom after a strike in the nation's second-largest school district
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Russell Baker, Author and New York Times Columnist, Is Dead at 93

The former host of "Masterpiece Theatre" died from complications after a fall
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Crisis Brews as Colombia Asks Cuba to Extradite Rebels Linked to Bogota Attack

The ELN claimed an attack last week that killed 20 at a Bogota police academy
Tags: News, Uncategorized, Bloomberg, Colombia, Bogota, Overnight, ELN, Onetime, Colombia Asks Cuba, Bogota Attack

Avian Cholera Killed Thousands of Birds at California’s Salton Sea This Month

Outbreaks occur as a result of birds flocking closely together during migration
Tags: News, California, Uncategorized, Salton Sea, Overnight, Onetime

A Woman Has Been Arrested After Her Baby Was Found Dead in an Amazon Center Bathroom

The remains were found at an Amazon distribution center in Phoenix
Tags: Amazon, News, Uncategorized, Arizona, Overnight, Onetime, Baby Was Found Dead, Amazon Center Bathroom

The Navy Officer in Charge of a SEAL Accused of Murder Has Also Been Charged

Lt. Jacob Portier plans to plead not guilty to charges including failure to report a war crime
Tags: News, Navy, Uncategorized, Military, Overnight, Onetime, Jacob Portier

Software Maker Oracle Is Accused of Grossly Underpaying Women and Minority Employees

A filing claims Oracle underpaid women and minorities 25% compared to men
Tags: Technology, News, Uncategorized, Overnight, Onetime

Stormy Daniels’ Lawsuit Against President Trump Could Be Tossed Out

Daniels is seeking to tear up a hush-money settlement about their alleged affai
Tags: Politics, News, Uncategorized, Daniels, Overnight, Onetime, Stormy Daniels ' Lawsuit Against President Trump

President Trump Told Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘Not to Bother’ Briefing Reporters

The last daily briefing took place on Dec. 18
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Banks, Credit Unions Offer Help to Federal Workers Stung by the Government Shutdown

About 16,000 workers received a 0% APR loan from the Navy Federal Credit Union
Tags: News, Banks, Uncategorized, Government Shutdown, Coast Guard, APR, Onetime

Kentucky Catholic Student Says He Wishes ‘We Could Have Walked Away’ From Confrontation With Native American Veteran

"As far as standing there, I had every right to do so"
Tags: News, Kentucky, Uncategorized, Washington D.c, Onetime, Kentucky Catholic

New Jersey Airport Brought to a Halt After Multiple Flights Report Spotting a Drone

"The impact to our operations has been minimal so far," United Airlines said in statement
Tags: Travel, News, Uncategorized, New Jersey, United Airlines, Onetime, New Jersey Airport Brought

Trump Administration Will Ask Supreme Court to Quickly Rule on Including Citizenship Question on 2020 Census

A federal judge previously blocked the administration from asking about citizenship
Tags: News, White House, Uncategorized, Courts, Onetime, Trump Administration Will Ask Supreme Court

23andMe Just Got FDA Approval for a DNA Cancer Test

Originally, 23andMe offered assessments for more than 250 diseases & conditions
Tags: News, Uncategorized, Fda, DNA testing, Onetime

A U.S. Service Member Was Killed by Enemy Fire in Afghanistan, Military Confirms

The statement issued Tuesday did not name the service membe
Tags: News, Uncategorized, Afghanistan, U S Service, Onetime

3 Men and a High School Student Charged with Plotting to Attack Muslim Community in Upstate NY With Improvised Explosive Devices

The three Rochester-area men are accused of plotting to attack a Muslim enclave
Tags: New York, Crime, News, Uncategorized, Rochester, Onetime, Attack Muslim Community

3 Men Charged with Plotting to Attack Muslim Community in Upstate NY With Improvised Explosive Devices

The three Rochester-area men are accused of plotting to attack a Muslim enclave
Tags: New York, Crime, News, Uncategorized, Rochester, Onetime, Attack Muslim Community

President Trump Is Moving Forward With State of the Union Plans Despite Nancy Pelosi’s Delay Request

Trump and Pelosi have been locked in an increasingly personal standoff
Tags: News, White House, Uncategorized, Nancy Pelosi, Trump, Pelosi, Onetime

1 in 10 Airport Screeners Are Calling in Sick. Experts Are Worried — But Some Have Solutions

As the shutdown continues, screeners are working without pay, presenting a security risk
Tags: News, Uncategorized, Aviation, Onetime, 2018 Government Shutdown

Los Angeles Teachers Union Reaches Tentative Contract Deal to End First Strike in 30 Years

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the deal Tuesday
Tags: News, California, Uncategorized, Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, Onetime, Los Angeles Teachers Union

Kentucky Catholic School Featured in Controversial D.C. Video Closes Campus Due to Protest Concerns

President Trump tweeted that the students 'have become symbols of Fake News'
Tags: News, Kentucky, Uncategorized, Trump, Onetime, Kentucky Catholic School Featured

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Delivers Trump-Style Video Message to Davos

The U.S. delegation's travel plans were canceled due to the partial government shutdown
Tags: News, Uncategorized, Davos, State, Mike Pompeo, Onetime, Davos 2019

Trump Hyped a Poll That Says 57% of People Have Ruled Out Voting For Him in 2020

A new poll showed that 57% of Americans have ruled out voting for President Donald Trump in 2020, nearly twice as many as the 30% who say they will definitely vote for him. But that didn’t stop Trump from hyping the results, which also seemed to show an increase in his approval rating among Latinos.…
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