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Get into PC gaming with this like-new Dell computer for under $600

Water cooling. LED lights. Overclocked processors and massive curved screens. A lot of the PC gaming battlestations we see are flashy, cool as hell, and unfortunately wildly expensive. If you're itching to ditch the cookie-cutter consoles and become a member of the PC master race, you've probably had sticker shock at the cost of parts, accessories, and putting it all together. — Read the rest
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Upgrade your office setup with 13 deals on external monitors

From enhancing productivity to making working more enjoyable, there are lots of reasons to upgrade your monitor situation. Whether portability is your main concern or you simply need more digital space to complete tasks, these 13 external monitors can definitely fill the bill.  — Read the rest
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A book by Trader Joe himself

"Growth for the sake of growth still troubles me. It seems unnatural, even perverted," writes Joe Coulombe in Becoming Trader Joe: How I Did Business My Way and Still Beat the Big Guys. The California businessman is best known for founding Trader Joe's, a quirky grocery chain owned by Aldi since 1979. — Read the rest
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There's a new museum dedicated entirely to ouija boards

The 500-square-foot Salem Witch Board Museum is one of the more recent additions to the spooky tourist strip in Salem, Massachusetts. But at least it has a unique angle: ouija boards, ouija boards, and nothing but Ouija boards. Also, it only exists as a speakeasy, hidden in a corner that can only be accessed through the Remember Salem gift shop. — Read the rest
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It's mole day! At 6:02, tip your hat to Avogadro's constant

At 6:02 on 10/23, we pay tribute to the beloved SI unit commonly used in pesky chemistry class conversions. Today is mole day, and I'm not talking about the 12-fingered mammal or the Mexican sauce or the beauty mark above Cindy Crawford's lip. — Read the rest
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The longest running Japanese comedy series that you've never heard of

Although largely unknown in the west, Otoko wa Tsurai yo (男はつらいよ, "It's tough being a man" but commonly referred to as Tora-san) was a hugely popular series of 48 (!) movies that were made in Japan from 1969 to 1995, earning a Guinness Book of Records entry as the longest-running single-actor film series. — Read the rest
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Queen "kills" Andrew sex probe in this week's dubious tabloids

National Enquirer The rapidly-developing Gabby Petito murder mystery leaves the 'Enquirer' behind as it tries and fails to stay ahead of breaking news with its cover story: "Gabby Murder Horror: What Brian's Parents Know!" There's only one problem: the 'Enquirer' has no idea what Petito boyfriend Brian Laundrie's family knows. — Read the rest
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If Danny DeVito had a role in 'Squid Game'

Danny DeVito, as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Frank, wouldn't last long in Squid Game. screengrab via Jonkari P/YouTube (Digg)
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How feasible are Dune's ornothopters?

An ornithopter is an aircraft that flies by moving its wings: flapping like a bird's or vibrating like an insect's. They're scientifically plausible and some striking implementations at small scales exist, but ones large enough to transport people (while demonstrated) run into extremely difficult problems of materials science and power efficiency. — Read the rest
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How feasible are Dune's ornithopters?

An ornithopter is an aircraft that flies by moving its wings: flapping like a bird's or vibrating like an insect's. They're scientifically plausible and some striking implementations at small scales exist, but ones large enough to transport people (while demonstrated) run into extremely difficult problems of materials science and power efficiency. — Read the rest
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Muppet-ifying Disney's Haunted Mansion

If you love the Muppets and the Haunted Mansion, I really think you're going to dig the details in Disney's Halloween special Muppets Haunted Mansion. Muppets are cleverly incorporated into attraction's art which then serves as the backdrop to the entire show. — Read the rest
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Life and times of folk-blues trio

In 1963, three musicians traveled from Minneapolis to Milwaukee for a stripped-down, one-day recording session in a church. What they laid down was a thumpin', jumpin', and jammin' acoustic country blues record that set the staid folk music community on its ear. — Read the rest
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For every cow there is an equal and opposite bean

In an excellent Twitter thread, crop scientist Dr. Sarah Taber displays the aesthetic similarities between various types of cows and beans. Though the comparison is quite fun, Taber acknowledges that there is "probably no deeper metaphysical meaning to matching cows and beans" (… but maybe). — Read the rest
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Save over 20% off this special edition Xbox One X + Fallout 76 bundle

We're currently at the forefront of a gaming console revolution. Video games are becoming more advanced, more interactive, more lifelike, and more community-based than ever before. Additionally, the consoles themselves are becoming so much more than just for games. They're designed to be your all-in-one home entertainment unit. — Read the rest
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Walmart sells Bitcoin now

A decade ago, Bitcoin communities were small crowds of particularly techy, alternative, or keen on privacy— the oddball decentralized currency was just a few years old. Now, the masses can get cryptocurrency from the grocery store. Over 200 Coinstar ATMs in Walmart stores offer Bitcoin as part of a pilot program. — Read the rest
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This 4-in-1 device targets allergens and uses white noise to lull you to sleep

Why do some people experience incredible sleep while others suffer? The Allergy Institute has answers, noting that allergies are triggered by nasal congestion. It's harder to breathe when you're congested, which is why many people either wake up frequently or feel as if they aren't fully rested. — Read the rest
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Watch: two faces, one body

I'm not quite sure what's happening here, but this creature seems to have a vestigial twin growing out of their chest. The two faces have a very important message for the world, which they share in the video. If you feel intrigued and bewildered by this video, the youtube channel has a lot of other mysterious videos too, which you can find here: — Read the rest
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A new whistleblower reportedly claimed Facebook exempted right-wing outlet Breitbart from certain rules because it didn't want to 'start a fight with Steve Bannon'

Then-President Donald Trump and Steve Bannon. Getty Facebook "whitelisted" Breitbart to avoid angering Republicans, a new whistleblower told The Washington Post. When an employee questioned the move, an exec reportedly said "do you want to start a fight with Steve Bannon?" Facebook has long been ensnared in a political war over how it moderates users and content. Another whistleblower has come forward with claims against Facebook, according to The Washington Post. The anonymous former empl...
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A new Facebook whistleblower was reportedly told by company officials to 'focus on the good' after raising problems like illegal drug trades on the platform

Facebook has come under fire for it's research on how Facebook’s Instagram service harms young people Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images A new Facebook whistleblower filed an SEC complaint against the company on Friday, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post. The complaint alleges that Facebook enabled criminal activity such as drug trades within Groups. The whistleblower was told to "focus on the good" by Facebook officials after raising concerns, the report says. A ne...
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Woman stops police from arresting a black man who was just victimized

TikTok user kaanaawildrose stopped some Eugene, Oregon police and county sheriffs (?) from wrongly arresting a man who was actually the victim. Somehow the police got confused and arrested a black man while apparently letting the white guys who assaulted him go. — Read the rest
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Someone set a sleeping homeless person on fire

From the most awful thing I've heard today files: In Santa Monica, California, police are looking for a man suspected of setting a homeless person, asleep in a park, on fire. This horrifying act left the victim hospitalized with burns covering 50% of their body. — Read the rest
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The world is facing a shortage of blue paint

Even paint manufacturers are getting hit by the global supply chain chaos. There is now apparently a shortage of blue paint, or rather the chemicals used to make certain shades of the color. From Yahoo!: "To make paint you would need between 50 and 60 ingredients," a spokesperson from Dutch paint maker Akzo Nobel explained in a statement to Insider. — Read the rest
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Good deal on the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr coffee grinder

When you grind coffee beans, you want to use a burr grinder, not a blade grinder. Burr grinders break the beans into uniformly sized chunks, unlike blade grinders, which slice the beans into pieces of widely varying size. I've had my Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder for over 10 years and it's still working like a champ.
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A musician is selling a gorgeous handmade dice set as part of her new vinyl album

I discovered Jenny Owen Youngs back in 2004, when we played a few shows together. Even then, she was clearly a much better songwriter than me, and I've been following her fantastic career since then. Earlier this year, I wrote about the musical about the musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer that Youngs wrote with her ex-wife for their Buffy rewatch podcast. — Read the rest
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Jerry Seinfeld reveals one of his favorite scenes from the TV series

In this recent Extra interview, Jerry Seinfeld reveals one of his favorite moments from the Seinfeld TV series. It's a brilliant moment and not a surprise that it's driven by Michael Richards in prime Kramer form—a decade before Richards unleashed a horrible racist rant in the midst of a stand-up set. — Read the rest
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California hiking family and dog's cause of death finally determined

In August, a married couple, their one-year-old daughter, and their dog died under mysterious circumstances while hiking in the Sierra National Forest near Yosemite National Park. After ruling out suicide or murder, authorities explored whether toxic algae or even poisonous gas from nearby mines could have killed them. — Read the rest
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New study reveals that domesticated horses may have originally come from Russia

A horse is horse, of course, but what is the source of the horse we endorse? According to a recent scientific study published in Nature which analyzed the genomes of nearly 300 ancient horses over the courses of their forces, the earliest equines probably came from southern Russia, near the intersections of the Volga and Don Rivers, some 4000 years ago or so. — Read the rest
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A robot tugboat just made a successful 1000-mile journey overseas

The "Nellie Bly" is an automated tugboat from the Boston-based company Sea Machines, and it just finished its first trial run of 1000 miles — navigated purely on software. The 16-day nautical journey took it around the coast of Denmark, through the Kiel Canal in Germany, around the Danish islands in the Baltic Sea, and along the Jutland peninsula, before docking in Hamburg. — Read the rest
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What if Kraftwerk made a Dune concept album? Now we know the answer.

Joel Hamburger is a music producer who owns Gödelstring Studios in Brooklyn. As far as I'm aware, he's also the only person to ever make an entire Dune-inspired concept album in the style of Kraftwerk. "The schtick is basically that Kraftwerk were 4 musical mentats," he told me. — Read the rest
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Channel your inner artist with these epic $30 drawing lessons

Whether you love to sketch figures now and then or can't do much more than "paint by numbers," there's no denying the therapeutic effect drawing and creating art has on your mind and soul. But if you're looking to take your drawing skills up a few pegs, whether it's for fun or to strengthen your professional portfolio, perhaps it's time to up your training.  — Read the rest
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