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Amazon can't beat the prices on these killer portable monitors

There's only so much squinting you can do at a tiny smartphone screen before you start wondering why we ever thought it was a good idea to build devices so small in the first place. Sure, portability is a plus, but when you're trying to watch videos on your phone, that itty-bitty baby screen won't cut it. — Read the rest
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A chilling scene on Mooney Road in Pittsburgh

My friend took this photo today and told me the tragic backstory behind these creepy costumed-mannequins and memorial. This photo was taken on a twisty, one-way street called Mooney Road, in Pittsburgh. The woods in the background were once a popular place for kids to ride their ATVs around, until multiple teens died while doing so. — Read the rest
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Do you have a hairy glabella? Do you find vagitus annoying?

Most of the words on this list are a part of everyday life, yet I didn't know any of them until today. I now know that I suffer from dysania every morning (#16), have a very hairy glabella (#1), and have been experiencing wamble after wamble all morning long (#4). — Read the rest
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Ethics experts are concerned that the children of top Biden aides are getting jobs in the White House, report says

The White House insists that President Joe Biden has the "highest ethical standards of anyone to ever hold this office." Getty Images Several children and relatives of President Joe Biden's top aides have secured jobs in the administration. At least five children of Biden senior staffers work in the White House, The Washington Post reported. Senior counsel Steve Ricchetti has three children working for Biden, the paper said. See more stories on Insider's business page. Several chil...
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Check out these 12 learning bundles that are on sale for just $20 apiece

So, how's this for a plan? We've rounded up 12 sets of career redefining training with top-notch instructional material. These course bundles contain guidance in coding with Python, creating in Adobe CC, building video games, investing in cryptocurrency, and so much more.  — Read the rest
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Junji Ito fans, the Uzumaki anime is still on its way! And here is the latest teaser

Junji Ito fans, there is good news and bad news about the long-awaited four-part Uzumaki anime series based on the wonderful, horrific manga series of the same name. (For those not familiar with Uzumaki – a twisted story about teens who discover their town is cursed by invasive spirals, read my review here.) — Read the rest
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The Farting Frenchies card game is as silly as it sounds. It's also hilarious and fun

If you're a highly cultured, ultra-evolved lord or lady of high standing, this might be a topic you're going to want to avoid. We're about to talk about a game that focuses on dog flatulence. If that's a matter that instinctively makes you clutch your pearls and gasp in horror, we understand. — Read the rest
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Ben Shapiro calls for crime to be banned

Punditry about pundits is about the worst thing on the internet, but I didn't believe this tweet from Ben Shapiro was real and feel that it's worth a post. It reminds me of his famous "just sell homes inundated by rising sea levels" remark ("Who to, Ben, Aquaman?") — Read the rest
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Watch Mike Pence speak over hecklers as they shout "traitor!"

Mike Pence got booed and called "traitor" today while speaking to an audience of religious conservatives at the Faith & Freedom Coalition's annual Road to Majority conference in Orlando, Florida. Although the former vice president acted as a milquetoast "yes man" every minute of every day for the four long years that Trump bumbled in the White House, Trump's base hasn't forgiven Pence for certifying Trump's election loss to Joe Biden. — Read the rest
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A house filled with urine, feces, rotten meat, and dead cats gets offer frenzy at $592,500

A five-bedroom, four-bath, 3,598 sq-ft house in Colorado is listed as a "landlord's nightmare" on Redfin by the brutally honest listing agent. And that's the tame part. The realtor's description then gets into the nitty-gritty. "You will also notice there is not one surface of the home that has not been enhanced with black spray paint or a swinging hammer… But don't let that slow you down. — Read the rest
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Newly released video shows pro-Trump terrorist stalk and beat cop during U.S. Capitol

New Jersey gym owner Scott Fairlamb pleaded not guilty to 12 criminal counts including assaulting police and carrying a dangerous weapon into the Capitol. In this newly released video, he is seen pushing and striking a police officer during the riot at the U.S. — Read the rest
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Watch: This teen's "biggest mouth in the world" can fit a 2-liter bottle of soda in it

When teenager Isaac Johnson says "I have the biggest mouth in the world," he isn't kidding. It's so big, he can squeeze the base of a 2-liter A&W bottle into it. Stretched open to a vertical 4-inches (10.175 cm to be exact), he's reclaimed the title of the Guinness World Record's largest gape after winning it in 2019 with the same measurement, then losing it last year when his mouth seemed to shrink, measuring at "only" 3.75 inches (9.52 cm). — Read the rest
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Juneteenth: "Emancipation is a marker of progress for white Americans, not black ones"

Tomorrow is Juneteenth, commemorating the freeing of enslaved Black people in Texas on June 19, 1865. That was the day that Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger delivered a message to the people of Galveston, Texas that the Union had won the Civil War and they could enforce the Emancipation Proclamation in Texas. — Read the rest
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Watch woodpecker happily destroy wildlife camera disguised as tree bark

Staff at at a nature reserve in Leningrad Oblas, Russia thought they were clever by disguising a wildlife camera as tree bark. It did not go as planned. Video below. Translation of the Nizhne-Svirsky Nature Reserve's Facebook post originally in Russian: Vandalism in the reserve! — Read the rest
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Connecticut lawmakers legalize marijuana

Possession of marijuana will be legal in Connecticut beginning July 1, with retail sales to follow next year. State Senates voted 16 to 11 Thursday to approve recreational weed; Gov. Ned Lamont has already promised to sign the bill. "The war on cannabis, which was at its core a war on people in Black and Brown communities, not only caused injustices and increased disparities in our state, it did little to protect public health and safety. — Read the rest
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Watch Tucker Carlson self-own yet again

Frequent self-owner Tucker Carlson did it again. This time, he talked about how cowardly Simon & Schuster was for canceling books by Josh Hawley, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Candace Owens. He then told viewers to check out his new book being published by… you guessed it, Simon & Schuster. — Read the rest
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Destiny toaster

Bought all the strategy guides, figurines, spin-off media and other merch? Game publisher Bungie is selling a Destiny-branded toaster for the Destiny fan who has it all! $85, ships in December. 10% of Profits from sales of the Destiny Toaster will go to St. — Read the rest
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What is… the Alex Trebek Open Space?

Tucked away in Los Angeles's Santa Monica Mountains, between Hollywood Boulevard and Mulholland Drive, there are 62 acres of unmarked trees, brush, and dirt where the public can hike or just sit quietly and remember the iconic Jeopardy! host who died last year, George Alexander Trebek, OC. — Read the rest
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MyPillow Guy storms out of Jordan Klepper interview: "You guys are horrible!"

The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper ventured into the MyPillow Guy's "free speech" rally in Wisconsin to interview the sparse, delusional crowd who still believe Trump will become King in August. The Q&As with these folks were fascinating, as always, and worth the watch. — Read the rest
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Check out this ridiculous and fantastic Honda Civic powered by a tandem bicycle

These ingenious individuals outfitted an old Honda Civic with a tandem bicycle so that the pedaling powers the vehicle. Video below. The fun they're having is infectious. Know what I mean?
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Doctor invents a hiccup-curing straw with a 90% success rate

A neurointensivist from the University of Texas at San Antonio says he was inspired by a McFlurry straw to create the HiccAway, a straw that he claims will relieve 9 out of 10 hiccup sufferers. The straw has a tiny hole on one end, which makes you have to suck extra hard to draw water through it. — Read the rest
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This canopy tent assembles in minutes and protects the entire family

Everybody wants to enjoy the summer sun. But nobody wants to bake, so you bring an umbrella to provide a little shade. That's fine if there is one or maybe even two of you seeking protection. But if you've got more people, or even a couple of kids jockeying for position, one umbrella isn't gonna cut it — and you need to start looking for some heavier artillery. — Read the rest
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Time echo special effect on a vulture

Enjoy this mesmerizing video of a single vulture processed with After Effects' "time echo" filter by Jesse Rockwell. There was a time I might have shared this on social media as "VULTURES CONTROLLED BY 5G" but times, sadly, have changed. — Read the rest
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14 second clip shows why no-one can trust cops

No-one is shot, killed, beaten, asset-forfeited or knelt on in this 14-second clip posted to TikTok by a homeowner in Connecticut. Not a word is said. There are no threats or warnings, no contradictory commands or enraged swearing. And yet it's a perfect image of what's wrong with policing in America: an effort to make sure that none of the above — or anything else a cop does — might ever be proven. — Read the rest
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Enter to win a $5,000 Amazon Smart Entertainment prize package full of cool gear

The best part of any giveaway is getting something for free. It's why we instinctively enter sweepstakes or slip our name into a drawing in the first place. Usually, winning is as much the reward as the actual reward itself. But just so there's no misunderstanding, it's exponentially more fabulous if the prize you win is something you actually want. — Read the rest
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Pee-wee's Playhouse "Jambi" actor John Paragon has died

Mecka-lecka-hi, mecka-oh-no-no. Sad to report that we've lost one of the good ones. Actor John Paragon has passed at the age of 66. You probably best know him as Jambi, the sassy genie in a jeweled box on Pee-wee's Playhouse. — Read the rest
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Aliens or technical glitch? A Fox anchor's strange on-air silence is baffling

Was Fox anchor Charles Payne's mind abducted by aliens today? Or were the 20 seconds of bizarre silence in which his eyes kept looking up, as if he was seeing something that was invisible to the rest of us, merely a technical glitch? — Read the rest
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New streetwear line with art by legendary Black Panther designer Emory Douglas

From 1967 through the 1980s, Emory Douglas was the Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, the revolutionary social justice and political organization founded in Oakland, California. Douglas was the art director, designer, and primary artist for The Black Panther Newsletter and created the iconic Black Panther flyers, handouts, and posters. — Read the rest
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Watch: Farmers discover lucky possum that was nearly sawed in two

Farmers in Tasmania separate a sawed tree trunk and, amazingly, find a possum burrowed into one of the pieces with its grazed bum sticking out. They then try to help get the very still (probably terrified) and extremely lucky possum out of the stump, gently using a stick to lift it. — Read the rest
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Good video introduction to digital 3D sculpting

I've been teaching myself Blender for the last couple of months but I was interested in seeing what other 3D sculpting apps were out there, so this video by Make's Caleb Kraft about getting started in digital sculpting for 3D printing was interesting. — Read the rest
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