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Beloved Tahoe Park Donut Shop Burglarized Thanksgiving Morning

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Tags: Business, News, Thanksgiving, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Burglary, South Sacramento, Gonzalez, Tahoe Park, Isaac Gonzalez, Ly, Sacramento News, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Donut Store

Caldor Fire Victims Celebrate First Holiday Without Home

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Tags: News, Thanksgiving, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Mason, El Dorado County, Jameela, Caldor, Caldor Fire, Jameela Gilmete, Mason For Mason, Grizzley Flats

Thanksgiving Traditions Back To Normal In Downtown Sacramento

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Tags: Family, New York, News, Thanksgiving, California, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Downtown Sacramento, Sacramento, Holiday, Tradition, Hall, Brooklyn New York, DOCO, CBS13

Run To Feed The Hungry Raises Nearly $1M For Sacramento Food Bank

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Tags: News, Thanksgiving, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Holiday, Tradition, Run to Feed the Hungry, Sacramento Food Bank, Sacramento Food Bank Every, UC Davis Medical Center Fitness Program

Beloved Tahoe Park Donut Shop Burglarized Thanksgiving Morning

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Tags: News, Thanksgiving, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Burglary, South Sacramento, Gonzalez, Tahoe Park, Isaac Gonzalez, Ly, Sacramento News, Donut Store, Tahoe Park News, Beng Ly Kok

Salvation Army Feeds Hundreds Hot Thanksgiving Meals

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Tags: News, Thanksgiving, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Young, Salvation Army, Sacramento News, Saechao, Kao Saechao, Nord Young, Larry Carmichael, Eugene Corcino, Corcino

NASA astronauts enjoy Thanksgiving holiday at 17,500 mph

The four American astronauts aboard the International Space Station have been talking about what it's like to spend Thanksgiving in orbit.
Tags: Space, News, Thanksgiving, Trends, Nasa, International Space Station, Iss, Space Station

NASA astronauts enjoy Thanksgiving holiday at 17,000 mph

The four American astronauts aboard the International Space Station have been talking about what it's like to spend Thanksgiving in orbit.
Tags: Space, News, Thanksgiving, Trends, Nasa, International Space Station, Iss, Space Station

400 Years Old, Thanksgiving Was Late Being Recognized As National Holiday

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Tags: News, Thanksgiving, Holidays, Native Americans, Plymouth, KDKA, Kirkpatrick, Melanie Kirkpatrick, CBS Pittsburgh, Pilgrims, Jon Delano, Philippe de Lannoy

A Thanksgiving prayer from William S. Burroughs

In keeping with tradition, Uncle Bill will now lead us in "A Thanksgiving Prayer" (1986).
Tags: Video, News, Thanksgiving, Burroughs, William S Burroughs, Uncle Bill

‘Part Of Being A Firefighter’: Cal Fire Crews Man Stations This Thanksgiving Holiday

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Tags: News, Thanksgiving, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Auburn, CAL FIRE, Southern California, Santa Ana, Eagan, Nick Martinez, Brian Eagan, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Cal Fire Crews Man Stations, Southern California Eagan

Families At SMF Reunite For First Time In Years For Thanksgiving

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Tags: News, Thanksgiving, California, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Missouri, Matthew, Robinson, Sacramento International Airport, Matthew Robinson, Sacramento News, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Kathleen Robinson, Matthew For the Behling

The 25 Best Thanksgiving Episodes on TV

There are some common themes that span across most TV shows’ Thanksgiving-themed episodes: Dysfunctional families reach their breaking points, characters with control issues lose their minds in the kitchen, and special guest stars pop in to play rarely-seen uncles or brand-new love interests. The episodes below, several simply titled “Thanksgiving,” follow those trusty formulas, but […]
Tags: News, Thanksgiving, Friends, Seinfeld, Gilmore Girls

Dietician on how to properly overeat on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the glutton's holiday. Fortunately (or unfortunately) there is a right way to overeat. "Fasting is typically not a good idea," registered dietician Leslie J. Bonci told Popular Science. Better to refrain from food for four to six hours before chow time and also exercise early in the day. — Read the rest
Tags: Food, Post, News, Thanksgiving, Leslie J Bonci

Stockton Food Bank Expects To Feed More People In This Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway

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Tags: News, Thanksgiving, Local, Syndicated Local, Stockton, Food Bank, San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Stockton Food Bank, Stockton Food Bank Last

Thanksgiving dinner costs 14% more than last year

Thanksgiving might gobble up a few more dollars than it has in previous years. A study from the The Farm Bureau shows that Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people averages out at $53.31, 14% higher than last year. The turkey itself costs 24% more than last year, the group says; it's $23.99 for a 16-pound turkey. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, News, Thanksgiving, Inflation, Farm Bureau

Travel Rush At SMF; AAA Predicts Near Pre-Pandemic Level Of People Hitting The Road For Thanksgiving

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Tags: Travel, News, Thanksgiving, Local, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Tsa, AAA, Smf, Sacramento International Airport, Sacramento News, CBSN Sacramento Feed, AAA Predicts Near Pre

4 Tips to Earn Leads During Thanksgiving Week

Successful real estate professionals know it’s critical to stay connected with clients. With the holiday season in full swing, Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to get creative about engaging with past, present, and future clients. For many folks, the holiday season is a time to reconnect with friends and family. It’s also a great time to do the same for your clients. From running a Thanksgiving contest on social media to bringing people together to watch football and give back to the com...
Tags: Technology, News, Thanksgiving, Radio, Agent, Broker, Holiday Season, Lead Generation, Latest News, Industry News, Best Practices, Jordan Grice, Premium Metered

Native American educators created a new Thanksgiving curriculum guide

A group of educators from the Oklahoma City Public Schools Native American Student Services have put together a new free Thanksgiving curriculum guide for students in Pre-K through 4th grade. A Story of Survival: The Wampanoag and the English offers a more two-sided perspective on colonial American history, as well as some alternative activities that don't dig into unfortunate Native American stereotypes. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, News, Thanksgiving, Indigenous Rights, Indigenous Peoples, Native Americans, Happy Thanksgiving, Native Rights, Mashpee Wampanoag

A 3.25-pound Reese's Peanut Butter Cup branded as a Thanksgiving pie sold out within hours

The Hershey Company Reese's listed a giant version of its peanut butter cup for sale as a Thanksgiving pie. The pie measures 9 inches in diameter, weighs 3.25 pounds, and costs $44.99. Hershey's, which owns Reese's, listed 3,000 of the pies for sale, and they sold out within hours. A new dessert is coming to the table this Thanksgiving — only it's not entirely new.The dessert is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, but super-sized. Parent company Hershey's debuted the Reese...
Tags: Desserts, News, Thanksgiving, Trends, Hershey, Reese, Hershey's, Sarah Jackson, Reese's, Reese's Cup, Hershey Company Reese, Bo Jones

Supply Chain Shortages: 10 Things You May Have Trouble Finding In The 2021 Holiday Season

This  2021 holiday season , there’s no shortage of warnings about, well,  shortages . With  several links  in the  supply chain  compromised, consumers are  advised by CEOs on down to shop early  for Christmas and the winter holidays — the better, it is said, to avoid being shut out of everything from tech to turkey. But what specifically should you be on the lookout for? Here’s an overview of 10 products and categories that are said to be feeling the effects of the domestic labor shortage, the ...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Amazon, Asia, Nordstrom, Toys, Thanksgiving, Shopping, Microsoft, California, Ebay, Cbs News, Supply Chain, Nike, Walmart, Turkey

Jamal and Wanda's unlikely Thanksgiving tradition continues

Six years ago, Wanda Dench accidentally sent a text inviting 17-year-old Jamal Hinton to Thanksgiving dinner. In a series of now-iconic texts, Jamal told Wanda that she wasn't actually his grandma but that he'd still like to eat, and she agreed to have him over, responding "that's what grandmas do… feed everyone!" — Read the rest
Tags: Post, News, Thanksgiving, Wanda, Jamal, Wanda Dench, Jamal Hinton, Heartwarming Internet

Midtown Sacramento Business Serves Up Holiday Dinners For Thanksgiving

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Tags: News, Thanksgiving, Local, Seen On, Syndicated Local, Sacramento, Brussels, Aioli, Desiree, Midtown Sacramento, Aziz Bellarbi Salah, Aioli Bodega Espanola, CBSN Sacramento Feed, Desiree Amaral Caldwell, Elite HR Logistics

In the US, Turkey Trot races predate marathons

The year before the first US marathon was held in Boston in 1897, a Turkey Trot was held in upstate New York. The Buffalo Turkey Trot is now the oldest continuously-running race in North America and it has 14,000 participants, more than 2000 times the number it had its first year. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, News, Thanksgiving, Boston, US, Turkey, Running, North America, Turkey Trot, upstate New York The Buffalo Turkey Trot

How to avoid supply chain disruptions on your Thanksgiving table this year

bhofack2/Getty Images The supply chain crisis may impact your Thanksgiving dinner due to shortages and price increases. Everything from the size of the turkey to the price of the cranberry sauce on your table will be a little different this year, experts warn. Supply chain stress can be avoided by shopping early and outsourcing your dinner to local restaurants. Thanksgiving might look a little different this year as the US grapples with the supply chain crisis. Experts are warning consume...
Tags: Food, News, Thanksgiving, Whole Foods, US, Trends, Supply Chain, Usda, Turkey, Fox, Retail, Thanksgiving Dinner, Dinner, Maria, Shortages, Nestle

Sam's Club is banking on shoppers desperate need to throw big holiday bashes by doubling Thanksgiving portions

Sam's Club holiday gift display Sam's Club Sam's Club expects holiday shopping to soar this year as members host big events again. The company will double portions for Thanksgiving food items and offer twice as many sales events. Sam's Club reported record high membership counts in August 2021. Sam's Club is expecting to enjoy substantial holiday sales this fall, topping off its record year for member growth.Tony Rogers, the company's chief member officer, told repo...
Tags: Holiday Shopping, News, Thanksgiving, Holidays, New York City, Christmas, Trends, Walmart, Sam s Club, Retail, Club, Sam, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Rogers, Doug McMillon, Tony Rogers

Turkeys could be in short supply over the holidays as producers warn they're struggling to keep up with demand, a report says

Mphillips007/Getty Images Turkeys weighing 16 pounds or less are in short supply for the holiday season, grocery chains say. One grocery store told the New York Post he could only get half as many turkeys as he wanted. It's just the latest meat shortage in the US, where meat prices have spiked in recent months. See more stories on Insider's business page. American meat producers and distributors are sounding the alarm on a potential turkey shortage ahead of the holiday season. "Th...
Tags: Post, Business, New York Post, New York, News, Thanksgiving, Christmas, US, Trends, Economy, Retail, Inflation, Cargill, Stew Leonard, Shady Brook, Shady Brook Farms

Foot Locker will close all of its stores and warehouses on Thanksgiving

A line of customers waiting outside Foot Locker in Manhattan, New York in 2020. Jeenah Moon/Getty Images Foot Locker will be closed on Thanksgiving this year. Other retail stores such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy will also be closed for the holiday. See more stories on Insider's business page. Foot Locker is closed for Thanksgiving this year. The company told Insider that all of its North American stores, distribution centers, customer care units, production facilities, and corpo...
Tags: Black Friday, News, Thanksgiving, Cdc, Trends, Walmart, Retail, Manhattan New York, Walmart Target, Foot Locker, Aleeya Mayo, Jeenah Moon Getty Images Foot Locker

‘He Was Our Guardian Angel’: Folsom Couple Connects With Good Samaritan After Thanksgiving House Fire

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Tags: News, Thanksgiving, Local, Seen On, Tom, George, Ward, Holmes, Volunteer State, Samaritan, Sheri, Tom Ward, Beale Air Force Base, Folsom News, Sheri George, Randall Drive

I'm a doctor who tried to plan an extremely safe Thanksgiving for 3 people. My son got COVID-19 anyway - it wasn't worth the scare it put us through.

The pandemic has changed a lot of families' in-person holiday plans. skynesher/Getty Images Dr. Robin Schoenthaler has been a long-time radiation oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. She and her two sons recently got together for what they hoped was a quick, science-based, "as-safe-as-we-can-make-it" Thanksgiving dinner. A couple of days later, one of her sons tested positive for COVID-19. "Was it worth all the 4 a.m. wake-ups, the test-result anxiety, the constant t...
Tags: Facebook, Europe, Science, News, Thanksgiving, Holidays, China, Boston, Massachusetts, Trends, Healthcare, Nordic, Massachusetts General Hospital, Cooper, The Boston Globe, MacKenzie

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