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Citing Trump’s Tweets, Judge Restricts Access To Stone Proceedings To Protect Juror

A judge on Tuesday said that she would be placing limitations on public access to the proceedings surrounding Roger Stone’s efforts to secure a new trial. The limitations were in order to protect the identity of a juror who is apparently central to Stone’s claims of juror misconduct that he said warranted a new trial. In explaining the restrictions, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson brought up recent public statements by President Trump about the juror, as well as the “false” and “incendiar...
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CNN: Trump Thinking Again About Tapping Unqualified Ratcliffe To Be DNI

President Donald Trump is reportedly circling back to Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX), one of the President’s most outspoken supporters in Congress, as a possible candidate for the position of director of national intelligence. It wouldn’t be the first time. Several unnamed sources told CNN on Tuesday that Trump has been discussing potential appointment with the Texas Republican recently. The President had originally planned to tap Ratcliffe for the position in July 2019 after the Trump loyalist l...
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GOP Senator Grills Acting DHS Chief On Coronavirus

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) pulled no punches while grilling acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf about the spread of the Coronavirus during a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing on the 2021 DHS budget Tuesday. Prior to the hearing Tuesday morning, Trump administration officials in Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, and the State Department held a classified briefing for senators amid growing fears of the spread of ...
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Judge Amy Berman Jackson criticizes Trump's attacks on Roger Stone juror

Judge Amy Berman Jackson on Tuesday said attacks from President Donald Trump and commentary from conservative media are part of a campaign of intimidation and harassment of jurors in Roger Stone's criminal case.
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Virus deaths are on the rise in Iran and South Korea as Italy grapples with its own outbreak

• BREAKING: Dow tumbles 800 points as coronavirus fears continue • Analysis: Trump seems to know very little about the coronavirus • Bipartisan outrage about coronavirus spills over
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Judge in Roger Stone Case Makes Juror Bias Hearing Public

Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who sentenced Mr. Stone last week, said that public interest in the case was sufficient to open up, with restrictions, a proceeding over questions of juror bias.
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US health official says coronavirus is moving closer to being a pandemic

• BREAKING: Dow tumbles 800 points as coronavirus fears continue • Analysis: Trump seems to know very little about the coronavirus • Bipartisan outrage about coronavirus spills over
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Top Republicans Really Fear Bloomberg, Or Least His Billions

Trump has $200 million in the bank for his reelection — or $61.7 billion less than one of the Dems trying to unseat him.
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As Hearing Takes Place In Background, Trump Again Attacks Juror And Judge In Stone Case

Just after U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson explained privacy restrictions she will impose to protect a juror that has become the object of conservative fury, President Donald Trump blasted a tweet to his 73 million followers attacking both the juror and the judge. There has rarely been a juror so tainted as the forewoman in the Roger Stone case. Look at her background. She never revealed her hatred of “Trump” and Stone. She was totally biased, as is the judge. Roger wasn’t even workin...
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Trump Demands 2 Liberal Supreme Court Justices Recuse Themselves From His Cases

The president ratcheted up a fight with a judicial system he sees as biased against him.
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Delhi clashes: Thirteen killed as Hindu and Muslim groups clash

The clashes between Hindus and Muslims came as President Trump made his first official visit to India.
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CDC Tells Americans to Start Readying for Outbreak: Virus Update

(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Americans to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak at home that could lead to significant disruptions of daily life, though the warnings were downplayed by the White House. Congress was told that there’s shortage of masks needed for health workers if one occurs.New cases were reported in Europe, prompting worries of a widening outbreak there. Iran reported a total of 15 deaths, the most fatalities outside China, and a top hea...
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Trump defends Modi, but doesn't take position on controversial Indian citizenship law

Trump ended a trip to India without taking a firm stance on a controversial citizenship law that sparked deadly street clashes during his visit.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Trump again considering Texas congressman to be intel chief

President Donald Trump is revisiting the idea of nominating Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe to be the next Director of National Intelligence, two sources told CNN.
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Syrian Refugees Fleeing Assad’s Onslaught in Idlib Have Nowhere Left to Hide

Syrian-British humanitarian worker Mohannad Othman faces a stark choice. It occupies his mind as he drives his two children to Arabic language classes in the Turkish border city of Gaziantep, where he has lived for six years. About 100 miles south of here, in an enclave of Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province—the fate of 90 children and infants, including 20 babies in neonatal incubators—hangs in the balance. They are patients in a pediatric hospital, funded by the World Health Organizatio...
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Analysis: Trump seems to know very little about the coronavirus

President Donald Trump has lots and lots of thoughts about the novel coronavirus that has crippled China and has been spreading worldwide. Unfortunately, most of those thoughts are either wrong or factually questionable.
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'Miracle on Ice' captain Mike Eruzione regrets wearing a 'Keep America Great' hat at Trump rally

The 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team celebrated the 40th anniversary of their dramatic upset over the Soviet Union with a Trump campaign appearance.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Ex-White House doctor: to help Trump's diet I hid cauliflower in his mash

Ronny Jackson says he encouraged president to eat vegetables‘The exercise stuff never took as much as I wanted it to’A former White House physician who memorably said Donald Trump might have lived to 200 if he had improved his notoriously junk-food heavy diet has confessed to sneaking cauliflower into the president’s mashed potatoes. Related: Trump lashes out at Schumer as Democrats slam 'no plan' on coronavirus – live Continue reading...
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President Demands Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor Recuse Themselves From Anything ‘Trump-Related’

President Donald Trump demanded that Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg recuse themselves from future cases involving his administration after she wrote in an immigration case that her conservative colleagues were being too quick to clear his policies. “She said some things that were obviously inappropriate,” Trump said of Sotomayor during a news conference in New Delhi on Tuesday, where he’s completing a two-day visit to India. Ginsburg voted with other liberal ...
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New Delhi Streets Turn Into Battleground During Trump’s Visit

As the president tours India’s capital, at least 11 people have been killed in communal clashes that have upended a working-class neighborhood.
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Trump lashes out at Schumer as Democrats slam 'no plan' on coronavirus – live

Democrats say White House is not taking outbreak seriouslyDemocratic contenders face off in TV debate on Tuesday eveningSupport the Guardian’s independent journalism. Make a contribution 5.13pm GMT At a press conference in India, Donald Trump covered a broad range of topics, including the recent conviction of disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein. “I think that from the standpoint of women, I think it was a great thing,” Trump said of the conviction, which found Weinstein guilty of two sexual ass...
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Rush Limbaugh, noted epidemiologist: "The coronavirus is the common cold, folks."

Covid-19 is a lab-concocted version of the common cold that's been weaponized to make Trump look bad, says Rush Limbaugh. From HuffPost: Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed on his show Monday that the potentially lethal coronavirus afflicting several countries is nothing more than a “common cold” blown out of proportion by the media to take down President Donald Trump ― even as he also asserted it was a “bioweapon” created by China in a laboratory. “It looks like the coronavirus is being...
Tags: Post, News, China, Donald Trump, Trump, Limbaugh, Rush Limbaugh, Gage Skidmore, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Rush Limbaugh From HuffPost

Trump says Coronavirus is 'under control,' as cases surge and stocks take a hit

Trump on Tuesday downplayed coronavirus concerns a day after the White House requested $2.5 billion in funding to deal with the epidemic.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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13 dead, at least 150 injured in New Delhi clashes amid Trump's visit

At least 13 people, including one police officer, have been killed in two days of violent clashes in the Indian capital between hundreds of supporters and opponents of a new law that fast-tracks citizenship for non-Muslim minorities from select countries.
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Trump again considering Texas congressman to be intel chief after his candidacy floundered last year

President Donald Trump is revisiting the idea of nominating Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe to be the next Director of National Intelligence, two sources told CNN.
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Supreme court blocks Mexican family's legal bid over teen killed by border agent

Court declines to revive lawsuit by teenager’s familySergio Adrian Hernández Guereca shot in face by border agentThe US supreme court has refused to open the door for foreign nationals to pursue civil rights cases in American courts, declining to revive a lawsuit by a slain Mexican teenager’s family against the US border agent who shot him from across the border in Texas. Related: Trump in India as Democrats prepare for South Carolina debate – live updates Continue reading...
Tags: Texas, Mexico, India, Americas, US, World news, US news, Migration, US immigration, Donald Trump, South Carolina, Trump, Us-mexico Border, Adrian Hernández Guereca

Trump is publicly confident but privately venting

• Live updates: A region in Italy will suspend Ash Wednesday mass • Analysis: Trump seems to know very little about the coronavirus • Dow tumbles as coronavirus fears continue • Bipartisan outrage about coronavirus spillsover
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Where We Are

We woke up this morning to the news that President Trump is calling his purge of supposed disloyalists within the government good for America AND demanding that Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg recuse from any cases involving Trump. It recalls the brilliant long-running episodic Slate series: “If It Happened There” The conceit is simple: “American events are described using the tropes and tone normally employed by the American media to describe events in other co...
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Trump calls for Sotomayor, Ginsburg to recuse themselves from his cases

President Donald Trump on Tuesday called for two liberal Supreme Court justices to recuse themselves from cases involving him following a scathing dissent issued by one of them, blasting the justices as the court considers a number of cases critical to his presidency.
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U.S. Short on Stockpiled Masks; Gilead Drug Trials: Virus Update

(Bloomberg) -- Iran reported a total of 15 deaths from the outbreak, the most fatalities outside China, and a top health official tested positive. Italy reported a surge in infections and Spanish police isolated 1,000 people at an island resort.The U.S. said its short on the number of masks needed for health workers in case of an outbreak. Chinese President Xi Jinping said the country was confident of limiting the impact. Earlier on Tuesday, South Korea reported 84 new infections for a total tal...
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