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Biden to speak about gun violence as US crime surges

President Biden will announce a comprehensive strategy on violent crime prevention — with a particular emphasis on gun crimes — amid a nationwide spike in violent crime. Follow here for the latest.
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US cheerleader wins free speech case against her former school

Brandi Levy was kicked off her cheerleading squad after sharing a profanity-laden social media post.
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Supreme Court says US president can remove head of Federal Housing Finance Agency

The US Supreme Court said Wednesday that the US president can remove the head of a federal agency charged with overseeing mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
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New York's economy is America's worst

The US economy is inching back to normal. But the recovery remains uneven and some states are lagging behind in the race to get back to pre-pandemic strength — especially New York.
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'I've never seen it this bad': Blood banks plead for donations as US blood shortage hits critical levels

Blood supply officials nationwide are urging people to donate blood as the supply drops to dangerous levels and demand increases.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Trump questioned if Kushner accomplished peace in the Middle East 'after all' amid recent Israel-Hamas violence, report says

President Donald Trump's White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner pauses while speaking to a member of the audience as he arrives for a news conference with President Donald Trump and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in the East Room of the White House, Thursday, May, 18th, 2017, in Washington. Andrew Harnik/AP Trump and Kushner are growing apart, according to a new CNN report. The former president has reportedly begun to question Kushner's accomplishments in his administrat...
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'I've never seen it this bad': Blood banks urge donations as US blood shortage worsens, demand increases

Blood supply officials are urging people to donate blood as the nation's supply drops to dangerous levels and demand increases.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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153 workers at Houston Methodist Hospital quit or were fired after they refused a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine

The hospital said in late March that it would mandate COVID-19 vaccines for its 26,000 employees. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images Houston Methodist Hospital told The Washington Post that it had fired staff who refused a COVID-19 shot. Some staff quit over the vaccine mandate, too. More than 150 staff had left or were fired, it said. Earlier this month a judge dismissed a lawsuit that said the mandate treated staff like "guinea pigs." See more stories on Insider's business page. ...
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India is tracking a new mutated coronavirus strain that health officials call 'Delta Plus' - but experts say there's no need to worry

A health worker takes a swab sample from a man to test for the coronavirus, as cases continue to spike, at a swab collection center in Guwahati, India on August 31, 2020. Biju Boro/AFP via Getty Images Indian officials say they're closely monitoring "Delta Plus," a version of the Delta coronavirus variant with an extra mutation. Dr Anurag Agarwal, director at one of India's sequencing labs, said it wasn't "worrisome yet." "Delta Plus," also called AY.1, accounts for just 0.0000...
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3.6-Magnitude Quake Centered Near Kingvale Shakes High Country

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Democrats take aim at Biden and Harris over voting rights failure – US politics live

Duo could have done more to prevent Senate defeat, critics sayBiden to discuss gun crime prevention with attorney general GarlandDemocrats seek way ahead after voting rights bill hits roadblock 2.13pm BST Good morning – this is Lauren Aratani kicking off today’s politics live blog. After the Democrats’ major voting rights bill was killed in the Senate by a GOP filibuster yesterday, some Democratic progressives are hinting that the White House should have done more to prevent the defeat. They...
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Cooper to McConnell: If nothing is broken, why is GOP doing this?

CNN's Anderson Cooper says Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) claim that "nothing is broken" with the US election system doesn't hold up to scrutiny because many Republicans are still claiming voter fraud in the 2020 election and GOP-controlled legislatures are crafting legislation to enact new, more restrictive voting laws.
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The latest on the Covid-19 pandemic and the Delta variant

Experts now say that dangerous Delta variant could cause a full-on resurgence of coronavirus in the US in the coming months. Follow here for the latest updates on vaccines, variants and the global pandemic.
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Trump is envious of Jared Kushner's 7-figure book advance and worries his son-in-law will take credit for his administration's accomplishments, report says

White House senior advisor Jared Kushner and President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on September 11, 2020. Anna Moneymaker-Pool/Getty Images Trump is jealous of son-in-law Jared Kushner's 7-figure book advance, per a CNN report. The former president is also worried that Kushner will take credit for his administration's accomplishments. Trump has been interviewed for 17 forthcoming books but still doesn't have a book deal of his own. See more stories on Insider's busine...
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Experts are concerned that the spread of the Delta variant and the decline in vaccination rates in the US may spell disaster for those yet to get inoculated

The dangerous Delta variant poses a risk to the United States as the country works to ease out of the Covid-19 pandemic, but experts say the nation has the tools needed to overcome the threat -- if the public takes advantage of them.
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Has the coronavirus reached 'peak fitness'? Experts wonder if the Delta variant is the worst we'll see.

A nurse administers a COVID-19 test at a testing site in Suffolk County, New York, on December 18, 2020. John Paraskevas/Newsday via Getty Images World Health Organization officials called Delta the "fittest" variant to date on Monday. Delta is more transmissible, and potentially deadlier, than any other coronavirus variant so far. Scientists now wonder if the virus has reached "peak fitness," though it's likely too soon to tell. See more stories on Insider's business page. No coro...
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Biden made it easier to get a work visa. Here's why foreign workers still can't get to the US.

When President Joe Biden revoked a Trump-era executive order in February that had temporarily banned some immigrant visas during the coronavirus pandemic, he touted the way US industries could again "utilize talent from around the world."
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Opinion: I can't forgive the people who won't admit my partner, Brian Sicknick, was a hero

In late 2008, while on a popular dating site, I received a message in my inbox from a good-looking, dark-haired man with gorgeous blue eyes saying, "Hi, how are you?" I responded, and before I knew it, we were chatting regularly for weeks. He told me that he used to be in the Air National Guard, was originally from New Jersey, and was nearing the end of his training to be a US Capitol Police Officer. It was Brian D. Sicknick.
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The Man Standing Next review – a thrilling scramble for political power in 70s South Korea

Based on a real 1979 military coup, this year’s Oscars submission from South Korea captivates with alliances, betrayals – and a climax worth waiting forThis is a suspenseful but fiendishly complex political thriller from South Korea, which was the country’s submission for best international film for the most recent Oscars, though it didn’t make the final five shortlist. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a solid film, but viewers whose introduction to Korean cinema was director Bong Joon-ho’...
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Top Stories this AM: Yang's out of the NYC mayoral race; Darrell Hammond is in - with Trump; Australia's mouse plague continues

Good morning and welcome to your weekday morning roundup of the top stories you need to know.For more daily and weekly briefings, sign up for our newsletters here.What's going on today: RIP Yang Gang. Andrew Yang concedes mayoral primary: "I am not going to be the next Mayor of New York City." Unofficial results showed Yang in fourth place, with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams holding a commanding lead. Twitter trips up the White House. White House officials were duped into following a...
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US government blocks Iran-affiliated news websites

The justice department says 36 websites linked to the Iranian government have been seized.
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Delta variant accounts for 20% of new infections in US; world case rates fall: Latest COVID-19 updates

A CDC panel will meet Wednesday to consider possible changes to COVID-19 vaccinations for youth after reports of heart inflammation. Live COVID news.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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What's behind the growingly diverse coalition of US gun owners

Deborah Roberts grew up in a family of gun owners. But it wasn't until March this year that the 68-year-old finally pulled the trigger and purchased her own firearm.
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5 things to know for June 23: Voting rights, US violence, Covid-19, Hong Kong, Brexit

Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and On with Your Day.
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Voting rights bill blocked in Senate despite united Democrats | First Thing

US president’s crucial legislation suffers expected defeat thanks to Republican filibuster. Plus, the people trying to make millions with memesGood morning.Joe Biden suffered a painful blow on Tuesday as a crucial vote on his For the People Act – one of his administration’s top priorities – ended in a bruising defeat in Congress. Continue reading...
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McDowell and Kaymer named Europe vice-captains for Ryder Cup

European captain Padraig Harrington appoints Martin Kaymer and Graeme McDowell as vice-captains for the contest against the US in September.
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Drought maps show the western US at its driest in 20 years - a ticking time bomb for even more fires and power failures

Low water levels at California's Lake Oroville, June 16, 2021. The western US is withering under its worst drought in at least 20 years - possibly in 1,200 years. An early heat wave strained California power grids and brought record temperatures across the West. Extreme heat and dryness could cause devastating wildfires, rolling blackouts, and water shortages. See more stories on Insider's business page. The western US was already withering in severe drought when a heat wave stru...
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Graeme McDowell picked as Ryder Cup vice-captain

European captain Padraig Harrington appoints Martin Kaymer and Graeme McDowell as vice-captains for the contest against the US in September.
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Behind the historic US vaccine effort is FDA's Peter Marks. The job is 'not for the faint of heart.'

The FDA's Dr. Peter Marks has played a key role in nearly every major vaccine-related decision since the United States' COVID-19 outbreak began.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Biden praises Nassib and Yokoyama for bravery in coming out

US President Joe Biden praises NFL player Carl Nassib and Japan women's forward Kumi Yokoyama for their courage in coming out as LGBTQ+.
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