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Watch: smart mice doing tricks

This guy trains his pet mice to collect coins, fetch a tossed bead, play basketball, ride a tiny skateboard, and more. [via Doobybrain]
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Promo from 1940 reminded people that they could enjoy air conditioning at this theatre

1940s MOVIE THEATRE AIR CONDITIONING is a movie theatre snipe from 1940 which reminded the audience that they were lucky to be able to cool off in the theatre's air conditioning all summer long. The snip features a cartoon image of a theatre full of smiling people bundled up, with icicles hanging on the ceiling above them. — Read the rest
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Elvis Drugs are the fun way for parents to get the drugs they need

Elvis Drugs is a fake commercial from 2007 that begins with a teenage girl in pigtails who says to the audience "Hi! Are your parents forgetting to take their drugs? Mine used to, too." Her parents are pictured in the background, passed out from exhaustion. — Read the rest
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Betty Boop is an animal rights activist in "Be Human" from 1936

"Be Human" is a Betty Boop cartoon from 1936 by Max Fleischer. It begins with Betty singing a song called "Be Human," which advocates for treating animals kindly. Her neighbor is a mean old animal abuser, and Betty is very distraught by this. — Read the rest
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These Portuguese grape pickers work the vineyards in the nude

As president of the Portuguese Federation of Naturism, Filipa Gouveia Esteves, has provided a grape harvest field trip for the naturists (naked people) of her organization to Grandola, Portugal. Why they wear hats, yet not protect the more sensitive areas of their bodies seems strange, but who knows? — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Nude, Naturism, Grandola portugal, Naked Harvest, Naked Portugal, Nude Pickin& 039, Picking& 039, Portuguese Federation of naturism

Flying microchip with wings to monitor air pollution and airborne diseases

Similar in size to a grain of sand, this flying microchip could someday monitor air pollution, track the spread of airborne diseases, and, of course, conduct surveillance. While its inventors at Northwestern University call it the "smallest-ever human-made flying structure," it's actually inspired by propeller seeds that fall from trees, catching the wind as they spiral to the ground. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Robots, Biomimicry, Northwestern University

Watch: someone recorded a crash landing from inside a plane

The engines failed on a small plane carrying 17 skydivers. One of the passengers filmed the controlled crash landing in a field. When the plane lands, a staff member ushers the passengers to quickly exit the plane. Once they do, he gives an all-clear signal to the pilot. — Read the rest
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Watch this woman barely—just barely—miss getting hit by a train

Dutch railway operator ProRail released the video above with the following warning (translated): Oh not this! People who come dangerously close to the track are called track runners. Their behavior has major social consequences. More than a third of the number of train delays on the track is caused by people walking along the track, knowingly or consciously. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Accidents, Trains, Luck, Lucky Days

How to steal all the money in an ATM

In this footage, the secret of successfully stealing all the money in an ATM is revealed by thieves near Derry in Northern Ireland. It makes up for its lack of elegance and subtlety by ensuring, without question, that you leave with all the money in the ATM. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Video, Crime, News, Law, Northern Ireland, Derry, Howto, Thefts

Watch this man with no legs set a world record for running on his hands

Zion Clark set the Guinness World Record for running the 20 meter on his hands. His time was 4.78 seconds. Clark, 19, is also an accomplished wrestler. From Guinness: [Clark] was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, a rare condition characterized by abnormal development of the lower (caudal) end of the spine.  — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Guinness World Records, Disabilities, Athletes, Clark, Zion Clark

Watch William Shatner review impressions of William Shatner

The halting cadence! The pregnant pauses! The swagger! William Shatner seems to lack any and all self-awareness when it comes to reviewing these famous impersonations of him.
Tags: Video, News, William Shatner, Shatnerology

An entire museum of painstakingly reproduced "dwarf cars"

Ernie Adams of Maricopa, Arizona has built an incredible collection of shrunken cars. Need more? Ernie sources a lot of his parts from old refrigerators. These reproductions are absolutely beautiful, and would be nearly impossible for me to get into!
Tags: Video, News, Cars, Ernie Adams, Ernie, Maricopa Arizona

Check out this miniature, drivable James Bond Aston Martin DB5 with a $123,000 price tag

The Little Car Company is making only 125 No Time to Die Editions of its Aston Martin DB5 Junior. It's two-thirds the size of the original car and runs on batteries. Because it's smaller than the original DB5, two adults can't sit side-by-side, but and adult and a child can fit, "to allow all generations of Bond fans to share the love of driving." — Read the rest
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Fantastic animated pitch for King of the Hill (1996)

Hank Hill introduces the TV executives to the ensemble cast of King of the Hill. "I'd say y'all got the makings of a damn good cartoon here," Hank says. From Wikipedia: In early 1995, after the successful first run of Beavis and Butt-Head on MTV, Mike Judge decided to create another animated series, this one set in a small Texas town based on an amalgamation of Dallas suburbs, including Garland, Texas, where he had lived, and Richardson. — Read the rest
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'Fat Thor' calls down the lightning

Sometimes things just work out perfectly! This 'Fat Thor' was costumed up at Disneyland and some lightning hit at just the time right! View this post on Instagram A post shared by debbie wilson (@debbiewilsonn)
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The Family Guy's pro-COVID-19 vaccine PSA

Perhaps cartoons will convince people, as science seems to have failed.
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Watch an excited Labrador pull a BBC reporter to the ground on live TV

Reminiscent of a vaudeville comedy act, BBC's weather reporter Carol Kirkwood appeared on live TV with Flash, a frisky guide dog, saying, "She's very well-behaved, I must say." For nearly a minute she gushes about the 18-month-old Labrador before the excited pup sees her trainer off camera and decides she's done with show-biz. — Read the rest
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Watch: A happy little cockatiel celebrating a special day

from tippytaps It's been a long week, and it's only Tuesday. However, it is also the 21st of September, so here's a sweet little bird singing along to Earth, Wind, and Fire. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Video, News, Reddit, Earth Wind And Fire, Cockatiels, 21st night of September, Dancing Bird, Singing Bird

Video: Giant inflatable moon escapes moon festival

This week saw the Moon Festival celebrated in Henan, China, but the moon escaped. Here's video of the giant inflatable satellite rolling away from its pursuers like a healthily-growing katamari. Meanwhile in China…A giant moon escaped the Moon Festival in Henan province on Monday morning. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, China, Moon, Henan, Henan China

The reigning king of hokum blues, Chris 'BadNews' Barnes has a new album

As a kid, Chris Barnes gave us the legendary Bad News Bear Tanner Boyle, now he is singing the blues. American Blues Scene: Chris "BadNews" Barnes, a former Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock & Carol Burnett television show performer and writer, has made his mark in the blues community with this genre, even being hailed as The King of Hokum Blues by Elmore Magazine. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Video, News, Bad News, Chris Barnes, Tanner Boyle, Chris BadNews Barnes, Rock Carol Burnett, Elmore Magazine Read

Australia earthquake shakes TV studio

In this footage, things start to go sideways in the breakfast TV studio of Australia's ABC News. An earthquake of magnitude 5.8 struck near Melbourne in Australia. ABC journalists Michael Rowland and Tony Armstrong were in the studio for the breakfast show when the earthquake hit, shaking the TV set. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Abc, Australia, Earthquakes, Melbourne, Tony Armstrong, Michael Rowland

"So Long at the Fair" is an eerie 1950 mystery movie you can watch for free

Newly uploaded to The Internet Archive: So Long at the Fair (1950). From Wikipedia: The 1889 Paris Exposition serves as the backdrop for this eerie mystery, in which English tourist Vicky (Jean Simmons) and her brother, Johnny (David Tomlinson), visit the fair and retire to their separate hotel rooms for the night. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Movies, News, Wikipedia, Paris, Mysteries, 1950s, Vicky Jean Simmons, Johnny David Tomlinson

Man who confessed to murder on TV found guilty of murder

Robert Durst, the obscenely wealth real estate scion and subject of the 2015 HBO documentary miniseries The Jinx, was earlier this month. The verdict, which came after about seven and a half hours of deliberations, was the latest act in a case that spanned almost four decades. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Hbo, Murder, News, Rich People, The Jinx, Robert Durst, Murderers, How Rich People Eat

Looks like Amazon is beating auto parts stores for convenience and price

Some kind soul needed a side-view mirror for a 2012 Ford F150. I also needed that mirror, however, this was apparently not the other party's concern. Those side view mirrors are pretty easy to remove, as I've learned, and so began my adventure looking for a replacement. — Read the rest
Tags: Amazon, Video, News, Ford, Parts Is Parts

Another great lesson in homemade beef jerky

A few months back I tried making beef jerky at home, and it was pretty good. Rather than set up my smoker, I simply set my home oven to around 175F and let the beef go. The beef I used was some pre-marinated Bulgogi, and it worked out pretty deliciously. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Smoking

The Pointer Sisters sang Sesame Street's funky pinball counting song

How am I just finding out that it was *The Pointer Sisters* that sang the vocals for the pinball counting song on Sesame Street?! I'm shook! [Someone please revoke my Gen-X card, thank you.] I also just learned that the "Pinball Number Count" (its proper name) has 11 different animated segments. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Sesame Street, Animation, Seventies, Pinball, Psychedelic, The Pointer Sisters, Pointer Sisters, Counting Song, Jeff Hale, Pinball Song, Pinball Number Count

Documetary about the Antarctic Snow Cruiser

If you're a fan of Kharkovchanka, the giant snow cruisers made by the Soviet Union, then you'll enjoy this mini-documentary about an American counterpart, the Antarctic Snow Cruiser. It was seventeen meters long, six meters wide, weighed more than 34,000 kg, and had smooth tires—a decision that that doomed it to failure. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Video, News, Snow, Vehicles, Antarctica, Trucks, Soviet Union, Kharkovchanka, Megavehicles, Antarctic Snow Cruiser

Man who filmed Rodney King beating dies at 61

George Holliday, who filmed the savage beating of black motorist Rodney King by a gang of angry white cops from Los Angeles Police Department, is dead at 61. On March 3, 1991, Holliday stood on the balcony of his apartment and used his Sony Video8 Handycam to record four white Los Angeles police officers using batons, Tasers and feet to subdue a Black man later identified as King, whose name quickly became globally synonymous with police brutality. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Los Angeles, Sony, Deaths, Holliday, Los Angeles Police Department, Rodney King, George Holliday

Ba-de-ya, why Earth, Wind & Fire's "September" nonsense lyric stayed in the song

"Never let the lyric get in the way of the groove." Do you remember? It's been a few years since I've shared the story behind the lyrics of Earth, Wind & Fire's big hit "September." But, it's a good one and it's that time of the year. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Video, News, September, Earth Wind And Fire, Allee Willis, Happy Mutant, Do you remember, Ba-de-ya, 21st night of September

Watch: A humongous wooden violin rides along gondolas in Venice

A beautiful wooden violin couldn't blend in with the gondolas in Venice's Grand Canal on Saturday, even if it tried. As it floated down a canal, its passengers — a live string quartet — played music by Vivaldi while onlookers watched in awe. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Venice, Vivaldi, Grand Canal, Livio De Marchi, Musical Gondolas, Only In Venice

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