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The wonderfully weird cowboy psychedelia of "Some Velvet Morning"

This song and video crossed my transom last week and it's been haunting me ever since. Lee Hazelwood allegedly wrote this song (and others) at the request of Frank Sinatra in an effort to help boost daughter Nancy's career and send it in new directions. The video and duet with Hazelwood and Sinatra premiered on her 1967 TV special "Movin' with Nancy." That night, Lee and Nancy also performed "Jackson" and Sinatra performed "Sugar Town," "This Town," and several other Hazelwood compositions. L...
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Trombonist plays 'Flight of the Bumblebee" on a watering can

Trombonist Martyn Stroud offers this humble disclaimer on his rousing watering-can rendition of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s "Flight of the Bumblebee," "This is not an art form. It’s not even going to be accurate, but it is good fun." That striped yellow-and-black shirt he's wearing is a nice touch. (Neatorama, ClassicFM) screengrab via Martyn Stroud/Facebook
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Trump helps sing "Mah Nà Mah Nà" with the Muppets

Please like and share this piece of art that I made.— Nick Hutson (@NickHutsonMusic) August 4, 2020 Q: What is a "Mah Nà Mah Nà"? A: The question is, "Who cares?" (Thanks UPSO!)
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Watch President Trump attempt to say "Yosemite"

“Here it is, folks,” writes Yahoo News' Alexander Nazaryan. “yo-SEMITE.”
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This tribute to 80s entertainment is a good argument that the 80s sucked

I used to think the 1970s was a bad decade for pop culture. But the 70s gave us A Clockwork Orange, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Deliverance, Jaws, Taxi Driver, The Buzzcocks, Fishbone, The Ramones, Earth, Wind & Fire, Breakfast of Champions, and Surfacing. It turns out the 1980s was the terrible decade for entertainment, as evidenced by this video "tribute to '80s Entertainment."
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This soulful song won NPR's 2020 Tiny Desk Contest: 'Green Tea Ice Cream' by Linda Diaz

It's easy to understand why singer/songwriter Linda Diaz's deeply soulful "Green Tea Ice Cream" won NPR's 2020 Tiny Desk Contest: Diaz is a singer and songwriter from New York City, and her winning entry, "Green Tea Ice Cream," has a powerful message and euphoric sound. To me, Diaz's song is about slowing down and trying to find moments to enjoy life. Hearing her sing the line, "you should be living out your dreams / but you're tearing at the seams" seemed particularly poignant this year as w...
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Alabama principal does a great parody of Can't Touch This to promote Covid safety

"Hammer Time" becomes "Sanitize"  when Dr. Quentin J. Lee an Alabama principal, "sings a rap song about Covid to MC Hammer's classic hit of 'Can't Touch This.'"
Tags: Video, News, Alabama, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Quentin J Lee

Police mistakenly pull black family out of car at gunpoint, put them on ground in handcuffs

Aurora PD handcuff and held family at gunpoint. — Joshua Rodriguez (@Joshuajered) August 3, 2020 On Sunday, police in Aurora, Colorado spotted a car with a license plate number that matched a stolen motorcycle, so they sprang into action. Guns drawn, the white cops forced the occupants -- a young black mother and four girls (one just 6 years old) -- to lie on their stomachs in a parking lot. Two of the girls were handcuffed.  In a video shot by a bystander, the ch...
Tags: Video, News, Washington Post, Black Lives Matter, Aurora Colorado, Aurora, Gilliam, KUSA, Joshua Rodriguez, Militarized Police, Vanessa Wilson, Teriana Thomas Gilliam

Watch the SpaceX splashdown, NASA's first recovery at sea since 1975

Over the weekend, SpaceX successfully completed its first manned mission carrying NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. The thrilling coverage by the Los Angeles Times is a reminder of how amazing this feat is. Via LA Times: A SpaceX capsule carrying NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken has splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday after a more than two-month mission to the International Space Station, drawing to a close the first mission of the privately owned cra...
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It's the 90s

A classic in its own right, Everything Is Terrible's supercut of people in the '90s saying "It's the 90s" is viral again today. After all, it's the '20s again, and history is in a repetitive mood.
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Watch the full, uncut Trump interview with Axios and Jonathan Swan [VIDEO]

[AXIOS on HBO: President Trump Exclusive Interview (Full Episode) | HBO] “We're last...meaning we're first.” Trump pathetically fumbles with charts when pressed on the U.S. coronavirus death rate. In this absolutely not fake or comedy and very much real video, the President of the United States says some mind-boggling things. Axios on HBO's Jonathan Swan: “Oh, you’re doing death as a proportion of cases. I’m talking about death as a proportion of population. That’s where the U.S. is reall...
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Troubling explainer on how the US economy lost 33% of its value

Behind the sensationalist headlines about the largest pullback in US history, there's a lot of nuance and complexity, but the overall message is clear: the US economy is in big big trouble, especially the services sector. Economics Explained takes a deep dive and asks the question: is this the end of an empire?. Via thei video: Last Thursday on the 30th of July 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis released its 2nd quarter Gross Domestic Product report. The report noted a 32.9% contra...
Tags: Video, News, US, Economics, U S Bureau of Economic Analysis, Pandemic, Coronavirus, Economics Explained

Shut in Sounds: The Tossers—No Loot, No Booze, No Fun

I haven't had a proper drink since last year, for medical reasons. I can't think of anything worth buying in a store that's worth dying for. Once in constant motion, the pandemic has seen my feet nailed to the floor. No loot. No Booze. No fun. Image via Wikipedia
Tags: Video, News, The Tossers, Paddy Punk, Shut In Sounds, This pandemic is a drag

The view from inside a car tire while driving

Warped Perception managed to mount a small videocamera inside a car tire, fill it up with air, and go for a spin. The view is not unlike what you might see on screen during a colonoscopy. Is that a polyp or a nail? Don't miss the ending when the tire is deflated.
Tags: Video, News, Cars, Driving, Tires, Don, Perspective Shifts

Video: How long can food stay frozen once the power's out?

As my refrigerator and freezer are both designed to run off of 12v, 120v (supplied by a diesel generator, if needs be) or propane, Having my food spoil during a power outage isn't at the top of my list of worries. However, having rented whole lotta apartments before moving into my current digs, I understand the stress that can come from fretting over having hundreds of dollars worth of food ruined, thanks to a blackout. Growing up in a tornado-prone region of Canada, I was taught that, once t...
Tags: Post, Video, News, Canada, Blackouts, Chill Out, Doing a Science, Useful Information

Sammy Davis Jr. describes his disastrous performance in Osaka

In 1971 the great Sammy Davis Junior told Dick Cavett about the time he bombed on stage in Osaka in a nightclub attended by "elderly Japanese people." Davis gives quite a performance merely recounting the story. Image: YouTube
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Musicians Superstar and Star need help

A lot of people need help right now with food and housing. The musician Superstar and Star are two such people, and they are facing eviction from their home. Superstar starred in King Baby, a movie directed by Case Esparros that my daughter appeared in, and everyone in the cast and crew became Superstar's friend because he's a warm and caring person. I met him during the screening of the film and was struck by his kindness. Superstar's friends have set up a crowdfunding effort to help support...
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Man builds guitars using wood from a lynching tree

Freeman Vines is a luthier in Fountain, North Carolina. For half a century, he's crafted beautiful guitars from wood taken from a tree used to lynch Black people. Vines deeply moving work is the subject of a new photography book, Hanging Tree Guitars, with tintype images by Timothy Duffy and essays by Zoe Van Buren and Lonnie Holle. Duffy is the co-founder of North Carolina's Music Maker Relief Foundation, "founded to preserve the musical traditions of the South by directly supporting the mu...
Tags: Art, Photography, Video, Music, News, Race, Racism, North Carolina, Guitars, Freeman, Timothy Duffy, Lynchings, Freeman Vines, Fountain North Carolina, Zoe Van Buren, Lonnie Holle Duffy

NYTimes shows video of Trump's Covid lies to people around the world

What do people around the world think of Trump's response to the coronavirus in the United States? The New York Times showed a video of the things Trump has said about how the United States is handling the pandemic to people in other countries and asked them for their opinion. Most of the viewers were aghast, bemused, sad, or angry at Trump's boastful lies about how well he was dealing with the disease.
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A country music reading list

Over the years, I've become a fan of country music, from its Appalachian and Black roots to outlaw country and cosmic American. There's so much rich history and culture surrounding the genre(s) that I'm grateful for smart guides to the people, places, and stories behind the sound. Last month, I appreciated Elamin Abdelmahmoud's Rolling Stone piece "Rewriting Country Music’s Racist History." And over at , Aaron Gilbreath curated a collection of some great online writing about country music. He...
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Man mounts highly dangerous laser "death ray" to the roof of his car

TheBackyardScientist built out a 200 watt laser and mounted it on the roof of his car. In his YouTube description, he wrote three paragraphs about why this experiment did not endanger any airplanes. Previously, he built a handheld 40 watt laser blaster:
Tags: Video, News, Diy, Makers, Cars, Lasers

Surprisingly funky 1981 Muzak version of "Funkytown," along with reggae, folk, and metal versions

This surprisingly funky Muzak version of "Funkytown" (1979) by Lipps Inc. turned up on r/ObscureMedia. Steven Greenberg wrote the original while living in Minneapolis with aspirations of moving to New York City, a scene that would "keep me movin', keep me groovin' with some energy." Following the Reddit posting, a commenter alerted us that in recent years, Greenberg redid his jam in "15 different shades of sound" available for licensing and also curated a collection of fan covers from around...
Tags: Video, News, Minneapolis, New York City, Reddit, Greenberg, Lipps Inc, ObscureMedia Steven Greenberg

Watch Kachi Chan's spare, trippy, otherworldly visuals

Modern Jazz musician Olivier Cong's two-part song "Delusion" inspire designer Kachi Chan to create a black and white space-themed series of visuals. Prepare to leave your body! Kachi has also done some gorgeous color work in the same vein, like Amelioration, a collaboration between visual designer Chan and fashion designer Matt Hui: It's a story about one tries to breakthrough his shackles and express his true self underneath. The fashion piece is composed of 2 pieces, the outer one is a meta...
Tags: Video, Music, News, Effects, Vfx, CHAN, Kachi, Kachi Chan, Olivier Cong, Matt Hui

Watch Bono and The Edge mung up "Stairway to Heaven"

In this tongue-in-cheek rendition to amuse their crew, The Edge does OK, and Bono has a couple of good moments, but the whole things falls apart a couple of minutes in. Bono explains why they have never tried it till now: There’s one annoying aspect of an Irish crew that has to be said. Wherever you go in the world, whatever venue you’re playing — whether it’s the Olympia, or 3 Arena, or Madison Square Garden — you walk into the venue and it’s a big moment, and you’ll hear a song that we s...
Tags: Video, News, Bono, The Edge, Madison Square Garden, Stairway to Heaven

Batman nemesis Bane urges mask use in newly-released outtakes

The always delightful Auralnauts have redubbed The Dark Knight Rises for 2020, with Bane urging all those he encounters to join him in wearing a mask. This isn't the first time Auralnauts has done Bane outtakes: Image: YouTube / Aralnauts
Tags: Video, News, Parody, Batman, Mask, The Dark Knight Rises, Bane, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Auralnauts

Errol Morris has uploaded his 'First Person' documentary series to YouTube

Documentarian Errol Morris made an acclaimed documentary series on eccentric people 20 years ago, and now you can watch it online for free. First Person includes a fascinating ep on Mark's high school classmate and supergenius pal Rick Rosner (shown above). The episode centers around Rick's fight over losing on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? What could possibly make a tormented teenage genius want to relive the horrors of high school … over and over again? Peek inside the mind of Rick Rosn...
Tags: Video, News, Documentaries, Errol Morris, Rick, Rosner, Eccentrics, Rick Rosner

Uncle Roger relentlessly roasts inept BBC chef making egg fried rice

The "chef" making rice in this BBC video should probably appear before The Hague for crimes against food. Luckily, Uncle Roger (aka comedian Nigel Ng of Rice To Meet You) is here to set her straight. In his most recent video, the 50-year-old goes on Tinder to fill the hole in his heart. HIYA! Image: YouTube / mrnigelng
Tags: Cooking, Video, Comedy, News, Bbc, Rice, Hague, Roger, Nigel Ng, Disasterice

Parody Trump 2020 ad too close for comfort

This parody ad from Juice Media might as well be the real thing.
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WATCH: Astronauts prepare for rare splashdown in SpaceX capsule, target is 7:34 p.m. EDT on Saturday, August 1

WATCH THE SPLASHDOWN EVENT LIVE HERE, the SpaceX video embed in this post will go live with pre-event content sometime before 7pm EDT on Saturday August 1. NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken are about to make the first splashdown return in 45 years. “SpaceX and NASA are targeting 7:34 p.m. EDT on Saturday, August 1 for Crew Dragon and the two astronauts to depart the orbiting laboratory and return to Earth,” tweeted SpaceX late Friday evening. From SpaceX, here is the timeline for...
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Alanis Morissette's daughter adorably interrupts her 'Fallon' performance

Alanis, I feel ya, mama. You're trying to get some work done and your kiddo wants your attention. Though trying to hold your cutie while performing a song from your new album on the Fallon show maybe wasn't the greatest idea... or was it?! (Digg)
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