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As a bit of an experiment, I created a Steve Pavlina Instagram (@steve.pavlina) account today, so you can now follow me there if you’d like. I’ve never used Instagram before, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet, but I’ll test it out for a bit and see if makes sense as another outlet for sharing value and connecting with growth-oriented people. I was a bit soured on social media for many years, so I’m cautiously dipping my toes back into it, partly because I’m learning to delegate better thi...
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Wow! Transform Your Photo Into a Film Clip Using Adobe MovingStills!

Adobe’s products for manipulating and editing photos are some of the most powerful out there. Heck, Photoshop can completely transform landscapes, faces, and even create things out of whole cloth. Image via from Pexels. So it’s no wonder that the company is continually looking out for the next big thing. One recent innovation that Adobe showed off has the ability to turn your still images into moving pictures in such a way that you would think the picture was originally captured v...
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Houston, We Have a Problem: DJI Drones in the UK Falling Out of the Sky According to Reports

A report that DPReview picked up from Engadget says that the United Kingdom’s Civil Aviation Authority has banned a number of DJI drones from engaging in flight over humans until an investigation into the alleged malfunction can be completed by the agency. The ban applies to Matrice 200 series and Inspire 2 drones. As the UK Civil Aviation Authority cautions the number of reported incidents is quite low given the popularity of the models so there is no need for panic. Image via Pankaj Biswas fr...
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Some Reflections from My Trip to Berlin

Even for a city almost 800 years old, Berlin has seen more than its fair share of history, especially in the 20th century. Watching the fall of the Berlin Wall on television 29 years ago this month was one of my most memorable experiences as a teen. In 2001, my girlfriend and I visited Berlin, loved it, and wanted to return soon. But you know how that goes sometimes, and I didn’t make it back there for a visit until mid last month, when I spent the better part of a week exploring Germany’s lar...
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Photo[shop]-Specific Computers

I'm far from a computer expert, so take this with the appropriate chunk of salt. I'm just reading and reporting back. A friend sent me this interesting short article about picking a computer for Photoshop and Lightroom. It's a product description page for a photo-specific computer built by a PC fabricator. It's on Punch and it's called "What kind of processor do I need for Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC in 2018?" It starts with a brief description of cores and threads, then moves on to cloc...
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30 Picture-Perfect Hairstyles To Try In November

We're suffering from decision fatigue. Each day starts with the pressure of choosing an outfit (slacks or LBD). Then, we have to make tough choices like what to drink (tea vs. coffee). And don't even get us started on work-related decisions (so much email...). So when it comes to hair, we're all about taking the easy way out, which means a ponytail or an easy air-dried style.As you can imagine, that can get real boring, real quick. So, we've browsed YouTube tutorials, Pinterest inspo boards, an...
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Why The Increase In Women’s Spaces Isn’t A Trend, It’s A Much-Needed Movement

If you’ve been paying any attention to your social media feeds for the past year, then you know that women’s spaces (whether they're coworking spaces, social clubs, gyms, or other networking groups geared toward or exclusive to those who identify as female) are popping up faster than you can keep up with quickie celebrity engagements.After centuries — make that millennia — of exclusion from public spaces that men cordoned off for themselves, it should come as no surprise that women are delighti...
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A real Japanese sleeper train?

People sleeping on trains is an everyday sight in Japan. Practically a whole carriage of comatose people, on the other hand, is somewhat less common.
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10 Tips for Improving Your Beach Photos

Beach photography presents many unique challenge to the amateur photographer due mainly to the extreme photographic conditions in which it is often undertaken. Contending with an abundance of light, reflections and movement can leave some photographers grasping at straws, yet beach photos can also produce some of the most starkly beautiful images of any subject matter. We've put together a list of beach photography tips that you may want to consider more guidelines than rules, but which might he...
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Instagram’s next cash cow: instant Promote ads for Stories

Instagram hopes dollars from long-tail of small businesses and social media stars can help it pull its weight in the Facebook family. A new ad type called “Promote” for Stories allows Instagram business pages to show their ephemeral slideshows to more users without doing much work. Admins can choose to auto-target users similar to their followers, people in a certain location, or use all of Instagram’s targeting parameters to inject their Story into the Stories queue of more users as an ad that ...
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Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia

The annual Golden Eagle Festival in western Mongolia, near the town of Ölgii, is fast becoming one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. The tradition of capturing and taming young eagles and training them to hunt wild animals such as foxes dates back many hundreds of years for the Kazakh nomads who live in this area of Mongolia. Each year, hunters gather to celebrate this tradition, listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, at the Golden Eagle Festival. Adv...
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Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Confirm Return for Bad Boys 3

  Will Smith & Martin Lawrence confirm return for Bad Boys 3 Following last month’s report on the film, Will Smith (Aladdin) has taken to Instagram to confirm the news that he and Martin Lawrence will return for the third Bad Boys movie, Bad Boys for Life. Further details for the third film are currently being kept under wraps but you can check out the video below! The original Bad Boys made $141.4 million worldwide back in 1995, while its sequel, simply titled Bad Boys 2, erupted for $273.3 ...
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The new Apple iPad Pro lets you edit 3GB Photoshop files with “zero lag”

So, Apple’s done its latest round of product announcements. Amongst them, there’s a new iPad Pro, and it seems to have seen some pretty significant changes over the previous models. It’s had a huge “next generation” performance boost, with a new design offering a substantially larger screen ratio. But probably the biggest change is that […] The post The new Apple iPad Pro lets you edit 3GB Photoshop files with “zero lag” appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Social Media Crucial to Online Reverse Mortgage Marketing

For anyone planning on being in the reverse mortgage industry for at least the next five years, marketing experts say the value of social media — especially Facebook – cannot be overlooked, as millions of seniors flock to the platform for pertinent information. But approaching social media as a starting point for lead generation requires a calculated approach, said Jim Berkowitz, a startup growth strategist and the founder of the digital marketing agency LaunchHawk Marketing, during the National...
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Techno: The Gathering, scene satire fantasy game, keeps getting better

Curse if you must the fact that modern DJing requires managing social media accounts, navigating scenes, understanding the dimensions of cool. But some DJs will mix all those things as adeptly as they do records – and hold up a mirror to the rest of us. Well – or at least Leipzig’s Vincent Neumann has made a killer Magic: The Gathering parody with techno. First things first: let’s here acknowledge that Vincent is a brilliant musical selector, as well as social media satirist. Closing sets at B...
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Best Marketing Articles For Small Business

Small businesses spend, on average, 20 hours a week on their marketing efforts, according to a survey by Constant Contact. So what should your small business be focusing on during those 20 hours? A list of our best marketing articles gives you an overview. Here we’ve collected some of our top marketing articles in the following categories: Social media marketing Content marketing Influencer marketing Local marketing Key marketing resources Social Media Marketing Today, more than 75% of s...
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Today’s technology in yesterday’s avatars!

A perfect post for throwback thursday, these products show us how far we’ve come in just a matter of two decades. Each product you see is branded with an app or a service we, collectively, use and can’t live without. Making the point that we had alternatives (albeit less addictive) to each of these technologies is Thomas Ollivier’s set of old-world products with new-world branding… or rather, reimagining the very services we can’t live without, if they existed long before Y2K.You’ve got a Spotif...
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Supreme/Richard Prince release t-shirt with composited face of Trump's female accusers

Clothing brand Supreme and artist Richard Prince created "18 & Stormy," a new t-shirt design emblazoned with the composited face of Stormy Daniels and eighteen women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. The proceeds from the t-shirt benefit Downtown for Democracy, "a political action committee founded by creative people to transform cultural influence into political power." (Hypebeast)
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American Suppressor Association November 2018 Membership Drive and Raffle

American Suppressor Association ★ Join Today for a Chance to Win One of 20+ Prizes Worth over $15,000★ ATLANTA, GA – Thanks to you, last year's membership drive was a huge success! The money that we raised helped us travel to work on legislation in 8 different states, sent us to DC countless times, and over 20 ASA members took home prizes! Your support is an integral part of our fight for pro-suppressor rights across the nation.That’s why we're doing it again – with a twist. This year, the pr...
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Highly Recommended

I read a fair amount, fifty or sixty books a year, mostly non-fiction, a significant minority of them relating to life skills and self-improvement in some way The grandaddy of all modern self-help books is Alcoholics Anonymous, written largely by William G. "Bill W." Wilson in 1939. With more than 30 million copies in print, it's the origin of the countless 12-step programs in the world and a classic of the genre*. Angela Duckworth's Grit might be the second-best self-help book I've ever read. ...
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Photo-Specific Computers

I'm far from a computer expert, so take this with the appropriate chunk of salt. I'm just reading and reporting back. A friend sent me this interesting short article about picking a computer for Photoshop and Lightroom. It's a product description page for a photo-specific computer built by a PC fabricator. It's on Punch and it's called "What kind of processor do I need for Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC in 2018?" It starts with a brief description of cores and threads, then moves on to cloc...
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Carpal Tunnel update

Yesterday I promised an update on my carpal tunnel situation in my right wrist, and lo today it appeareth. I went in to see the doctor on Tuesday to get the news and have a consultation – this is a week after they did an electromyogram on my right arm. What an electromyogram involves is electric receivers on your wrist while the doctor gives you electric shocks in your elbow. It gives a speed, which, combined with the length of your forearm which the doctor also measures, gives you an idea of yo...
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Big changes coming to Flickr – and they’re ditching mandatory Yahoo logins

Since Flickr was acquired by SmugMug, I have been wondering what changes this will bring to the not-so-popular-anymore platform.  And now the big changes are finally coming. First of all, you soon won’t need a Yahoo! account to sign in to Flickr. But the changes are also coming to the Pro and Free accounts, limiting […] The post Big changes coming to Flickr – and they’re ditching mandatory Yahoo logins appeared first on DIY Photography.
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I Live in NYC — & My $4,850 Loft Is A Wonder Of Color

In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial women. In today's episode, Instagram influencer Courtney Quinn of @colormecourtney takes us somewhere over the rainbow in her vibrant $4,850 West Village loft in NYC.What do you do when you’re living in a bland, oddly-shaped apartment? Splash it with color, of course.Instagram influencer Courtney Quinn of @colormecourtney did just that, taking us somewhere over the rainbow with her 1,...
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Voting on Tuesday? You Can Get a Free Moisturizer From Dr. Pimple Popper

Exercising your right to vote is extremely important, and Dr. Sandra Lee - better known as Dr. Pimple Popper - is giving you even more incentive to make your voice heard. Starting today through Election Day, Nov. 6, you can get a free SLMD Moisturizer with SPF ($30) from Dr. Pimple Popper herself. All you have to do is post a selfie of yourself posing with your "I Voted" sticker or of you in line at the polls and tag #MySkinMyVote on Instagram, and the brand will send you a code to get the free...
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Flickr just expanded Pro tools — but free users may have to delete some photos

If you have more than 1,000 photos on a free Flickr account, you might want to decide which to delete . Flickr announced some changes following an acquisition by SmugMug, including a new way to calculate the free account storage limit. The post Flickr just expanded Pro tools — but free users may have to delete some photos appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Canon Q3 results are out. Not awesome, but the company is definitely not dead

Canon has published their Q3 2018 financial report, and although things seem to have taken a little dip with a decline in overall interchangeable lens camera sales, their future still looks bright. Within the Imaging System Business Unit, Canon maintained the top share of the overall interchangeable-lens digital camera market, mainly in major countries in Europe and […] The post Canon Q3 results are out. Not awesome, but the company is definitely not dead appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Cesar Azpilicueta reacts to his reunion with Frank Lampard after Derby game

Chelsea defender Cesar Azpilcueta has given his thoughts on his reunion with former team-mate Frank Lampard. The Blues beat Lampard’s Derby... Click the headline to read the full story.
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Indian couple plunges to death at Yosemite national park

Falling off a high location is one of the most common causes of selfie-related deaths. And last week, a desire for a perfect snapshot took away two more young lives. Vishnu Viswanath and his wife Meenakshi Moorthy wanted to take a selfie at Yosemite National Park when they were trying to photograph themselves and the […] The post Indian couple plunges to death at Yosemite national park appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Girl Who Seized the Internet

Tara Fares fashioned herself into the Instagram queen of Iraq. Then she was shot to death.
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