2018 New England HS XC Championships

Results courtesy of ME.MileSplit Photos Set 1 courtesy of ME.MileSplit Video courtesy of ME Mile Split
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Post Shows Thousand Oaks Bar Killer Agreed with Gun-Grabbers on Key Point

In other words, even California's #1 A-rated “gun laws” arent enough and we need more… (Everytown/Facebook) USA – -( “When we do get an ID on the perp, look for all his social media to go on lockdown beforehand or soon thereafter, meaning we will be dependent on what the ‘authorities’ share with the [media] for all information,” I wrote on the WarOnGuns blog yesterday in an updating post on the Borderline Bar and Grill murders.It’s a common reaction whenever someone commits a hei...
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Who’ll Read Your Guide – Creating An Appealing Post

I discovered HOWTO not merely create a terrific article, I mastered how exactly to have fun although doing it. But I’m a fantastic composition author, and very good composition writers seek to get rid of the fragile edges inside their personal dissertation writing. Evidently, composition writing assistance is, furthermore, bundled inside the extensive set of our promotions. Largely, you will find currently a great deal of websites outthere which cope with terrible excellent producing solutions...
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Autism caused by MMR vaccine CDC cover-up exposed by whistleblower

There are several diverse subjects that you can use on paper procedure documents. Our narrative article companies are inexpensive and you may actually be blown off providing you the opportunity to purchase a low-cost narrative article. You need to prepare each of the info in your brain so that you can produce within the article logically. A side from you have to be definitely attentive every time you’re composing narrative essay. Writing something of worth is really a disorderly procedure whic...
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And So It Begins

I have four windows in my bedroom and this was the view this morning when I lifted the shade I always open first. It's always a bit of a surprise. And so it begins. Another Winter. I never understood "snow birds," defined as Northerners who migrate to warmer southern States during the winter. Until I was about 55. That was six years ago. Now I understand. The day matured into a brilliant one. The skies cleared, the wind began to buffet the land and the lake and stir the trees, and vast, solid c...
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What Is The NPF Rule And How To Use It For Brilliant Star Photography?

Today we are going to get a bit technical and take a look at the NPF rule and how to use it to get tack sharp photographs of the stars. When you look at the stars in the night sky, you see them as sharp pinpoint lights and so when you photograph them, you will want to record them as sharp points. Due to the rotation of the earth, the stars seem to move across the night sky (although the stars have their own movement around the centre of the galaxy) and during very long exposures, we see those st...
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At the Snowfall Café...

... you can talk about whatever you want.And think of buying what you want on Amazon by going in through the Althouse Portal. I'll recommend a book: "Invisible Ink: My Mother's Love Affair With A Famous Cartoonist" by Bill Griffith. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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California Hasn’t Seen Fires Like This: Pictures of a State in Flames

Photographers documented the wildfires ravaging California — along the palm-fringed shoreline near Los Angeles and the evergreen forests of the Sierra Nevada foothills.
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distracting thought #2 (while starting to pack up the apartment)

A pair of antique Indian candlesticks I bought on a whim a few months ago. They’ll go on the new mantel. I don’t even understand Pluto anymore. What is Pluto? It used to be a planet. Then it wasn’t. Now, maybe it is again? I don’t even know anymore.I yearn for a simpler Pluto time.Soundtrack: Space Oddity by David Bowie, featuring Kirsten Wiig)  
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Best camera phones of 2018

They say that the best camera is always the one you have with you and that makes your smartphone camera very important indeed. Join us for a closer look at the best camera phones available right now. The post Best camera phones of 2018 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Russell Tovey’s feet, Tom Daley’s drink, & Laith Ashley’s big spread

Here's what you missed on Instagram this week:
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Vegan Beyond Burger Arrives at Tesco Supermarkets Across UK - LIVEKINDLY

LIVEKINDLY Vegan Beyond Burger Arrives at Tesco Supermarkets Across UK LIVEKINDLY The vegan Beyond Burger has finally arrived in Tesco supermarkets across the UK. The much-anticipated plant-based burger made by California-based vegan protein brand Beyond Meat was spotted by Instagram user Vicki at an unnamed Tesco location. Vegan Beyond Burgers Launch In Tesco Across UK Plant Based News all 2 news articles »
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Why your app idea is just ‘meh’ and won’t succeed

You heard me correctly, I said “meh.” I’m not talking about the “meh” used to ironically describe something beautiful/awe-inspiring; like when your friend uploads a beautiful sunset to their Instagram story and captions it “meh” (yeah, yeah, we know you are such a jetsetter). I am talking about the uninspired, bored, indifferent “meh.” The one for when you see something that has been done again and again, just with a different color scheme and branding.  The one for when you see someone release ...
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I bought the new iPad Pro so you don’t have to!

I’m no stranger to the iPad. In fact, it once caused me not to get a job at an Apple store shortly after college. I was asked in an interview, “What do you think of the new iPad,” and I answered honestly (mistake number one in a job interview I would learn): “I’m not sure […] The post I bought the new iPad Pro so you don’t have to! appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Times Insider: The Times’s Capsule of History Goes Digital

The Times photo archive spans 1896 to the present. For the first time, all six million pictures are being scanned.
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TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot

This week, the most popular articles from Hypebot covered Apple's rewarding of its favorite music distribution partners, Spotify's plan to charge for some of its services, and how one artist got on an official Spotify playlist as an unknown artist. Apple Rewards 3 'Preferred Plus' Music Distribution Partners With Advanced Features, Analytics Spotify For Artists Will Charge For Some Services, Says CEO Daniel Ek How I Got On Official Spotify Playlists As An Unknown Indep...
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35 Beautiful Photographs of Books To Get You Thinking Creatively

Books as physical objects are a delight, and many people feel the same way as we do. If not, how can you explain that so many people are drawn to take photos of books? Even though Light Stalking thrives in the virtual world, we also hope the printed page never disappears. Books are an amazing subject, but you need to be inventive with your composition to really make your photographs of books pop. I mean, books are really just a rectangle so the creativity comes with composing in an interest...
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AirSelfie 2 review

On paper, the Airselfie 2 is marketed as flying photographer that fits in your pocket and snaps selfies from the sky. Unfortunately it’s more like a HandiCam controlled by a swarm of intoxicated bumblebees The post AirSelfie 2 review appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Backroads Nova Scotia: Old Chevy Truck

~ I’m always thrilled when I come across a rusty old truck or auto from the early era of transportation and I have my camera handy.  This vintage Chevrolet truck, from about the late 1930s (my guess), was perfectly situated near a weathered garage down a meandering country road.  The distinctive front-end of this truck […]
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Thousand Oaks shooting: Gunman stopped to post on Facebook and Instagram during massacre

The gunman who killed 12 people at a Southern California bar posted a social media message about his mental state before and during the massacre, investigators have revealed. Ventura County Sheriff's Captain Garo Kuredjian, said that timestamps showed that the suspect, who had prior run-ins with the police, made two separate Instagram posts during his shooting rampage. The 28-year-old former Marine’s Instagram account was still active several hours after he had apparently killed himself, but w...
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Nov 10, 2018 Saturday Wells Veterans Day 5K

Will you there? Results Will be posted after the race We will share photos. Please standby
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Hanging with thriller authors + doing research

On Monday night I went to the First Monday Crime group, which meets at City University, and is sponsored by the MA course they run in only writing thriller novels. I checked out the course website. It says something like- The only MA course which allows you to complete a full novel! That’s an odd boast. I don’t need someone to allow me to write a novel. I can write a novel whenever I want. I don’t need your permission! Anyway, there were some speakers. Fiona Cummins who wrote Rattle. I read the ...
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Portland Waterfront 5K Portland, ME, November 10, 2018

Portland Waterfront 5K ~ Results ~ 100 finishers Portland, ME, November 10, 2018 Photos Set 1 ~ 77 images courtesy of 5k Sports ~ before & after the event
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Dating Young Ladies – Did It Work?

Dating Young Ladies – Did It Work? Perhaps you are uninterested in it, but yes, love does not have any boundaries. In general, our company is within the century that is 21st so any relationship (so long as there is no punishment or physical violence) is highly recommended normal. Therefore if you’ve ever wondered whether dating more youthful ladies is okay or perhaps not – listed here is the solution: yes, it really is. More over, a research has unearthed that dating a more youthful girl c...
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Facebook Lasso TikTok like lip-syncing app for Android and iOS released

Facebook has released the Lasso app that lets users create fun short videos that are aimed to compete with TikTok. This move is to bring back teens which Facebook lost in 2018. Lasso lets users record themselves dancing and lip-syncing to music. The app also lets users record short clips like Vines. The app is available for both iOS and Android. The company in a statement said: “Lasso is a new standalone app for short-form, entertaining videos from comedy to beauty to fitness and more. We’r...
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