How to Ensure Your Hospitality Business Has a Loyal Customer Base

Do you understand the importance of cultivating a loyal customer base? Whether you’re a one-man-band café owner or run a global giant, retaining existing customers is much more desirable for your business than having to create new ones. In fact, it costs five times as much to gain a new customer as it does to retain an existing one. Here’s why: in an already saturated consumer market, customers are understandably spoiled for options. They’ll need a lot more convincing to decide on a business th...
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Digital Media Installation in Péronne, France Reveals the Brutal Truth of War

100 years ago, World War One ended. Many of our ancestors paid the ultimate price in the Great War. An estimated nine million combatants and seven million civilians died as a direct result of the war. It was bloody and brutal. Today, we remember. Liberté, égalité, fraternité! The Face of History To commemorate 100 years […] The post Digital Media Installation in Péronne, France Reveals the Brutal Truth of War appeared first on Adpulp.
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The terribly sad sight of an empty Tokyo house

A little over four years ago I took this photo of an old lady stood at the door of her wonderfully ramshackle Tokyo home. It has been a favourite of mine ever since, and it’s an image that has appeared in and on numerous publications and websites. Of course selling photos is always nice, but that’s not why I like it so much. The reason, I think, is because it encompasses everything I find fascinating about old Tokyo — pretty much condensing all its people and places into one single image. On a...
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Nazi Salute in Wisconsin High School Prom Photo Goes Viral

An annual ritual for the average American high schooler, prom is typically a routine, even boring affair. Sure, some people go all out for their outfits, and a few even rent exotic cars for the occasion. Yet, for the most part, the tradition is pretty fixed in how the night plays out. One of the biggest highlights of the evening, no matter where you are, is the taking of prom photos. Image via Pixabay from For students at Baraboo High School in Wisconsin, those photos have brought ...
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E-Cigarette Maker Juul Labs Is Shutting Down Its U.S. Facebook and Instagram Accounts

E-cigarette manufacturer Juul Labs responded to concerns expressed by Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb by outlining several steps it is taking to keep its products out of the hands of underage users, including the shuttering of its social media accounts. The company said it will shut down its U.S.-based Facebook and Instagram accounts,...
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We have a huge gallery update today. First up, NYC photographer Rodrigo Fredes captured killer photos of the recent Behemoth,... The post New Photos of BEHEMOTH, A PERFECT CIRCLE, SUFFOCATION Posted In Our Gallery appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Thousands of Americans were following suspected Russian pages on eve of midterms

The network of pages and accounts that Facebook began to take down on the eve of the midterm elections over possible connections to a Russian government-linked troll group was followed by more than 600,000 Facebook and Instagram users in the United States, Facebook said Tuesday.
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9 Simple Nail Art Looks To Impress All Your Relatives At Thanksgiving

There's not a one-size-fits-all answer to the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. Maybe you're planning to spend the holiday eating turkey wings and watching football, so you go with an oversized cropped sweater and your stretchiest high-rise jeans. Or, you know your mom will want to take the family holiday portrait, so you whip out that new emerald corduroy skirt, pull on sheer black tights, and add chunky hoop earrings.Whatever ensemble you land on, you'll want to make sure you're giving the smaller...
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ON1 Photo Raw gets a major overhaul for 2019 with non-destructive layered editing

ON1 Software has today announced ON1 Photo RAW 2019 with an “all-new photo editing experience”. They say it features a new streamlined more elegant workflow with new features and software tech. It finally has a non-destructive workflow for layers, focus stacking, and sees some digital asset management updates. Billed as a “replacement to Lightroom and Photoshop […] The post ON1 Photo Raw gets a major overhaul for 2019 with non-destructive layered editing appeared first on DIY Photography.
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8 Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands To Support This Holiday Season

There's been a wave of international influence on the American beauty market in the last few years. From K-beauty skin care to French-girl makeup, brands from all over the world have been appearing in our favorite U.S. stores, consuming our Instagram feeds, and inspiring new beauty trends. And as unique beauty communities get more attention in the beauty aisle, we're seeing an uptick in brands owned by Latinx men and women.The Latinx community prides itself in having a strong connection to la b...
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The FDA is preparing to crack down on e-cigs like the Juul — here’s why vaping is so dangerous

A handful of recent studies are beginning to reveal the possible health effects of e-cigarette use, and they are not all positive. These findings and a reported uptick in teen vaping have spurred the Food and Drug Administration to act — a move that is expected sometime this week. Researchers have found evidence of toxic metals like lead in e-cig vapor. Evidence also suggests that vaping may be linked to an increased risk of heart attacks. Regulators and health experts are particularly concern...
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In gorgeous ETHER, a handmade micro lens brings cymatics closer

Sound is physical, but we don’t often get to see that physicality. In this gorgeous video for Thomas Vaquié, directed by Nico Neefs, those worlds of vibrations explode across your screen. It’s the latest release from ANTIVJ, and it’s spellbinding. The sounds really do generate the visuals here, from generating terrain from an analysis from the waveform to revealing footage of metal powder animated by sonic vibrations. A self-made micro lens provides the optics.
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Just how to raise your Libido: helpful information for males

Just how to raise your Libido: helpful information for males Hair Colors: auburn black blonde light brown darkish red grey that is white Libido suggests intimate attraction to your sex that is opposite. Don’t confuse this concept with effectiveness – physiological abilities. Simply put, within the very first situation, it really is appropriate to state “I want”, plus in the 2nd one – “I can”. As we grow older, males usually have issues: they cease to own a desire du...
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The Unadorned Realness of Berlin

As born and raised Neuköllner the 26-years-old photographer Hanko Ye really knows how to capture the unadorned and raw side of life in Berlin. Any kind of daily urban situation could represent a source of inspiration. He shoots photos of the streets, U-Bahn stations or green spaces. Private or public, intimate or social, forbidden or ordinary, ugly or beautiful: every moment and every detail becomes a puzzle piece of the bigger picture that is this incredible city. His focus is on the people aro...
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Over 600,000 Americans followed fake Russia-linked Instagram accounts that were detected days before the midterms (FB)

Over 600,000 Americans followed Instagram accounts that are now believed to be run by Russian trolls. Facebook, Instagram's parent company, deleted them just days before the 2018 midterms. The action came after the company was tipped off by the FBI. Over 600,000 Americans followed a series of fake Instagram and Facebook accounts suspected to be linked to Russia that were detected and removed just days before the 2018 midterms.   On November 5 — the eve of the contentious midterm elections tha...
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Lorde v. Kanye: Battle of the Boxes

Lorde Have Mercy Kanye West is an easy target, and he’s the subject of some much-deserved criticism as of late. But don’t touch the man on the music front. Lorde recently took to Instagram to proclaim that Kanye and Kid Cudi (the Kids See Ghosts rap duo) lifted Lorde’s floating stage in the shape of … Continue reading "Lorde v. Kanye: Battle of the Boxes" The post Lorde v. Kanye: Battle of the Boxes appeared first on .
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WhatDatMoufDo? Jill Scott Racy Onstage Antics Go Viral… (VIDEO)

Singer Jill Scott became an instant social media trending topic after a very racy onstage performance. The soul songstress was performing one of her hits at a recent concert where she appeared to be simulating oral sex with the microphone! In the video, which quickly went viral, Scott opens her mouth wide to sing, while also rubbing the mic in a suggestive manner as though she is giving fellatio. Fans in attendance cheered her on during the provocative performance. Details + video below… (...
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Jimmy Henchman Receives Two Life Sentences for the Murder of 50 Cent Associate

On Friday (Nov. 9) a judge sentenced Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond to two life sentences for his role in the murder of former 50 Cent affiliate, Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher. Continue reading below… In response to his sentencing, Henchman penned an open letter to AllHipHop. “I continue to maintain my innocence,” he wrote. “There is a sickness in this system. My trial was covered up and drown out with unrelated shootings, hip hop gang fairy tales and non-existing ‘rap wars’ that never existed.”...
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Beginner's Guide To Building An Audience

As an artist, building an audience is one of the hardest and most important things to do, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Here we look at helpful comprehensive beginner's guide to successfully growing an audience from the ground up. _________________________________ Guest post from the TuneCore Blog [Editors Note:The following is an installment in our series of a partnership between TuneCore and students at Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business at Belmont U...
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Essays Odd Wondrous and Strange

Universal Newsreel from 1933 showing Cecil H. Dill, a farmer from Traverse City, Michigan, demonstrating his ability to render popular melodies by pressing his hands together. After the performance, which seems to be of Yankee Doodle, Dill, while staring rather intensely into the camera, modestly tells how he discovered his unusual talent. This is by way of noting that today is the last day to order The Public Domain Review: Selected Essays, Vol. V for the introductory price and with delivery...
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Soul Red

My friend KK is a color photographer. He's also a color maven. Loves colors. He gardens, and for him gardening is basically color management—a continuous creation of ever-changing color combinations. I used to not get some of his photographs, until I realized they're often about some precise color somewhere in the shot. Sometimes even just a little bit of color in the shot. If you're a color photographer too, and you love colors, you owe it to yourself to go see a new Mazda painted in the latest...
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Juul Labs reveals its plan to combat underage vape use

Juul will be removing non-tobacco flavored pods from all stores, including convenience stores and vape shops, according to a new plan the company released today. This comes exactly 60 days after the FDA demanded a more comprehensive plan from big e-cig makers to deal with the growing problem of underage use of these products. Juul’s plan is slightly more aggressive than the plan reportedly outlined by the FDA, which demands that all non-tobacco flavored products be removed from convenience store...
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Here is the best way to whiten teeth in Photoshop

Just like many other adjustments in Photoshop, teeth whitening can look terrible if it’s overdone. In this video, Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect shares the best way to whiten teeth when editing portraits in Photoshop. It’s not just easy and quick, but it will also give you the best and the most natural-looking results. Once you’ve […] The post Here is the best way to whiten teeth in Photoshop appeared first on DIY Photography.
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quickpoint: Artificial Intelligence and What is an Entrepreneur

Artificial Intelligence came into its own as a discipline at a 1956 summer workshop at Dartmouth College. Today, it is being implemented in ways we never imagined. I share a couple of perspectives below on technology—what it can do and what we shouldn’t expect it to do. Also, a view on what entrepreneurship is and some good business advice. “Technology doesn’t solve humanity’s problems. It was always naïve to think so. Technology is an enabler, but humanity has to deal with humanity’s problems. ...
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Just how to Release An Investigation Paper

Regarding the best custom dissertation services available CA.BestEssays was began with a translucent mission to complete inside the hole available and assist Canadian students who’re battling using article writing. Since the majority of our writers are holders of Master is as well as Doctoral levels, using the capacity of supplying the most effective composition writing companies, we should cost buyers a superb quantity. Essayservicewriting is an essay freesummarizer publishing service which c...
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Just how to Create a for that National Society

Over past many years we’re helping students who are battling with their documents and need expert aid in discovering the correct article writing service in Sydney. AbsoluteEssays may allow you to ultimately be a first-class scorer among others because our on-line composition writing help firm supplies the solutions that are protected and powerful. Perhaps you maintain a fulltime work because you must support yourself as well as pay bills thus poorly demand school essay aid, or you could have s...
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An Instagram account. I'll just give 2 examples: View this post on Instagram Bette DavisA post shared by @ historyofoverplucking on Oct 19, 2017 at 2:51pm PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by @historyofoverplucking on Oct 12, 2017 at 4:30pm PDT [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Online Photo Printing for the Holidays (and Any Time)

Want to share photos this holiday season (and other times)? We have recommendations for cards, photo books, and photo printing services.
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A modern mudlarker finds treasures washed up on the River Thames banks

In the 18th and 19th centuries, mudlarks were people who sifted through the mud on the banks of the River Thames to find things of value. Ted Sandling keeps the dream alive. He compiled his curious collection in a book, London in Fragments: A Mudlark's Treasures, and you can also follow his finds on Instagram. If you're inspired to dig yourself, new laws require mudlarkers (and metal detector users) to apply for a permit first and then report any treasures you uncover to the authorities. ...
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i'm empty and aching and i don't know why

Leaving Ventura County, October 2018. To all who are affected by the wildfires currently raging in the area, please stay safe. This morning after dropping Alex off to school, this piece about Simon & Garfunkel’s America came on my car radio, featuring interviews with people about why the song was important to them. The song was released in 1968, and the interviewees who were aliv...
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